Is VBS Worth it?

Hey guys!

Like you - I love VBS. But sometimes I wonder - is it all worth it?

VBS is runnin' full blast at FBC Nashville this week - sets are being built for VBS 2012 photo/video shoot - 2012 VBS production is well under way - the team is already talkin' about 2013 VBS - bags are packed for a mission trip to help FBC youth group teach not only one but four VBSs in California - it's like VBS 24/7! For many of you - it's the same thing - VBS 24/7!

Ever wonder why do all this? Is it worth it?

Remember Game Day Central? I was an assistant teacher that year. My son Evan was in my class - not by design - it just so happened that's where the director needed to place me. It was ABC day and Evan pulled the teacher and me aside wanting to know more about becoming a Christian. He and I had talked before, several times, during devotionals at home or on the way somewhere - you know - those random conversations kids have with you sometimes. This time was different. It was time. You could feel it.

So, when the other kids in class moved to the next rotation, Evan, the teacher and I knelt in the classroom and I had the privilege of leading my son in a very special prayer - a prayer to ask Jesus Christ into his heart and life! It's been a while but that still makes me smile!

So - is VBS worth it?

You bet!!

Tell us about your VBS experieince! Is it worth it for you? We'd love to hear!


  1. Gordon Brown says

    You're exactly right Kaye. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing than pointing a child to Jesus Christ!

  2. Becky P says

    We are going full blast this week with our VBS at Grace Fellowship Baptist church. As a VBS Director, I deal with complaints, mistakes, cars being hit in the parking lot-you name it!!! But last night I was able to pray with a young lady as she accepted Jesus as her Savior! That makes all of it worthwhile!! I also think even if there are no decisions for Christ, it's still worth it because you planted seeds and showed love to children.

  3. says

    I love the way you put that, "it's still worth it because you planted seeds and showed love to children". That is exactly why I love VBS and Operation Christmas Child (my other favorite project) so much...we plant seeds in the name of Jesus and show His precious love to others...and that my friends is why we go and make disciples. God bless!

  4. Beverly B says

    As preschool director the year of Game Day Central, I was visiting each class taking pictures and video. I walked into a Bible study class just as they were beginning to pray. Before they began to pray, the teacher asked me if there was anything I would like for them to pray for. Since it not rained in a couple months, it was exceptionally dry at the time. I said, "Well, we need rain." The children prayed. I took pictures and left. Within 15 minutes, it was raining.
    The teacher of the prescoolers next class, having been informed of what had happened, said to the preschoolers, "I heard that you prayed for rain."
    In one accord, the preschool class excitedly screeched, " Yeah, and it rained!"

  5. Charles Williams says

    We finished up VBS Big Apple Adventure last week and had an awesome week. My wife and members of the church call me the VBS NERD! This past week people have been "raving" about the week and continue to talk about how great it was. For me, at the end of Famiy Night-- as exhausted as I am and from all of the work put into it (we begin planning @ year in advance)this year was most memorable. We had a young boy who accepted Christ during the week. Our students were performing their songs on stage for their parents and he was late. He ran down to the stage and just "beamed" as he sang the songs and it hit me as I watched him-- We work non-stop during the week, clean until late at night, deal with "people", exasperate a huge VBS budget (thank you church)...but when said and done....watching that little guy was enough. Priceless...and worth every bit of it! I would also say that as we drive home late at night during the week and my own kids thank me for a great week of VBS.... it is definitely worth it!

  6. says

    I think we will forever be saying yes, yes, yes to the VBS! it's been a wonderful and faith renewing event for my daughter every year, since she first did it at age 3. She's six now, and she can tell you all the major Bible stories forwards and backwards. All the same, the way VBS helps her look at these stories in a different light each year, just helps her see the Bible is more and more relevant!

    So, THANKS FOR VBS!!!!

  7. Zoila E. Curtis says

    I have the joy of being with 5th grade VBS every suumer, and every summer children come to the Lord. Is VBS worth it? Of course it is because the Lord uses us to reach His youngest summer after summer.

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