VBS 2010 Preview Events - Mark your calendars!!

If you are interested in attending the VBS Preview Events for VBS 2010, here's a little insider information. In January 2010, we will have 5 VBS Preview Events, plus 2 new Preview Sneak Peek events, which are shorter and less expensive than the normal VBS Preview Events. Here are some dates and locations so you can mark your calendars! I don't have  registration or pricing info available yet, but I'll update as soon as I do!

January 7-8 - VBS Preview Sneak Peek, Ridgecrest, NC
January 8-9 - VBS Preview, Ridgecrest, NC
January 14-15 - VBS Preview, Fort Worth, TX
January 15-16 - VBS Preview, Fort Worth, TX
January 22-23 - VBS Preview Sneak Peek, Las Vegas, NV
January 28-29 - VBS Preview, Nashville, TN
January 29-30 - VBS Preview, Nashville, TN


  1. Michelle Suarez says

    I'm so excited that we'll be able to attend this without having to fly somewhere! We can even take a bigger group of workers with us.

    Is it normal to be this excited about next year's training when I still don't have my workers recruited for this year?!?!

  2. Cindy Burr says

    I had heard rumors of a preview in Dallas. I guess it got moved to Ft. Worth. Well, that is still lots closer than
    New Mexico!

  3. GAIL LUSTY says

    Would love to attend one of the events listed above. Please send more info as we get closer. Can't wait to see what next year's theme is going to be.

  4. Amy Dodson says

    I called about the VBS previews in Nashville for Jan 29-30. To my dismay they knew nothing about the preview... What's a girl to do???? I think I'll call back....

  5. speck268 says

    Events Registration at LifeWay can't take registration for the event yet, which is why they didn't know about it. You'll be able to register on June 22nd!

  6. Allison says

    We've never been to a preview party. What do they do there? Do they have any displays set up? Is this a training event, too? What are the perks for attending? Also, when do they normally announce the upcoming theme?

  7. speck268 says

    The VBS preview is a training event that gives you a preview of the VBS themes - there's the VBS expo where you can make crafts and snacks, there's the VBS visual experience where you can see the sets that were made for this year's VBS. There are training classes you can attend. There's also a children's choir that does the VBS musical so you can see that as well. If you are doing LifeWay's VBS, it's definitely a very fun and helpful event!!

  8. Becky Loyd says

    Theresa - we won't be having a VBS Preview at Glorieta this year. We will be having one in Las Vegas and two in Ft. Worth instead for our west coast friends. Glorieta will be closed during the winter months, so we had to find another place to have the event.

  9. Mary Jones says

    Theresa, I am excited to be the VBS director for 2010 at our church. Please include us in information for the events in Nashville TN, as we are about 115 miles south of Atlanta. No one from our church has ever attended a preview so we are excited to make this trip.

  10. Sue Nading says

    Anyone have info on the time schedule of the 2010 Preview event in Nashville, 1/29-30? We're bringing a group from Florida and I'm trying to figure travel time. When does the session start on Thursday and end on Friday? Can hardly wait to see the Saddle Ridge wonders!

    • Becky Loyd says

      Hey Sue -

      The VBS events are all scheduled to run from about noon on the 1st day to noon on the 2nd day. So, you can plan to fly the morning of the first day of the conference if you can get to Nashville around lunchtime. The very first session begins around 2:45 on the 1st day and the event ends around noon on the 2nd day.

      Does that help?

  11. Sue Nading says

    Absolutely - thanks so much, Becky! We're trying to decide whether we'll fly or drive; It's a 12 hour drive, so who knows. We can always use it as a time to take side trips!

    • Becky Loyd says

      National Day of Prayer for VBS 2010 is May 16th, 2010. We always set it for the third Sunday in May! Thanks for asking, Carolyn!

  12. says

    How do I preregister for the VBS 2010 Preview in Ft Worth, TX for Jan 14 & 15? I have 4 adults who will be attending.

    Thank you,
    Theda Davis
    Acton Baptist Church
    Granbury, TX 76049

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