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Arrived on New Academic the week of September 23, 2013

9781433681745The Anabaptists and Contemporary Baptists: Restoring New Testament Christianity edited by Malcolm B. Yarnell, III (B&H Academic. 9781433681745. Hardback. $49.99)

“In this scholarly collection of essays dealing with the Anabaptists, who are clearly spiritual kin to modern-day Baptists in certain key areas, the life and witness of Dr. Paige Patterson is rightly honored. It is appropriate that the essays deal with the Anabaptists, for Dr. Patterson has been ardent in his promotion of the reading of and about these followers of the Lord Jesus, confident that they have much to teach contemporary Baptists and indeed all Christians. And like those radical disciples of the sixteenth century, Dr. Patterson has sought to be passionately loyal to his Lord in our day—and for that passion and loyalty, there are many, like myself, who are deeply and eternally grateful.”—Michael A. G. Haykin


9780805495300The Holman Apologetics Commentary on the Bible: The Gospels and Acts edited by Jeremy Royal Howard (B&H Reference. 9780805495300. Hardback. $39.99)

This first volume in the series contains a commentary on each of the four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles that features apologetics-focused analysis and exposition of biblical passages in which apologetics issues arise. Criticisms of the text are answered. Positive proofs are brought to light. And readers are educated in the basic issues of New Testament literature and composition that will help clear away some of the apparent difficulties in the New Testament text.

Contributors: Michael J. Wilkins (Matthew), Craig A. Evans (Mark), Darrell L. Bock (Luke and Acts), and Andreas J. Kostenberger (John).

Arrived on New Academic the week of September 16, 2013

9781433537134Delighting in the Law of the Lord: God’s Alternative to Legalism and Moralism by Jerram Barrs (Crossway. 9781433537134. Paperback. $25.00)

“Jerram Barrs has given us a gripping account of how God’s law, understood through the grace released in Jesus Christ, is the best guide we could find. Barrs shows us the biblical path to a sane and balanced worldview, avoiding the pitfalls of utopian theocracy, libertarian naïveté, and cultural indifference. More than a guide, this book is an invitation to see God as our only comfort in life and in death. Delighting in the Law of the Lord is simply delightful!” —William Edgar


9781433533389Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem by Kevin DeYoung (Crossway. 9781433533389. Paperback. $11.99)

“I’m a fan of Kevin DeYoung’s writing, partly because I know what to expect. He’s always clear, biblical, and to the point—with a good dose of humor peppered in. Crazy Busy is no exception. It’s a quick and engaging read that busy people can find time for. DeYoung helped me think about the heart issues behind my busyness, and even gave me some practical ways to fight it. As a pretty busy guy, I encourage other busy folks to squeeze this little book into their schedule.” —Trip Lee


9781433522123Fallen: A Theology of Sin edited by Christopher W. Morgan and Robert A. Peterson (Theology in Community Series. Crossway. 9781433522123. Paperback. $19.99)

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9781433537875Acting the Miracle: God’s Work and Ours in the Mystery of Sanctification (Crossway. 9781433537875. Paperback. $16.99)

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Untitled-1Does God Desire All to Be Saved? by John Piper (Crossway. 9781433537196. Paperback. $9.99)

In this short, theological essay, John Piper builds a scriptural case that God’s unconditional election unto salvation is compatible with God’s genuine desire and offer for all to be saved. Helping us to make sense of this seemingly paradoxical relationship, Piper wisely holds both truths in tension as he explores the Bible’s teaching on this challenging topic, graciously responds to those who disagree, and motivates us to passionately proclaim the free offer of the gospel to all people.


107557lgOne Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World by Tullian Tchividjian (David C. Cook. 9780781406901. Paperback. $14.99)

“Tullian goes straight to the heart of what is taking the heart out of people: an addiction to performance. Performancism equates value with accomplishments. God’s grace, on the other hand, equates value with God’s love. It is one-way, from Him. And it is guaranteed. Tullian captures the wonder of grace and offers it to us all. I urge you to read this book!” —Max Lucado


9780802405999A Reasonable Response: Answers to Tough Questions on God, Christianity, and the Bible by William Lane Craig and Joseph E. Gorra (Moody Publishers. 9780802405999. Paperback. $21.99)

Utilizing real questions submitted to his popular website, Dr. Craig models well-reasoned, skillful, and biblically informed interaction with his inquirers. A Reasonable Response goes beyond merely talking about apologetics to showing it in action. With cowriter Joseph E. Gorra, this book also offers advice about envisioning and practicing the ministry of answering people’s questions through the local church, workplace, and in online environments.

Arrived on New Academic the week of September 9, 2013

9781433681769The Sending Church: The Church Must Leave the Building by Pat Hood (B&H. 9781433681769. Paperback. $14.99)

In The Sending Church pastor Pat Hood uses examples from his own congregation (LifePoint Church, a multi-site congregation based in Smyrna, Tennessee) to show how a church isn’t really a church until it leaves the building and expands God’s Kingdom in the local neighborhood and around the world.


9781433681721Gospel-Centered Teaching: Showing Christ in All the Scripture by Trevin Wax (B&H. 9781433681721. Paperback. $12.99)

For small group leaders and Sunday school facilitators who prefer truth over technique, Gospel-Centered Teaching is refreshing in its simple purpose to remind you of something you already instinctively know: "It’s Jesus who changes lives, and the goal of your Bible study is to continually reintroduce people to Him."


5388From Jesus to the New Testament: Early Christian Theology and the Origin of the New Testament Canon  by Jens Schröter (Baylor University Press. 9781602588226. Hardback. $59.95)

Jens Schröter is Professor for Exegesis and Theology of the New Testament at the Faculty of Theology at the Humboldt-University in Berlin.


9780802867827The Oral Gospel Tradition by James D. G. Dunn (Eerdmans. 9780802867827. Paperback. $45.00)

In fifteen scholarly essays Dunn discusses such issues as the role of eyewitnesses and of memory, how the Jesus tradition was shaped by oral usage, and the importance of seeing the biblical materials not so much as frozen writing but as living tradition, today almost as much as in the beginnings of the Gospel tradition.


9780802869470Christ across the Disciplines: Past, Present, Future edited by Roger Lundin (Eerdmans. 9780802869470. Paperback. $20.00)

Contributors: Stephen M. Barr, Katherine Clay Bassard, David Bebbington, Jeremy S. Begbie, David N. Livingstone, John Schmalzbauer, Sujit Sivasundaram, Eleonore Stump, John Webster


3765Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power by Andy Crouch (IVP. 9780830837656. Hardback. $25.00)

"This book plowed through my heart, leaving idol shards everywhere in its path. Andy Crouch, one of Christianity’s most compelling visionaries on culture, examines power and the ways we should harness it for human flourishing and the glory of God. The book will prompt you to rethink assumptions and perhaps to reset priorities. It is a ‘powerful’ read, in the right sense of that word." —Russell D. Moore


4105The Missional Quest: Becoming a Church of the Long Run by Lance Ford and Brad Brisco (IVP. 9780830841509. Paperback. $17.00)

"Not only are Brad Brisco and Lance Ford great friends, they are also highly gifted colleagues deeply involved in helping to birth and nurture the missional church in America and beyond. This is a top-class practical resource to help any community live into its own missional future." —Alan Hirsch

Arrived on New Academic the Week of September 3, 2013

9780805496444Exalting Jesus in Matthew by David Platt (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary Series. B&H Academic. 9780805496444. Paperback. $12.99)

Exalting Jesus in Matthew is the second volume in the series and is solely authored by David Platt (best-selling author of Radical). Other projected contributors to the series include notable authors such as Russell D. Moore, Al Mohler, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, and others.


9781433534041Kingdom Come by Philip Graham Ryken (Crossway. 9781433534041. Paperback. $12.99)

“I have over a hundred books on the Kingdom of God in my library, but this is the only one I’d recommend to everyone.” —Rick Warren