Foto Friday. . .Decorating Missions Central

Earlier this week, a young lady posted on the VBS Facebook page a question about how to decorate for Missions Central. She was having a "major creativity block" (if it's okay to quote her).

This Foto Friday, I decided to post the "Decorating Missions Central" video, in hopes that this will help her!

So, Kylie, here's the video for the Decorating Missions Central!

We do have a few areas on our VBS Community pages where you can post your ideas. The Idea Bank is a great resources. . .check it out!  We also have an area on the Communtiy where you can load your own Missions photos or look at the photos that have been posted.

I do want to give a shout-out to one of the people who commented to Kylie's post. Katrina said, "You could also think of doing your missions room as Times Square." I love that idea!

Thanks everyone!


  1. jessica steelman says

    We used two coats of primer (our insulation board came with logos and writing that showed through the paint), then the base was Krylon's "Sweet Cream" spray paint and the gilded parts were Krylon's "Gold Rush Metallic" spray paint. I found both in our local Walmart's paint clearance section. To do the bricks, I just cut a stencil of three bricks out of an old poster board and used a VERY LIGHT dusting of the gold to give the impression of bricks.
    The folks in the video were right about paint markers. I found one at Hobby Lobby, and I loved it!

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