Desiring God Pastor’s Conference – John Piper on George Herbert (1593–1633)

Throughout the year, we have the privilege of partnering with organizations like Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, Advance the Church, Liberate, et al, to provide great resources to the conference attendees.

During Desiring God’s upcoming Pastor’s Conference, John Piper will be giving a talk entitled “The Pastor-Shepherd as Poet and Prophet: Thoughts from the Life and Poetry of George Herbert.” Below are two books we’ll have in the conference bookstore for those wanting to know more about George Herbert. If you’re planning to attend the conference, be sure to stop by the bookstore and take a look at both.

  • A Year with George Herbert: A Guide to Fifty-Two of His Best Loved Poems by Jim Scott Orrick. Here’s a brief description of this book:

    “…many notable Christians have testified of their love for George Herbert’s poetry. The great nineteenth-century preacher C. H. Spurgeon and his wife would sometimes read Herbert’s poetry together on Sunday evenings. Richard Baxter wrote, ‘Herbert speaks to God like one that really believeth a God, and whose business in the world is most with God.’ C. S. Lewis described Herbert as ‘a man who seemed to me to excel all the authors I had ever read in conveying the very quality of life as we actually live it from moment to moment . . .’

Regrettably, as the years have passed, Herbert’s poetry has been increasingly neglected outside the academy. Many who would love Herbert have never even heard of him. Others feel intimidated by his poetry, fearing that they do not have the education necessary to understand what Herbert has written. In this book, Jim Orrick has made the poetry of George Herbert accessible even to those who have had no experience reading poetry. In addition to providing thorough notes for each poem, Orrick also gives basic pointers about how to read poetry. Why not follow C. H. Spurgeon’s example and ‘have a page or two of good George Herbert’ on your Sunday evenings? Those who follow this prescription will be deeply enriched for having spent A Year with George Herbert.”