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God Redeeming His Bride: A Handbook for Church Discipline by Robert K. Cheong (Christian Focus Publications. 9781845507190. $17.99)

Church discipline is a term that is fraught with problems for the church today. However from the Biblical witness it is clear that it is an essential component of a healthy, God-honoring church – a church where Christians grow and mature in grace and develop solid foundations with which they can, with the help of the Spirit, withstand the storms of life.

With many years of pastoral experience, Robert K. Cheong has faced this issue many times. Additionally he interviewed over 30 pastors from different countries and a wide variety of church settings.

Robert K. Cheong is the pastor responsible for Care and Counseling at Sojourn Community Church, Louisville, Kentucky.


Faithmapping: A Gospel Atlas for Your Spiritual Journey by Daniel Montgomery and Mike Cosper. (Crossway. 9781433532535. $15.99)

Most of us emphasize one aspect of Christianity over another. Competing voices tell us that the Christian life is all about this or that: missions, discipleship, worship, the cross, or the kingdom. It’s as if we are navigating the Christian life with fragments of a map—bits and pieces of the good news—rather than the whole picture. If we put those map fragments together, we discover a beautiful, coherent picture. Faithmapping invites Christians to see that map, exploring a whole gospel that forms a whole church who carries that glorious news to the whole world.

Daniel Montgomery is the founder and lead pastor of Sojourn Community Church and founder of Sojourn Network. Mike Cosper is one of the founding pastors of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky, where he serves as the pastor of worship and arts. He is also founder of Sojourn Music and contributes regularly to the Gospel Coalition blog.


Global Voices : Reading the Bible in the Majority World edited by Craig S. Keener and M. Daniel Carroll, R. (Hendrickson. 9781619700093. $17.95)

This book, a collection of essays from ethnically diverse scholars familiar with both non-Western and Western hermeneutic traditions, explores what it means to allow the interpretations of the non-Western church to be heard—heeded and appreciated—by the Western church and its educated elite.

Evangelical scholars, college and seminary professors, trained evangelical pastors, and evangelicals of many nationalities and ethnicities who minister in the West will find these collected essays fascinating and encouraging.

"This is a little book with a big vision. It is written by a rich array of global voices. It challenges us to read the Bible in a fresh way with an awareness of a bigger world. It opens up new angles on the biblical text and asks us to embrace a greater diversity of voices and topics in our work. It is a needed word, well worth the reading and reflection."

—Darrell L Bock, Executive Director of Cultural Engagement, Center for Christian Leadership, Senior Research Professor of NT Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

Craig Keener is Professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. M. Daniel Carroll R is Distinguished Professor of Old Testament at Denver Theological Seminary.


The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Carl Trueman (Moody Publishers. 9780802405746. $4.99)

What is an evangelical . . . and has he lost his mind? Carl Trueman wrestles with those two provocative questions and concludes that modern evangelicals emphasize experience and activism at the expense of theology. Their minds go fuzzy as they downplay doctrine. The result is "a world in which everyone from Joel Osteen to Brian McLaren to John MacArthur may be called an evangelical."

Fifteen years ago in The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, historian Mark Noll warned that evangelical Christians had abandoned the intellectual aspects of their faith. Christians were neither prepared nor inclined to enter intellectual debates, and had become culturally marginalized. Trueman argues that today "religious beliefs are more scandalous than they have been for many years"–but for different reasons than Noll foresaw. In fact, the real problem now is exactly the opposite of what Noll diagnosed: evangelicals don’t lack a mind, but rather an agreed upon evangel. Although known as gospel people, evangelicals no longer share any consensus on the gospel’s meaning.

Carl Trueman is Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Historical Theology and Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary (PA).


Here are some other new releases that might be of interest. If your local LifeWay Campus Store doesn’t have a copy on the shelve, they’ll be glad to order you a copy.

Puritan Portraits by J. I. Packer (Christian Focus. 9781845507008. $14.99)

Risk Is Right: Better to Lose Your Life Than to Waste It by John Piper (Crossway. 9781433535345. $7.99)

Comforts from Romans: Celebrating the Gospel One Day at a Time by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick (Crossway. 9781433533198. $14.99)

Revelations of the Cross by J. I. Packer (Hendrickson. 9781619700581. $16.95)

Setting Our Affections upon Glory: Nine Sermons on the Gospel and the Church by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Crossway. 9781433532658. $15.99)

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