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The Reformation by Cameron MacKenzie (Concordia Publishing House. 9780758649096. Hardback. $29.99)

Many people recognize the name Martin Luther when they think of the Reformation, but this era was filled with other fascinating personalities and dramatic changes across every aspect of human life throughout the Western world.

The Reformation is a richly illustrated and engagingly written overview of this amazing time of change and renewal in the Christian Church and helps the reader sort through the complex chain of events that shook both church and state to their very foundations.

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She’s Got the Wrong Guy: Why Smart Women Settle by Deepak Reju (New Growth Press. 9781945270093. Paperback. $17.99)

“There are very few books out there that deserve the ‘must-read’ status, and this is one of them. I want all of the single ladies in our church and our daughters to read this book. Deepak’s wise counsel is both urgent and timely. Applying the principles in this book will certainly spare a whole lot of people unnecessary pain and lead readers to a greater understanding of what it means to make Jesus the center of everything.”—Gloria Furman


Come to the Waters: Daily Bible Devotions for Spiritual Refreshment by James Montgomery Boice. Compiled by D. Marion Clark (P&R Publishing. 9781629953366. Hardback. $22.99)

“James Montgomery Boice was a master Bible teacher. He could make the most difficult passages approachable, clear and practical. That legacy shines in this wonderful day-by-day collection. Read and savor. These devotionals will not only cause you to love the Word of God, but, more importantly, the God of grace who is revealed in every passage.”—Paul David Tripp

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Arrived in stores last week (Part I)

The Lost Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon Volume II: His Earliest Outlines and Sermons Between 1851 and 1854 by Christian T. George (B&H Academic. 9781433686825. Hardback. $59.99. SALE – $29.99)

In 1857, Charles Spurgeon—the most popular preacher in the Victorian world—promised his readers that he would publish his earliest sermons. For almost 160 years, these sermons have been lost to history. Earlier this year, B&H Academic began releasing a multi-volume set that includes full-color facsimiles, transcriptions, contextual and biographical introductions, and editorial annotations. Written for scholars, pastors, and students alike, The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon will add approximately 10 percent more material to Spurgeon’s body of literature and will constitute the first critical edition of any of Spurgeon’s works.


Exalting Jesus in John by Matt Carter (B&H Books. 9780805496543. Paperback. $14.99)

Readers will learn to see Christ in all aspects of Scripture, and they will be encouraged by the devotional nature of each exposition presented as sermons and divided into chapters that conclude with a “Reflect & Discuss” section, making this series ideal for small group study, personal devotion, and even sermon preparation. It’s not academic but rather presents an easy reading, practical and friendly commentary.


Shepherd’s Notes: Proverbs by Duane A. Garrett (B&H Books. 9781462766055. Paperback. $6.99)

Shepherd’s Notes: Job by Duane A. Garrett (B&H Books. 9781462766123. Paperback. $6.99)

Understand the Bible like never before, book by book. Each Shepherd’s Notes volume highlights and explains the authorship, circumstances of writing, and main points of the Bible book being explored in a concise and easy-to-understand format. These unique and helpful books can be used for Bible studies, teaching, personal devotions, Christian and home schools, or sermon preparation.


A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Mary: Mother of God? by Leonardo Chirico (Christian Focus Publications. 9781527100602. Paperback. $7.99)

“Leonardo De Chirico is one of my most trusted authorities on Roman Catholic doctrine. He has gained my confidence because he is always equally charitable, winsome, and well-informed. In this short book he demonstrates what the Roman Catholic Church teaches about Mary and aptly proves why so much of it is opposed to the plain teaching of the Bible. I heartily commend it to you.”—Tim Challies


Christian’s Pocket Guide to Good Works and Rewards: In This Life and the Next by Mark Jones (Christian Focus Publications. 9781527100442. Paperback. $7.99)

When you consider who we are by nature and who the most holy God is in his nature, it appears at first that talk of “rewards” from God is a little presumptuous on our part. We have already been ransomed by Christ – isn’t it ungrateful to expect more? Mark Jones works through the biblical basis and references to good works and rewards, showing that the grace of God our loving Heavenly Father is stamped all over this doctrine.


Daily Readings – The Early Church Fathers by Nick Needham (Christian Focus. 9781527100435. Imitation Leather. $19.99)

The early church fathers have always had a special place in Christian theology. As the first interpreters of the gospel, we often find in their words a sense of the gospel’s sheer freshness and reality. More than this, they were the thinkers who first hammered out the full meaning of what Scripture says about the Trinity and the person of Christ. Their sayings, presented here by Nick Needham, are more than just relevant – they present the opportunity to kindle within us something of that same healthy and godly spirit.


Faith. Hope. Love.: The Christ-Centered Way to Grow in Grace by Mark Jones (Crossway. 9781433555664. Paperback. $14.99)

“Pastor Mark Jones has written an admirable treatise on the heart of biblical ethics: the virtues of faith, hope, and love. His book is based firmly on Scripture, and he has arranged it as a catechism: questions, answers, and commentary…This arrangement, clearly and vividly written, enables readers not only to understand these teachings, but to internalize them, and thus to grow in grace. ”—John M. Frame


A Merciful and Faithful High Priest: Studies in the Book of Hebrews by Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Crossway. 9781433558023. Hardback. $35.00. SALE – $24.50)

In nineteen sermons, late pastor Martyn Lloyd-Jones unfolds the riches and beauties of the gospel message found throughout this unique book of the Bible. Using examples and illustrations that remain relevant today, he seamlessly connects the truths found in the book of Hebrews to the whole scope of God’s Word as he exhorts us to hold fast to our salvation and live according to the truth of the gospel.


Refresh: Embracing a Grace-Paced Life in a World of Endless Demands by David Murray (Crossway. 9781433555220. Paperback. $12.99)

“I have searched high and low for a book that helps me deal with stress-related illness in a God-honoring way. I have stacks of books that either overspiritualize depression and stress-induced illness, or overmedicalize it. I struggle with balance, and I need help. To the rescue comes Refresh, a book that meets you where you are, preaching neither overspiritualized idealism nor worldly fatalism. Read this book and give it to friends. It will change the way you see God’s providence in your emotional suffering and physical weakness, and it will encourage you on a path of self-care that honors the Lord and enables you to serve your family of God for the long haul.”—Rosaria Butterfield


Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography by Herman Selderhuis (Crossway. 9781433556944. Hardback. $30.00)

“With his own translations of Luther’s writings and his comprehensive knowledge of Luther’s world, both theological and social, this new biography is both deeply instructive about the things that mattered most to Luther and a delight to read. This is how biography should be written!”—Michael A. G. Haykin

Arrived last week on New Academic

Preaching with Cultural Intelligence: Understanding the People Who Hear Our Sermons by Matthew D. Kim (Baker Academic. 9780801049620. Paperback. $22.99)

“Matthew Kim writes with the sensitivity of a pastor, the experience of a multicultural minority person, and the knowledge of an experienced homiletics professor–a wonderful combination for helping us think through what is needed to bring knowledge of hermeneutics, humans, and homiletics to bear on the task of preaching in a world of rapidly integrating cultures.”—Bryan Chapell, senior pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church


Between Wittenberg and Geneva: Lutheran and Reformed Theology in Conversation by Robert Kolb and Carl R. Trueman (Baker Academic. 9780801049811. Paperback. $26.99)

“This book is a must-read. Historically grounded, self-critical, and convinced that his confession best summarizes biblical teaching, each author engages in something quite unique and important–talking to each other. In the process, the authors exhibit not only key differences but also the shared legacy that is often overlooked in our nonconfessional age.”—Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California


Martin Luther: A Late Medieval Life by Volker Leppin (Baker Academic. 9780801098215. Hardback. $22.99)

“Beautifully crafted, deeply informed, and elegantly poignant, Leppin’s account of Luther’s life and thought is a masterwork of theological and historical writing. Leppin offers a subtle yet sympathetic portrait of a notoriously complex and controversial figure who remains shrouded in myth and legend. Luther’s brilliance and flaws emerge from the pages, as one of the leading Reformation scholars of our generation expertly guides the reader through a revolutionary age. This book is essential reading for all who seek a thoughtful, balanced account of the origins and development of the Reformation.”—Bruce Gordon, Titus Street Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Yale Divinity School


Roman but Not Catholic: What Remains at Stake 500 Years after the Reformation by Kenneth J. Collins and Jerry L. Walls (Baker Academic. 9780801098932. Paperback. $34.99)

“‘Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.’ The poet Yeats probably did not have the Roman Catholic Church in mind, but Collins and Walls do, and they make a vigorous case here for why Rome should not insist on being the exclusive center of the catholic church. Roman centricity deconstructs true catholicity by suggesting that Orthodox and Protestant churches are deficient; it similarly undermines canonicity (i.e., biblical authority) insofar as sola scriptura is virtually displaced by sola Roma. Collins and Walls remind us that what continues to divide Christians 500 years after the Reformation are not simply disagreements over doctrine or the authority and interpretation of Scripture, but differences over the nature of the church and the meaning of catholicity.”—Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


2 Samuel For You: The Triumphs and Tragedies of God’s King by Tim Chester (The Good Book Company. 9781784982003. Hardback. $22.99. SALE – $16.09)

2 Samuel is a story of triumph and disaster, both personal and national. It is the account of the rise and fall and rise of a great king, David of Israel. But it is also the story of the God who rules his people, who forgives his people, and who promises to send the King whose greatest fall will bring our eternal rise.

This accessible, absorbing expository guide opens up this book for new and mature Christians alike. It is less academic than a commentary, making it a great resource for personal devotion, as well as useful for leading small group studies or sermon preparation.


An Introduction to Christian Worldview: Pursuing God’s Perspective in a Pluralistic World by Tawa J. Anderson, W. Michael Clark, and David K. Naugle (IVP Academic. 9780830851232. Hardback. $35.00)

“It’s all here: a stellar introduction to (1) the concept of worldview, (2) the contour, content, and defense of the Christian worldview, and (3) explanation and critique of alternate secular and religious worldviews. There is little new here, but new notions of basic Christian belief and practice are often misleading and sometimes profoundly false. Here the truths of Christian faith gleam with clarity and conviction. I’m impressed.”—James W. Sire


In Search of Ancient Roots: The Christian Past and the Evangelical Identity Crisis by Kenneth J. Stewart (IVP Academic. 9780830851720. Hardback. $30.00)

“Ken Stewart’s In Search of Ancient Roots is a panoply of well-argued, well-documented, and well-written chapters centering on evangelicalism’s engagement with its own pre-Reformation past. He provides a compelling case not only for the deep roots of evangelical movements throughout history but also for evangelicalism’s attention to its historical Christian roots as the norm rather than the exception. Stewart also provides exceptional discussions on important practical matters facing evangelicals as they begin to engage with church history—matters like the frequency of the Lord’s Supper, the apostolicity of infant baptism, the interpretation of Scripture, and justification by faith. In the process, Stewart also takes on many of the exaggerated claims made by evangelical converts to Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy regarding the historical priority of those ancient traditions. Any evangelical should read this book before abandoning the orthodox, Protestant, evangelical faith for traditions that claim to be more authentically connected to Christianity’s ancient roots. In all of these cases, Stewart’s work becomes a conversation-starter rather than a conversation-ender. He is refreshingly irenic and candid. I enthusiastically recommend this book to anybody interested in the Christian past and evangelical identity as well as those who need to reflect deeply on the vital questions Stewart raises for today.”—Michael J. Svigel, chair and professor of theological studies, Dallas Theological Seminary


Beauty, Order, and Mystery: A Christian Vision of Human Sexuality edited by Gerald L. Hiestand and Todd Wilson (IVP Academic. 9780830853854. Paperback. $25.00)

“For Gerald Hiestand and Todd Wilson, the ideal of the pastor-scholar is not merely theoretical but intensely practical. The example they set through their Center for Pastor Theologians is an invitation to practice ecclesial theology. So is their new volume of thoughtful essays on God’s beautiful, well-ordered, and yet mysterious purposes for human sexuality—a book that demonstrates the value and relevance of having a community of wise scholars ‘do’ theology in the service of the church.”—Philip Ryken, president, Wheaton College


Evidence That Demands a Verdict: Life-Changing Truth for a Skeptical World, Updated and Expanded Edition by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell (Thomas Nelson. 9781401676704. Hardback. $29.99. SALE – $20.97)

The modern apologetics classic that started it all is now completely revised and updated—because the truth of the Bible doesn’t change, but its critics do. With the original Evidence That Demands a Verdict, bestselling author Josh McDowell gave Christian readers the answers they needed to defend their faith against the harshest critics and skeptics. Since that time, Evidence has remained a trusted resource for believers young and old.

Bringing historical documentation and the best modern scholarship to bear on the trustworthiness of the Bible and its teachings, this extensive volume has encouraged and strengthened millions. Now, with his son Sean McDowell, Josh McDowell has updated and expanded this classic resource for a new generation. This is a book that invites readers to bring their doubts and doesn’t shy away from the tough questions.

Arrived last week on New Academic

Theology, Church, and Ministry: A Handbook for Theological Education by David Dockery (B&H Academic. Hardcover. 9781433645839. $39.99)

This distinctive resource explains the purpose for theological education, including how it has developed, and how it contributes to the formation and preparation for ministry. Each chapter provides a broad survey of the field, while helping students, prospective students, board members, and church leaders understand why this area of study is important for theological education and the life of the church. All chapters include questions for further reflection and a list of books or key articles for additional study. In addition to the contributions from David Dockery and Timothy George, this distinctive work offers insights from some of the outstanding leaders and thinkers in the field of theological education today, including Timothy Tennent, Mark Bailey, Daniel Akin, Kevin Vanhoozer, Daniel Block, Robert Smith, Dana Harris, Graham Cole, Malcolm Yarnell, Greg Wills, Christopher Morgan, and Constantine Campbell, among others.


The Power of Purpose: Breaking Through to Intentional Living by Michael Catt (B&H Books. Paperback. 9781433650437. $16.99)

“Michael Catt’s book The Power of Purpose comes at a time of great spiritual need in North America, and it is desperately needed by today’s church. If we’re going to reach the millions of lost people across our continent with the gospel, we need God to raise up a new generation of men and women who understand God’s purpose for their lives and commit to live it out with everything they have. Read this book and get another copy for a friend. I pray God will use it to ignite a revival of purpose across our continent.”Kevin Ezell, president, The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention


Bearing Fruit: What Happens When God’s People Grow by Robby Gallaty (B&H Books. Paperback. 9781462743797. $16.99. Sale – $11.89)

We often view salvation as the ending point; it’s really the beginning point. The gospel of Jesus doesn’t only justify us; it sanctifies us. When we receive the Holy Spirit at salvation, an incredible work begins to happen in us: we begin to bear fruit. When we are firmly planted in the gospel and committed to growing in Christ, He produces in us the fruits of the Spirit, the marks of a true Christian.


The Psalms and Proverbs Devotional for Women by Dorothy and Rhonda Harrington Kelley Kelley Patterson (B&H Books. Imitation Leather. 9781462751204. $19.99. Sale – $14.99)

Women are searching for wisdom beyond themselves, for discernment that makes God’s will and way clear for daily living. No books in Scripture hold more instruction for how to live according to divine wisdom than do Psalms and Proverbs, and these daily devotions mine their riches with choice, seasoned counsel. Blessed will be the woman who pursues this path to wisdom with passion and commitment.


Martin Luther and the Seven Sacraments: A Contemporary Protestant Reappraisal by Brian Brewer (Baker Academic. Paperback. 9780801049477. $26.99)

“With characteristic robustness, Martin Luther dismissed all but two of the seven sacraments of the medieval church. Yet Luther valued the spiritual support that people received from the ceremonies associated with penance, confirmation, marriage, ordination, and even extreme unction. He devised ways of capturing the beneficial purpose of each rite while insisting on the absolute priority of faith as the way of salvation. In Martin Luther and the Seven Sacraments, Brian Brewer reviews Luther’s teaching in this field, compares it with the opinions of subsequent reformers, and recommends methods of reviving the legitimate purposes of the seven sacraments in Protestantism today. This book is a model of the use of historical theology as a resource for the contemporary church.”David Bebbington, professor of history, University of Stirling, Scotland; distinguished visiting professor of history, Baylor University


Faith Formation in a Secular Age: Responding to the Church’s Obsession with Youthfulness by Andrew Root (Baker Books. Paperback. 9780801098468. $22.99)

“This is not a ‘youth ministry’ book. This is a book that holds up a mirror to the contemporary church to help us see how we’ve come to reflect the culture around us and how that has changed our approach to faith formation. While this shift has had significant impact on youth, none of us are immune. With his typical combination of careful scholarship, pastoral wisdom, and lively prose, Andrew Root not only diagnoses the problem but also constructively charts a way forward. If we care about the future of faith formation, every seminarian should be reading this book.”James K. A. Smith, Calvin College


Favor: Finding Life at the Center of God’s Affection by Greg Gilbert (Baker Books. Paperback. 9780801093210. $14.99)

“We all want the favor and blessing of God on our lives but often don’t know what his favor truly is and how to get it. In Favor, Greg Gilbert reveals that God gives his goodness to all who have received his grace. This book will strip away your false labor for his favor. Instead, it will challenge you to see God’s blessing in every aspect of your life, and live accordingly.”Kyle Idleman, teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church


Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christian Community by Brett McCracken (Crossway. Paperback. 9781433554254. $15.99)

“Anyone who looks closely at modern Christian life can see signs of the insidious self-centeredness by which we sinners are tempted to transform the gospel into something that suits our tastes and fits our plans. McCracken carries out that close examination; in fact, in this book he equips us to pursue that false comfort into all of its hiding places and root it out in Jesus’s name and for the sake of the gospel.”~Fred Sanders, professor of theology, Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University


Come, Let Us Adore Him: A Daily Advent Devotional by Paul David Tripp (Crossway. Hardcover. 9781433556692. $17.99)

“It’s not uncommon for me to hear friends and members of the church I pastor talk of how ‘Christmas snuck up on them.’ Paul David Tripp has written a fantastic Advent devotional for individuals or families, and it’s the perfect solution for preparing our hearts and homes to celebrate what’s really going on underneath the tinsel and the trees.”Matt Chandler, lead pastor, The Village Church, Dallas, Texas


Dynamics of Muslim Worlds: Regional, Theological, and Missiological Perspectives by Evelyne Reisacher (IVP Academic. Paperback. 9780830851010. $32.00)

In the latest addition to IVP Academic’s Missiological Engagements series, ten prominent Christian scholars consider the sociology and anthropology of Islam in a conscious effort to help Christians better understand Islam as a whole. This collection of lectures from the 2016
Fuller Theological Seminary Missiology Lectures focuses on the culture, economics, politics, religion, social factors, gender, and more of the Muslim world and why Christians need to understand these unique aspects of Muslim societies to effectively engage theologically and
missiologically with Muslims.


Lies Pastors Believe: Seven Ways to Elevate Yourself, Subvert the Gospel, and Undermine the Church by Dayton Hartman (Lexham Press. Paperback. 9781683590385. $12.99)

“Satan tells the same lies to every pastor that he told to Adam in the garden. If you wonder why some of your greatest heroes in the faith stumble and fall, this book will remind you that nobody is exempt from Adam’s sin, but thank God nor do we ever graduate from his gracious solution. Indwelling sin, and the power of Satan, are real. So is God’s greater grace.”—J. D. Greear, pastor, The Summit Church (Raleigh-Durham, NC)


The Forgotten Jesus – Bible Study Book by Robby Gallaty (LifeWay. Paperback. 9781462742929. $12.99)

Most Christians would say they know Jesus, but do we really know Him? Through the years our understanding of Jesus has been shaped by different cultural influences. Many Christians have forgotten that Jesus was a Jewish man living in a Jewish land, observing Jewish customs, and investing His life in Jewish men and women.

This disciple-making Bible study takes us on a journey back to biblical times to rediscover who Jesus really was by seeing Him in the cultural and religious context in which He ministered. Exploring the implications of Jesus’ teachings and actions as a first-century rabbi will give you new reasons to fall in love with Him all over again.


Think Again: Relief from the Burden of Introspection by Jared Mellinger (New Growth Press. Paperback. 9781942572565. $17.99)

“Martin Luther believed man’s problem is that he is incurvatus in se—turned in on himself. In Think Again Jared Mellinger tackles one devastating effect of this in an astute, pastorally sensitive, and deeply searching but healing way. Here is analysis, diagnosis and remedy all in one. Plus it’s readable. The best books work on us while we are reading them and help effect the very transformation they describe. This is one of them.”—Sinclair Ferguson


The Child Safeguarding Policy Guide for Churches and Ministries by Basyle Tchividjian (New Growth Press. Paperback. 9781945270055. $29.99)

“Some lessons are much too important for pastors not to grasp early on in their ministries. One such lesson is how to protect the most vulnerable souls in our churches, namely, the children. I know of no better teacher and mentor for church leaders on this subject than Boz Tchividjian. In The Child Safeguarding Policy Guide, Boz gives pas­tors, children’s staff, and volunteers everything they need to protect children from having their souls vandalized by abuse. Please read this guide and, much more importantly, implement it as soon as possible in your ministry.”—Scott Sauls, Senior pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nash­ville, TN


A Small Book about a Big Problem: Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace by Edward Welch (New Growth Press. Paperback. 9781945270130. $17.99)

“The title of this book is accurate. These fifty reflections are brief and succinct, but they directly address one of the biggest and ugliest problems in the world. Anger is inextricably tied up with bitterness, envy, hate, an unbridled tongue, resentments, party spirit, and war. It divides homes and splits churches—and this among the people of God who, Jesus says, will be known for their love. This eminently probing and practical book is in part a collection of first steps for combatting this awful wickedness.”—D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical School, Deerfield, IL; cofounder of The Gospel Coalition


Counseling Under the Cross: How Martin Luther Applied the Gospel to Daily Life by Bob Kellemen (New Growth Press. Paperback. 9781945270215. $19.99)

“We know Martin Luther as the father of the Reformation, not as a counselor. But as you read Luther in Counseling Under the Cross, what you find is a theologian who cared deeply for God’s people: Luther’s cross-centered theology translated to gospel-centered counseling. Kellemen’s Counseling Under the Cross is a rich collection of Luther’s stories, quotes, and lively vignettes that trace out how Luther’s care of souls puts Christ squarely at the center of everything!”—Deepak Reju, Pastor of Biblical Counseling and Family Ministry, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC


Descriptions and Prescriptions: A Biblical Perspective on Psychiatric Diagnoses and Medications by Michael Emlet (New Growth Press. Paperback. 9781945270116. $15.99)

“Mike Emlet brings up a topic at the dinner table that most people couldn’t—at least not without causing indigestion. You will find Emlet the best kind of conversationalist on a difficult topic like psychiatric medications, making distinctions clear when needed and acknowledging mystery when needed. He is a man of his time with a heart captured by the rich vision of human life found in ancient Scripture. This book is instantly in my curriculum.”—Jeremy Pierre, Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Arrived on New Academic last week

Sipping Saltwater: How to Find Lasting Satisfaction in a World of Thirst by Steve Hoppe (The Good Book Company. 9781784981822. Paperback. $12.99)

“Surrounded by saltwater inside the gut of a fish, the prophet Jonah said that when we cling to worthless idols, we forfeit the grace that could be ours. Sipping Saltwater is a thoughtful, helpful field guide on the idols Jonah grieved, and to which we, too, are all susceptible. Through the telling of story, biblical insight, and a strong underpinning of grace, Steve provides an excellent field guide to help us forfeit these idols and cling instead to the grace that is ours in Jesus. I highly recommend this book.”Scott Sauls, Senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee


Prayer, Meditation, and Spiritual Trial: Luther’s Account of Life in the Spirit by Gordon L. Isaac (Hendrickson. 9781683070184. Paperback. $19.95)

“Martin Luther was not only the central figure in the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, but also a spiritual master whose words give guidance to all Christians today. This volume explores his spirituality through his threefold rule of prayer, meditation, and testing. A good introduction to the heart of Luther’s faith.”—Timothy George, founding dean of Beeson Divinity School


Long Before Luther: Tracing the Heart of the Gospel from Christ to the Reformation by Nathan Busenitz (Moody Publishers. 9780802418029. Paperback. $13.99)

Contemporary evangelicals often struggle to answer that question. As a result, many Roman Catholics are quick to allege that the Reformation understanding of the gospel simply did not exist before the 1500s. They assert that key Reformation doctrines, like sola fide, were nonexistent in the first fifteen centuries of church history. Rather, they were invented by Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others.

That is a serious charge, and one that evangelicals must be ready to answer. If an evangelical understanding of the gospel is only 500 years old, we are in major trouble. However, if it can be demonstrated that Reformers were not inventing something new, but instead were recovering something old, then key tenets of the Protestant faith are greatly affirmed. Hence, the need for this book.


Immeasurable: Reflections on the Soul of Ministry in the Age of Church, Inc. by Skye Jethani (Moody Publishers. 9780802416193. Paperback. $13.99)

Immeasurable will help ministers recognize the cultural forces shaping their view of the calling, and then re-imagine what faithful church leaders can look like in the twenty-first century. Through short essays and reflections on the pastor’s soul and skills, this book will help prospective pastors explore their calling to ministry, and it will help veteran pastors re-frame their vision for the work.

Drawing on cultural dynamics, personal stories, and his own experience working in a church and with church leaders, Skye Jethani will address matters like ambition, anger, community, consumerism, fame, health, justice, platform, preaching, rest, simplicity, success, vision, and more.


Paul and His Team: What the Early Church Can Teach Us about Leadership and Influence by Ryan Lokkesmoe (Moody Publishers. 9780802415646. Paperback. $13.99)

Whether you are in a position of leadership or are simply a passionate follower of Christ, you are an influencer that God is using to build His church. And while Paul and His Team certainly reveals a lot about Paul’s character as a leader, it also highlights both prominent and obscure members of his team to offer a textured portrait of the early church’s influence in spreading the gospel.


Our Secular Age: Ten Years of Reading and Applying Charles Taylor edited by Collin Hansen (The Gospel Coalition. 9780692919996. Paperback. $15.99)

“As Christians, we sometimes misunderstand not only the answers our secular neighbors have but the questions they are asking too. No philosopher has offered more insight regarding the state of belief in the modern age than Charles Taylor. In Our Secular Age, first-rate evangelical scholars and practitioners deliver 13 essays in which they explore and apply Taylor’s thought. This work will benefit all Christians by teaching them to communicate the gospel to a secular culture with neither ignorance nor fear.”—Russell Moore, president, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention


MultiChurch: Exploring The Future Of Multisite by Brad House and Gregg Allison (Zondervan. 9780310530534. Paperback. $17.99)

Is it time for your church to go multisite? It seems everybody is doing it these days, so how do you know if it is the right solution for your congregation? MultiChurch brings clarity to the multisite movement and assembles the lessons it has learned over the past fifteen years. It explores the opportunities presented by the various forms of multi-site church, identifies areas of concern, and concludes that multisite is not only a biblically sound ecclesiological model, but also a model that provides a compelling solution to contemporary reductionism in the church.