Oops! VBS 2008 Clip Art - Decorating Made Easy book

Oops! - Some of you are having trouble using the JPG clip art from the Decorating Made Easy book in applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. We've discovered that the JPG clip art files were saved differently this year (the graphic designers explained the problem to me, but I won't try to repeat it - it's all techno mumbo jumbo to me!!) which is why the clip art isn't working like it has before. All that to say, we are putting the JPG clip art files from the Decorating Made Easy book up on our website in a format that should work like they have in prior years.

The clip art that is saved as other file types (EPS, PDF) on the CD in the Decorating Made Easy book are the same as before. PDFs will work with Microsoft Office, but you really need a graphics program (like photoshop or illustrator) to work with EPS files.

Here is a link to download the updated files.

Another way to fix these files so that they will work with Microsoft Word and Publisher is to open the clip art that you want to use in Paint (the graphic program that comes standard on most PCs) and then re-save it as a .PNG file. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files are compatible with Microsoft Office.

So sorry for the mix-up - this won't be a problem in future years!


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