Another VBS 2011 Song - By Faith!

To those of you who joined us today for the VBS webcast, it was a lot of fun!! Can't wait to get the video archive - I was busy chatting away with you guys, so I didn't even get to see it!

One of the things we did during the VBS webcast was a Q&A time with Jerry Wooley, our VBS Ministry Specialist, and Jeff Slaughter, our VBS songwriter. During that time, Jeff shared about his favorite song from VBS 2011, which is called "By Faith."

While he was sharing that, I realized that you guys haven't had a chance to hear it yet, so here goes - this is the "radio mix" of By Faith!!


  1. Sarah says

    Thanks for posting the song!!!! Now I'm just trying to patiently wait for yesterdays webcast to be posted so I can see it!!! Was soooo disappointed I had plans yesterday and couldn't participate!!!

  2. Karen Thompson says

    I love this song & I know the kids will be excited about it; the love the fast songs.
    We sent cd's home this year with every kid and it was a real hit; a great message to be in every home.
    I wish the abc's could be presented more in depth; the kid's aren't understading the message that they need to know.
    When we have training classes we always stress that we need to clarify to the kids exactly what they need to know about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Maybe that's something that the writers could take into consideration for 2012. Also some of the literature says Admit, Believe, Committ and other literature says Admit, Believe, Confess. That also has sent a confusing message to the kids.

  3. Shelley Horton says

    I was wondering how I may be able to contact Jeff Slaughter? I have some imput and ideas for some songs and would love to get him that information. I loved the work he did on Saddle Ridge Ranch. Please let me know how to contact him.

  4. Sherry Tucker says

    We just finished SRR last week and I am still on that high. Every year I think nothing can top this and every year it gets better. Thanks, Lifeway.

  5. Sarah says

    AWESOME!!! The webcast was fantastic - what a great way to get my leadership team on board and excited!!! Thank you!!! Jeff's Q and A was fantastic - thanks for being so open and will to share and be real Jeff!!!

  6. says

    Well, it's August 29, and we are STILL singing songs from Saddle Ridge Ranch! We hope to be singing them, (along with other songs,) every Sunday night, as a part of our at home fun/devotion & worship time. (We have an almost 3 and an almost 6 year old at home.) All the same, I love this new song! Can't wait to hear more. Can't wait to do VBS next year!!!!

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