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Introducing Logic and Critical Thinking: The Skills of Reasoning and the Virtues of Inquiry by T. Ryan Byerly (Baker Academic. Paperback. 9780801030819. $29.99)

“This excellent textbook both introduces students to logic and invites them to lives of intellectual virtue. Even better, it exemplifies the virtues that it discusses. Byerly’s book is a real gift–one that deserves widespread appreciation and use. I won’t hesitate to use this book in my own classes, and I will continue to learn from it as well.”~Thomas H. McCall, professor of biblical and systematic theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Good Arguments by Richard A. Holland, Jr. and Benjamin K. Forrest (Baker Academic. Paperback. 9780801097799. $17.99)

“Most textbooks on argumentation cover too much or too little, aiming either too high or too low. Good Arguments is just right. Clear, compact, and complete, it’s just the text I’ve been looking for. I know it will serve my writing students well.”~Karen Swallow Prior, professor of English, Liberty University


The Pietist Option: Hope for the Renewal of Christianity by Christopher Gehrz and Mark Pattie III (IVP Academic. Hardback. 9780830851942. $23.00)

“Warning! The cheeky title of this book is misleading. You’ll find no snark here, no polemics. If you’re looking for a pugnacious encounter, go elsewhere. What you will find here is an immensely winsome vision, drawing on the riches of the Pietist tradition but addressed to all who seek ‘to live as if Jesus Christ has actually conquered the grave.'”~John Wilson, editor, Education & Culture


Portraits of a Pastor: The 9 Essential Roles of a Church Leader edited by Jason K. Allen (Moody Publishers. Paperback. 9780802416346. $13.99)

“Pastor as Shepherd” – Jared C. Wilson
“Pastor as Husband and Father” – Daniel L. Akin
“Pastor as Preacher” – Jason K. Allen
“Pastor as Theologian” – Owen D. Strachan
“Pastor as Church Historian” – Christian T. George
“Pastor as Evangelist” – John Mark Yeats
“Pastor as Missionary” – Jason G. Duesing
“Pastor as Leader” – Ronnie W. Floyd
“Pastor as Man of God” – Donald S. Whitney

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Sing! How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church by Keith and Kristyn Getty (B&H Books. 9781462742660. Hardback. $12.99. SALE – $6.49)

Why do you sing at church?

It’s a question we almost never ask out loud. Yet, it is a question central to the lives of Christians who regularly gather together for worship.

Do you sing to God? Or do you “address one another in hymns and spiritual songs,” as the Scripture says? Do you close your eyes? What is your posture in worship? This book is designed with these questions in mind.

Or maybe you don’t sing at church–or if you do, not with very much enthusiasm, hoping to hide behind a wall of sound. After all, not everyone sings at the same skill level, same rhythm, or pitch.

After all, singing is one of the most commanded acts in scripture.

Authors, lyricists, and worship leaders Keith and Kristyn Getty write to church members to remind them why the Church should sing, when the Church should sing, and how the Church should sing. A congregation that gains a greater understanding of why they sing won’t dread a worship service, with arms crossed and shoulders slumped, but see singing as an opportunity to proclaim the gospel together in obedience to God.

Sing! guides individual church members together with their congregation on a campaign to declare with one voice, “This is why we Sing!.”


Herman Bavinck on Preaching & Preachers edited by James P. Eglinton (Hendrickson. 9781619709782. Paperback. $16.95)

“It is too rare to have a world-class theologian telling and showing us how to preach, but here we have the great Herman Bavinck doing so. His discussion in Eloquence in Herman Bavinck on Preaching & Preachers is remarkably nuanced, where he calls for a combination of theological substance with moving eloquence, as well as ‘solemnity and unction.’ What he said a century ago is no less true now: ‘Preaching is, at present, out of touch with the time and does not meet its needs.’ This volume will help us face the challenge of preaching in our own age.”—Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City


Free Will Revisited: A Respectful Response to Luther, Calvin, and Edwards by Robert E. Picirilli (Wipf & Stock. 9781532618468. Paperback. $20.00)

“Robert Picirilli is a seasoned scholar who is one of the best-known advocates of Reformed Arminianism, speaking from his Free Will Baptist tradition. Free Will Revisited carefully articulates the objections that Luther, Calvin, and Edwards present against free will, and provides a compelling defense of free will. Calvinists, Arminians, and those who are undecided will profit from reading his discussion of this vital issue for Christian theology.”—Steve Lemke, Provost, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

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Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global by Andy Johnson (Crossway. 9781433555701. Hardback. $14.99)

“What a helpful book! Andy Johnson has a clear eye on the gospel as he helps us think through the basic principles a sending church needs to have in place before anyone leaves for the field. Drawing on years of experience as a missions pastor, Andy skillfully and winsomely tackles what it means to have healthy mission partnerships. He then helps us think through a number of modern missionary issues: short terms, the international church, and more. I long for every church with a shred of missions interest to read and apply this book.”J. Mack Stiles


Making All Things New: Restoring Joy to the Sexually Broken by David Powlison (Crossway. 9781433556142. Paperback. $11.99)

“Sexual sin can seem like a trap from which one can never escape. David Powlison brings good news to those caught in sexual sin, and to those who have been sinned against. This book addresses sexual sin not with shame and moralizing but with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We all need to hear the message of this book.”Russell D. Moore, president, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention


1-2 Thessalonians: A 12-Week Study by Matt Smethurst (Crossway. 9781433553851. Paperback. $8.99)

1–2 Thessalonians remind God’s people of the salvation he has secured for those he has called. When King Jesus returns, he will deliver his people and bring justice to the earth.

Connecting Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians to the lives of Christians today, this 12-week study encourages readers with assurance and hope—pointing them to God’s faithfulness as they pursue lives of holiness and love in anticipation of Jesus’ second coming.

Click here to read a sample from this bible study.


Old-Earth or Evolutionary Creation? Discussing Origins with Reasons to Believe and BioLogos edited by Kenneth Keathley, J. B. Stump, and Joe Aguirre (IVP Academic. 9780830852925. Paperback. $24.00)

“This Reasons to Believe and BioLogos conversation is highly commendable, and it’s important for a number of reasons. First, its tone is irenic, gracious, and humble. Second, its participants trust the Christian integrity of the other conversation partners. Third, it takes the authority of Scripture seriously as participants grapple with the implications of biblical interpretation in light of scientific discovery. Fourth, the Southern Baptist theologians serving as moderators are effective in guiding and focusing the conversation as they call for clarification and further elaboration from both sides. Finally, this conversation takes for granted the strong evidence for an ancient earth, allowing the discussion to push past the young-earth versus old-earth debate to far more pressing issues needing attention within the Christian community.”Paul Copan, professor and Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University


Recapturing the Wonder: Transcendent Faith in a Disenchanted World by Mike Cosper (IVP Books. 9780830845064. Paperback. $17.00)

“The word wonderful is a cliché these days, meaning simply ‘very good.’ This book, though, reclaims what it means to be wonder-full. Mike Cosper, one of the keenest gospel Christian analysts of culture alive today, shows us in this book why our world has become so disenchanted and charts us back to the joy of awe. This is an awe-full and wonder-full book, in the right meaning of both of those words.”Russell Moore, president, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention


The Economics of Neighborly Love: Investing in Your Community’s Compassion and Capacity by Tom Nelson (IVP Books. 9780830843923. Paperback. $16.00)

“Tom Nelson’s new book is a great contribution to a growing and needed literature that helps churches connect to their parishes and neighborhoods and serve not only individuals, but the public good. There is an emerging awareness of the importance of this, but few volumes are as practical as this one in describing the way forward. I recommend it!”Tim Keller


Marry Wisely, Marry Well: A Blueprint for Personal Preparation by Ernie Baker (Shepherd Press. 9781633421189. Paperback. $14.95)

“…a wonderful distillation of biblical principles … a superbly practical, biblically-based handbook for young people and students who are seeking the wisdom of God’s Word in order to make sure their expectations, their affections, and their hearts are right before God as they contemplate the most important and far-reaching human relationship they will ever enter into.”—John MacArthur

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Exalting Jesus in Isaiah by Andrew M. Davis (B & H Books. 9780805497380. Paperback. $14.99)

“Without a doubt Isaiah is one of the most important books in the Old Testament, and the New Testament use of Isaiah gives it a particular significance. Andy Davis’s commentary is a helpful addition to studies on Isaiah at several levels. He takes seriously the historical message of Isaiah so that he doesn’t simply leap to the New Testament and avoid the Old Testament context. At the same time, the fulfillment of Isaiah in the New Testament receives careful and wise attention. Finally, Davis applies the message of Isaiah to today’s world. I recommend this work enthusiastically.”–Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


No Silver Bullets by Daniel Im (B & H Books. 9781433651540. Paperback. $16.99)

“While discipling others who will then disciple others is Jesus’ master plan, defining maturity is sometimes tricky. I’m grateful that Daniel outlines a research-based, yet practical way, to understand and move people toward Christlikeness. Don’t miss this.” –Robert E. Coleman, distinguished senior professor of Evangelism and Discipleship, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Encountering the History of Missions: From Early Church to Today by John Mark Terry and Robert L. Gallagher (Baker Academic. 9780801026966. Paperback. $29.99)

“Missions history is much more than the story of crossing boundaries and developing strategies; it’s the story of people. This book is thus about encountering people–men and women who devoted their lives to the spread of the good news to the nations. The authors have done what might seem to be impossible: telling the story of centuries of missions history while holding the reader’s attention through biographical portraits, relevant sidebars, and challenging case studies. I finished this book asking God to allow me to play a role, even a minor one, in the continuing story of missions history. Somehow, I think the authors would be pleased.”–Chuck Lawless, professor of evangelism and missions, dean of graduate studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary


The Fear of the Lord is Wisdom: An Introduction to Wisdom in Israel by Tremper Longman III (Baker Academic. 9780801027116 Hardcover. $32.99)

Wisdom plays an important role in the Old Testament, particularly in Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes. This major work from renowned scholar Tremper Longman III examines wisdom in the Old Testament and explores its theological influence on the intertestamental books, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and especially the New Testament.

Longman notes that wisdom is a practical category (the skill of living), an ethical category (a wise person is a virtuous person), and most foundationally a theological category (the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom). The author discusses Israelite wisdom in the context of the broader ancient Near East, treats the connection between wisdom in the New Testament and in the Old Testament, and deals with a number of contested issues, such as the relationship of wisdom to prophecy, history, and law.


Martin Luther’s Theology of Beauty: A Reappraisal by Mark C. Mattes (Baker Academic. 9780801098376. Hardcover. $35.00)

“Beauty has historically been a neglected topic in much of traditional Protestant theology, a lacuna of increasing significance in an age that is more and more preoccupied with aesthetics. In this book Mark Mattes retrieves Martin Luther as a source for aesthetic reflection and, in so doing, brings both Luther’s thought and the Protestantism that stems from him into important dialogue with both earlier theologians and contemporary thinkers such as Charles Taylor and John Milbank. Martin Luther’s Theology of Beauty is rich in historical theological insight and modern philosophical potential.” –Carl R. Trueman, Paul Woolley Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary, Pennsylvania


Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran Traditions by Timothy J. Wengert (Baker Academic. 9780801049699. Hardcover. $59.99)

“This comprehensive dictionary of Lutheranism will be a welcome addition to the library of anyone with interest in the Lutheran Reformation or the progress of Lutheranism to the present day. It is a gold mine of useful information on the topic, all contained conveniently between two boards.” –Tony Lane, professor of historical theology, London School of Theology”


Practices of Love: Spiritual Disciplines for the Life of the World by Kyle David Bennett (Brazos Press. 9781587434037. Paperback. $17.99)

Spiritual disciplines are often viewed primarily as a means to draw us closer to God. While these practices do deepen and enrich our “vertical” relationship with God, Kyle David Bennett argues that they were originally designed to positively impact our “horizontal” relationships–with neighbors, strangers, enemies, friends, family, animals, and even the earth. Bennett explains that this “horizontal” dimension has often been overlooked or forgotten in contemporary discussions of the spiritual disciplines.

This book offers an alternative way of understanding the classic spiritual disciplines that makes them relevant, doable, and meaningful for everyday Christians. Bennett shows how the disciplines are remedial practices that correct the malformed ways we do everyday things, such as think, eat, talk, own, work, and rest. Through personal anecdotes, engagement with Scripture, and vivid cultural references, he invites us to practice the spiritual disciplines wholesale and shows how changing the way we do basic human activities can bring healing, renewal, and transformation to our day-to-day lives and the world around us.

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A Burning and Shining Light: The Testimony and Witness of George Whitfield by Dan Nelson (LifeSong Publishers. 9780979911675. Paperback. $19.99)

“Dan Nelson’s biography of George Whitefield is a wonderfully engaging chronicle of a truly great life. I love the rich insights into Whitefield’s personality and opinions. Whitefield had an amazing gift for proclaiming the Word of God with tremendous passion and power—even in the most hostile environments. As a result, he was enormously influential in his generation, and he left a long-lasting mark on the culture of both the United Kingdom and America. Evangelicals in the current generation desperately need to rediscover Whitefield and imbibe a fresh dose of his faith and his love for the Word of God.”—John MacArthur, Pastor, Author, President, The Master’s Seminary


Is Hell for Real? And Other Questions About Judgment, Eternity and the God of Love by Erik Raymond (The Good Book Company. 9781784980689. Paperback. $7.99)

The word Hell conjures up all kinds of nightmares in people’s minds. But also presents a difficulty for many Christians. How can a God who the Bible says literally “is love” condemn anyone to an eternity of torment? Will punishment be eternal? Is Hell for real?

In this short, accessible book, pastor and author Erik Raymond reviews this important subject for everyone with pastoral warmth and biblical clarity.


John 1-12 For You by Josh Moody (The Good Book Company. 9781784982164. Hardback. $22.99)

Josh Moody helps those new to John to dip their toes in its waters, while also showing new depths to those more familiar with this Gospel. Jesus came to bring life to the full—and in showing us his seven signs, John pictures the fulfillment that comes from living life as a follower of the Word become flesh.

This Expository Guide takes you verse by verse through the text in an accessible and applied way. It is less academic than a traditional commentary and can be read cover-to-cover, used in personal devotions, used to lead small group studies, or used for sermon preparation.


God and the Transgender Debate by Andrew T. Walker (The Good Book Company. 9781784981785. Paperback. $14.99).

What is transgender and gender fluidity? What does God’s Word actually say about these issues? How can the gospel be good news for someone experiencing gender dysphoria? How should churches respond?

This warm, faithful and careful book helps Christians understand what the Bible says about gender identity. It will help us to engage lovingly, thoughtfully and faithfully with one of the most explosive cultural discussions of our day.

If you want to learn more and love better, and are open to considering what God has to say about sex and gender, this hope-filled book is for you.
Includes a section looking at practical questions including:

– Can someone be transgender and Christian?
– Should I mind if people who are biologically the other sex are in my restroom?
– What should church leaders do if a congregation member asks for their child to be identified as the opposite gender?
– Is it true that Christian teaching is harmful and can lead to depression and higher suicide rates?
– What about people who are born intersex?


God and Soul Care: The Therapeutic Resources of the Christian Faith by Eric L. Johnson (IVP Press. 9780830851591. Hardcover. $45.00).

“Augustine’s Soliloquies includes a dialogue between himself and his Reason, who asks him what he wants to know: ‘”I want to know God and the soul.” “Nothing more?” “Nothing at all.”‘ Eric Johnson wants to know how God heals the soul. This book is his answer. It’s a work of radical Christian scholarship that lets theology into the driver’s seat of psychology from the start. The result is a salutary theology that features the psychological health-giving implications of various Christian doctrines, united by a common trinitarian framework. This is the main course for which Johnson’s Foundations for Soul Care was the appetizer. Christianity as theo-therapy: Augustine would no doubt be pleased.”—Kevin J. Vanhoozer, research professor of systematic theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School