Help! My Worship Rally DVD is messed up!!

Well, it's not really messed up - we just added a new feature and it works differently now!!

We added a split-track feature to the Saddle Ridge Ranch Worship Rally DVD this year because of customer requests. The split-track feature allows you to turn down the voices on the DVD so you can have the instruments playing and Jeff Slaughter doing the motions, but not hear the kids voices on the DVD. Unfortunately, this has also caused some issues with playback if your TV/DVD player is not set up just right. Hopefully the tips below will help get your DVD playing like it should!

  • If your DVD plays just fine, but you can only hear either the instruments or the vocals (but not both) in the performance segments, your speakers are set to output mono instead of stereo sound OR your DVD player is not properly connected. Those performance segments have split track audio, which means the instruments are in the left stereo channel, and the vocals are in the right.
  • FIRST, if your DVD player is connected with composite cables (Red, White, Yellow), make sure you have BOTH the red and yellow cables connected properly. If your player is connected with component cables (other colors), make sure your audio cables (they will be separate) are properly connected for stereo output.
  • If this is happening on a TV with built-in speakers, just hit the menu button on your remote and set your audio output to "stereo".
  • If you have external speakers or are using a soundboard, make sure your balance is set to the middle (not toward the left or the right).


  1. Jeanette says

    Trying to get the DVD to play on my computer, but no sound.

    Any idea how to fix it if it is related to new split track?

  2. Kelli Watson says

    I had a lot of difficulty with this new feature. I suppose I have a cheap DVD player, because I was not able to adjust the sound anywhere to allow for the music and voices. It was a real disappointment.

  3. Missy says

    Could you tell me why I don't see the mission stories on the DVD? That's what I always used in my Worship Rally because we are a small church and couldn't do a separate Missions bral out session. Will I have to swap out and use two DVDs this year?

  4. Shelly says

    I play my DVD on the Computer and Jeff is singing and doing the Motion but I can't he Jeff at all or the Kids I just her Music and I would like to here Jeff

  5. Bucky Elliott says

    Shelly: just like with any other setup as mentioned above, make sure your speakers are set to output in stereo and are balanced to the middle. You should be able to find sound settings in your Control Panel if you're using Windows, or under Sound in System Preferences on a Mac.

  6. Christy Brady says

    This will be my 4th year to lead the music at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Madison, MS. Last year and this year, I do not see Jeff's choreography to "Yes to VBS". Last year, I made up my own motions but would love to see what he made up to that song. Where would this information be? I couldn't find it on the motions dvd.
    Thanks for your help.

  7. Kendra says

    I'm so glad this was on the website! I was told in one of the conferences at Nashville that the DVD was a split track and how to get it to play vocals and instruments, but I couldn't remember!!!! Now I've got it all working great! Thanks for the help!!!

  8. JULIE says


  9. Becky Loyd says

    Missy - the missions videos are on the DVD in the missions book. The Worship Rally DVD didn't have enough room for everything we provided this year. You will have to switch DVDs if you are using the missions stories in Worship Rally. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  10. Becky Loyd says

    Here's a clarification for everyone - you won't be able to hear Jeff singing on the DVD - it's just kids voices you will hear due to the key that the song is in.

  11. Adrienne Sheridan says

    I don't have the CD/DVD for "Yes to VBS" because I have the Club VBS Route 254. Can the song be purchased?

  12. Becky Loyd says

    Adrienne - I thought "Yes to VBS" was available on our website as a download, but I wasn't able to find it. I'll check and see why it's not up there.

  13. Missie D. says

    There are three of us who do VBS music at our church (we're pretty big) and I was the only one with this problem. Our sound tech made me 3 different copies, each made three different ways and they still wouldn't work. We were all confused. Glad to know all I needed to do was move 2 wires in my VCR to get it right. Thank you for putting this up on your site! So helpful!

  14. Marcy says

    I am having difficulty playing the Grades 3-4 Bible Study Enhanced CD Leader Pack Item 24 on my mac. Is is possible that it was made to play only on a PC? Help!

  15. Gaye Swaim says

    I cannot get the Worship Rally Enhanced CD to work. I have copied POWERPOINT to my computer. Both speakers are working on my computer. I selected the Worship Rally w/Audio. I am not getting any audio. Can you help please. VBS begins June 6.

  16. Becky Loyd says

    Gaye - our tech people are enjoying the holiday weekend, but I've alerted them to your problem. Go ahead and email and explain what you put here on the blog. Someone should be able to help you by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. It sounds like you are having trouble the the powerpoint synced to music? Make sure you say that in the email you send.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  17. keleigh johnson says

    We cannot get the Worship Rally dvd to play on our PC. We have audio but only a black screen. Any suggestions? VBS starts June 6.

  18. says

    Keleigh, did you find out a fix? We thought that the problem was our equiptment at home but discovered Friday that it was at church as well. While not exactly the same problem, we have a similar one.
    After 2 days trying all the fixes mentioned I still can't use the DVD of the performance with sound. I have tried using different speaker settings on the sound room PC and have messed with the sound board as much as is possible but dispite everything being "in the middle" I still have no voices on the performance tracks. Works fine on a dvd player but not at all on any pc we have tried it on. What now? We MUST use a PC for our family night presentations and must use a PC for the performance tracks. Any suggestions - quick fixes? We run a single connection out of the green connection out of the back of the PC to the sound board if that helps at all. Thanks!

  19. Gaye Swaim says

    We could not get the DVD to play on the computer. It will play on our DVD player which is also hooked up to our projector - we just had to change the projector setting to video to do the DVD - also had to change a couple of wires on the projector, I think.

    However, didn't get it all figured out until after our first night... so this was a real headache for us.

  20. Bucky says

    To those who have trouble actually playing the DVD in a computer (you get a blank screen, etc): can you play any other DVD's? I'd suspect that you may not have a DVD decoder installed (some versions of Windows - even if your computer has a DVD player - do not come stock with a DVD playback decoder).

  21. Jonathan says

    Hey folks, if you're having trouble playing a split-track DVD through a sound board, having the panning set in the "middle" won't solve your problem. If your board is stereo and you're only using a left channel output, you can't have the DVD/computer/whatever you're using input on a stereo track, because balanced panning ("in the middle") only means it's playing an equal amount on the left and right channels. Connect the left and right channels to two different mono channels on your board and this should solve your problem. You'll also then have separate channels on the board for instruments and voices.

  22. Blendon says

    I use the teachers aid but Icould not get the cd to play. I tried it on both my laptop and my desk computer. It woul not show the teachers aid at all. I use it evry month except this time. Bible Teaching for Kids. 3rd and 4th grades

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