TESTIMONY TUESDAYS - a little child will lead them

One of the most rewarding aspects of working on the LifeWay VBS Team is having the opportunity to hear the great stories of lives that have been impacted through the ministry of Vacation Bible School. I'm going to use Testimony Tuesdays to pass some of these stories on to you in the hopes that you too will feel inspired to identify and tell your VBS stories. The following story first appeared in the South Carolina Baptist Convention Childhood Ministry Newsletter (www.scbaptist.org/childhood) and is being reprinted with permission.
Our church hosted Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS in June of this year; but last night, it came to fruition.  A young couple visited our church service for the very first time.  Things in their lives seemed to be falling apart.  They had even gone to the extent of consulting with a psychic to gain some insight as to why things were failing so miserably.  Then their young son told them that he had learned about Jesus in Vacation Bible School and that’s what they needed.  Last night, the first time they attended a church service, this couple surrendered their hearts to the Lord.   In a counseling session after the service, it came to light that through the leading of their child, they sought after the Lord.  Isn’t that what scripture teaches?  “…a little child will lead them” (Isaiah 11:6).  Vacation Bible School is worth the effort.   It’s been three months since the last night of VBS, and God is still doing His thing!!
North Greenville Association

(Church name withheld for privacy of persons involved)

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