Fonts used in Saddle Ridge Ranch VBS

Here's a PDF so you can see what the fonts look like:

And here are links to where you can purchase the fonts:

Corn Dog* -
Hawksmoor -
Holiday Ranch -
Mesquite -
Playbill -
Zebrawood Fill -
Zebrawood Regular -

*Additional Note - Thanks to Ethan Dunham of Fonthead Design for offering a 50% coupon for our blog readers on the Corn Dog font!  Just type “lifewayvbs” into the coupon box on the shopping cart page.


  1. Jami says

    I love that you have given us the fonts it is very helpful, but they are very expensive. Which makes it impossible to use them.

  2. Susan Fisher says

    I don't understand why Lifeway charges for everything....even the fonts used?! We have used other curriculums the last few years that allow their materials to be copied. If other people can "afford" that, I'm sure Lifeway can to.

  3. Becky Loyd says

    Hey Jami and Susan - I understand your frustration, but LifeWay doesn't sell fonts. We actually purchase these fonts to make our curriculum. We don't own them, so if you were to purchase them, the money doesn't go to LifeWay.

    A font is just like a piece of art or a piece of music- the person who designed the font is paid for their work through charging for it. There are standard fonts that will come with programs on your computer, but if you wanted to get any additional ones you would have to purchase them.

    I hope this makes sense. I just want to clear up the misconception that we are selling these fonts. People ask all the time what fonts we use, and this post is just meant to help them find what they are looking for. Please feel free to post if you have anymore questions!


  4. Sandi Malone says

    My question does not have to do with fonts. I would like to know if LifeWay isn't having the idea pages for Crafts, Snacks, Decorations, Etc. this year for Saddle Ridge Ranch. I have been looking for it since January and still don't find it. This is the first place I was able to find a way to leave a reply or ask a question. Please respond to my e-mail regarding this question. Thank you!

  5. Pat Gugle says

    I am interested in the suggestions you usually provide from members concerning crafts, snacks, decorations, etc. and I have not seen anything related to Saddle Ridge Ranch. I have found those to be so helpful. Please email and let me know where to look. Thank you.

  6. Laura says

    just FYI... when I clicked on the second link for Hawksmoor font a collection of images came up including one that had a woman's cleavage... you may want to recheck this link!

  7. Sunny says

    Thanks for this info! I always wonder what the font is. I'm usually able to match pretty closely to a free font. It may not be exact, but it helps knowing what the original font is! For those looking for free fonts, is a great resource. They won't be exactly the same, but sometimes very similar.
    Of course, sometimes I want the exact font! Thanks again for posting these!

  8. Becky Loyd says

    Hey Laura - the link is correct and should take you directly to the Hawksmoor font on Please let me know if it happens for you again so I can figure out why that is happening.

  9. Kristina says

    You can find TONS of free fonts on If you look under the "Fancy" section of fonts, you will see a Western collection. We are using the RUSTLER font in a lot of our printed material. Thanks!!

  10. says

    Thank you for featuring our Corn Dog font! I'm happy to offer all of you a 50% coupon to use when purchasing the Corn Dog font. Just type "lifewayvbs" into the coupon box on the shopping cart page. Feel free to update your post with this coupon.

    Ethan Dunham, Fonthead Design

  11. Holly Karr says

    Lifeway never ceases to amaze and impress me with your professionalism. Thank you very much for the font listing! You've just saved an hour I would have spent searching for these fonts.

  12. says

    While I appreciate LifeWay's willingness to tell us what the fonts are, I'm terribly disappointed that they haven't revealed the names of the two fonts most of us are interested in - that is, the fonts used for "Saddle Ridge" and for "Ranch." The fonts listed above clearly are not the ones used for the logo.

    Will you tell us what THOSE two fonts are?

    Thanks to those who have posted links for downloads. A google search for the font name and "font" and "free" will turn up links to free downloads for several of the fonts listed.

    • Becky Loyd says

      Hey Teresa - the reason we don't provide the name of the fonts used in the logo is that the logo isn't created with fonts. The letters are hand drawn, so there's not an equivalent font for them. I hope this will clear up any misconception about why those fonts aren't included in this list. They just simply don't exist!

  13. Amy says

    Hey ladies, I just wanted to share a tid bit of info with you all, there are websites that have free fonts, they aren't these fonts exactly but hey play around and see what you can find.

  14. Aprille says

    Thanks for providing this list; it does make my job easier! However, with the TONS of free fonts that are available, I would like to suggest that next year Lifeway might want to make use of some of the free ones to help us ALL out.

  15. says church and I (I am a Spanish Interpreter) are going to Honduras in March (12-19th) and I'm trying to find the words to "Yo Soy La Persona Que El Dice que yo Soy" so that our group can have them as I am going to start teaching it to them. Can you help me? Thank you. Melody Dooley-Priest
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    Northlake Baptist Church
    Garland, TX.
    Home phone: 214-341-0399

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