Getting God's Word into the home

VBS is a proven method of reaching unchurched kids with the gospel. It makes sense that if unchurched kids are coming to your VBS events, you'll want to do as much as you can go make sure that God's Word goes home with them. Follow-up is a key part of VBS that I hope you won't overlook.  As we designed the new Kids Activity Paks this year, we had follow-up in mind.

For preschoolers, the Kids Activity Paks include a book, an activity where kids can match objects, plus postcards that can be used in class and sent home with parents. The books are keepsakes that preschoolers will love to read again and again. What better way to get the God's word into the home?

The Kids Activity Paks for school aged children includes a set of cards with an activity to reinforce the bible lesson for the day, a set of boomerangs for kids to take home that have the daily bible verse on one side and a place where kids can write their own daily challenge on the other side, a "Return Trip Ticket" to use for follow-up and to get the ABCs of Becoming a Christian into the home, plus a picture frame.

Here are some pics:

Think of all the ways you can use these resources to reach unchurched families during and after VBS.

  • Take pictures of kids during VBS, then deliver the picture in the Kids Activity Pak picture frame after VBS.
  • Use labels to add information to the Return Trip Ticket about a follow-up family event.
  • Challenge kids to memorize the daily bible verses by sending the boomerangs home every day.
  • Send parent postcards for preschoolers home each night.

You'll want to make sure and get these for all the kids in your class!

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Kids Activity Pak for 3's - Kindergarten

Kids Activity Pak for Grades 1-2

Kids Activity Pak for Grades 3-4

Kids Activity Pak for Preteens

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