Foto Friday-Proof

Hi everyone! It’s Keith again! I hope you all are enjoying the blog. This week’s Foto Friday has a familiar face to it, Proof.

Thank you Andy for sharing a day in the life of Proof this week. We were privileged to meet Proof at the VBS Preview events and had a fun time loving on him. Here are some candid photos of Proof with several members of the VBS team!

Becky, Andy, & Proof


Andy, Proof, & some friends (who seem to have the same hat on!)


Melita & Proof


Becky, Melita, & Proof


Gordon & Proof after a long and productive day!


Meeting Andy and Proof was a blessing and reading about the encouragement and hope they are able to pass to the people of the Bronx, reminds me that I need to be praying for them and all of our missionaries around the world. After the events of the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan, I'm reminded to pray especially for the Japanese people and our missionaries in Japan. Also, if you would like to donate to the relief efforts in Japan then you could do so at many different organizations. The Baptist Global Response and the IMB, both have webpage where you can donate.




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