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9780801016462 The Atheist’s Fatal Flaw: Exposing Conflicting Beliefs by Norman L. Geisler and Daniel J. McCoy (Baker Books. 9780801016462. Paperback. $14.99)

“Written in a clear, flowing style, this book is a model for Christian apologetics today.”—Winfried Corduan

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156062 Galatians by A. Andrew Das (Concordia Commentary Series. 9780758615527. Hardback. $49.99)

“Massively researched with careful and clear exposition of the text and key critical issues: this will be an invaluable resource for all those grappling with Paul’s presentation of his gospel in Galatians.”—Christopher Tuckett

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9781601783158 An All-Surpassing Fellowship: Learning from Robert Murray M‘Cheyne’s Communion with God (Reformation Heritage. 9781601783158. Paperback. $15.00)

“Beaty does a masterful job in not just walking us through M‘Cheyne’s life, but in revealing afresh the source of M‘Cheyne’s blessings: a holy, prayerful dependence on the Savior.” —Michael D. McMullen

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null.jpg_8844 Proof: Finding Freedom Through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace by Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones (Zondervan. 9780310513896. Paperback. $16.99)

The Gospel of Jesus Christ opens our eyes to the freeing power of authentic grace – grace that releases us from trying to earn God’s favor, grace that liberates from the tyranny of trying to please others, and grace that empowers us to pursue authentic holiness … Understanding more about how God’s grace works can help us to withstand the attacks of legalism and the cheapening of grace that leads God’s people to lose sight of the freedom and joy of the gospel.

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