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So, I didn't want Donny to have all the fun of giving you clues about the VBS 2010 theme.  By the way, I did get a picture of him in the hot dog suit, which goes along with this post since hot dogs are snacks, right?

hot dog

Yesterday, I got some photos of a couple of the snacks for VBS 2010 - Thought I'd let you guys take a look and see if you can guess what they are.  (Ok - if I'm honest, one of them is a real 2010 snack and one of them is just to throw you off the trail). Which one do you think is real? And any guesses on what the snacks are?

snacky snack 1

Snack #1

snacko numero dos

Snack #2


  1. Jane says

    Snacky Snack 1 reminds me of what I ate when I was expecting my second child(MMMMMMM). Snacko numero dos reminds me of the the Eiffel Tower. It reminds my 9 yr. old of a "control tower" or a "space ship". He begged me not to serve Snacky Snack 1 next year. : )

  2. Shelly says

    Ok...number one is a little scary looking...don't even know what that is on the top, but maybe that is the correct snack...ooohhh I hope not!! Number two, I can see both that people are seeing...but I am leaning toward and hoping for a space ship. In one of Donny's videos I see a Space Shuttle in the background...where he is in the van. "To infinity and beyond!" OOOOhhhh I hope so...that would be so amazing!

  3. Kristen says

    I agree with the outer space idea....but no matter what it ends up being, I am sure it will be FUN!!!!

  4. ALF says

    It might be time for another space theme-last one was Starquest Galactic Good News Adventure back in the late 90's I think.
    Snack 1 is gross looking, Snack 2 could be either of any of the above mentioned ideas: space satelite etc... or Eifel Tower. On the other hand if could also be a pyramid (circus tricks).

  5. Kyle says

    The pictures... click on them and (on vista) a new tab pops up, on the tab #1 say "snacky-snack-1.jpg" so i think that snacky ould mean it was the one to through us off.. the other snack is titled "snacko-numero-dos.jpg"--- So i am thinking that pic #2 is the clue!! NOT SURE just a thought!

  6. Melissa says

    I agree with everyone that snack 2 must be the real one and the Eiffel tower does seem right. We haven't done a Parisian theme yet. And it does look like something I did during Starquest. Snack one makes me crave ChikfilA since it is a waffle fry with a pickle!!

  7. Tracy says

    I think someone made snack #1 with some leftover items from a Chick-Fil-A kids' meal.

    And the second... is it a snack or a craft project?

  8. Chris says

    I like and really see the space thing. "Space the final Frontier, to boldly go..." I'm the decoration director, so I really want to know what it is so I can start looking for stuff for next year.

  9. Mary says

    # 2 could be a satellite instead of a rocket ship. My first thought was Eiffel tower but then I thought about how in this years worship rally videos, there is a satellite shown the first night, and sheep floating in space. Can't wait to find out!

  10. joyce taylor says

    I agree about the space thing but this theme has been fairly recent with the Club VBS so not sure if they would repeat again for the main line. I am not getting an answer from Donnie to see if he is looking for the Club VBS theme too -- that is an important curriculum and we need to know that too!!!!

  11. Benito says

    I'm thinking that VBS would be terrible if the first snack were used!! haha

    The second one.. I'm thinking a Space Ship, the Eiffel Tower, or to fit along with the "western" theme... I would say an oil rig! :)

    Super excited about next year!

  12. says

    Okay...I'm certain snack #2 is THE snack...and it sure resembles the Eiffel Tower to me.

    Great guesses for France or even the French Quarter in New Orleans...more on cowboy and western themes...Ranch...space...even a "super hero" theme.

    I like the idea of an international theme; we had Ramblin' Road Trip around the U.S., so why not a trip around the world? There's the disguises, the "tech" doo-dads on "Internet Craig's" arms, the intrigue; Sounds like fun spy stuff from "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego"! But, that's probably way off base!

  13. says

    My first thought was a tee-pee, then rocket, but I hope it's the Eiffel Tower! My kids and I have been naming places we haven't been yet. France would be groovy! I just know I wouldn't want to be on snack duty next year (snack 1 would be gross and snack 2 would be complicated). I'll stick to Bible study.

  14. Terri Durham says

    Hmmm, I'm thinking the S in SRR might stand for Secret? I like Karen's thoughts about international spy stuff. And the first video Donny posted was Michael W. Smith's song SECRET ambition?! Sooo close now!

  15. EGLONE says

    So somebody with an image enhancing program should take the recording session photos and see what they can dig up..... I'd really like to be able to tell parents tomorrow what next year's theme is!!!

  16. Vicki says

    Could snack numero dos be the Space Needle? Maybe a Northwest coast theme. I liked the Carmen San Diego type search idea.

  17. Dana Henry says

    not quite sure about snack #1?????
    snack #2 sort of looks like a teepee to me. I guess it could be the Eiffel tower, too.

  18. Jane says

    upon further inspection and zooming in on snack number one I think the thing on top of the pickle is a waffle fry chewed up.

  19. citizens4goodgovernment says

    I think it will be a television styled theme. Another VBS publisher did this a while back "HolyWord Studios." That could explain all of these videos as well as the second snack which looks like a broadcast transmission tower.

  20. Brenda says

    I am probably way off, but I think it could be a computer theme. The letters SRR are computer related also, Donny went in as an IT guy, and the tower could be a signal tower like the ones used for high speed internet. (Please don't laugh!!!)

  21. jojo says

    My first thought was the Space Needle in Seattle, but we just did the 'round the US thing not too long ago. I agree that the space thing would be cool, but I also agree that LIfway would porbably not do it so soon after it being the Club VBS theme recently. The spy thing would definitely be pretty cool. I can't wait for the continued adventure and the reveal!

  22. Brendavailable says

    I'm getting really impatient! The release date was to be announced today, but I have not been able to find anything. The sight listed for the reveal is no longer a

  23. Brendavailable says

    woops! Wrong button! The sight listed for the reveal of the 2010 theme is no longer available, so where do we look??

  24. Keith T says

    Hey Guys,
    Snack #1 is actually really really good! It's hard to tell in the photo but that's a meatball on top of a waffle fry, cheese and a pickle.. .put a little dab of ketchup on the top and it's yummy!

  25. Becky Loyd says

    Snacky Snack 1 is the correct snack (the one everyone thinks looks really gross)!! According to the taste testers, it was a fan favorite, although I agree that the picture looks pretty nasty. It's a 1/2 of a meatball on top of a pickle on top of cheese on top of a waffle fry - like an open face hamburger! I'll let you guys know when I get a taste test of it what it really tastes like.

    As for snacko numbero dos, it was just to throw you guys off. Someone on the blog saw the Paris pics in one of the VBS offices and guessed a French theme and we just helped that rumor along . . . It was built to be the Eiffel Tower!

  26. Jane says

    I was really thrown off by the snack photos of SNACKY SNACK 1 & SNACKO NUMERO DOS.
    I just knew the first photo was topped with a chewed up waffle fry. But, now that I know, I am actually glad. the second snack looked hard to make. The snack ladies will be sooooo happy.

  27. lynette Nobles says

    Well, neither one of these snacks looks easy to make. I imagine we will stick with the same old cookies and cool aid. Sorry to be so boring, but I live in a retirement community. Everyone is either too cheap or too "tired" to do it the way the snack cards say. So I spent time and money on other stuff. This was SOOO much FUN! I love VBS!!!

  28. says

    I have actually been pricing slider makers for next years' VBS they are relatively inexpensive. So we might be doing the real thing next year :)

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