The making of the VBS 2012 Promotional Videos

Each summer the LifeWay Kids team works hard to prepare promotional materials for the up and coming VBS that will be helpful to you in recruiting kids and leaders, as well as excite you about the new theme and biblical content.

Our VBS 2012 promotional videos are in the post-production (editing) phase as I write this. I know you’re going to love the look and feel of this year’s production. I’ll post links to the clips as soon as they are ready.

For now, let’s take a glimpse into what goes on during the shoot week. Once the conference rooms have been transformed into a VBS wonderland, and all the lights and gear are loaded in, we are ready for the kids. We select a few activities from our curriculum and allow the kids and leaders to have fun together as they get a real taste of VBS 2012. Here’s a shot from Bible Study at Victoria Falls.

Bible Study at Victoria Falls
Bible Study at Victoria Falls

And what would any VBS be without yummy snacks? These Colorful Fish Cupcakes look like a lot of fun to make and to eat!

Colorful Fish Cupcakes

Creating a little “atmosphere.” It seems like we’re always dragging out the smoke machine for our videos.

Having fun with the smoke machine!

Ahh, Missions under the Northern Lights!

Missions Under the Northern Lights

And recreation at the Grand Canyon.

What could be more fun than games at the Grand Canyon?

The week culminates with a large-group Worship Rally. Jeff Slaughter, the composer of our VBS music, always takes time out of his busy summer schedule to drop in and introduce the kids to the new theme song.

Worship Rally
Worship Rally with Jeff Slaughter

I can’t wait for you to see the finished pieces. More coming soon!


  1. Orville says

    Thanks for the photos. I am beginning to create a list of decorating ideas for my 2012 team. Your photos serve as a good starting point.

  2. berta says

    Suzy, the snacks rotation is called "Snacks at the Paricutin Volcano. It is one of the natural wonders. The only volcano whose development has been witnessed by modern man. It is located in Mexico.

  3. Orville says

    Snacks at a volcano? Hopefully we will not have many of our eaters sending their "lava" back up. My mind goes to the fake volcano spewing purple lava used in a teaser video prior to the introduction of the 2012 theme.

  4. Stephanie Thames says

    I noticed a giant inflatable world in one of the pictures with the 2012 logo. Is that our inflatable this year? I love the inflatables! Was the first one the moose for Artic Edge? It was so fun "hiding" the moose around the worship center in different places each week as a promo for the coming VBS. :)

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