Foto Friday. . .Guest Video!

It's (Foto) Friday,  (Foto) Friday. . .yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. . .today i-is (Foto) Friday, (Foto) Friday. Sorry, I couldn't resist! 😛

I had a video come through yesterday that I thought was pretty fun, so I decided to share it! It comes to us from Salem Baptist Church. Again, I couldn't get it posted into the blog site, but here's a link to it.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Orville says

    I enjoyed watching both videos. The soundtrack raises a copyright concern I have had for several years. Does LifeWay have a problem with us using the VBS music as background soundtracks for slideshows or highlight videos of VBS? We have avoided putting our slideshows on the church website out of concerns for the copyright.

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