How Many People Does It Take...?

It all starts today! The promotional video and VBS catalog photo shoot officially starts today, but work really has been underway for weeks to prepare for the next few days. How many people does it take to make this event successful? The answer is LOTS!

Editors put the finishing touches on curriculum products to turn the activities in to marketing folks. Various activities are selected by the marketing folks to show "on camera." Scripts are written, and sent through the editing process to be sure all the details are accurate.

Graphic designers build the sets, and work many hours to get the details just right!

Gordon adjusting some set pieces

Keith and Jeremy positioning the "Northern Lights"

Photography crews are busy before kids and their adult leaders arrive to the sets making sure lights and cameras angles give everything the best possible color and effects in the catalogs. Video crews also determine how to enter and exit from the set shots.

But the best part of all is when the kids and adult leaders come into the rooms and see the beautiful sets and start building excitement for next year's VBS! Without their enthusiasm, it would just be another promotional video or catalog! But when they show their smiling faces, that's another AMAZING WONDER that makes it all worthwhile!

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