Arrived on New Academic the Week of June 23, 2014

9781451470321 The Future of the Word: An Eschatology of Reading by Tiffany Eberle Kriner (Fortress Press. 9781451470321. Paperback. $39.00)

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9781451482782 Augustine’s Theology of Preaching by Peter T. Sanlon (Fortress Press. 9781451482782. Paperback. $24.00)

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Six New Titles from IVP Academic

IVP Academic New Releases (6-23-14)

Christ Crucified: Understanding the Atonement by Donald Maccleod (IVP Academic. 9780830840618. Paperback. $22.00)

Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations: Global Awakenings in Theology and Praxis by L. Daniel Hawk (IVP Academic. 9780830840533. Paperback. $30.00)

Faith and Reason: Three Views by Steve Wilkens (IVP Academic. 9780830840403. Paperback. $25.00)

Suffering and the Search for Meaning: Contemporary Responses to the Problem of Pain by Richard Rice (IVP Academic. 9780830840373. Paperback. $18.00)

Why Church History Matters: An Invitation to Love and Learn from Our Past by Robert F. Rea (IVP Academic. 9780830828197. Paperback. $20.00)

Introduction to Biblical Ethics: Walking in the Way of Wisdom by Robertson McQuilkin (IVP Academic. 9780830828180. Paperback. $45.00)

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