Foto Friday. . .Wallpapers!

Well, it's Friday again and you know what that means. . . .Foto Friday! ! ! Woohoo! As I was thinking about this week's blog post, I started thinking about what all I have designed this week and that was wallpaper! No, not for my office. . .for our VBS Web site! I'll tell you what, it was a lot of fun. . .almost too much fun! I had so many ideas running through my head, that it was hard to land on just a few.

After turning in the artwork to our web people, I realized, I didn't do any wallpaper for VBX! That's my product! We need VBX wallpaper! So, I decided to work on 2 designs and post them here!

Oh, by the way, you all might ask. . .  "what is your computer's wallpaper". . .well, I'm glad you asked!

It's this!

LOL! I did this as a joke to our IT guys! By the way, my desktop is NOT this clean! See that little folder called, "Desktop"? I moved everything in there to take this picture! lol!

I hope you all enjoy the VBX wallpaper that I worked on!

(1600px x 1200px)
(1600px x 1200px)

Here they are in smaller sizes.

(1024px x 768px)
(1024px x 768px)

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