Arrived on New Academic the Week of March 18, 2013

The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook edited by Pat Ennis and Dorothy Kelley Patterson (Crossway. 9781433528385. Paperback. $25)

This one-stop reference tool gives you tips and training on everything from meal9781433528385 planning to interior decorating, biblical womanhood to budgeting, so that you can become a holistic homemaker! It features practical teaching from Scripture, instructions for do-it-yourself projects, application questions, helpful resources, a comprehensive index, and more.

With nearly 50 years of marriage experience, 30 years of college-level home economics instruction, and a commitment to biblical womanhood, the editors of The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook have compiled the comprehensive manual for today’s woman and her home.

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Pat Ennis is distinguished professor and director of homemaking programs at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dorothy Kelley Patterson is professor of theology in women’s studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where her husband, Paige Patterson, is the president.


As You Go: Creating a Missional Culture of Gospel-Centered Students by Alvin L. Reid (NavPress. 9781612913025. Paperback. $12.99)

Today’s students long for a rich, meaningful faith. They want something more than a 9781612913025moral code and therapeutic worship that leaves them unsatisfied and uninspired. Speaker, author, and evangelism professor Alvin L. Reid reveals a key to capturing students’ hearts for life: a missional youth ministry. Through practical teaching and powerful application tools, discover how giving teens a grander purpose and vision and encouraging them to see all of life as a mission field transforms their faith, their lives, and the world.

Alvin Reid is a professor of evangelism and student ministry and the Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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