Anybody ready for VBS 2011???

We've been working on VBS 2011 for quite a while, and one of the favorite parts of my job is watching the VBS theme go from an idea on piece of paper to a fully developed product line!!

One of the things I am MOST excited about for 2011 is the music. Do you guys want a sneak peek? I thought you might!

This is one of the daily songs - it's my FAVORITE one. . . don't get too excited, I don't think you'll be able to guess the VBS 2011 theme from this song!

What do you think?


  1. Melissa says

    I like it and yes I am ready!! Can't wait for some more Ideas!!! Just wish we didn't have to wait so long!! Sometimes I need a year to work on all this!!

  2. deborah says

    No idea what theme it is, but i love the upbeat music and message. Our vbs is third week in June and our kids always want to know what we are doing next year! Cant wait to find out!

  3. Tammy Winton says

    I loved it, but it was not Jeff singing- did
    he write the music?- we love him and his

  4. Becky Loyd says

    Yes - Jeff did write the music! But, because of the range that the music needs to be so that kids can sing the songs he writes, he is rarely able to actually sing on the VBS recordings that you hear. If you go back and listen to previous year's music, you'll see that you rarely hear his voice.

  5. says

    LOOOOVE IT!!! I can't wait to hear the rest.....My heart's desire is to continually grow in my love for JESUS!! GREAT lyrics and love the music!! Makes me wanna dance......

  6. Renee Strickland says

    The music is wha tI really love about VBS... The messages have really been great! LOVE IT!

  7. linda says

    Great lyrics and music...another anointed Jeff Slaughter creation! Missed more of Jeff's voice, and children's. Excited to hear the whole thing!

  8. says

    WoW! I love it! Jeff's music has been one of the major deciding factors in choosing Lifeway's VBS curriculum. Our kids just love the songs...and watching him on the video. We sing them well into the year. Can't wait to hear more!!!!!!!

  9. says

    I can understand the thinking of '50s, but it really sounds more like the current Hannah/Miley type genre..teeny-bopper sound. I'm holding out for the final version before I cast a yea or nay.

  10. Jeana Carter says

    I love it. The music is always great. It is amazing how God uses Jeff to write such wonderful songs that the kids love and remember for a long time. I can't wait to hear the more of the music and to find out the theme.

  11. Ronda says

    When is the release date for VBS 2011? Always excited to know! I am partial to knowing the first of June. lol

  12. LightheartedinTexas says

    Love the song! ♥♥♥
    I do like knowing about the new theme at the beginning of the summer. It is so much fun announcing the new theme Parent's Night and getting such a positive reaction. Not to mention, it helps us know which decorations and resouces to keep to be used again..with a few tweaks of course. :)

  13. Amber says

    I love the song!!! I want more hints about next years VBS!! I wanna know NOW!! LOL. I can't wait!!

  14. Karen DeBay says

    Love this song. Like everyone else it sounds like the 50's. I think the music is really upbeat and I can visualize dance movements from the 5o's too. With Loving Jesus the center of the theme, I am sure it will be a BIG hit.

  15. says

    LOVED the song, WOW, can't wait until June 14th, when they announce the 2011 theme.
    We always make a big deal on Family Night, which is our last night of VBS, to announce the theme, so we are so excited about hearing this song, Great work to all of our VBS team players, love you all, God Bless.
    GOd is so good to us, and we serve a Risen Savior.
    Linda from SC

  16. julie says

    Is June 14th the official date for the announcement. I was hoping for the week before. Our VBS ends on June 11th. Can't wait though!!!!! Suspense is killing me.

  17. Fran says

    I was thinking more of a summer fun theme. Glad the theme will be announced June 14th. Our VBS is that week and I'll be able to announce the new theme and generate some interest and help!

  18. Tammy Winton says

    Thanks for answering my question- I am so glad to hear it if Jeff writing the music.- it has really made an impact on our kids. Lifeway VBS is truly anointed by God to reach kids for HIs kingdom.

  19. Pam Williams says

    Just LOVE THE SONG>>> what better than to teach kids to LOVE JESUS more than anything... It's a SUPERSTAR idea!!

  20. Cathy Wells says

    Couldn't "love it more!" (unless it came with the announcement of the 2011 theme) Great song and message that kids will definitely get.

  21. Michelle says

    Definitely does not sound like the 50's. Usually love the music but I'm not too sure about this one. Little hard to understand.

  22. Cas says

    Cool! First Glee, and now Jeff is doing a Lady Ga-Ga theme for VBS in 2011! "Hey, yea, yeah! Hey, yea, yeah! Hey, yea, yeah!" Ha!

  23. Cherie @ Mexia Baptist says

    LOVE IT ! Can't wait to get started on VBS 2011 ! Oh wait let me finish this year first ! But just as exciting as always !

  24. Tim Munoz says

    I always enjoy VBS and everything that goes with it. The music is very up beat and has a good message as to where we are place God in our lives. I would also agree with those other comments about knowing what the next year’s theme is going to be. I would assume that most of us start doing VBS in June, why not release the next year’s theme on June 1 so we can tell our kids during our VBS week? Sounds like a winner to me? Anyone else agree?

  25. Julie says

    I really like it! It seems older - meaning for the older kids. (the style and a little fast with the lyrics) HOWEVER - I do like it. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to help make VBS great for the kids and Churches to be able to reach out!

  26. says

    Love the song! i think the kids will really get into the words and will be easy to learn. Tell us soon what the theme is for 2011!!

  27. says

    Very pop! Love it, as usual! Hmmm...some type of 'out of this world' theme? Noticed the lyrics are about loving more than what is in our world, worldy things....Is it time for space quest, again? :)

  28. Kimberley says

    I think the older children and Youth will love it! :) I love it to! (and I'm old) lol
    Great job again!

  29. Tara says

    Every year new VBS music is released and I say 'oh the music can't be as good as it was last year'. WRONG! Every year the music 'grows' on a person and it's as good if not better than the previous year. Way to go Lifeway & Jeff S!

  30. Linda says

    I thought of a city type theme. Concert with the big lights...
    I don't know, I am looking forward to it. For now though, I've still got to focus on Saddle Ridge Ranch!! Yee Haw!

  31. Dr. Bill Gammon says

    Great song!!!!! Super job!!!! I am suspecting outer space,
    New York City focus.........perhaps Hollywood type deal.

  32. Jamie says

    I really like the song, I can't wait to find out what the theme is either!!! I look forward to VBS every year. I love teaching and seeing how creative everyone gets to share to love of Christ. I too, would really like to see a beach theme, or maybe a theme that is set in the day of the bible and when Jesus lived. Most kids that come to VBS never darken the doors of a church any other time of the year, so it would be neat to give them a glimpse of what we teach about the bible.

  33. BILLIE says

    I love 2011 theme song and I think the children will also. Will be ready to hear the rest of the songs and the theme. Our VBS is July 5 th. to the 9th. Thank you for all the hard work you put into VBS every year.

  34. sheila clark says

    Love the song! But I actually wish they would reveal next year's theme sooner because each year after VBS is over, we decide what decorations to keep and toss. It would help to know what the theme is for next year!

  35. Joyce says

    Love the message~Love Jesus more than anything, life itself or idols the world offers! Love the scriptures within the songs makes me think of 1 John 4:19 (HCSB) "We love because He first loved us."

  36. Carol Gilmore says

    Love the music, as always! Even if I can't get all the words and signs in sync, the kids can and that is who VBS is all for! I would love to see the theme "It's All About Jesus". After all, it IS all about Him! My husband and I did one over 30 years ago before Lifeway had what they do today about Bible Times that jesus lived in. It really made the Bible, especially the New Testamet, come alive. All the workers dressed in Biblical costumes and the Pastor was the High Priest. I still have the "notebbok" with all the ideas and things we did, including pictures. I can hardly wait to see what the 2011 theme is!

  37. says

    Love the music. GOD'S love is the most important thing we can have in life. All the mentions of seasons and sports will be a great and easy decorations idea. Cannot wait to know the Theme of VBS 2011.. LOVE YOU MORE????? It is great.

  38. Scott says

    It is great to know that Jeff wrote the music. The words that God gives Jeff in writing the songs is a special gift. When I listen to the music from other publisher's VBS curriculum, there is no comparison. LifeWay's VBS is the best. God is tremedously using Jeff in pointing to boys and girls to Christ with the message that is in the songs. LifeWay is blessed to have such a songwriter as Jeff. Thanks for all you do at LifeWay VBS to provide our churches great curriculum.

  39. says

    I loved the music. I'm still guessing what the theme might be. I loved the music because it was upbeat, but more importantly, it is so relative to kids of today. They're gonna love it too. Way to go Jeff Slaughter!

  40. Rhonda says

    great tease...really upbeat. Now I'm already wondering about next year! I love that this song centers on loving God more than any of the thing kids can relate to now days. I like that it states specific loving you more than rockstars or video games etc. Sometimes kids don't make the connection that they are putting those things before God. Can't wait til we get a sneak peak at the theme!

  41. Trena says

    Can't wait to learn the theme and all the music! I wasn't a fan of 2010 music until I saw the motions and I'm starting to like it (as much as I will ever enjoy country/western LOL).... as always, the kids will love it!

  42. Jo Moody says

    I love it! It sounds like it will be an all around theme!! God is gonna move in our hearts yet again!! GLORY!!

  43. Cecelia Alway says

    It is definitely for the older kids and will appeal to them. Lots of words for 1st graders. It will be interesting to see the choreography for this one!!!

  44. Taffy says

    I like it, it's really upbeat and sounds easy to remember for the kids. Can't wait to find out the theme.

  45. AJ says

    That is a great song! I can see it being requested on Christian radio. The kids will LOVE it. Let's pray it helps lead many to HIM!

  46. Kim says

    I really love this up beat Christian song. I think the kids will learn alot from this song. Showing them how much we are supposed to love Christ because of how much he loved us and still does!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to find out the theme for next year!!!!!!

  47. Amie says

    I loved the music. We all should desire to love Him more. If I had to guess, I would say the 2011 theme has something to do with maybe high school...possibly something on the lines of a High School Musical theme. Would love to see how close I got to the correct answer. When will the 2011 theme be announced? It always excites me!

  48. Linda says

    I Love It! Kids will too! Anything that gets them moving will be a hit during VBS. Thanks for the preview. Can't wait to hear and see more of 2011.

  49. says

    Way to go Jeff!! Once again a great upbeat song that I can see jumping, hopping and praisning to next year! I'm thinking RETRO-style I close? The antcipation is grueling! :)

  50. Carolyn Patton says

    Love the song! Another Jeff Slaughter outstanding composition! I look forward to learning about the theme, but am already excited about the obvious emphasis on Jesus and His love for us, causing us to desire to love Him more! Our VBS is June 13-18, so I look forward to announcing next year's theme at Family Night! Praise God for VBS and how He uses this week to transform the lives of boys and girls, teenagers, and adults!

  51. Debby says

    I really like the song! I can't wait to see what the Theme is for 2011! I look forward to it every year!

  52. Charlotte says

    I love that song! Thanks for sharing this preview with us. I can't wait to hear more about VBS 2011. You are doing a great job! Thank you.

  53. Terry says

    Like everybody else, I love the song. I hope the theme carries the idea of loving and honoring God. Our society shows little respect for any authority, especially God. I fear too many professing Christians don't respect God enough. I hear too many comments to effect of "the Man upstairs." Let's honor God for Who He Is!

    Can't wait to hear the theme.

  54. Tammy says

    Great music, great job, Jeff as always!!!
    Very upbeat, fresh & relevant!
    If any guesses I would say something based around Highschool musical or Glee type. Not sure how they'd put that into a VBS theme though. It did say the song lent no clues to the theme.

  55. Debbie Robertson says

    Very COOL! I know the kids are going to LOVE this one. They are always looking for contemporary music! I can't wait to find out what the theme is! Thanks for the sneak peek! Deb

  56. Sandra says

    WOW ! I love this music. Hope all the music is as joyful. Could it be, we'll be traveling to a mission field ?/ :) > sure sounds like tribal music I've heard before.

  57. says

    I LOVE this song! I teach pre-school and I really feel this relates to them as well as all the kids. I mean who can't relate to ice cream, fancy cars and video games? :) Keep up the great work!

  58. Beverly says

    I really like the music. It is very up lifting, full of energy. Sounds like it could be like kids going to church camp. Please let us know asap!

  59. Kathy Dae Locklear says

    Great! You guys have a God-given talent. You know where the youth are and how to reach them. Music is always the gateway to their understanding the VBS theme.

  60. Renee Lowder says

    WOW, the kids are going to really get fired up with this music, I know they will love it. You guys are such a blessing. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work.

  61. Alison says

    I had the opportunity to sit in on the VBS Think Tank for 2011 theme. About to BUST to see it released! Love this song! Wishing I could download it to my iPod. I find myself singing this throughout the day..........

  62. Melanie Whatley says

    I love it. It sounds good like what I'd hear on my local Christian station - not too "kiddie". I hope they're all like that.

  63. Terrie says

    I LOVE :) , I love the song....just makes me want to dance and sing!! Can't wait till you guys tell us the fun as the theme song is I know whatever it is will be lots of fun! Can't Wait!!

  64. LeighAnne says

    I always look forwar to the Southern Baptist Convention. They always have the theme and poster up then.

  65. says

    What - is this! There is NO content to it! They are kids - not dummies! Where's the meat to this message? Just wondering! On a lighter note - some of the Barlow Girl feel is acceptable - and some of the idea is sweet - but comparing God to the lame things of little or no value because we as a society have made stuff and junk more important than anything else decreases the intent that kids are looking for! Someone listening along said -"Maybe this is just a preschool song." I will hope that is the case - Thanks!

  66. Deepak says

    I (& many others) would love to see a Space-themed VBS soon. :-)

    Each year I think that this is the year that we will have a Space VBS but I hope that next year we do have it. Outer Space and Astronomy is a theme that anyone, guy/girl, child/adult from any part of the world could appreciate and enjoy!

  67. says

    This is going to be great! I think you are really onto something, and the kids are going to love it. It sounds just like something they would hear on the radio. A great way to keep the older children interested!!

  68. Diane says

    WOW! Great upbeat music and the kids will love it. I think all ages will be able to just "jump" right in on this. Patiently waiting for the theme announcement.

  69. taffy ridenour says

    We LOVE the song and we think it might just have something to do with how God created us to love Him... maybe going back to the very beginning when He created us in His image? We would love a Garden of Eden or In the Beginning type theme!!! Whatever it is we are aways excited for VBS!!!

  70. Dotty says

    I agree with Andrew. I don't like the idea of this song either. I really hope it doesn't reflect the theme. Preschool thought with older kids music. It just doesn't work. Lifeway VBS does need a new and fresh theme but this is not it. The music has seemed the same for years now. But please don't go with this one.

  71. Lisa says

    I think it's about the city that has everything, New York. I love you more than anything and everything. New York has it all, but Jesus is ALL.

  72. Natalie says

    Africa Safari type theme? No, this music doesn't reflect that at all, but just a feeling...we'll see in a week!!!!

  73. says

    Love the music, as always! Even if I can’t get all the words and signs in sync, the kids can and that is who VBS is all for! I would love to see the theme “It’s All About Jesus”. After all, it IS all about Him! My husband and I did one over 30 years ago before Lifeway had what they do today about Bible Times that jesus lived in. It really made the Bible, especially the New Testamet, come alive. All the workers dressed in Biblical costumes and the Pastor was the High Priest. I still have the “notebbok” with all the ideas and things we did, including pictures. I can hardly wait to see what the 2011 theme is!

  74. Alauria says

    I think it's gonna be focused on idols next year, so maybe a rockstar-ish theme. But its definetly gonna be focused on idols.

  75. Sandra Futrell says

    I love the music. I agree with the person who said it sounded
    like 50's and 60's beach movies music. I think the kids will love it.

  76. Brenda Farner says

    Everytime I listen to this song, I love it more! Maybe something on the rock star theme. Jesus is our rock.

  77. Tammy says

    HMMM!!! Brenda F may be on to something.... That would be great and weird too...
    My puppet team is working on a ROCK concert.... Jesus being our rock ... All of the puppet songs have been put to upbeat and updated music tunes that kids listen to .

    This could be interesting...

  78. Zoe says

    i think a good idea for next year would be Jazz house Jam ( praise the lord with all you do them, with your talents)!

  79. Tracie says

    I just would liek to know if we should hang on to anything from this year's decorations for next year. We let another church use our stuff after our vbs is over and I was wantign to know if I should get it all back from them so we could use some of it next year. When will the theme announced?

  80. Michael says

    After listening to this song, I believe a concert type theme......or possibly a "Hollywood" type theme....I cannot wait for VBS 2010 at our church, it's July 18-22, then our youth (which includes me) are going to Ohio on a mission trip to teach VBS up there!! I am currently working on VBS 2010 "Saddle Ridge Ranch" which I'll be teaching 5th and 6th grade at our church.....wish me luck!!

  81. Karen says

    I enjoyed the song. I look forward to finding out the theme as soon as possible. I do the the thank you gifts for the teachers and my mind starts working right away. Does the theme have something to do with our neighborhood, What is close around us.

  82. Michelle says

    I've just listened to this again and I really don't like it. I'm glad to see there were a couple of others who weren't afraid to say they didn't like it either. I'm all about cool music but this just sounds like fluff.

  83. Paula Gustin says

    Simply put, "NOT ENOUGH!" I can't wait for the 2011 project to be launched. Wanting to know more and to grow more like Jesus is my daily desire. If I can touch one life I feel blessed. To be part of VBS, I am honored! Thank you lifeway for making our jobs so much easier.

  84. Lisa says

    It sounds like the" Patridge Family" era. Its so exciting, can't wait! Lifeway is great and always has exactly what you need each year! THANK YOU!

  85. Melanie says

    Great, upbeat, fun song! I agree somewhat with the Jump 5 comparison. However, the style really reminds me of the songs Annette Funicello sang in the beach movies with Frankie Avalon.

  86. Tashia says

    I am excited for what God has in store for my children this summer. i am however really concerned about the safety of them if they attend this event. They had a really bad experience with passed VBS and honestly don't want to attend. We have a new family memeber and I probably won't be able to volunteer. They enjoyed thier Halloween time with you and I promised they would come back. I am not sure what security measures you have in place for the children who come and leave your facility. Need reassurance. Hope to see you next week. God bless you all

  87. says


    Huge round of applause to Jeff Slaughter and to the LifeWay Worship folks who work with him on the VBS music!!! w00t!!! Excellent choice to get a more adult-sounding voice for the kids to sing along to ---> they're used to singing along with pop music, which is usually sung by teens, young adults, and adults, not by kids. Plus, for us adult leaders, singing along with kids' voices sometimes is sooo tough -- they sing so high! I think I can hit all of the notes on this one.

    Great song. Lots of fun. Catchy. Full of possibilities for movements and motions.

    I know the theme, and I see how this song fits in. But I ain' spillin' no beans!! =D

    Thanks for all you and your team do for VBS, Becky.

    SRR next week -- yeeeeeehaw!

    ~ Andi H.

  88. Alauria says

    i have a question: what time is it being announced on Monday? I wanna find out asap!!! can't wait!!! 😀

  89. Alauria says

    oh, and, I've kinda thought away from the rockstar-ish theme, if u watch the vids on youtube, the clues tell u its probably not a rockstar theme, i think maybe carnival/theme park or circus, but thats just from the clues, the song doesn't really go along with it though, maybe a little bit though....

  90. says

    I hated it! OK, not really, I loved it just like everyone else! =o) It has a good beat and I can dance to it.
    Thanks for all your hard work coming up with the themes and all the time Jeff spends on the music. The kids love it, every time. Of course I would like to be able to go to sleep without dreaming of tumbleweeds! =o)

  91. gloria oatsvall says

    I love the beat. Will love hearing the kids sing aobout how much they love Jesus. As far as the theme sounds like a high school musical theme. Can't wait. VBS is going on now and the kids love the theme and music this year,it makes learning about Jesus more exciting.

  92. says

    Just when you think Jeff Slaughter can't get any better.....BOOM!!! another great VBS music is invented. Yes, the song sounds more like Hannah Montana/High School Musical theme, but with the clues from Donny (after two videos), i'm thinking i can figure it out already....and that would be a fantastic theme!!!! We are just starting Saddle Back Ridge, and the music is GREAT!!!!! And we are loving us some haybales!!!!!

  93. allie says

    I think there should be a city theme. Be like new york, chicago, etc. Or maybe even a hollywood theme, where the kids could dress up as famous people.

  94. Tracey-Ann says

    This song reminds me of the pop music of the late 80s - early 90s. It's fun and peppy. I think a fair/carnival theme would be great for this song.

  95. Shelly Leidig says

    I agree with Tracey-Ann! I think this song, along with the clues Donny has revealed, I'm feeling a fair / carnival type theme! Love the song! Can't wait to see the big reveal! Love it!
    P.S.- we just finished our VBS tonight (6/11), and am so thrilled to report 6 children gave their lives to JESUS!! Praise you GOD!

  96. Amy says

    I am thinking we are going to a hot air balloon festival in France? Either that or a Rock Concert at school? anyone else?

  97. Jerrie mcdougle says


  98. Alauria says

    another question, does anyone know if theres a third video of Donny??? I know there was last year, will they put the video on youtube Sunday? or will they do it Monday??

  99. Michael says

    yeah, after thinking a city theme...I am now leaning towards a carnival/fair theme...which would be great. Our VBS is not until July, and I am going to try and run for VBS director next year!! I'm only 17 and I have already taught VBS for 3 years (3rd/4th for two years, and this will I will be moving up to 5th/6th). I really love VBS because all of the kids are just so pumped and hyped for the event and they love the music, decorations, and games. I am looking forward to knowing the theme!

  100. Anita Hinson says

    Fantastic song, can't wait to find out what theme will be. Sounds like a fair or beach theme . So up beat the kids will love this.

  101. Maria Ratliff says

    love the music...very upbeat. clues for 2011 point to a carnival theme. maybe- coney island, ny: following Jesus--wild & exciting. just rapped up saddle ridge ranch which was a huge success; two professions of faith. thank you God!

  102. Alauria says

    WOW!!!!! I didn't see that coming, i guess those pix really had something to do with the theme! I didn't think they did...Well, can't wait to help in Music next year! I'm already downloading the music! 😉

  103. Karen says

    LOVE IT! I'm not even through Saddle Ridge Ranch yet. Our VBS is next week and I'm almost more excited about next year than this. I know our kids will love the upbeat, pop sound. It meets them in a place, musically, where they are in the world and takes them through God's word instead of where current pop songs take them. Ugh! Taking an "urban" trip next year will be fun too, after going country western this year. Big Apple Adventure here we come!

  104. Pat says

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! I was raised in New York and am looking forward to the music, the AWESOME message, and fun decorating ideas!! Also looking forward to bringing back my accent!!!!! ; )

    Jeff has been blessed with such an WONDERFUL gift from God and we are thankful for his work on Lifeway VBS!!!!

    We already know that we're going to go back to the old-time "cookies and Kool-Aid" during the week of VBS, but bring out the fun New York street vendor foods on our Family pretzels, hot dogs and maybe even pizza.

  105. Dylan Lowder says

    this music rocks. i love vbs i have been in it for years and now i get to help share the message with little kids. Next year is gonna rock, kids will love this new theme!

  106. says

    yeah, i like the music too, but it don't think ANYTHING can beat "Tumbleweed!" Our VBS is over, and we still can't get THAT song out of our heads!!!!!!!!!

  107. Karen says

    Are you kidding?! - I already have the 2011 on my ipod. I have Lead the music for VBS for 5 years now and can't wait for next year's theme. It IS very exciting! If Jeff needs any help, let me know :) I'd LOVE to work on the choreography! :)

  108. says

    It's always great to create a conscience in children's minds to love God anywhere,anytime,not only for what he has done for us but for who he is "Our Father"
    We are ready for BVS 2011,bring it on man!!! Cooooooollll......

  109. Maryann Flanagan says

    I think it is great. It is up to date with what the kids are listening to, the words are things they can relate to and the message is right on target! Love it.

  110. Ken says

    Your Comment Quotes: Reminds me of the Old Beach movies. “rockstar theme” Very “Jump 5″ -ish! ...really sounds more like the current Hannah/Miley type genre..teeny-bopper sound. First Glee, and now Jeff is doing a Lady Ga-Ga theme for VBS in 2011! YEA... This song reminds me of the pop music of the late 80s – early 90s. end of quotes. 1John 2.15 "Love not the world... if anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him... the lust of the flesh, eyes, pride of life - is not of the Father... 2 Cor. 10.4 "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnel..." First Question: Does it glorify God?

  111. kathleen says

    Our church loves Lifeway VBS! We just finished a great week with the 2010 VBS and love this 2011 song.

  112. Patricia Manning says

    Absolutely love this song! I think the kids will love it too. There are so many actions that you can do.

  113. Susan says

    God blessed me with the opportunity to lead the craft for our 5th/6th grade class this yr. God placed a very special craft on my heart; which was only meant for this older class & it was a project that would commit His children to working on all week; bringing photos from home as well as anything else that was a reflection of their own life. During it they were to reflect on how God has worked in their life. It was amazing to watch each day the things they would do & how they started opening up & sharing about their life & how this project God requested to be done, ended in such beauty. I say project God 'requested', because God shows us what to do, but we have a choice to listen to what He is leading us to do. Our obedience to what He asks us to do is always a choice & when we choose to give way to fear or defiance to what He is telling us to do; it is our own lives that will never be the same.
    This project He graciously blessed me with made me even more excited to see where He would guide me for next year.
    When I came to pull info for next years VBS because I want to start praying now for God's guidance in what He wants for the next keep these older children only He knows who will be there & how we are to reach them. I was surprised when I read the disheartening comments about the theme & lack of enthusiasm of not having ideas right away or about the type of music. I encourage those disappointed about next years theme to remember. God knows the children He is reaching not us. Only He knows what they are going through, what they feel, what will draw them in & how He wants to lead HIS children to JESUS. This is not about 'us' or what 'we' like or how 'we' want to do it or 'our' ideas. These are God's children, WE are God's children & HE is leading every VBS. If He is not leading it, it is because we are doing what 'we' want & not what He is guiding us to do. It is about trusting the LORD to reach HIS children & allowing HIM to use 'us' as HIS arms, HIS eyes, HIS ears, HIS words. If we are are doing what God tells us to do & making sure ALL our decisions are being prayed about & we are 'waiting' for the answers how HE wants us doing it; not only will you have fun with our next VBS, but HE will inspire YOU & HE will give you the 'heart' you need to 'embrace' the things you do not care for. God never said we would like every decision made for VBS, however I believe Lifeway looks to the Lord for guidance & GOD has His reasons for guiding them in this direction. Look for the good things, stretch yourself to embrace this & teach others to accept things God places in our path & how to give it to Him so we can overcome what we ourselves choose to judge with personal feelings. Do NOT let Satan rob you of the joy God will 'always' bring to every VBS. He has already started to place things on my heart of things that will be a part of our craft project here. I don't know what He wants me to do, but I will write the things He is starting to reveal & continue to feel truly blessed that He allows me to be apart of anything He does.
    I feel for those in NYC & I feel for anyone who does not know what it is like to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior or to even know they can have a personal relationship with Him. To trust God for all their decisions & to know all the things they have that still don't make them happy or feel that peace in their heart is because it is only Jesus that can fill that emptiness they continue to try & fill with everything but Him. I No matter how tired you get of how others act or hearing about materialism, selfishness or hatefulness, don't ever lose the compassion God asks us to have. To not judge what choices someone else makes, for only God sees every second of someones life. The defensiveness or fear behind words, what someone thinks, feels or motivates their decisions, what they know, don't know, believe or don't believe. We do not like when someone passes judgement on us, because they do not understand & whether we think so or not, we owe others the same & to trust God with the lives He created. We all know, it is a daily choice to follow God's word & no matter what we see in ourselves, we continue to fail because we will always have times to justify a choice, to not give something to God & just do what 'we want' or respond on our own 'feelings'.
    I for 1 am SO excited to see what God has in store, for I know it will be amazing & great. Guard your hearts & see what it is that God wants you to learn through preparing for this next VBS. How He will grow you through your lack of excitement over this theme & how He will use your perseverance of overcoming your negative feelings to encourage & inspire others, to embrace that which they may not like & show how God leads your life. If you complain about this & turn against it, you can put yourself in front of something really great that God wants to do.
    God Bless you all & I know God will do amazing things for your next VBS. Enjoy & embrace each & every blessing He is about to put in your path through this preparation & always remember, it is not only the children whose lives He is after. He also after ours...we may have our salvation, but God is teaching us through every word we speak, circumstance we experience & every life He has us enter. He is growing us to be better servants, to shine brighter & to have our actions bring glory to Him & make people can you love, forgive, have compassion for, accept that, allow, or any other thing people can not understand that we do, that God gives us the strength to do, when we ourselves would handle differently without Him. To GOD be the glory & praise our beloved Jesus for dying on the cross for each & every one of us, allowing us to be forgiven for what we know we do wrong & for what don't know we do, what we don't see & God is still revealing to us each & every day. God Bless VBS 2011 & thank you in advance dear Lord for all that I know you will do.

  114. susanbf714 says

    This is a time for me to share a testimony. My oldest daughter was attending Univ. of Montevallo in voice performance and theater and was planning on moving to New York after graduation. Her roommate's name was Mary Kate, a very beautiful and lovely girl from around that area of Alabama. She was a dedicated and faithful Christian and she and Tabitha became the best of buds. Tabitha brought Mary Kate home with her one weekend and we were sitting around the kitchen table playing a board game. I casually asked Mary Kate what did she plan to do in New York, and she, of course, answered saying that she was moving to New York to work in theater. She then commented on by saying, "People in theater needs God to!" And i thought to myself, that is so true. We take that for granted all the time. New York may be the "Big Apple" and the city where "no one sleeps" but they have sinners too. I can recall that we studied a mission church in New York a few years ago in GAs. The one thing that stuck in my mind is how this simple mission church went out everyday and gave the homeless peanut and jelly sandwiches. I think it was the Gallery Church in NYC. I've been to New York recently, and i can remember the homeless people in the streets. What was disturbing is how the massive groups of people (especially in Times Square) would just step over these homeless people as if they were part of the tourism. That's when reality hit me....right in the stomach. In the midst of all the glamor and bright lights of NYC, there are people who are hurting. I think this is a great theme, and i have so much stuff from my trip that i can use. We do need to start praying now for New Yorkers who are searching for an answer, which i hope will lead them to Jesus.

  115. a vbs student that loves god! :) says

    i can guess! i love u more than playing in the snow... is it northern? maybe new york... also is it an adventure?

  116. says

    susan says: A LOT.any way im g in gts and i say have a lady gaga theme check out the music by lady gaga like t in gts and i say tumbelweed is still the best like what susan said i sooooo want the lady gaga theme g is so smart. im s in gts and i say make an astronauts theme or high sea's.

  117. says

    i llllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee cookies and y-e-s to vbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. says

    hi im t from gts g and s are taking a nap but were kids not old people 2012 theme should be hannah montana also send us pantyhose"s

  119. says

    ooh i wanna know more about more hints about VBS plus the gts stands for g(graciela t(talley and last but not least s(sydney

  120. Robin Moore says

    Best VBS song EVER!!!! Somebody should put this on the radio!
    Thank you again Jeff for music that challenges me as much as the kids. Does anyone know if Jeff writes for adults?

  121. Christina Young says

    I do not think that the way to choose a theme should be solely based upon the music. Does anyone know of a link or webpage where we can view the daily curriculum/ bible stories for the 5 days? My church is medium sized so we could go with either Beach Blast or Big Apple. However the bible study is more important to me than the music. As well as most children attending VBS are not christians and do not attend church regularly, so the big apple adventure sounds more likely for the young Christians who wish to share their faith rather than those who have not yet found the Lord. First year VBS director looking for any suggestions.

  122. says


    You can find the Big Apple Adventure Bible content for kids here.

    And the Bible content for kids for Beach Blast is here.

    Every LifeWay VBS -- whether the "regular" one or the Club VBS -- is designed to be an evangelistic tool and not merely discipleship, though it can function as both at the same time. So whichever one you choose, you can know that lots of prayer and planning have gone into the decision-making process of what the VBS content should be. Soooo many believers are involved in this process! =)

    Blessings on your first year as VBS director! We're praying for you as you choose curriculum, enlist teachers, invite kids and their families, and conduct your VBS. May summer 2011 be amazing for your church! <

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