Kids Say the Most Memorable Things


When my kids were young, I used to spend hours and risk major hand cramps to decorate "memory-making" birthday cakes from Transformers to Barbie dolls. Then, one day when my son was in college I overheard a conversation about "memories of growing up." With a smile I listened, thinking all that hard work was about to pay off! He was talking about birthday cakes! He described in glowing terms how he LOVED those candy peel off decorations that you just plop on the cake! My ego crashed! What about all those hand cramps for squeezing out a gazillion stars? What about the cost of the special food coloring that makes REAL black and red? My ego took a hard hit that day, but it was a light bulb moment. It wasn't about the pizzazz. It was about the memory. It was what felt like a new, fun thing for my son.

I think VBS decorations can take us on that same "what's important" ride. Don’t get me wrong. I am extremely visual. That’s how I learn best. The visual stimulus charges my engines. But at the end of the day when I talk to the kids at my church, what impacted each child most. Was it the set, or was it the teacher who took the time to sit with them, or listen to the long description of something they needed to say, or smiled at them when they felt overlooked, or just plain loved on ‘em really good!


I’ve been thinking. What were the biggest take-aways by our kids? Help me find out. Share with me some of the greatest kids’ quotes from your VBS. Add your comment here. I can’t wait to share experiences!


  1. Andra says

    We finished VBS last Friday. On Family Night a girl in the 5th grade said she wished VBS lasted all summer long. She thought a minute then said, 'But, I guess it would be a lot of work for yall.' She was so thoughtful it almost made me want to have it all summer long.

  2. says

    Last night, at Lynwood Rhonda!, I was sharing the gospel with a child who had indicated she was interested in accepting Christ. The tornado sirens began going off, cutting our conversation short. I suggested we needed to go downstairs. She stopped me and said, "I need to tell you something first!" I thought, "here it comes, she's going to say she wants to pray first" and my heart quickened in excitement. Instead she said, "Pssst" and leaned in real close to me. Then, she said "I'm weird just like you!" I busted out laughing! It was one of the greatest compliments as a teacher I have Ever received!!!

  3. Rhonda VanCleave says

    Angie! Great story! Praying you get to talk with her again and SO thankful that everyone is safe. I was praying!!!

  4. Ruth Ann Perkins says

    We do some sort of T-Shirts every year, and the kids absolutely love them. You see them wearing them over and over till they out grow or wear them out. It is something they painted or sponged, or handprinted, but it is their masterpiece. I work with Special needs too and they are always asking what kind of T-Shirts we will be making as well.

  5. VBS Music lover says

    We have done 3 nights of VBS and my biggest joy is seeing them sing so loud the scriptures in the songs. My favorite memories are knowing that we have planted seeds for their spiritual growth. It makes VBS so worth the long days and achy bones.

  6. Laurie says

    We start our VBS tomorrow night but the Youth from our church have been helping me all day to get ready. One of the students who will be a senior in the fall could name every VBS theme since she was in Pre K! Nice to know we made such an impression.

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