Foto Friday. . .Pranks!

Do you have a prankster in your office/church? You know who I'm talking about. . .someone who, when you least expect it, decides to rearrange your office, paste photos of your boss on all your framed pictures, hide your cell phone and then constantly call it, etc. Well, we have someone like that on the VBS team. . .me!

When we first decided to do a large inflatable, I was excited because it was a large item that could be used in the churches for decoration but mainly because I saw a real potential in the item (joke-wise). Our inflatable moose made it's way around our floor at LifeWay. He would pop up in people's doorways, hang out in office's. . .he once was sitting on the photocopier!

Here are some photos that I wanted to share! Enjoy!

Here's the moose visiting an office. Notice the little M&M's on the floor!
Melita and Keith welcoming a new employee. . .with a tape body on the ground!
What do you do with several old packages of balloons? Inflate them and place them in someone's office!
Melita and Keith having a pig roast with Candace's stuffed pig!
The kangaroo at the ATM.
Melita hiding in a box. . .she scared Landry, really good!
What happens to defective product samples!

This last prank was one of my favorites. MelitaGordon and I decided to welcome Candace back after being out of the office for 2 weeks. So we decided to paste Landry's picture ALL over her office!

What are some of your favorite pranks you pulled?


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