Foto Friday. . .But Wait, There's More VBS Clip Art!

"But wait, there's more! I love that phrase! It reminds me of my childhood. . .I must have watched a lot of TV when I was a kid! :O

That phrase to me meant that what I was seeing was exciting, almost to the point of not being able to handle it BUT then, "THERE'S MORE"! ! !

Well, I've seen the number of views my "clip art" blogs have received and I decided to say, "but wait, there's more" VBS clip art coming your way!

These 4 pieces originally were in the VBS 2012 New Testament Bibles as black & white sketch art and they looked so good that I wanted to colorize them! Unfortunately, I did not get to use them in a product. So that means they are now part of the VBS blog! Woohoo! ! !

The first group will be the JPG version of the clip art, then followed by the PNGs. So, all I have to say now is. . .but what, there's more!

And now for the PNGs.


  1. Keith Tyrrell says

    Kaye, thank you for the kind words! I often wonder if people like the posts that I do. I'm hoping to do more clip art posts. I just need to create some more!

  2. deana sellers says

    Yay! Thank you for all of the things you share with us. I always look forward to the blogs and enjoy the insight you guys share!

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