Your Pastor and VBS

Does your pastor take an active role in your church’s VBS?

Since VBS is one of the most evangelistic emphases that your church will experience this year, it is important that your pastor has a visible role in your daily activities.  Here are 10 ways to include your pastor and make him feel special.

1.    Ask him to dress like the main character in the Bible story each day and visit the room of a different age group to tell the story.

2.   Plan a class trip to his office during the week to give him a homemade gift/craft (or card) that the children have made for him.

3.   Ask him to share the missions story one or more days during the week in a large-group setting with all the boys and girls who attend VBS.

4.   Invite him to be involved in your Worship Rally musical or drama.

5.   Encourage him to be visible in the parking lot each morning to greet children and parents as they arrive for VBS.

6.   Ask him to make a short presentation on the day the ABC song and video portion of the plan of salvation are shared. Maybe he could even provide a short question and answer period for older children who might not understand.

7.   Enlist him to make a short visit to each VBS room during the week, if only to peek his head in the door and ask how things are going.

8.   Plan for him to play a significant role in your Family Night program.

9.   Make up a simple thank-you song for the children to sing to the pastor in appreciation for his work in VBS.

10. Prepare a special certificate of appreciation for your pastor to be presented to him on Family Night.

Everyone needs to feel appreciated, and your pastor is no exception. Plan to involve him in VBS as much as possible. Oh, and be sure to enjoy a great VBS this year!

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