Taxi Mayhem Game!

Our great and wonderful customer service reps (you know, the people you talk to when you call 1.800.458.2772) had a fun celebration last week! One of the games they played was named "Taxi Mayhem" - I think they came up with the game themselves! They started by making a taxi from a cardboard box.

Here's the front:

Taxi Front

Here's the side:

And here's the back:

The game worked like this: There were two holes in the taxi for two people to stick their head through. The person in the front was blindfolded and so the person in the back had to communicate with them to lead them safely through an obstacle course  - which is sometimes how you feel when you get a cab in Manhattan!

Needless to say, it looks like they had a lot of fun! They did document a few of the taxi rides on video, and there's even a wipe out that's pretty funny. Don't worry - no LifeWay employees were harmed in the making of these videos!

While this game may be a little rough for your little ones during Big Apple Adventure, I definitely think some preteen and student groups might have some fun with a little Taxi Mayhem!!

p.s. Did anybody notice what was hanging from the rearview mirror? A Cowbell Keychain from Saddle Ridge Ranch!!!


  1. Joyce Grimes says

    Taxi Mayhem looks like fun for leaders and kids. What fun to have 2, 3 or 4 going at 1 time. You guys are so funny!

  2. Karen Splawn says

    I love it! Our staff will be doing this as part of our promo for the kids! Thanks for all of your great ideas. :) You are fabulous!!!!!

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