Decorating Videos!

I've added some videos on our youtube channel ( that were taken at the VBS Preview Event at Ridgecrest, North Carolina that show the creators of the sets featured in our VBS catalog talking about how they created the sets.


Bible Study Bunkhouse:

Mustang Mountain:

Campfire Creek:

Blazing Star Stables:

Big Sky Grill:

Firefly Cavern:


  1. kathy says

    my best buy and sears says no styrofoam to give?!! have left msgs with furniture store, but already turned down by one?? ??? other suggestions on getting the styrofoam that I'm missing?
    New life baptist in MEmphis

  2. Doris says

    Kathy, I found a local builder that was willing to donate the styrofoam. Anyone who is involved in building demolition would also be a good source.
    You might also check on your local "craigslist".

  3. Tressie says

    I used the Cowboy 10 commandments (easy to find, just goggle it) along with a cowboy hat, small saddle bag and the VBS logo for my bulletin board. I also used old brown vinyl that a local upholstery shop donated as the background.

  4. Tressie says

    If styrofoam is not available, use foam (insulation) board that is sold by local building supply stores. If theres any slight damage (like a small corner crushed) they will give them to you.

  5. susanbf714 says

    I'm a painter (as in decorative painter), and instead of trying to find all that styrofoam and so forth, after watching the videos and "seeing" the fireplace and so forth, you can really do a much easier one that would not take up all that time trying to use heat guns, and velcro, i mean that's a LOT of work. I would still get the insulation board, and then take some brown butcher paper, or just brown craft paper (and it come in all kinds of brown, like beige, tan, lt. brown, so forth and so on) and take some of the jumbo car sponges and use them as "stamps" to stamp on the stone like bricks, or simply paint stonework into the paper. It would take "half" the time. You can go to a local grocery store and ask the meat department to give you some (before use, of course) of the styro foam trays they use to wrap meat. The trays are very thin, and you can get them in "black" which means with a little paint magic, you can turn those into stones and just glue onto the craft paper. What i like to do is make rolls of the stone decorative paper and cut it to fit the insulation boards...and of course, if you can't afford to get the insulation boards, well there's always donated refrigerator or TV cardboard boxes. What i plan to do is take four insulation board and place two against my back wall in my room, and then one on the two sides. Then decorate them to look like the inside of a bunk house, a lot like the super scenes Lifeway is selling....that is what will look close to anyway when i have finished. I think the bunk house video looks super cool the way she is doing it, but sometimes you just don't have that kinda' time to do something that elaborate. It looks GREAT! But for a similar fireplace, you can paint the stone in no time, and just paint some details to it to look like real stone! I've been a part of VBS for over 40 years, and buddy, i can make stuff really quick!!!

  6. Paula says

    Thanks so much for the ideas: I think I'm going to take some styrofoam divided plates & cut them apart for my stones. Then we'll attach them to the project board to make the fireplace.

  7. Linda graham says

    Just an extra note. Styrofoam sheets react when spray painted and look as if you have used a heat gun on them. I used a spray paint on a piece just to right a word for a ticket booth and all of a sudden the foam started melting. It looked terrific and was so easy. I just had to decide when enough was enough and let the paint do its thing. Created beautiful stone looks with just the spray paint and foam.

  8. Tressie says

    For offering, we divide the girls and the boys and have a friendly competition based on weight (a simple piece of wood balanced with a bucket on each end). To make it fit the western theme, hang cowboy hats upside down instead of using buckets. You can make your tickets out of paper squares that have been tea stained to look old. We are going to use the cabin porch scene for our entrance and have a "cowboy" with a stamp (branding iron) to greet the children.

  9. Debra says

    Another idea for the rocks are papiermache'. Make and shape them into diffent shapes as needed and when dry just spray paint them with highlights. Newspaper, flour and water are much cheaper then the foam sheets.

  10. Vanessa says

    Help!!! Our VBS is in two weeks. Our youth ministers wife was going to do the music, but they just took another job and left our church. I have been asked to take over for her, the only problem is I DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT I AM DOING!!! The only thing I have ever done for VBS is snacks. Please I need all the advice I can get!

  11. Ms. Leah says

    any pictures and instructions to go with the CRAFT TIPS 2010 section? Usually teach so this craft thing is something new for me. LIke crafts...quilts, sewing, prims...but this is new!!

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