Foto Friday. . .Decorating Worship Rally at Times Square

Hi everyone, how's your Friday? Hopefully everyone had a safe week after all the storms we have had lately! This week's Foto Friday is another decorating video I found on the VBS Community.

This week's decorating video is about Gordon's Worship Rally set. He did a great job! You can also find instructions on the Worship Rally set in the Decorating Made Easy.

Also, we would love to see photos of your Times Square set. You can post photos on our Community in the "Decorating-Worship Rally at Times Square" photo section.  There are already photos there. . .check them out!

We have had several people ask about the reflector paper that was mentioned in the video. Here's a link to a community post where Gordon talks about it. Also, one person posted on our Facebook page that they "found some in [their] local parent-teacher store. It was border paper. Also, in Hobby Lobby there is a section of specialty paper where [they] found the reflective paper." Hope this helps!


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