Arrived on New Academic the Week of February 9, 2015 (Part 2)

9780802412560 Prepare: Living Your Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Culture by J. Paul Nyquist (Moody Publishers. Paperback. 9780802412560. $14.99)

“Luther once remarked that we should not be startled by persecution but strengthened by it. We must always remember that the Christian church was birthed in the context of persecution and that the Scriptures themselves teach that believers in Christ will be persecuted. In fact, the theme of suffering is interwoven in every book and text. A theology of persecution is enormously important for believers in the Lord Jesus if they are to walk faithfully in obedience to Him. I am thankful Paul Nyquist is addressing this topic-a topic that demands careful biblical and theological reflection.”—Albert Mohler


9780718030643 Brave New Discipleship: Cultivating Scripture-Driven Christians in a Culture-Driven World by Max Anders (Thomas Nelson. Paperback. 9780718030643. $16.99)

Rather than a book intended for use as a guide for discipleship, Brave New Discipleship lays out the biblical principles that must be followed, no matter what book or discipleship method the reader might choose to use. Brave New Discipleship integrates the best of modern educational research to guide the most effective discipleship strategy possible. Max explores Scripture and sheds light on what is negotiable and what is non-negotiable for modern ministry.


9780310519355 Gather God’s People: Understand, Plan, and Lead Worship in Your Local Church by Brian Croft (Zondervan. Paperback. 9780310519355. $12.99)

“God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). The Bible tells us that we are to worship the Lord, that we were created for this purpose. But what is true worship? What does the Bible teach about the right—and the wrong—ways to worship God? In this book, pastors Brian Croft and Jason Adkins unpack a biblical theology of worship, discuss the practical matters of planning a worship service, and offer suggestions and insights on the best way to lead a worship service that honors the Lord.


9780310518433 A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible: Inside History’s Bestseller for Believers and Skeptics by John Dickson (Zondervan. Paperback. 9780310518433. $15.99)

In this book, Dickson provides a readable and winsome Bible primer summarizing the main themes in scripture, and addresses tough questions such as “How can we read the creation account in Genesis in light of modern science? “ and, “how do we approach Old Testament law when it appears inconsistent and irrelevant?”

By presenting the whole of the Bible as an account of God’s promise to restore humanity to Himself, and humanity to one another and to creation, Dickson allows believers and skeptics alike to gain insight into why the Bible has been a compelling, life-changing, and magnetic force throughout the ages.


9780310520771 Their Rock Is Not Like Our Rock: A Theology of Religions by Daniel Strange (Zondervan. Paperback. 9780310520771. $24.99)

There has been little evangelical theology offering a detailed, comprehensive, and biblically faithful analysis not only of the question of salvation but also questions of truth, the nature and history of human religiosity, and a host of other issues pertaining to Christian apologetics and contextualization amid religious pluralism. In Their Rock is Not Like Our Rock, lecturer and vice principal of Oak Hill College in London, Daniel Strange, explores these issues and offers the beginning of a theology of other religions.


9780310519331 Comfort the Grieving: Ministering God’s Grace in Times of Loss by Paul Tautges (Zondervan. Paperback. 9780310519331. $12.99)

This book is a treasure chest of pastoral theology that will equip you to reach out to those who grieve with the Christ-centered comfort of God rooted in the gospel. The theological foundation espoused here, as well as the numerous practical helps that are included, will help any servant of the Lord to point the hearts and minds of the bereaved to the ‘man of sorrows’ who is ‘acquainted with grief’ (Isaiah 53:3).


9780310516385 Becoming Worldly Saints: Can You Serve Jesus and Still Enjoy Your Life? by Michael E. Wittmer (Zondervan. Paperback. 9780310516385. $15.99)

As “worldly saints,” created in the image of God, we are natural creatures with a supernatural purpose—to know and love God. Because we live in a world that is stained by the curse of sin, we must learn to embrace our nature as creatures created in the image of God while recognizing our desperate need for the grace that God offers to us in the gospel.

Writing in a devotional style that is theologically rich, biblically accurate, and aimed at ordinary readers, Mike Wittmer helps readers understand who they are, why they are here, and the importance of the story they tell themselves. In Becoming Worldly Saints, he gives an integrated vision that shows how we can be heavenly minded in a way that leads to earthly good, empowering believers to seize the abundant life God has for them.

Arrived on New Academic the Week of February 9, 2015 (Part 1)

9780801097102 Praying with Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation by D. A. Carson (Baker Academic. Paperback. 9780801097102. $17.99)

God doesn’t demand hectic church programs and frenetic schedules; he only wants his people to know him more intimately, says top-selling author D. A. Carson. The apostle Paul found that spiritual closeness in his own fellowship with the Father. By following Paul’s example, we can do the same. This book calls believers to reject superficiality and revolutionize their lives by embracing a God-guided approach to prayer. Previously published as A Call to Spiritual Reformation, this book has now been updated to connect more effectively with contemporary readers.


9781851244140 The Bay Psalm Book: A Facsimile by Diarmaid McCulloch (Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. Hardback. 9781851244140. $40.00)

The Bay Psalm Book was the first book to be printed in North America, twenty years after the arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers in Massachusetts. Now extremely rare – only eleven copies survive – it is also the most expensive book in the world, fetching over $14.2 million at auction.

Worship in the ‘mother tongue’ and congregational hymns had become key tenets of Puritanism following the Reformation. New England Puritans were unhappy with contemporary translations of the Psalms and decided that they needed their own version, which would better represent their beliefs. A team of writers in the Massachusetts Bay settlement, including John Cotton and Richard Mather, set about translating the psalms into English from the original Hebrew, and setting the lyrics to a metre so that they could easily be sung in congregation. The resulting translation, ‘The Whole Booke of Psalmes Faithfully Translated into English Metre,’ was published in 1640 on a printing press brought over from Surrey. It became known as the Bay Psalm Book after the name of the colony that was home to its translators.


Four new releases from Eerdmans

Eerdmans New Titles (2-16-15)

Dignity and Destiny: Humanity in the Image of God by John F. Kilner (Eerdmans. Paperback. 9780802867643. $35.00)

The Way of the Wesleys: A Short Introduction by John R. Tyson (Eerdmans. Paperback. 9780802869548. $18.00)

Reclaiming Pietism: Retrieving an Evangelical Tradition by Roger E. Olson (Eerdmans. Paperback. 9780802869098. $18.00)

The Election of Grace: A Riddle Without a Resolution? by Stephen N. Williams (Eerdmans. Paperback. 9780802837806. $26.00)


9780745956343 The Oxford Inklings: Their Lives, Writings, Ideas, and Influence (Revised) by Colin Duriez (Kregel. Paperback. 9780745956343. $16.95)

The Inklings were an influential group of writers, centered on C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, who met regularly in the pubs of Oxford to read and discuss their latest writings. Acclaimed author Colin Duriez explores their lives, writings, ideas, and the influence they had on each other.

Examining the clear purpose behind the group while celebrating its diversity and lack of formality, Duriez explains how this eclectic group of friends, without formal membership, agenda, or minutes, could have a program that shaped the publications and ideas of its leading participants.

Duriez answers important questions such as:
• Who else was involved with the Inklings?
• Why do Owen Barfield and Charles Williams matter so much?
• What difference did World War II make to the group?
• Why did they eventually stop meeting?

The Oxford Inklings explores the group’s complex and fascinating interactions and includes the women on the fringes such as Dorothy L. Sayers and Lewis’s wife, Joy Davidman. Duriez also considers the Christian faith of the defining members, which influenced them greatly.

Arrived on New Academic the Week of February 2, 2015

9781936760671 Good News about Satan: A Gospel Look at Spiritual Warfare by Bob Bevington (Cruciform Press. 9781936760671. Paperback. $9.99)

“The literature on spiritual warfare is often speculative and sensational. It’s hard to know which authors to trust. But spiritual warfare is certainly an important biblical topic; from one perspective it is the central topic of the whole Bible. So it’s important that believers get sober and reliable guidance on the subject. Bob Bevington’s book is one of the most helpful. He has not put to rest all of the controversies in this area, but his book is reliable, biblical, and practical. It is easy to understand and challenges our spiritual complacency.”—John M. Frame


9781606352021 The Collected Poems of C.S. Lewis: A Critical Edition edited by Don W. King (Kent State University Press. 9781606352021. Hardback. $75.00)

The Collected Poems of C. S. Lewis offers readers, for the first time, a one-volume collection of Lewis’s poetry, including many poems that have never appeared in print. With the poems arranged in chronological order, this volume allows readers the opportunity to compare the poetry Lewis was writing while he was also writing his fiction and nonfiction prose.


9781601783714 God’s Battle Plan for the Mind: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation by David W. Saxton (Reformation Heritage Books. 9781601783714. Paperback. $18.00)

“The Puritans had much to say about biblical meditation and the important role it plays in a sanctified thought life. Dave Saxton has written an extremely helpful and encouraging digest of some of the best Puritan teaching on the subject. You need to get a copy, read it, put its principles into practice, and ‘be transformed by the renewal of your mind.’”—John MacArthur

Arrived on New Academic the Week of January 26, 2015

9781433672217 A History of Christianity: An Introductory Survey by Joseph Early (B&H Publishing Group. Paperback. 9781433672217. $39.99)

While seeking to be comprehensive, historian Joseph Early Jr. centers on key events, people, theological developments, and conflicts that have shaped Christianity over its two-thousand-year history. He also presents the development of Christianity within the social, political, and economic challenges of the times. In doing so, he paints a clear, detailed, and balanced picture of the opportunities and struggles faced by the church and the contributions made by significant people, institutions, and traditions.


9781433669712 Perspectives on the Extent of the Atonement: 3 Views edited by Andrew Naselli (B&H Publishing Group. Paperback. 9781433669712. $24.99)

Carl Trueman (Westminster Theological Seminary) argues that Christ’s atoning work secured the redemption of his elect alone. While infinite in value, Christ’s death was intended for and applied strictly to those whom the Father had elected unconditionally in eternity past.

John Hammett (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) argues that Christ’s atoning work had multiple intentions. Of these intentions two rise to the fore: (1) the intention to accomplish atonement for God’s elect and (2) the intention to provide atonement for all mankind.

Grant Osborne (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) argues that Christ’s atoning work provided atonement generally for all mankind. The application of that atoning work is conditioned, however, on each person’s willingness to receive it.


9781433533556 The Psalms, Volume 1: Rejoice, the Lord Is King by James Johnston (Preaching the Word Commentary Series. Crossway Books. Hardback. 9781433533556. $34.99)

“Johnston is a pastor who rightly deserves the title ‘pastor-scholar,’ and his scholarly abilities and studies, as well as his pastoral sensibilities and sensitivities, are on full display in his commentary on the Psalms. As Johnston helps you exegete, illustrate, and apply the heart of the Old Testament in light of the person and work of Christ, I trust that your heart—like the men on the road to Emmaus—will burn within.”—Douglas Sean O’Donnell


Romans 8-16 for You by Timothy Keller (The Good Book Company. Hardback. 9781910307298. $22.99. On sale for $11.49 in the LifeWay Campus Stores)

Arrived on New Academic the Week of January 12, 2015

ConvictionalCivility_CVR_PRINT.indd Convictional Civility: Engaging the Culture in the 21st Century, Essays in Honor of David S. Dockery edited by C. Ben Mitchell, Carla D. Sanderson, and Gregory Alan Thornbury (B&H Academic. Hardback. 9781433685088. $29.99)

Throughout his ministry, David S. Dockery has persistently advocated “convictional civility” as a vision for contemporary engagement—in which witness is more important that winning, and fidelity is more effective than fighting. In this volume, respected Christian leaders honor him by presenting these essays that explore convictional civility as a lifestyle of bearing witness for Christ and of contributing to the common good.


9780805496765 Exalting Jesus in Song of Songs by Daniel L. Akin (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary Series. B&H Books. Paperback. 9780805496765. $14.99)9780805496451

Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Thessalonians by Mark Howell (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary Series. B&H Books. Paperback. 9780805496451. $14.99)

This series affirms that the Bible is a Christ-centered book, containing a unified story of redemptive history of which Jesus is the hero. It’s presented as sermons, divided into chapters that conclude with a “Reflect & Discuss” section, making this series ideal for small group study, personal devotion, and even sermon preparation. It’s not academic but rather presents an easy-reading, practical and friendly commentary.


9780801016943 The Bible’s Answers to 100 of Life’s Biggest Questions by Norman L. Geisler (Baker Books. Paperback. 9780801016943. $15.99)

“No longer do you have to worry or be afraid when someone asks you a tough question about your faith. This book will equip you with solid answers to questions most Christians struggle to answer. Not only will it help you build confidence to defend the faith, but it will also be an encouragement as you grow in your faith.”from the foreword by Josh and Sean McDowell


9780801017087 The Supremacy of God in Preaching (Revised) by John Piper (Baker Books. Paperback. 9780801017087. $15.99)

John Piper has added valuable new material reflecting on his thirty-three years of preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church, offering a glimpse of what a lifetime of putting God first has done for the faith of the hundreds of thousands who have heard him preach over the years.

Click here to read an except from this book.


9781433539350 The Natural Sciences: A Student’s Guide by John A. Bloom (Crossway . Paperback. 9781433539350. $11.99)

“Bloom has written an excellent overview of the main philosophical issues facing Christians working in the natural sciences. He shows that not only is there no conflict between science and belief in God, but there are now many scientific discoveries that support such belief. A clear, concise, and highly readable treatment. I highly recommend it, especially for college students.”—Stephen C. Meyer


9781433543500 Who Is Jesus? by Greg Gilbert (Crossway. Paperback. 9781433543500. $12.99)

“The two most important questions for anyone to answer concern Jesus the Christ. Who exactly is he? And how do I relate properly to him? Gilbert addresses these questions effectively in this important book. From the moment at Caesarea Philippi when Jesus asked his disciples about the opinions concerning his identity until now, no other question has had such eternal consequences. This perceptive volume is written with the touch of the Spirit of God in revealing Jesus the Christ.”—Paige Patterson


9781433541100 Redeeming Mathematics: A God-Centered Approach by Vern S. Poythress (Crossway. Paperback. 9781433541100. $21.99)

In this book, Vern Poythress argues that the harmony of abstract mathematical truths, the physical world of things, and the personal world of our thinking depends on the existence of the Christian God. Poythress shows that these distinct “perspectives” on mathematics cohere because all three find their origin in God’s consistent character and nature.

Whether it’s simple addition and subtraction or more complex mathematical concepts such as set theory and the nature of infinity, this fascinating book lays a theistic foundation for all mathematical inquiry.


9781433545085 Behold the King of Glory: A Narrative of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Russ Ramsey (Crossway. Paperback. 9781433545085. $17.99)

“I don’t know anyone who can make the stories—and the Story—in Scripture feel as present, as alive, and as sweeping as Russ Ramsey. His prose, his grasp of history and theology, not to mention his love of Jesus, does more than merely draw me into his book—it makes me want to read the Bible.”—Andrew Peterson


9781433540103 Glory Hunger: God, the Gospel, and Our Quest for Something More by J.R. Vassar (Crossway. Paperback. 9781433540103. $14.99)

“Vassar diagnoses the central problem of every human heart with the brilliance of a surgeon, but—even better—he shows us with pastoral wisdom and fatherly care the words that will heal us forever.”—Jared C. Wilson


9780674048362 American Apocalypse: A History of Modern Evangelicalism by Matthew Avery Sutton (Harvard University Press. Hardback. 9780674048362. $35.00)

American Apocalypse is a work of impressive erudition as well as a work of beauty. Arguing for the centrality in the American evangelical tradition of ideas about how the world will end, Sutton embeds the narrative in twentieth-century US and international political history in a way that few American religious historians have been able to do.”—Grant Wacker


9780830840663 The Church in Exile: Living in Hope After Christendom by Lee J. Beach (IVP Academic. Paperback. 9780830840663. $25.00)

Drawing on a close engagement with Old Testament and New Testament texts, The Church in Exile offers a biblical and practical theology for the church in a post-Christian age. Beach helps the people of God today to develop a hopeful and prophetic imagination, a theology responsive to its context, and an exilic identity marked by faithfulness to God’s mission in the world.


9781601783608 The Works of William Perkins, Volume 1 edited by J. Stephen Yuille (Reformation Heritage Books. Hardback. 9781601783608. $50.00)

“Without a doubt, the Puritans were theological titans. The Puritan theological tradition did not emerge out of a vacuum. It was shaped by leaders and theologians who set the trajectory of the movement and shaped its commitments. William Perkins was one of those men. Perkins’s contribution to Puritan theology is inestimable, and this new reprint of his collected works is a much-awaited addition to all who are still shaped and influenced by the Puritans and their commitment to the centrality of the grace of God found only in Jesus Christ. Even now, every true gospel minister stands in debt to Perkins, and in his shadow.”—R. Albert Mohler Jr.