Arrived on New Academic the Week of October 6, 2014

9781433526947 God Has Spoken: A History of Christian Theology by Gerald Bray (Crossway. 9781433526947. Hardback. $55.00)

“A remarkably learned, wise, and substantial study of the history of Christian doctrine. Written by an Anglican who is also an evangelical, this volume interacts with the entire scope of Christian theology in all of its major ecclesial trajectories. This book will stand the test of time—in the best tradition of Newman, Harnack, and Pelikan.”—Timothy George

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9781433539466 Redeeming Philosophy: A God-Centered Approach to the Big Questions by Vern S. Poythress (Crossway. 9781433539466. Paperback. $25.00)

“Poythress has again gotten it right. This book contains a great deal of fresh thinking and careful Christian philosophical work. This is Poythress’s clearest integration between linguistics, philosophy, and exegesis. Surely this book contains the most incisive analyses of apples and bookmarks that you will ever find. The point, of course, is that everything in God’s world reflects the richness of the triune God.”—John M. Frame

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9781433541384 New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional by Paul David Tripp (Crossway. 9781433541384. Hardback. $22.99)

“Paul Tripp beautifully blends wisdom that has been gained through years of counseling, insight into the biblical story of redemption, and his strong grasp of Christ as our substitute to produce a series of daily devotions that both warm the heart of the hurting and challenge the complacent. You will find this book to be both deeply rooted in scriptural truths and yet eminently readable. I highly recommend it!”—Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

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9781451488876 Jesus the Seer: The Progress of Prophecy by Ben Witherington III (Fortress Press. 9781451488876. Paperback. $39.00)

“In ranging over two millennia of the phenomenon of prophecy and offering a sustained interpretation of the whole phenomenon, this book is something of a tour de force. It is not too surprising that it has not been attempted before. Witherington’s command of the several scholarly fields his book traverses is impressive. This book will undoubtedly stimulate fresh study of biblical prophecy within the broad historical and cultural context it provides.”—Richard Bauckham


9780830827183 Hidden But Now Revealed: A Biblical Theology of Mystery by G. K. Beale and Benjamin L. Gladd (IVP Academic. 9780830827183. Paperback. $27.00)

“An intriguing theological and exegetical exploration of a key New Testament theme, especially in Paul. As the book’s authors argue, the early Christian use of ‘mysteries’ surely reflects the strong influence of Daniel.”—Craig Keener


9780830836765 True Paradox: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Complex World by David Skeel (IVP Academic. 9780830836765. Paperback. $15.00)

“Christianity, which is so simple that a child may understand and believe, is also filled with complexity. Those who have sung with Isaac Watts, ‘When God the mighty maker died,’ know that they live with much that cannot be explained simply. David Skeel’s unusually thought-provoking book offers on one level a careful response to literature from the New Atheists. On a deeper level it explains why trying to understand the complexities of Christian faith may leave those who make the effort lost in wonder, love and praise.”—Mark Noll


9780830840601 The Future of Evangelical Theology: Soundings from the Asian American Diaspora by Amos Yong (IVP Academic. 9780830840601. Paperback. $25.00)

“Amos Yong delivers to Protestantism a beautiful matrix of biblical and cultural analysis that provides a model for the types of discussions we must have if evangelicalism is to have a future in the West. Yong helps us see that recapturing evangelicalism’s past is not the way forward, given the fact that ethnic minorities and immigrants, and Asian Americans in particular, are among the most vibrant and growing sectors of evangelicalism today. Yong will not only increase the reader’s cultural intelligence, but the book provides the right questions and categories that all strands of American Protestantism must engage in the twenty-first century. This book is essential reading for those who care about the future of Christianity in the West.”—Anthony Bradley

Arrived on New Academic the Week of September 29, 2014

9781451465518 The Reformation to the Modern Church: A Reader in Christian Theology edited by Keith D. Stanglin (Fortress Press. 9781451465518. Paperback. $49.00)

In this all-new primary-source anthology, Keith D. Stanglin has done the heavy lifting for a new generation of classrooms. Stanglin has edited and introduced over 100 selections to create a reader that orients students to the ebb and flow of thought that moves out from the pre-Reformation period. Attentive to major movements such as confessionalization, pietism, skepticism, liberalism, and revivalism, Stanglin organizes the readings into nine chapters and provides helpful introductions to each: Late Medieval Contexts, Outbreak of Reform, Radical Reformation, Roman Catholic (Counter-)Reformation, Protestant Codifiers and Confessionalization, Enlightenment and Skepticism, Pietism and Revivalism, Liberal Protestantism and Responses, and Late Modern Fragmentation and Ecumenism.

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9780674052185 America’s Pastor: Billy Graham and the Shaping of a Nation by Grant Wacker (Harvard University Press. 9780674052185. Hardback. $27.95)

“A striking and authoritative account of one of the most influential Americans of recent times. Wacker writes gracefully and offers a fund of astute insights. By exploring Graham’s background, his character, his beliefs, and his work, he reveals how Graham could move so comfortably among the powerful and at the same time always be able to speak effectively to so many ordinary people. Both Graham’s admirers and his critics will come away from America’s Pastor with a fresh appreciation of the man and his world.”—George M. Marsden



9780989167154 Biblical Theology, Volume 1: The Common Grace Covenants by Jeffrey Jay Niehaus (Weaver Book Company. 978089167154. Paperback. $29.99)

“Niehaus brings to culmination his lifelong study of ancient near eastern covenants and their importance for understanding biblical covenant as the foundation to biblical theology. He contends that Scripture in its entirety and God’s relationship with human life from creation are covenantal in nature. By showing a pattern in God’s covenantal designs, he demonstrates the cohesive message of the Bible. Every scholar and pastor will benefit from this refreshingly new and lively written approach.”—Kenneth Matthews

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Arrived on New Academic the Week of September 22, 2014

9781433684548 The Expected One: Anticipating All of Jesus in the Advent by Scott James (B&H. 9781433684548. Hardback. $9.99)

“ I enthusiastically recommend The Expected One. It can be used in many different ways, whether alone, with your family, with friends, in a small group, or even as a church altogether.”—David Platt


Six New Releases from Baker Publishing Group

Baker Publishing Group (6 New Releases 9-30-14)

  • Compassion Without Compromise: How the Gospel Frees Us to Love Our Gay Friends Without Losing the Truth by Adam T. Barr and Ron Citlau (Bethany House. 9780764212406. Paperback. $12.99)
  • Re:Vision: The Key to Transforming Your Church by Aubrey Malphurs and Gordon E. Penfold (Baker Books. 9780801016820. Paperback. $19.99)
  • Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church by Scot McKnight (Brazos Press. 9781587433603. Paperback. $21.99)
  • From Every Tribe and Nation: A Historian’s Discovery of the Global Christian Story by Mark A. Noll (Turning South: Christian Scholars in an Age of World Christianity Series from Baker Academic. 9780801039935. Paperback. $19.99)
  • Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker: A Theological Vision for Discipleship and Life Together by Andrew Root (Baker Academic. 9780801049057. Paperback. $19.99)
  • Galatians and Christian Theology: Justification, the Gospel, and Ethics in Paul’s Letter (Baker Academic. 9780801049514. Paperback. $40.00)


9781433541148 A Complete Handbook of Literary Forms in the Bible by Leland Ryken (Crossway. 9781433541148. Paperback. $19.99)

“Here is a reader-friendly handbook that will significantly enhance one’s understanding of the Bible. What a wonderful tool for pastors, laypeople, and students alike, who will now be able to benefit from Leland Ryken’s wise insights and marvelous literary skills. I heartily recommend this volume.”—David S. Dockery

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9780802872081 The Pilgrim’s Regress, Wade Annotated Edition by C. S. Lewis (Eerdmans. 9780802872081. Hardback. $25.00)

The Pilgrim’s Regress, the first book Lewis wrote after becoming a Christian, remains one of the best records of how he went from cynical atheist to joyous believer. It is no exaggeration to say that David Downing’s superb annotations allow those of us who do not share Lewis’s vast philosophical, literary, and linguistic background to understand and enjoy this classic work in a way not possible before. A must for all serious Lewis fans.”—Devin Brown


Six New Releases from HarperCollins Christian Publishing

HarperCollins Christian Publishing (6 New Releases 9-30-14)

  • 52 Little Lessons from Les Miserables by Bob Welch (Thomas Nelson. 9781400206667. Hardback. $16.99)
  • 1 & 2 Thessalonians by John Byron (The Story of God Bible Commentary Series. Zondervan. 9780310327264. Hardback. $31.99)
  • Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World by Michael S. Horton (Zondervan. 9780310517375. Paperback. $15.99)
  • Scripture and Counseling: God’s Word for Life in a Broken World edited by Bob Kelleman and Jeff Forrey (Zondervan. 9780310516835. Hardback. $32.99)
  • Mark by Mark L. Strauss (Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament Series. Zondervan. 9780310243588. Hardback. $42.99)
  • Real Christian: Bearing the Marks of Authentic Faith by Todd Wilson (Zondervan. 9780310515838. Paperback. $16.99)

Arrived on New Academic the Week of September 15, 2014

Baylor University Press (6 New Titles Sept 2014)

Six new titles from Baylor University Press

  • Baptists and the Communion of Saints: A Theology of Covenanted Disciples by Paul S. Fiddes, Brian Haymes and Richard Kidd
  • Decoding Roger Williams: The Lost Essay of Rhode Island’s Founding Father by Linford D. Fisher, J. Stanley Lemons and Lucas Mason-Brown
  • Contesting Catholicity: Theology for Other Baptists by Curtis W. Freeman
  • Baptist Preaching: A Global Anthology edited by Joel C. Gregory
  • Beyond Bultmann: Reckoning a New Testament Theology edited by Bruce W. Longenecker and Mikeal C. Parsons
  • Renewing Christian Theology: Systematics for a Global Christianity by Amos Yong With Jonathan A. Anderson

9780830840564 Johannine Theology: The Gospel, the Epistles and the Apocalypse by Paul A. Rainbow (IVP Academic. 9780830840564. Hardback. $40.00)

“Paul Rainbow attempts an ambitious task of plotting the theological coherence of the Johannine corpus. His study of the Gospel of John, letters of John and Apocalypse of John demonstrates time and again that they share a common theological fabric. Rainbow brings together what many have rent asunder, and he enables readers to appreciate the Johannine testimony to the revelation of God the Father in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”—Michael F. Bird


9780830840588 Jesus, the Temple and the Coming Son of Man: A Commentary on Mark 13 by Robert H. Stein (IVP Academic. 9780830840588. Paperback. $18.00)

“The interpretation of Mark 13 is controversial and sometimes a bit baffling. Robert Stein—with his characteristic clarity, common sense and exegetical skill—unpacks the meaning of the passage for readers. Even those who disagree will profit from Stein’s lucid exegesis and will have to wrestle seriously with the arguments he presents for his reading. All readers will recognize the hand of a veteran and wise interpreter at work. We stand in debt to Stein for an outstanding exposition.”—Thomas R. Schreiner


The Daring Heart of David Livingstone: Exile, African Slavery, and the Publicity Stunt That Saved Millions by Jay Milbrandt (Thomas Nelson. 9781595555922. Hardback. $24.99)

9781595555922 (YouTube screen shot)


9780664234485 Faith Speaking Understanding: Performing the Drama of Doctrine by Kevin J. Vanhoozer (Westminster John Knox Press. 9780664234485. Paperback. $30.00)

“This book is a model of doing theology in the service of the church. Building on his well-known construal of theology as theodrama, Vanhoozer presents the church as the theater of the gospel, a place where observers are participants and where theology and ethics, contemplation and action, surrender and obedience, and James and Paul are no longer enemies but allies. A wonderful theological essay by a brilliant evangelical thinker.”—Timothy George


9780310516699 The Unbelievable Gospel: Say Something Worth Believing by Jonathan K. Dodson (Zondervan. 9780310516699. Paperback. $16.99)

Pastor Jonathan Dodson diagnoses the evangelistic paralysis of the modern church, pinpointing the reasons people don’t share their faith today and offering a desperately needed solution. Showing readers how to utilize the rich gospel metaphors found in Scripture and how to communicate a gospel worth believing–one that speaks to the heart-felt needs of diverse individuals–Dodson connects the gospel to the real issues people face each day by speaking to both the head and the heart.

Arrived on New Academic the Week of September 8, 2014

9780801049583 Early Christian Martyr Stories: An Evangelical Introduction with  New Translations by Bryan M. Litfin (Baker Academic. 9780801049583. Paperback. $19.99)

This introductory text brings together key early Christian martyrdom stories in a single volume, offering new, easy-to-read translations and expert commentary. An introduction and explanatory notes accompany each translation. The book not only provides a vivid window into the world of early Christianity but also offers spiritual encouragement and inspiration for Christian life today.


9780801031526 Ancient Christian Worship: Early Church Practices in Social, Historical, and Theological Perspective by Andrew B. McGowan (Baker Academic. 9780801031526. Hardback. $34.99)

Andrew McGowan, a leading scholar of early Christian liturgy, takes a fresh approach to understanding how Christians came to worship in the distinctive forms still familiar today. Deftly and expertly processing the bewildering complexity of the ancient sources into lucid, fluent exposition, he sets aside common misperceptions to explore the roots of Christian ritual practices–including the Eucharist, baptism, communal prayer, preaching, Scripture reading, and music–in their earliest recoverable settings.


9781433544989 The Romantic Rationalist: God, Life, and Imagination in the Work of C. S. Lewis edited by John Piper and David Mathis (Crossway. 9781433544989. Paperback. $17.99)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Half a Century since C. S. Lewis (David Mathis)

  1. C. S. Lewis, Romantic Rationalist: How His Paths to Christ Shaped His Life and Ministry (John Piper)
  2. Inerrancy and the Patron Saint of Evangelicalism: C. S. Lewis on Holy Scripture (Philip Ryken)
  3. Undragoned: C. S. Lewis on the Gift of Salvation (Douglas Wilson)
  4. In Bright Shadow: C. S. Lewis on the Imagination for Theology and Discipleship (Kevin Vanhoozer)
  5. C. S. Lewis on Heaven and the New Earth: God’s Eternal Remedy to the Problem of Evil and Suffering (Randy Alcorn)
  6. What God Made Is Good—and Must Be Sanctified: C. S. Lewis and St. Paul on the Use of Creation (John Piper)
  7. Appendix 1: C. S. Lewis and the Doctrine of Hell (Randy Alcorn)
    Appendix 2: A Conversation with the Contributors


9781433527814 Heaven edited by Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson (Theology in Community Series. Crossway. 9781433527814. Paperback. $18.99)

Table of Contents

Series Preface / Acknowledgements / Contributors

  1. Learning about Heaven (Robert A. Peterson)
  2. Heaven in the Old Testament (Raymond C. Ortlund Jr.)
  3. Heaven in the Synoptic Gospels and Acts (Jonathan T. Pennington)
  4. Heaven in Paul’s Letters (Stephen J. Wellum)
  5. Heaven in the General Epistles (Jon Laansma)
  6. Heaven in John’s Gospel and Revelation (Andreas J. Köstenberger)
  7. Pictures of Heaven (Robert A. Peterson)
  8. The History of Heaven (Gerald Bray)
  9. Angels and Heaven (Stephen F. Noll)
  10. Heaven for Persecuted Saints (Ajith Fernando)
  11. The Hope of Heaven (David B. Calhoun)


9780802871305 Between the Beginning and the End: A Radical Kingdom Vision by J. H. Bavinck (Eerdmans. 9780802871305. Paperback. $20.00)

This is the first English translation of the Dutch work published in 1946.

"J. H. Bavinck was not only one of the premier missiologists of the twentieth century; he was also, as this elegant set of meditations demonstrates, a gifted expositor of Scripture. . . . I don’t know of another single book that provides such a reliable and inspiring guide to the panorama of biblical salvation history and its immediacy for us."—John Bolt

9780830826339 With the Clouds of Heaven: The Book of Daniel in Biblical Theology by James M. Hamilton (New Studies in Biblical Theology Series. IVP Academic. 9780830826339. Paperback. $25.00)

Hamilton argues that the four kingdoms prophesied by Daniel are both historical and symbolic—that the "one like a son of man" seen by Daniel is identified with and distinguished from the Ancient of Days in a way that would be mysterious until Jesus came as both the son of David and God incarnate. He elaborates that the interpretations of Daniel in early Jewish literature attest to strategies similar to those employed by New Testament authors and exposes that those authors provide a Spirit-inspired interpretation of Daniel that was learned from Jesus. He also highlights how the book of Revelation uses Daniel’s language, imitates his structure, points to the fulfillment of his prophecies and clarifies the meaning of his "seventieth week."


4057 Global Evangelicalism: Theology, History & Culture in Regional Perspective edited by Donald M. Lewis and Richard V. Pierard (IVP Academic. 9780830840571. Paperback. $30.00)

Part I: Theoretical Issues
1. Defining Evangelicalism, Mark Noll
2. The Theological Impulse of Evangelical Expansion, Wilbert R. Shenk
3. Globalization, Religion and Evangelicalism. Donald M. Lewis
Part II: Evangelicalism at Ground Level: Regional Case Studies
4: Europe and North America, John Wolffe and Richard V. Pierard
5: Africa, Ogbu Kalu
6. Latin America, C. Ren? Padilla
7. Asia, Scott Sunquist
8. Australasia and the Pacific Islands, Stuart Piggin and Peter Lineham
Part III: Issues in Evangelical Encounters with Culture
9: Evangelicals and Interdenominationalism, David Thompson
10: Evangelicals and Gender: Critiquing Assumptions, Sarah Williams


9780300181623 George Whitefield: America’s Spiritual Founding Father by Thomas S. Kidd (Yale University Press. 9780300181623. Hardback. $38.00)

“This superb chronicle of George Whitefield’s life is now our fullest biography for the much-studied and much-debated eighteenth-century evangelist.  It combines unusual empathy with unusual comprehension.”—Mark Noll

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