Missions Has Gone to the Dogs

Today continues Part 2 of “A Day in the Life of Proof.”  She’s the first-ever missionary dog. Read yesterday’s blog entry to catch up or visit Graffiti 2’s Web site at www.graffiti2ministries.org Also don’t forget to check out the Proof apparel that is available to order by clicking on the following link. Proof Order Form

Proof God Exists*

Proof’s day continues . . .

Proof gallops in, fiercely gyrating her whole body, greeting all of her coworkers who arrived before her. As her coworkers prepare for the day, Proof quickly finds a quiet place and relaxes into a snoring slumber.

Through the door enters a man. A man many might avoid. With many layers of clothes, any visible skin is covered in a layer of grime and sweat. To be honest, he doesn’t smell well, but that’s what one might expect when one lives with no home. Without a second-thought Proof stirs and is the first to greet. As Proof’s master brings him a cup of water, Proof sits right at his feet. The man looks down and says, “I used to have a yellow lab just like that…”  He reaches down and pats her on the head and continues to talk, telling stories of the life he once led. Many moments pass as Proof sits loyally beside until finally a prayer is shared, along with a bag of pantry food. The man stands to leave and says, “See you later Proof.”

Midday brings a walk outside. Sometimes there are other dogs walking with their masters, playing in spouting hydrants, but rarely any with a pastor. At the corner, salsa music plays, coming from a bodega. These are on every corner, the little stores of the city. One can buy chips, drinks, snack cakes or fruit. Today, four men exit carrying their lunches, hot ham and cheese. One man asks, “What’s your dog’s name?” and becomes more interested in the work of Proof’s man. After expressing great interest in joining their fellowship, the man quips, “I never would have talked to you if it wasn’t for your dog, Proof.”

Upon their return Proof quietly returns to her place, awaiting with expectation the afternoon’s guests. Every day after school, children rush through the door, of course, greeted by Proof’s ever wagging tail. They study, learn, pray, and play as Proof watches in her usual way. There are times when Proof is called over as a kid sits on the floor. With an open book across her lap she reads aloud to Proof who never talks back.

Later, Proof moves and sits next to a girl, sitting, frowning from a tough day at school and an even tougher night before. She shyly asks, “Can I get a hug?”  Proof’s master says, “Proof, hug!” and what do you know, Proof jumps in her arms. With some kisses too, Proof changed her day as she now has a smile that isn’t easily washed away.

Sitting at another table, Proof’s coworker tries to figure out the problem for a student who’s gloomy and despondent. Proof walks near the little boy who refuses to vent his struggles and woes. Proof’s coworker states, “Well since you can’t tell me, do you want to tell Proof?”  With a long pause, the young man looks down at Proof. Then with certainty in his voice says, “Yeah, I speak dog.”  Proof listens intently as he whispers in her ear. He rises from crouching with his problems now discussed; the little boy readily returns to his seat and begins his daily school work . . .

Check back tomorrow to see how Proof’s day ends. Also check out the VBS missions rotation curriculum to learn not only about the work of Graffiti 2 and Proof, but the amazing work of missionaries across the world.

*“Proof God Exists” is an original work of Andrew Mann. All Rights Reserved.

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