Prayer for Australia

Each week the VBS team meets to make sure we are on track with our work and with the mission God has given us. Each meeting begins with a time of prayer for each other, friends, churches, and for folks who are doing God’s work around the world. This past week we felt an extra burden for the people of Australia, especially those affected by the wildfires. As our VBS 2009 theme is releasing, many folks are focusing on Australia. Australia has often been a suggested theme throughout the years, but it was definitely God’s direction that held it back until 2009. We believe in His omniscient, omnipotent control He knew the events that would coincide. We also know that tragedy and crises can often cause people to seek spiritual answers. At this time when hundreds of thousands of Christians are thinking about Australia as they plan VBS, we believe God has called us to make a real impact by praying for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of those who are hurting in the great country of Australia. We invite you to join us in this team effort of prayer for our friends Down Under.

Rhonda VanCleave

Editorial Project Leader

VBS Team

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