Arrived on New Academic the Week of February 4

The Problem of Evil: The Challenge to Essential Christian Beliefs by Jeremy A. Evans (B&H Academic. 9781433671807. $24.99)

The Problem of Evil offers a comprehensive examination of the problem of evil from both technical and ministerial perspectives. Author and acclaimed philosophy professor Jeremy A. Evans treats the history of the problem with fairness, looking at it through contemporary philosophical literature and offering responses to the most substantive arguments from evil. His purpose is to provide holistic responses to the problem of evil that are philosophically and theologically maintainable.

Among the chapters are “Introduction to the Problem of Evil,” “The Logical Problem of Evil,” “The Evidential Problem of Evil,” “The Problem of Hell,” “The Problem of Divine Hiddenness,” “The Defeat of Evil,” “Moral Evil: Comparing Theism and Naturalism,” and “Evil and the Worship Worthiness of God.”

Jeremy A. Evans is assistant professor of Philosophy at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina.


Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World by Warren Carter (Baker Academic. 9780801039164. $21.99)


ForeTalk: Taking Care of Tomorrow Today by Stan Craig (Legacy Publishing. 9780985355601. $16.95)




Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Ethics and the Beginnings of Human Life by Megan Best (Matthias Media. 9781921896613. $29.99)

This is now the ‘must read’ book in the field… – D.A. Carson

What sort of contraception, if any, should I use? When does human life begin—at fertilisation or at some point after that? What are the arguments for and against abortion? Is it OK to use genetic screening and other pre-natal tests to check for abnormalities in my unborn baby? Should Christians use IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies? What is the current state of embryonic stem cell research?

These are just some of the many complex and emotion-laden questions we face in the rapidly changing field of reproductive medicine, and most Christians do so with two very significant handicaps:

  • We don’t have accurate up-to-date information about the medical and technological issues involved
  • We have not thought through a sound, biblical framework for making ethical decisions in this area

Dr. Megan Best provides what is lacking in both of these vital areas. Built on extensive historical, biblical and medical research, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made is the comprehensive, accurate, biblically-based ethical handbook that Christians have been waiting for.


The Post-Church Christian: Dealing with the Generational Baggage of Our Faith by J. Paul Nyquist and Carson Nyquist (Moody Publishers. 9780802406408. $13.99)

You’ve heard the stats by now: the Millennial generation is leaving the church.

Walking away in disillusionment and frustration, they are looking for new communities to welcome them. As they seek to follow Jesus, they are leaving the churches they grew up in to find a new way.

In an attempt to exemplify the story of Millennials and seek answers for the future, Paul Nyquist, President of Moody Bible Institute, has teamed up with his son, Carson Nyquist, to share an honest and thoughtful conversation on this topic. As father and son they’ve experienced this generational disconnect, both personally and in the church.


Follow Me: A Call to Die, A Call to Live (Tyndale. 978141373287. $15.99 – Sale $9.99)


Here are some other titles of interest. If your local LifeWay Campus Store doesn’t have a copy on the shelve, they’ll be glad to order you a copy.

A Peaceable Hope: Contesting Violent Eschatology in New Testament Narratives by David J Neville (Baker Academic. 9780801048517. $24.99)

Imagining the Kingdom: How Worship Works by James K. A. Smith (Baker Academic. 9780801035784. $22.99)

Look Before You Lead: How to Discern and Shape Your Church Culture by Aubrey Malphurs (Baker Books. 9780801015076. $17.99)

Jonathan Edwards: The Unpublished Sermons edited by Michael McMullen (BorderStone Press. 9781936670505. $24.95)

KJV 400: The Legacy & Impact of the King James Version edited by Ray Van Neste (BorderStone Press. 9781936670611. $34.95)

Defending the Faith: Apologetics in Women’s Ministry by Mary Jo Sharp (Kregel Ministry. 9780825438721. $11.99)

The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart by Christine Hoover (Moody Publishers. 9780802406385. $15.99)

Is Jesus in the Old Testament by Iain M Duguid (P&R Publishing. 9781596386341. $4.99)

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