T-shirt Giveaway

You might have noticed that the typical button-up leader shirt is nowhere to be found this year. But never fear… in its place is a fantastic Big Apple Adventure Leader T-shirt! It’s a ¾-length sleeve baseball style t-shirt, which I love because it’s not nearly as hot as a heavy button-up in the summer sun. Plus it’s distinct from the blue “I heart VBS” shirt, making it the perfect choice for teachers, leaders, youth workers, or even as a special shirt just for preteens! We get a lot of requests for a VBX t-shirt. So try this one out with your kids this summer and let us know what you think.

Excited yet? Well you should be, because we’re giving away a FREE leader t-shirt to five lucky VBS fans! To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with a valid email address (so we can contact you for your t-shirt size). Tell us which is your oldest VBS shirt or which VBS shirt is your favorite and why.

You have one week to enter. Winners will be chosen randomly and we’ll announce the results here on the blog next Friday, April 22. So be sure to check back!

And even though I'm not eligible to win, I’ll get the comments started… my oldest VBS shirt is from Amazon Outfitters (HUH!), but my favorite is this year’s “I heart VBS” shirt. Every time I wear it I have people asking me what it means. Then I get
the chance to tell them about VBS and, most importantly, the reason for VBS—Jesus!



  1. Gayla Baker says

    My oldest VBS tee shirt is from 1995 or so when we had a cowboy theme! It isn't very white anymore, but I still enjoy remembering VBS!

  2. Stacey says

    I LOVE all of the t-shirt, but the oldest one I have is from "Outrigger Island"! Thats the first year I helped with VBS! My favorite so far was from last years theme "Saddle Ridge Ranch" because of the simple,beautiful design on the front of the shirt! LOVED having it look like a regular shirt someone would buy at a store and then having the extra large logo on the back! I wear that one all the time! :)

  3. Jennifer Reddicks says

    I cant honestly say I have a old VBS shirt! If I had to pick one Id say "Artic Edge". That was the first year I directed! :)

  4. Ronda Pounds says

    I think my favorite is Big Apple Adventure shirt because it is hard to miss "I love VBS" across the front!

  5. Debbie Muller says

    I love this year's shirts. They are so soft and wash very well. I would love to win one for my music girl. She really wants one.

  6. Annette Smith says

    VBS, Camp, GA, RA and other Christian t-shirts make great quilts for your kids as they outgrow them.

  7. Debbie Poole says

    Love the new T Shirt!!! My oldest is from 3 years ago! Can't wait to see what God can do with the Big Apple this year.

  8. Misty Morris says

    Amazon Outfitters is my oldest one. Its also from the year my son came to know Christ. I wear it around the house now because of its worn nature. :-) I've often wondered about a VBX shirt also. My 5th and 6th graders are always so great! This years shirt is going to be a favorite!

  9. Miranda H says

    I love VBS, being prepared and fully involved in the material really brings the kids attention in. When God is in it who can be against it!!

  10. Karen says

    The oldest shirt I still have is probably the Kingdom Caper shirt. The one I liked most was the "Rock and Reef Tour" Youth T-shirt.

  11. Alexis Rodriguez says

    I have been a VBS director or leader ever since i was 18, i know it hasn't been too long but i am 23 now and i feel like every year is a brand new experience. When i al talking to the staff for VBS i say this," If we reach one just one of these children's hearts, then we have had a successful year!" Thank you Lifeway for being so Awesome!!!!

  12. Sarah F. says

    I love the new shirts! I'm so excited for this years VBS! I will be working with the Pre-K class again this year! These kids are always so excited to be at VBS! They are so fun,fully energized and full of life all week long! Its amazing what I actually learn from them all week long!

  13. Suzi says

    My oldest VBS T-Shirt is from the year of the Space Themed VBS... 1997, maybe?? A long time ago, anyway.

    My favorite VBS year was Ramblin' Road Trip! Our family loves to go camping, and that suited our style, just fine. :)

  14. Tracey says

    I think the oldest I have in my closet right now is Kingdom Caper. I can't think of one I didn't like, but if I have to pick a favorite I guess it would be a tie between Outrigger Island and Saddle Ridge Ranch, I love the color and artwork of those two!

  15. Cris Cummings says

    Not sure which is my oldest but I think my newest favorite is this years because of the I <3 VBS but i love the caper one....I am so glad they are available now, I went to my LifeWay store and due to a manufacture issue I've had to wait..Can not WAIT to get my leader shirt because I already have the t-shirt for this year! THANKS SO MUCH :)

  16. Leona Long says

    This is my first year as VBS director!!! I would LOVE to have this shirt!! Its is AWESOME!! I wear all of my old VBS shirts and I always buy my four kids one too!!!

  17. Patti says

    My oldest shirt is from Truth Trackers in 2001. But my favorite one is from the youth curriculum that went along with the Kingdom Caper theme. I had a blast with the teens that year!

  18. Melody Logan says

    I found my Star Quest tshirt the other day and thought oh wow!!! Lol!! That was like 10 yes ago or something like that! :)
    I love the shirts from Game Day Central and the I <3 VBS shirts!!

  19. Meghan Mascelli says


    I have a question about the product give aways. Is there an email address I can send my question to? Thank you!


  20. Ana Quinones says

    My oldes shirt is from Game Day central, that was my first year as a VBS Director!!! Since that year I have all of them but I have to admit that my favorite one so far has been the SaddleRidge Ranch, that one is the best one. I hope I can get the one from this year.

  21. says

    I'm 31 years old and I've been the VBS director nine times. I love the shirt this year...by the way! The oldest VBS shirt hanging in my closest is Mt. Extreme. VBS is the most wonderful time of the year for me.

    I asked one of my workers last night what the theme was for VBS (just a little test)...She said "Lost In the Big Apple." I laughed so hard! Hopefully none of us directors get lost this year :-)


  22. Tim Farley says

    My oldest shirt is Kingdom Capers. My favorite is Outrigger Island. The bright green really stands out in a crowd!

  23. Kathy carter says

    Love Lifeway and all the exciting Vbs supplies you carry. Last year was my first year as Vbs leader. And was my only year to get a t-shirt. I feel so deprived! Lol ready for another Vbs summer.

  24. Jennifer says

    The oldest VBS t-shirt that we have in the house is from Amazon Outfitters. That years VBS is very special because that was our first one together as a family in our first church home. It was a time that caused rebirth and a new love for Jesus among our house. We are still on mission with the One True God!

  25. Penny Reedy says

    My oldest VBS shirt is from Truth Trackers! My favorite shirt was last years' Saddle Ridge Ranch shirt. I loved the quality of the embroidered shirt and was very impressed by how nice it stayed thru teaching VBS clinics in our states and associations and then thru our VBS at church.

  26. Jamie Osborn says

    My oldest t-shirt is from StarQuest -- WOW!!! It is probably my favorite one for very sentimental reasons, as that was my first year teaching VBS. God opened my eyes and heart to children's ministry through that experience, and I have been blessed by so many precious young lives since then!!


  27. Kathy Trundle says

    my oldest VBS shirt is Good News Stampede and i am sending this comment straight from the Big Apple itself!!

  28. K_Pag says

    I don't have a VBS shirt :-( and would really like one. A cool side note, we were visiting Nashville from San Francisco last week, and my girls ran into some kids with VBS shirts from last year. It was a great ice breaker....hey we have those shirts too. Made them feel a part of something BIG!!

  29. Don Smith says

    I will gladly wear the VBS T shirt as I travel throughout the Association visiting churches having VBS this summer. Thank you for the comment about using the shirt as a lead in to evangelism or VBS promotion.

  30. Kristie says

    My favorite VBS shirt was the cowboy themed one from last year and the green hawaiian shirt. They both had awesome art work on them. I love VBS as much as the kids do. It's my favorite week of the year.

  31. Brenda Simkovich says

    My oldest Tshirt is the VBS heart I got in Nashville this year..never bought one before. But I love the heart one this year.

  32. sockknitter1215 says

    My oldest LifeWay VBS shirt is the Amazon Outfitters (which I loved!). My favorite one, though is the Saddle Ridge Ranch because I love all things western and especially cowboy! Alas! My church did NOT do the Saddle Ridge Ranch and is not doing The Big Apple Adventure this year. I am very disappointed and thinking that I will not be teaching at VBS this year because of this! I am a trainer for the Regional VBS events and it's very disappointing to report that your own church is not using the material that you are teaching.
    Cindy Petty email petty1215@hotmail.com

  33. Pam Stewart says

    My oldest VBS shirt is from The Great Kingdom Caper!
    The Leader shirt for this year is the best one yet! I would love to have one!!! My favorite shirt was the Outrigger Island shirt.

  34. Gaye Kilpatrick says

    I've had VBS t-shirts just about every year since Lifeway started doing themes. I've usually passed them on to someone else for their VBS. I do like the leader shirt this year. My favorite would probably be either Ramblin' Road Trip or Game Day Central.

  35. Jonathan Howe says

    My oldest VBS shirt is Son Treasure Island. My favorite shirt will most probably be this year's I <3 VBS, simply because it's easily recognizable, stands out, and begs the question of what is it.

  36. Jen says

    My first VBS was in 2007. My friend and I were with the first graders. We made our classroom into a football locker room. It was GAME DAY CENTRAL! Since then we have been teaching the first graders every year. This is one of the most exciting and exhausting weeks of the year.

  37. Teresa Brown says

    I just found one from Kingdom Capers from The London Theme. My fav is this years shirt I love VBS.

  38. Becky says

    I love the baseball style shirt. I think I'll wear it a lot more often after VBS is over. I guess my oldest shirt that I still have is Rickshaw Rally.

  39. terri says

    Im really tough on clothes (messy)so my oldest is only last years. My favorite is the "I love VBS" shirt but the Baseball shirt is pretty Awesome! Thanks for your awesome blogs.

  40. Kim says

    My oldest VBS t-shirt is Truth Tracker or Kingdom Caper. My favorite shirt - that's difficult - Boomerang Express (loved that hat too for BE). I like this year's Leader shirt.

  41. Laura Grayble says

    I have loved reading all these posts because they remind me of all the cool and crazy things I and my co director have gotten ourselves into these past 13 years or so!!! I remember drawing British soldiers for Caper, making 10 commandments for Truth Trackers, building an igloo for Artic Edge, hanging a bazillion blue and white balloons in the hallway ceiling for Ocean Odessy.... I could go on, and on!!! But to be honest, I have never put much thought into the shirt, I love them, but I am so busy with everything else I never get around to ordering one. I would love to have this one!! It is a great look and would be great to wear for our promotional meetings!!!

  42. Staci Mason says

    My oldest VBS shirt is from Amazon Outfitters too. My favorite still has to be last year's Saddle Ridge Ranch shirt. I just loved the color and the fact they they were so different from previous years' shirts.

  43. Kim says

    I LOVE the I heart VBS design this year. It'll have a lot more use I think. But I loved the Saddle Ridge Ranch teal t's last summer. What a great color :) The oldest VBS t-shirt I remember having was from my 6th grade year (17 years ago). It was a nautical theme and my mom had me, my sis & our cousins sponge paint VBS shirts for ourselves. I don't know if that counts though. 😉

  44. L P says

    My oldest VBS t-shirt is Arctic Edge. It is really worn, but I love it. I love blue t-shirts. The Saddle Ridge t-shirts were really sharp looking. :)

  45. Suzanne says

    I've had lot of iron ons that didn't last, I'd love this shirt! It was the higher dollar shirts for this year. :-) I did get the I (heart) VBS for this year and have already had lots of great comments on it. It would be more advertising if I could display this one too (for Lifeway and for VBS). Thanks for the exciting and fun chance to win!

  46. Joanie says

    I have been teaching VBS before there were special t-shirts - 36 years! But, this is the best! I REALLY heart VBS and NY - fell in love with New York in 2005 on a mission trip with Paint the Town New York! I can hardly wait for summer!

  47. Lisa says

    I have been invovled in Lifeway's VBS all the way back to The Good News Stampede. I have the cutest picture of my son, then 4 years old, sporting an awesome cowboy outfit from his cowboy hat to his cowboy boots for Parent night. He is now 19 years old and helps with VBS himself. My oldest VBS shirt would be Mt. Extreme that I won at an Early Bird VBS leaders clinic in Florida. I love VBS!

  48. debi says

    The t shirts are AWESOME!!! It would be the best to lead a child to Christ in that tee shirt!! God is great.

  49. Cheryl Bowling says

    My oldest official VBS shirt is from Boomerang Express, with most of our VBS shirts being general church t-shirts! I love the I love VBS shirt!!!! I think it will be a great talking piece to get kids excited!!!!

  50. Carol Jo Raines says

    I love VBS. My favorite VBS shirt of all time is the I "Heart" VBS shirt. When I wear it, I get to share with folks what VBS is and more important, I get to share JESUS with people too ! Great Shirt! Great VBS ! I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE, VBS ! , just ask BECKY Lloyd.

  51. Jenn says

    Boomerang Express was my first official VBS shirt & the first year my kiddo was old enough to attend. What a fun week!

  52. tonya says

    My oldest vbs shirt is from outrigger island!! I love the vbx shirts that year the best and ordered one for me to have.

  53. Holly says

    My oldest Tshirt will also be my first and obviously my favorite Tshirt which is this years I heart VBS. My first VBS was last year when I was asked to teach one week prior to VBS. I was overwhelmed and thrilled with the experience. This year I am the director of our VBS. I love the I heart VBS shirt becasue that is what I want my kids to experience at our VBS. THe more children that love VBS the more Children who will come to know and love the Lord.

  54. Desiree Bartlett says

    This is my first year helping with vbs. I am 24 years old and the shirt that i remember the best is the amazon outfitters. Of course I did not have one I just remember the leaders wearing one. I am so happy to be helping with vbs this year and I hope that I can help lead children to Jesus. I am a college student trying to become a teacher. I love children and would do anything to help them live a christian life. I would love to have a vbs shirt this year. Like I said I am a college student and I have to spend my monry very carefully.

  55. Tiffanie Wells says

    My oldest VBS t-shirt is from Amazon Outfitters, when I WAS a student! It was the best summer ever for me! (I also have the Mt. Extreme Thermos Waterbottle Thing , thats ALWAYS been my favorite and I wish ya'll still made em!)

    My favorite shirt though, is probably the Outrigger Island Shirt. The bright green looks so great with my summer tan! I look back at pictures from that week and wish I could jump back in time! I wear my green shirt to the gym ALL the time and people come up to me and say they worked that VBS at their church!

    I love wearing my VBS shirts all the time and seeing how many people really love winning kids hearts to the Lord. I wore it one time to the grocery store and some random lady donated money to VBS for that year! They're a great witnessing tool all year round and I LOVE them!

  56. Alisha says

    My oldest VBS shirt is Rickshaw Rally! I've worn it out, but I still love wearing it around the house. We always wear our VBS shirts everywhere.

  57. Summer Turner says

    I really like this new t-shirt & its different then many of the others are wearing so people will ask about it! (By the way I'm an adult xl)

  58. Vanessa says

    My oldest shirt (if it counts) is probably Artic Edge, but we made our own using the iron ons. I really like the I heart VBS.

  59. ROBIN IVEY says


  60. Dina Rivas says

    i love this years shirt great theme, but i also like the t-shirt from the saddle ridge ranch, fun year to dress up!

  61. Michael says

    The oldest VBS shirt i have is the Rambling Road trip. That was the first VBS i helped in. It was 90+ degrees and i was doing recreation outside and the shirts are black!! :) just one of many VBS memories. Praise the Lord that I've been a youth Pastor now for 6 years!

  62. Glenda Baker says

    My first t-shirt was amazon outfitters. My favorite VBS was game day central but that t-shirt was very hot. I love VBS and can't wait to find out what each year's theme is going to be. I've been teaching the Missions Class since the Ramblin' Road Trip and each year keeps getting better and better.

  63. Keri says

    My oldest shirt is from Outrigger. That was the first year I was involved in VBS and it was also the year I came to Christ and was Baptisted. My favorite shirt was Saddle Ridge Ranch b/c of the color design and I am originally from Texas so the cowboy theme brought me back home. I am excited for this years VBS as I went to New York 3 1/2 years ago for a weekend and had a wonderful time.

  64. Renèe G. says

    Every year I look at the shirts and say, 'oh this is my favorite yet!!!" However I must say that I loved the Saddle Ridge Ranch t-shirt. Not only did I love the design on the front but I also loved the red snap shirt that could be worn over the blue. The hat and a sherrif badge was all that was needed to finish the outfit.
    I look forward to being part of this years VBS....

  65. Linda Snider says

    I don't have a VBS t-shirt yet. I just went to my church's "kick-off" this afternoon and I ordered me the New York one. I love how it looks.

  66. Darlene Thorns says

    My last shirt was from 2003 - The Great Kingdom Caper: Cracking the Character Code. I just signe up to help at my church and learned that they chose the Big Apple Theme. I've been working with VBS for 10 years and each year its gets better and better. The youth enjoy daytime and evening VBS. Thank you Lord of Blessing US with VBS.

  67. says

    I never win anything and i don't have a lot of money
    so to win that i can help my church this year in VBS and no that i help this i help anyway even if i did not have a T-Shirt.

  68. georganna whitelock says

    My oldest shirt would be the outback. I've been doing VBS for a while just wasn't always able to get a shirt in time. Hope I can continue for a long time. I'm especially excited this year my husband is helping me and this is his first time! Should be interesting!!

  69. Renee McCreary says

    I am so excited about this years VBS. This is the first year that I have been the director of VBS. I am praying for God to bless our VBS as well as everybodys. I would love a T-Shirt, that would be so great.

  70. Sandra Hill says

    My favorite VBS shirt was Beach Blast. We decorated our church just like the beach and we had a Beach Blast. My husband is picking up my shirt for this year today and I can't wait to see it. My husband (of 2 weeks)and I are directing together this year. I am looking forward to us having a wonderful and exciting VBS and I am praying that some young person will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

  71. Amanda Markin says

    The oldest VBS shirt that I still have is from Outrigger Island. My favorite shirt is from Saddle Ridge Ranch. I loved the bright blue color.

  72. Melody Gately says

    My oldest shirt is Outrigger Island and I think my favorite design is this years baseball style shirt. I can't wait for our 4th annual VBS at the Boys and Girls Club in Bryant, AR.

  73. Melody Gately says

    My oldest shirt is Outrigger Island and I think my favorite design is this years baseball style shirt. I do a reverse VBS, this is a VBS that comes to the kids instead of having them come to us. I volunteer at the Bryant Boys and Girls club in Arkansas, and so many of these kids won't get the change to go to VBS so I take one to them. This is our 4th year and each year has grown more and more!!

  74. Lynette Nobles hughnobles@yahoo.com says

    I have always loved my Amazon Outfitters t-shirt. The bright green color looked so nice and I liked the subtle way the Bible message came across. HOWEVER! I lost weight, so, I am in need of a larger or x-large shirt this year! Yeah!!

  75. Tracee says

    My baby boy went to VBS for the first time in 1998 (some space theme) when he was 19 months old. Now he is wearing my old VBS t-shirts that I've handed down. His favorite is Arctic Edge, but he has already worn out the Outrigger Island one, the last year he attended VBS. He's a VBS assistant now, and it is a family tradition we are glad to pass on!

  76. Karen S. says

    To be honest, I usually just get the iron-on logos for several shirts. But this year when I saw the "I love VBS", I knew this would be one that will be a keeper for years to come. Maybe Lifeway could keep this design to use every year (even though it's not about NY). It's versatile for any theme.

  77. SARAH JO MORGAN says

    We have almost always made our own using the VBS iron on--my favorite was the Racing theme! We used old cut-up tires to make "tracks" accross the back of the shirtS!

  78. Becky Wood says

    My Amazon Outfitters shirt is my oldest one.
    Looking at it transports me back to that VBS.
    I was the Missions teacher that year. My room looked like the inside of the pyramids...brown walls, torches, etc. It was the year that my great nephew began to spend the week of VBS with me...he was only 4 years old. He was hooked and looked forward to VBS every year. I played the VBS music in the car when I picked him up and when taking him back to meet his mother. We sang loud and long! I believe the words and scripture are deep in his heart and will not return to the Lord void.

  79. McKayla Franks says

    My oldest VBS t-shirt is from Rigshaw Ralley- the japanese one back when I myself was still student:)
    My favorite would have to be my shirt from a mission trip to florida when we did Gameday Central and all of my kids signed it. Every time I wear it, it makes me think of the impact I had on these kids and how their relationship with Christ is going today. I still get texts, calls and letters from them every so often.
    This past summer, we went back and I was wearing that shirt and they remembered me and of course it was a crying fest :) but back to the point, my VBS t-shirts are like tokens of winning souls to Christ, and really and trully I dont have a favorite one, just a most remembered memory that happens to go with the "GameDay Central" VBS shirt :)

  80. says

    I love the Outrigger Island shirts...the green was awesome and loved the design! My daughter loves her VBS shirts and has saved them and incorporated them into a t-shirt blanket along with some of her other favorite t-shirts! Very Cool!!!

  81. Sandy Edge says

    My first VBS T-shirt would have been GAME DAY CENTRAL in 2007. My favorite is 2009 Boomerang Express. That was a very special year at FBC Ozark, AR. We had a record number of children for our event, as well as an overwhelming response on decision day. That was my first year to serve as VBS Director and it was an amazing experience. That was when I realized that my ministry for God is children. I felt an extreme closeness with Jesus, as well as the children that year. Each year carries it's own set of wonderful memories. I anxiously plan the 2011 Big Apple Adventure....setting an example and stirring excitement in our children. We will encourage them to "take a bite" out of life and devote their life to JESUS CHRIST. GOD is good!

  82. Chad G. says

    Boomerang Express is my oldest and most memorable VBS so far. This was my first time to help with any VBS and I really loved it. The children really enjoyed participating with the songs and activities as well as myself. I always wonder who got more out of that year's VBS the children or me. Last year we did Saddle Ridge Ranch and I was able to be the worship rally leader which was a ton of fun leading the children in the rally. The fun and excitement was exceptional and contagious, yeeee-hawwww! My hopes are up looking forward to the Big Apple this year and this shirt looks like it would be a great addition to the wardrobe. God bless and have a Happy Easter.

  83. Jenifer Thornrbugh says

    I LOVE my Outrigger Island T-Shirt. I still wear it every summer. When I wear it the kids start singing "A- a wiki, B- a wiki, C- a wiki" ... "It isn't tricky!"
    We love VBS!!!!

  84. Amanda says

    I wear out my tshirts so I don't actually have an old one, however I think my most memorable was the Amazon Outfitters shirt!

  85. Teri Barr says

    My 1st VBS shirt was from the Arctic Edge! The church where I teach VBS at is in FL and this will be my 2nd year traveling from PA to FL to teach VBS! I am addicted to the wonders of it all! I just commited to teaching again today! We are very excited and can't wait for it!

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