Lights! Camera! Action!

We recently wrapped up the shooting of the VBS 2012 drama for the Worship Rally DVD. It was such a great experience. We had a wonderful group of kids to work with. They were so talented, and such great people to be with during a 10-hour work day!


We got to shoot much of the video inside an old World War II bunker. I couldn’t believe how massive that place was. You could journey 300-400 feet into this underground labyrinth of tunnels with mysterious rooms and passageways. Lots of heavy metal (not heavy-metal) doors that screech when opened.


I wondered what all had taken place inside that space over the years.

As interesting as the bunker was when we first walked in, it was a blank slate. Steve Fralick, a multi-tasking member of our video team and set designer extraordinaire, had shopped for vintage aviation and other items during the two or three months prior to the shoot. (He can find treasure where others see only junk.)


And once we were on location, we traveled to an egg farm and gathered a variety of worn-out and beat-up items—an old desk that had uneven legs to stand on, a rolling metal storage shelf that was rusted beyond use, broken pallets, old gas cans, and anything else that looked old.

I'm so excited about this video! I think the story is intriguing and tons of fun, and kids will like the mystery of the bunker. I can't wait for you to see it!

More about the shoot in my next post!

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