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2421514 30 Days with Augustine: A Prayer Book by Richard E. Buckner (Beacon Hill Press. 9780834132436. Paperback. $12.99)

Filled with prayers, psalms, readings from the writings of St. Augustine, and self-examination questions, 30 Days with Augustine will guide readers through rich content and lead them into a deeper life of prayer.


9780802837394 The Second Letter to the Corinthians by Mark Seifrid (Pillar New Testament Commentary Series. Eerdmans. 9780802837394. Hardback. $50.00)

“Mark Seifrid takes a distinctive approach to the commentator’s task: rather than cataloging and evaluating the opinions of modern scholars, he chooses to focus on his own fresh, stimulating, and very definite interpretation of the letter, its theology, and its significance for fundamental issues of hermeneutics.”—Douglas J. Moo


9780802869883 Revelation as Testimony: A Philosophical-Theological Study by Mats Wahlberg (Eerdmans. 9780802869883. Paperback. $20.00)

“Mats Wahlberg’s Revelation as Testimony is extraordinary — extraordinary in its bold challenge to the widespread assumption by theologians that ‘propositional revelation’ is an untenable idea, extraordinary in the skill with which it employs recent discussions by philosophers to develop the idea of revelation as testimony, extraordinary in the cogency and lucidity of its argumentation. No responsible discussion of revelation henceforth — whether by theological liberals or by theological conservatives — can fail to take account of Wahlberg’s penetrating discussion. I predict that it will be a ‘game changer.’”—Nicholas Wolterstorff


9780825429415 40 Questions about Creation and Evolution by Kenneth Keathley and Mark F. Rooker (Kregel Academic. 9780825429415. Paperback. $19.99)

“Kenneth Keathley and Mark Rooker have given careful attention to the issues surrounding man and his origins. This book deals with the biblical witness, the scientific questions, and the apologetic application. Christians disagree on many points regarding these issues, but this book is a valuable tool regardless of where one comes down on the age of the earth or the finer questions of the relationship between science and exegesis.”—Russell D. Moore


9780825442568 Shepherding God’s Flock: Biblical Leadership in the New Testament and Beyond edited by Benjamin Merkle and Thomas R. Schreiner (Kregel Academic. 9780825442568. Paperback. $18.99)

Pastors have been entrusted with leading the people of God. The shepherds of God’s flock must protect them from and guide them through the many dangers believers face. Although ultimately the Church is led by Christ, pastors are to provide godly examples of what it means to be a follower of the Lord. Consequently, who leads the church, the type of authority they are given, how they relate to one another, to whom they are accountable, and how they are selected are of utmost importance to the life and health of God’s people. This book provides the biblical, historical, theological, and practical foundation of the crucial task of leading God’s people.


9780825443626 The People, the Land, and the Future of Israel: Israel and the Jewish People in the Plan of God by Darrell Bock (Kregel Publications. 9780825443626. Paperback. $16.99)

The People, the Land, and the Future of Israel walks through the Bible’s account of the role of Israel and the Jewish people—both now and in the future. Each contributor offers a profound insight into God’s unfolding plan and purpose for the nation of Israel as the Scripture depicts them. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of both current and future events in the Middle East as described in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament.


gospeldostoyevskyEN The Gospel in Dostoyevsky: Selections from His Works by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Plough Publishing House. 9780874866346. Paperback. $18.00)

An excellent introduction to one of the world’s most important authors, this volume vividly reveals – as none of his novels can on their own – the common thread of the great God-haunted Russian’s questioning faith. Drawn from The Brothers Karamazov, The Idiot, Crime and Punishment, and The Adolescent, the seventeen selections are each prefaced by an explanatory note. Newcomers will find in these pages a rich, accessible sampling. Dostoyevsky devotees will be pleased to find some of the writer’s deepest, most compelling passages in one volume.Illustrations by Fritz Eichenberg, preface by J.I. Packer, and foreword by Malcolm Muggeridge.


9780310513872 Second Forgetting: Remembering the Power of the Gospel During Alzheimer’s Disease by Benjamin Mast (Zondervan. 9780310513872. Paperback. $14.99)

Through the personal stories of those affected and the loved ones who care for them, Dr. Benjamin Mast highlights the power of the gospel for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Filled with helpful, up-to-date information, Dr. Mast answers common questions about the disease and its effect on personal identity and faith as he explores the biblical importance of remembering and God’s commitment to not forget his people. In addition, he gives practical suggestions for how the church can come alongside families and those struggling, offering help and hope to victims of this debilitating disease.

Arrived on New Academic the Week of October 20, 2014

9781418507732 2 Corinthians, Revised by Ralph P. Martin (Word Biblical Commentary Series. Thomas Nelson. 9781418507732. Hardback. $54.99)

The 1986 commentary of veteran scholar Ralph P. Martin on 2 Corinthians has been thoroughly updated by the author, with assistance from a young promising scholar, Carl N. Toney, along with the help of David J. Downs and Mark W. Linder. New sections on the Collection and Rhetoric have been added, and the issues of Composition and Social Setting of the letter have been included, along with topics such as the Spirit, the Opponents, Paul’s Theology, and the Resurrection in this epistle.


9780310291473 A Theology Of James, Peter, And Jude: Living In The Light Of The Coming King by Peter H. Davids (The Biblical Theology of the New Testament Series. Zondervan. 9780310291473. Hardback. $39.99)

In this volume, Peter Davids offers a comprehensive study of the General or Catholic Epistles of James, 1-2 Peter, and Jude, which are often insufficiently covered in more general New Testament introductions, theologies, and surveys. Before discussing a theology of each of the four letters, Davids first deals with their common aspects—their shared background in the Greco-Roman world and a similar Christology, view of the source of sin, and eschatology—thus justifying their being treated together. In the chapters that follow, Davids embarks upon a theological reading of each letter informed by its social-rhetorical understanding—what they meant in the context of their original cultural settings—including: a survey of recent scholarship, a discussion of relevant introductory issues, a thematic commentary, a treatment of important theological themes, and a discussion of the place of the letter in the biblical canon and its contribution to New Testament theology.


9780310516132 Gospel-Centered Counseling: How Christ Changes Lives by Robert W. Kellemen (Equipping Christian Counselors Series. Zondervan. 9780310516132. Paperback. $18.99)

Everyone talks about the personal ministry of the Word, but how do we make one-another ministry truly biblical? Gospel-Centered Counseling equips readers to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth. It does so by examining life’s seven ultimate questions and then guiding readers on a journey that explores the biblical, gospel-centered narrative of:

  • The Word: “What is truth?” “Where can I find answers?”
  • The Trinity: “Who is God?” “Can I know Him personally?”
  • Creation: “Who am I?” “What makes people tick?”
  • Fall: “What went wrong?” “Why do we do the things we do?”
  • Redemption: “Can I change?” “How do people change?”
  • Glorification: “Where am I headed?” “How does our future destiny impact our present reality?”
  • Sanctification: “How can I help?” “How can I change lives?"

Arrived on New Academic the Week of October 6, 2014

9781433526947 God Has Spoken: A History of Christian Theology by Gerald Bray (Crossway. 9781433526947. Hardback. $55.00)

“A remarkably learned, wise, and substantial study of the history of Christian doctrine. Written by an Anglican who is also an evangelical, this volume interacts with the entire scope of Christian theology in all of its major ecclesial trajectories. This book will stand the test of time—in the best tradition of Newman, Harnack, and Pelikan.”—Timothy George

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9781433539466 Redeeming Philosophy: A God-Centered Approach to the Big Questions by Vern S. Poythress (Crossway. 9781433539466. Paperback. $25.00)

“Poythress has again gotten it right. This book contains a great deal of fresh thinking and careful Christian philosophical work. This is Poythress’s clearest integration between linguistics, philosophy, and exegesis. Surely this book contains the most incisive analyses of apples and bookmarks that you will ever find. The point, of course, is that everything in God’s world reflects the richness of the triune God.”—John M. Frame

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9781433541384 New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional by Paul David Tripp (Crossway. 9781433541384. Hardback. $22.99)

“Paul Tripp beautifully blends wisdom that has been gained through years of counseling, insight into the biblical story of redemption, and his strong grasp of Christ as our substitute to produce a series of daily devotions that both warm the heart of the hurting and challenge the complacent. You will find this book to be both deeply rooted in scriptural truths and yet eminently readable. I highly recommend it!”—Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

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9781451488876 Jesus the Seer: The Progress of Prophecy by Ben Witherington III (Fortress Press. 9781451488876. Paperback. $39.00)

“In ranging over two millennia of the phenomenon of prophecy and offering a sustained interpretation of the whole phenomenon, this book is something of a tour de force. It is not too surprising that it has not been attempted before. Witherington’s command of the several scholarly fields his book traverses is impressive. This book will undoubtedly stimulate fresh study of biblical prophecy within the broad historical and cultural context it provides.”—Richard Bauckham


9780830827183 Hidden But Now Revealed: A Biblical Theology of Mystery by G. K. Beale and Benjamin L. Gladd (IVP Academic. 9780830827183. Paperback. $27.00)

“An intriguing theological and exegetical exploration of a key New Testament theme, especially in Paul. As the book’s authors argue, the early Christian use of ‘mysteries’ surely reflects the strong influence of Daniel.”—Craig Keener


9780830836765 True Paradox: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Complex World by David Skeel (IVP Academic. 9780830836765. Paperback. $15.00)

“Christianity, which is so simple that a child may understand and believe, is also filled with complexity. Those who have sung with Isaac Watts, ‘When God the mighty maker died,’ know that they live with much that cannot be explained simply. David Skeel’s unusually thought-provoking book offers on one level a careful response to literature from the New Atheists. On a deeper level it explains why trying to understand the complexities of Christian faith may leave those who make the effort lost in wonder, love and praise.”—Mark Noll


9780830840601 The Future of Evangelical Theology: Soundings from the Asian American Diaspora by Amos Yong (IVP Academic. 9780830840601. Paperback. $25.00)

“Amos Yong delivers to Protestantism a beautiful matrix of biblical and cultural analysis that provides a model for the types of discussions we must have if evangelicalism is to have a future in the West. Yong helps us see that recapturing evangelicalism’s past is not the way forward, given the fact that ethnic minorities and immigrants, and Asian Americans in particular, are among the most vibrant and growing sectors of evangelicalism today. Yong will not only increase the reader’s cultural intelligence, but the book provides the right questions and categories that all strands of American Protestantism must engage in the twenty-first century. This book is essential reading for those who care about the future of Christianity in the West.”—Anthony Bradley

Arrived on New Academic the Week of September 29, 2014

9781451465518 The Reformation to the Modern Church: A Reader in Christian Theology edited by Keith D. Stanglin (Fortress Press. 9781451465518. Paperback. $49.00)

In this all-new primary-source anthology, Keith D. Stanglin has done the heavy lifting for a new generation of classrooms. Stanglin has edited and introduced over 100 selections to create a reader that orients students to the ebb and flow of thought that moves out from the pre-Reformation period. Attentive to major movements such as confessionalization, pietism, skepticism, liberalism, and revivalism, Stanglin organizes the readings into nine chapters and provides helpful introductions to each: Late Medieval Contexts, Outbreak of Reform, Radical Reformation, Roman Catholic (Counter-)Reformation, Protestant Codifiers and Confessionalization, Enlightenment and Skepticism, Pietism and Revivalism, Liberal Protestantism and Responses, and Late Modern Fragmentation and Ecumenism.

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9780674052185 America’s Pastor: Billy Graham and the Shaping of a Nation by Grant Wacker (Harvard University Press. 9780674052185. Hardback. $27.95)

“A striking and authoritative account of one of the most influential Americans of recent times. Wacker writes gracefully and offers a fund of astute insights. By exploring Graham’s background, his character, his beliefs, and his work, he reveals how Graham could move so comfortably among the powerful and at the same time always be able to speak effectively to so many ordinary people. Both Graham’s admirers and his critics will come away from America’s Pastor with a fresh appreciation of the man and his world.”—George M. Marsden



9780989167154 Biblical Theology, Volume 1: The Common Grace Covenants by Jeffrey Jay Niehaus (Weaver Book Company. 978089167154. Paperback. $29.99)

“Niehaus brings to culmination his lifelong study of ancient near eastern covenants and their importance for understanding biblical covenant as the foundation to biblical theology. He contends that Scripture in its entirety and God’s relationship with human life from creation are covenantal in nature. By showing a pattern in God’s covenantal designs, he demonstrates the cohesive message of the Bible. Every scholar and pastor will benefit from this refreshingly new and lively written approach.”—Kenneth Matthews

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Arrived on New Academic the Week of September 22, 2014

9781433684548 The Expected One: Anticipating All of Jesus in the Advent by Scott James (B&H. 9781433684548. Hardback. $9.99)

“ I enthusiastically recommend The Expected One. It can be used in many different ways, whether alone, with your family, with friends, in a small group, or even as a church altogether.”—David Platt


Six New Releases from Baker Publishing Group

Baker Publishing Group (6 New Releases 9-30-14)

  • Compassion Without Compromise: How the Gospel Frees Us to Love Our Gay Friends Without Losing the Truth by Adam T. Barr and Ron Citlau (Bethany House. 9780764212406. Paperback. $12.99)
  • Re:Vision: The Key to Transforming Your Church by Aubrey Malphurs and Gordon E. Penfold (Baker Books. 9780801016820. Paperback. $19.99)
  • Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church by Scot McKnight (Brazos Press. 9781587433603. Paperback. $21.99)
  • From Every Tribe and Nation: A Historian’s Discovery of the Global Christian Story by Mark A. Noll (Turning South: Christian Scholars in an Age of World Christianity Series from Baker Academic. 9780801039935. Paperback. $19.99)
  • Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker: A Theological Vision for Discipleship and Life Together by Andrew Root (Baker Academic. 9780801049057. Paperback. $19.99)
  • Galatians and Christian Theology: Justification, the Gospel, and Ethics in Paul’s Letter (Baker Academic. 9780801049514. Paperback. $40.00)


9781433541148 A Complete Handbook of Literary Forms in the Bible by Leland Ryken (Crossway. 9781433541148. Paperback. $19.99)

“Here is a reader-friendly handbook that will significantly enhance one’s understanding of the Bible. What a wonderful tool for pastors, laypeople, and students alike, who will now be able to benefit from Leland Ryken’s wise insights and marvelous literary skills. I heartily recommend this volume.”—David S. Dockery

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9780802872081 The Pilgrim’s Regress, Wade Annotated Edition by C. S. Lewis (Eerdmans. 9780802872081. Hardback. $25.00)

The Pilgrim’s Regress, the first book Lewis wrote after becoming a Christian, remains one of the best records of how he went from cynical atheist to joyous believer. It is no exaggeration to say that David Downing’s superb annotations allow those of us who do not share Lewis’s vast philosophical, literary, and linguistic background to understand and enjoy this classic work in a way not possible before. A must for all serious Lewis fans.”—Devin Brown


Six New Releases from HarperCollins Christian Publishing

HarperCollins Christian Publishing (6 New Releases 9-30-14)

  • 52 Little Lessons from Les Miserables by Bob Welch (Thomas Nelson. 9781400206667. Hardback. $16.99)
  • 1 & 2 Thessalonians by John Byron (The Story of God Bible Commentary Series. Zondervan. 9780310327264. Hardback. $31.99)
  • Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World by Michael S. Horton (Zondervan. 9780310517375. Paperback. $15.99)
  • Scripture and Counseling: God’s Word for Life in a Broken World edited by Bob Kelleman and Jeff Forrey (Zondervan. 9780310516835. Hardback. $32.99)
  • Mark by Mark L. Strauss (Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament Series. Zondervan. 9780310243588. Hardback. $42.99)
  • Real Christian: Bearing the Marks of Authentic Faith by Todd Wilson (Zondervan. 9780310515838. Paperback. $16.99)