See You Monday at KMC!

LifeWay's Kids Ministry Conference here in Nashville is just seven days away (October 10 - 12) and I'm looking forward to introducing you to VBS 2012 Amazing Wonders Aviation. During two of the breakout sessions Wednesday you will have the opportunity for a sneak peek at the amazing wonders LifeWay's VBS team has created for Amazing Wonders Aviation and Club VBS SpaceQuest.

For those of you who sign up for a Monday morning pre conference you will have the opportunity to spend the morning with Jeff Slaughter learning the words and motions for all six of the AWA songs. You will experience a fun morning where you will not only learn the music of VBS but the back stories that make the songs come to life.

If you haven't registered it is not too late. Just call 1.800.254.2022 or go to

Find me at the conference Monday and tell me you read this post and you will receive your very own AWA Pilot's Wings!

See you in Nashville next week!

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