Found It on the Forum

Need Big Apple or Beach Blast clip art, e-cards, additional  snack or craft ideas? You can find all that and more on the VBS Forum.

Who knew everything you need is available with the click of a mouse? As I was scrolling through the VBS Web site a few days ago, I realized what a wealth of information is out there waiting to be discovered!

There is something for everyone involved in VBS, from the director to the Worship Rally leader. Here are just a few examples of what you can discover on the forum:

Decorating Ideas 

Teacher Appreciation Tips

Worship Rally Drama Skits

Puppet Skits

VBS 2011 Helpful Facts

Teacher Devotions

So as you can tell, there really is something for everyone. Head on over to the VBS Forum and check it out. Let us know what you find!


  1. Christopher T. says

    We as a family have become completey tired with Lifeway's choice of "Christian Rock" to reach the masses in "God's" name.
    After becoming saved, rock music was something we decided we should get rid of. Now that we have been attending a Southern Baptist Church, we have been exposed to this new "Christian" form of rock music. I find myself being extremely tempted on the way home from church to turn the radio dial over to some other secular rock and even rap station because of what we heard in VBS. Your music truly does affect people.
    It tempts them to go back to the old way they were before they received Christ.
    Wow, something to consider. Dangerous...
    The Thurston family, Tennessee

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