1. Darlene Tabor says

    EXPLORING SOUTHWEST AMERICA: Children could explore (Carlsbad) caverns, make Cliff Dwelling house and pottery or create their own Hot Air Balloon Race (New Mexico); search for minerals; i.e., gold, climb a mountain (Pikes Peak) in (Colorado); raise a tent or perform a Native American dance (Oklahoma); support alternative energy (windmills of Texas); explore the desert and canyons (Grand Canyon) by train or donkey in Arizona.

  2. Darlene says

    EXPLORE AMERICA'S SNOWBELT! After crossing the Mackinac Bridge (longest suspension bridge in the Western Hemisphere) from lower Michigan to the "Upper Peninsula", Children arrive Mackinaw Island by ferry in the summer or snow mobile in the winter; then explore this island by bicycle or horse carriage (no cars allowed); participate in snow mobile races (SOO 500); ski on Olympic training slopes of Iron Mountain; fish in the Great Lakes; chase moose and bears through the woods; ride a boat through the Saulte Ste Marie Locks at Canadian border.

  3. millie says

    A theme centered around "Kids Need a Stable Foundation" with Jesus's birth as in Jesus being born in a stable...Christmas in June (or May or July or August).

  4. Danielle Kane says

    Lets do something exotic and Grand!! A Foreign city like Paris or so! Wonders of the world! show them the things that they have never seen and teach them to believe without seeing! Show them the huge creations and man made land marks! Teach them that they are able of doing miraculous things because God made us able! Most of those things had stories about how ppl told them it couldn't be done!

    Then like if you did the Wonders of the world you could have the diff kinds of music from all parts of the world! It would be so neat for the kids to see and hear the culture of the world. To see a little more of God's creation.

    I also think that I movie theme would be great! like a lights, camera ACTION!! "take action" Talk about how were are walking bibles for the ones that hear never read one. What kind of movie is our life? worship rally could have a director. Could have the old Hollywood feel to it. :)

  5. Pat Wells says

    How about a circus/carnival theme about how God made all kids (or people) different. Talk about how He made us all with different talents to serve others and to tell them about His love for matter how unique they are. It also leaves the door open to talk about animals in the circus that God created and loves and how we need to protect the unique world God made. Just an idea.

  6. says

    FBI (Faithful Bible Investigators)
    We've used this theme for four years for discipleship of new child converts in our church. To enable children to know to turn to God's Word for all they need in a situational ethics society we utilize object lessons to teach truth.

    While I'm working on the formal curriculum, it'd make a great Bible School them since investigative shows are hits on TV. We have a logo for you to look at via FB with permission.

  7. Joyce Joseph says

    I think it would be interesting to interview different characters in the bible that knew Jesus and told about something that He did. We did a bible school years ago and had different biblical scenes set up for the interview. THe reporters were in modern clothing but the scene was set in bible times. We did Peter and catching all those fish, the blind man, walking on water, the Resurrection, John the baptist, woman at the well, The woman that was to be stoned, Feeding of the 5000, Roman Soldier at the cross.

    The reporters are trying to investigate the rumor that Jesus was the Son of God and at the end of the week they determine that He is. IT brings back the feel of the bible times but puts it to a modern theme of deciding who Jesus is. Focus on Jesus and the decision we make to believe or not believe. Each one that met Jesus and told His story tells about how their lives were changed.

    I actually wrote the skits for this and will be glad to share them if you are interested.

    joyce joseph

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