VBS 2012 Preschool Bible Content

Hey y'all!

We are so excited about the preschool biblical content for VBS 2012! We want kids to learn about God, His amazing power, and His great love for us! Check out Amazing Wonders Aviation for Babies–Kindergartners!


Day 1: Amazing! God Can Do Anything

Bible Story: God Stopped the River Water Joshua 3:1-5,12-17; 4:1-11,16-17

Bible Verse:

(Babies–2s) God made the world. Jeremiah 32:17

(3s–Kindergarten) God made the world. God can do anything! Jeremiah 32:17

Life Application:                 

(Babies–2s) I can hear that God can do anything.

(3s–Kindergarten) I can hear that God has the power to do anything.

Day 2: Amazing! God Takes Care of People

Bible Story: God Took Care of Joshua and the People Joshua 6:1-16,20

Bible Verse:

(Babies–2s) God is with you. Joshua 1:9

(3s–Kindergarten) Be strong. Do not be afraid. God is with you. Joshua 1:9

Life Application:                 

(Babies–2s) I can hear that God is with me.

(3s–Kindergarten) I can know that God is with me everywhere I go.

Day 3: Amazing! God Loves Everyone

Bible Story: (Babies–2s) God Sent Jesus Luke 2:1-38

Bible Story: (3s–Kindergarten) God Sent His Son, Jesus Luke 2:1-38

Bible Verse:                 

(Babies–2s) God sent Jesus. 1 John 4:9

(3s–Kindergarten) God loved us and sent His Son, Jesus. 1 John 4:9

Life Application:                 

(Babies–2s) I can thank God for Jesus.

(3s–Kindergarten) I can thank God for sending His only Son, Jesus.

Day 4: Amazing! God Has a Plan for Everyone

Bible Story: (Babies–2s) Timothy Learned About God 2 Timothy 1:1-5, 3:14-17

Bible Story: (3s–Kindergarten) God's Plan: Jesus Is Alive! John 20:1-18

Bible Verse:                 

(Babies–2s) Learn about God. Deuteronomy 31:13

(3s–Kindergarten) Jesus is alive! John 20:18

Life Application:                 

(Babies–2s) I can learn about God.

(3s–Kindergarten) I can be glad that Jesus is alive!

Day 5: Amazing! God Helps Me Show Love to Others

Bible Story: Jesus Taught How to Show Love Luke 10:25-37

Bible Verse: (Babies–Kindergarten) Love God and love others. Luke 10:27

Life Application:                 

(Babies–2s) I can love others.

(3s–Kindergarten) I can show my love for God by loving others.

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