A Little Christmas Cheer from LifeWay VBS!

Thanks to LifeWay News for a little coverage on how we are thinking about Vacation Bible School, even during the Christmas season!! - Check out Ho, Ho, Yes! It's VBS!

And as a Christmas gift to you, we are giving away 2 free downloads of Worship KidStyle songs from Lifewayworship.com. Enter the code CHRISTMAS2 during checkout to receive your two free downloads

Maximum value $3. Must be used in one session. Expires 12/31/09.


  1. says

    I attended the Preview at Ridgecrest this past weekend and attended Becky Loyd's "All Things Computer" and failed to give you my email address for the powerpoint presentation you did. Would you please sendthem to me.

  2. Kris Pakulak says

    Just got my Super Sampler and I am so excited! I just had one question... I didn't find a recruitment video this time, was there one made?

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