Is anybody else tired after completing a full week of VBS? I had 30 kindergartners in my room last week (and only 12 were from my church)! That’s enough to wear you out just thinking about it! Seriously, we had such a wonderful week! Everything went smoothly, kids were happy, teachers were happy, nobody broke any bones… what more could you ask for? This…


While telling the Bible story on the very first day, a child said matter-of-factly, “My dad says Jesus isn’t real.” It wasn’t a challenge… it was simply a response stemming from the worldview being taught to him at home.  I was reminded in that moment that THIS is why my teachers and I had planned for weeks and weeks. This is why we took off work to teach. Here, in one brief moment, was a God-ordained opportunity to introduce a child (and a family) to Jesus.


Each day of VBS, this child learned more and more about a very real Jesus—who did things no one else could do because He is God’s Son; who loved people and cared for them; and who loves me and cares for me! This child met people who showed Him what Jesus’ love is like… people who loved him unconditionally, who helped guide his behavior, who played and talked with him, who taught him. This is what it’s all about. When the decorations come down and the supplies are packed away and the fun is over, one thing remains… the impact we had on a child’s life for time and eternity.


One of my favorite memories of the week was what one child said to his teachers: “Thank you for teaching me about Jesus!” My pleasure! My privilege! How about you?

A favorite game of the week was inspired by "Twister."


These boys built hospitals, roads, and helipads on Day 5 when we talked about the four friends who brought their friend to Jesus.


  1. VBS Music lover says

    Yep, I too was exhausted but after seeing the kids sing very loudly the 6 songs they learned in 4 nights on Friday night especially with the scripture in them, I was filled with a sense of accomplishment. And the pre-schoolers were just so excited to sing "Jesus Loves Me." The fatigue at the end of VBS is more sadness that it is over than anything else because I had prayed for extra doses of energy to get me through the week. (And got them too!!) Seeds were planted and 10 children expressed an interest in salvation.

  2. says

    I don't know about your other readers, but I'm right there with you—plain exhausted! And our Vacation Bible School begins again full-force on Monday! But doesn't it feel great to walk away from a successful VBS session knowing that you did a great job and the kids had fun? That's my favorite part! It sounds like you certainly had a challenge on your hands, but you seem to have handled it very well!

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