New and Improved Idea Banks

We heard you! The VBS Idea Banks are back, and they are better than ever. This is the place where you can “deposit” your ideas and “withdraw” other people’s ideas on all aspects of Vacation Bible School 2011. The Idea Banks are different than the VBS Forums—the forums are a place for discussions and conversations.

Our Idea Banks provide a place for you to upload your own photos, videos, and text about any VBS topic—crafts, snacks, decorations, Bible study, missions, Worship Rally, recreation, scheduling, follow-up ideas, teacher appreciation, success stories, and more. Get out your camera and share your success with others. Anyone have some “VBS blogger” appreciation ideas?


  1. Pam says

    I need some ideas from all those who went to a preview concerning Pearl. I want to "be" her for promotion, but need a script or at least some other thoughts. Unfortunately, I spent my time running away from her.
    I did think of wrapping an outer layer of clothing in Limburger cheese for a while and then wearing it. More ideas as to what to say, please.........?

  2. Pam Thompson says

    Pearl Was a little eccentric in that she spoke of her self in the 3rd person. I asked her what she knew about Jesus and her eyes lit up and she gave her testimony of how she had met Jesus when someone down by the subway shared with her. She pulled out a tattered New Testament marked by a small piece of pink thread. She shared that she was a "Pearl of great price." (Matt 13:46) She then asked my name and if I was a Pam of great price! I fell in love with her. She never got out of character to the point that I was ready to love her and try to provide for any need she might have!!! Hats off to Pearl!

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