Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mother’s Day is Sunday!

And we’re here to help you with your gift giving!  In honor of the women in our lives, we’re doing a giveaway today and tomorrow on some great CD’s and books.  Here’s what we have in our Mother’s Day giveaway bundle:



For your chance to win this bundle, leave your name in the comments section of today’s post.  Just for fun, tell us the name of your mom or another women who has greatly influenced your life.  Maybe it’s your wife, sister, grandmother, or Bible study leader.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

You have until midnight tomorrow night (Tuesday, May 7) to enter.

If you’re needing some great gift ideas, flip through our current catalog for some inspiration.

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Today’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends Tuesday (5/7/13) at 11:59 p.m. central time.  You must be 18 years old to enter and you may only enter once.  The winner will be selected at random.  For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Rachel McRae  at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234.



  • Amanda

    My mom, Charlotte. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • La’Tonya Hocker

    My Grandma is the best!!!!

  • http://Facebook Deb

    I have so many women who have influenced my life and taught me about God’s goodness. All of them have shown a different perspective and modeled Christ in different ways – all very meaningful and positive.

  • Felisa Fendley

    My sweet, generous mom – Jessie Jenkins – deserves so much more than I could ever give her. :)

  • Hilary Cooper

    My mom name is Cindy,but she also goes by Cynthia.

  • Patty

    My Mom is Edith, she goes by Edie. She is the best! And her birthday is on the 11th. The day before Mother’s Day! Would love to win this for her.

  • Mary Weed

    My mother-in-law Joyce is a wonderful Christian woman who is very important in my life.

  • Jose Maria Corona

    That woman would have to be my wife of 33 years; she is the model of Psalm 31:10-31, The Virtuous Woman….

  • Jacki Brown

    My mom is Sandy Greene… Best mom ever!

  • Misty Guye

    My mother Linda Carter! She is a wonderful, single mother who worked very hard to raise me!

  • Michelle McClain

    My mom, Brenda Flanagan. Thanks so much for your generosity!

  • Sara Toney

    My mother is with Jesus but would love to give to my twin daughters, Tara & Stephanie, who are great mothers.

  • Shelby Brazier

    There have been many women in my life that have have affected my life. My mother, my husband’s grandmother, my adult daughter who has been through much & has remained faithful , her daughter (my oldest granddaughter) who is married with children 3 & 5, and is a wonderful example for her children & other young mothers watching her.

  • Katie J.

    My mom’s name is Bonnie. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Alice B

    My mama’s name is Edith. She is now in heaven. I am so thankful for her long life and the love she had for me.

  • Diana Liles

    Mother’s Day is a treat for me because my family can never think of something more special to do for me than what they do every other day of the year! Blessed!

  • Shauna Lisle

    If my mother Starla Osburn had not been the vigilant prayer warrior that she is, I would not have come to know Jesus or become the Christian woman I am today…Thank-you mom for all your prayers!

  • Christina

    My name is Christina, daughter of Faye. We both love to read and would enjoy this bundle!

  • karenk

    my mom (mary ann) and grandmother (mary) definitely made me the woman I am…

  • Cara

    My mom, Joy. :)

  • Laura Jackson

    My mom is my best friend.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • tRESA Kentch

    I absolutely would not be the Christian woman, wife and mother that I am today if it were not for my mother, I am also blessed with a lot of other Godly women in my family as well as a church family full of wonderful people.My mom lost my dad to a heart attack when she was 29 and had 3 children under the age of 8, she didn’t even drive a car, she had so much to endure so quickly yet raised all of us to love the Lord, i’m beyond blessed.

  • Cindy Regnier

    My mom’s name is Joyce. My mother-in-law is also Joyce. If I’d had a daughter her middle name would have been Joyce. Two great ladies.

  • Michelle C.

    My mom’s name is Donna, and she has influenced me in more ways than you can imagine.

  • Dawn Nelson

    My Mom Carol. Such a strong woman.

  • Michelle

    My grandma Margaret and my mom Brenda.

  • Sheri

    My Mom Linda, and my MIL Norma!

  • Hannah Peasha

    My mothers name is Lisa :)

  • Taylor Hoffman

    My mom’s name is Jennifer. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  • Nat Homgren

    My mom, Patricia….or Pat….or as my dad would call her…Patsy…..

  • Judy B

    In my case the person who greatly influenced my life was not my Mother, Grandmother, or any other woman. It happens to be my Dad. When I was six my Mother left. Dad was on his own to raise my three year old brother, myself, and my nine year old sister. Dad made sure we were in church and knew about Christ’s love. Dad has always been my rock. We have been through so much together.

    • Janet

      Praise God for your sweet Daddy. Awesome man. :)

  • Charissa Sketlon

    My mother Charity, and my sisters Becky and Sarah. We’ve been through so much together, turning trials into adventures, and turning hardships into growth. We are more then just family, we are the best of friends. I thank God I have them in my life.

  • Amy

    My great-grandmother, Lucy Elizabeth Laughlin. :-)

  • Jen Lunde

    My Mom, Eugenie, has always been there for me!

  • Shondra B

    My mom Brenda, wouldn’t know what to do without her!

  • Amanda Arrowood

    my mom lisa i dont know what i would do without her.

  • Beth

    My mom is Jane & I love her so much.


  • Joi Copeland

    My sister, Steffanne! :) Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  • Shirley Blanchard

    Thanks so much for offering theses books, i would sure love to win

  • Blake Kaplan

    The mother is my life is named Kathy.

  • Joan Harris

    My mom, Evelyn

  • Kate Daugherty

    My mom is my best friend and the godliest woman I know. Love you Candy Long!

  • Benny

    What a wonderful idea. Celebrate Mom and Mothers!
    Mom’s name is Diana and my Dear Sweet Wife (a Super Mom in her own right) is Kelly.

    Two fantastic representatives of what Mothers, mothering and motherhood is all about!

    Through thick and thin – these are two woman who prove everyday that God has entrusted them with the Spirit of Mom!


  • Jessica Loudin

    My Mom and inpsired by the Women of Faith conferences every year.

  • Karen Vaughn

    My spiritual mother has been one of the best leaders, to guide me in my walk with the Lord. Her name is Esther.

  • Amy Martin

    My name is Amy Martin. Biggest influence would be my mother! :)

  • Johanna

    My mom, who always told me “one day when you’re a mom you’ll understand.” Now that I have a two month old baby girl, I understand & love my mom that much more.

    • Johanna

      Her name is Gloria :)

  • Janet

    My sweet Mama’s name is June Gandy. I love her. She was the first one to teach me about Jesus and led me to him the night I was saved. :-). I pray I am as good a mother as she has always been to me.

    Janet Sandifer

  • Angie Blackmon

    My mother “Cheryl Carr”. My mother in law “Bonnie Blackmon”, My great aunt “Beverly Lunsford and my preachers wife “Tracy Moore”. These women have all helped me in so many ways.

  • Mari Nall

    My mother Patricia has been a wonderful influence on my life.

  • Ashley Lund

    LuAnn Lund is my mom and has served as an excellent role model for me!

  • Brandy

    My name is Brandy and my Mom’s name is Wanda. Both of my Grandmother’s have been very influential ladies in my life as well. I am blessed to be surrounded by Godly women.

  • Laura Kennedy

    My name is Laura Kennedy. My mom, Jane Corley, is a great inspiration to me. I love her so much.

  • bryan donaldson

    My mom Martha has been the strongest and most loving person to me. She is the most important person in my life. The next is my sister heather. She has been there for me when no one else has. I cant forget my girlfriend Kristie, she is my rock and my spiritual foundation.

  • Sherri Stone

    Thank God for my mom, Shirley McDonald!!

  • Michelle Faile

    My mother Judy.

  • Andreea Botan

    My mother Viorica

  • Belinda C

    My mom, Bev, is wonderful! Words cannot describe how incredible she is. Everything would be an understatement!

  • Belinda C

    My mom, Bev, is incredible. It is hard to use words to describe how wonderful she is because everything would be an understatement!

    • Belinda C

      Sorry, I didn’t see my first comment so I tried again. I am sorry for posting twice.

  • Deborah Faulk

    My name is Deborah. My mother influenced me greatly. She taught me to live a Godly life. She taught me how to be a Godly wife, mother, and pastor’s wife. I am now a pastor’s wife myself and I am so thankful for my Godly mother!

  • cyndee sowers

    My mom is Mary Lou . Other women I have been taught by are Donna,Paula and Joann also I have a fabulous sister that I love very much! Her name is Jean Marie.

  • John

    My mom, Millie, who passed away in March. She continually showed me what it meant to be a servant. And to Cynthia Spell, a dear friend, teacher, and conference speaker.

  • Warren

    The 2 women in my life, My mother Mary Farr who is now 86 living in a nursing home, and my beautiful wife Burma, are the most loving, caring, Godly women I could ever have been blessed with. I thank God so much for them!

  • Pamela Kliewer

    My mom, Barbara, is a very wise, loving woman.

  • Brittney Berger

    My Mother Elaine has been there for me alot this year im only 27 and my husband is 32 and had a heart attach in Jan we have two children and she has helped alot the past few months.. still praying for healing and thanking god for it everyday. Thanks mom for being there in our time of need we love you and may god bless you.

  • Dawn

    My mom, Sandy, has set an example of what it means to have faith in God!

  • Kristin Bailey

    My mom Bonnie has been an inspiration in her battle this year with ovarian cancer. Also my “adopted” mom from church, Fran Harrell has been a wonderful source of support for me.

  • Gisela

    My grandmother :)

  • Angel Marrero

    My moms name is Gilda. She has been there for me, she is a awesome grandmother. she is very giving even when she does not need to be, she always thinks of others. I am Blessed to call her my mom:) Not to mention, as soon as I saw this contest post, with Britt Nicole’s Cd,” I was like I got to enter my mom!” She loves Britt Nicole, especially her song, Gold:)

  • Jamie Burton

    My mom is Nancy and she is one of my best friends. No matter what happens in my life.

  • Gretchen Miller

    My mom, Bonnie!

  • Brenda

    I am thankful for the Godly mothers who have taken me under their wings. Without them I would be lost.

  • Sandi Hentges

    My mom is Marilyn Strandquist and she has been there for me through everthing good and bad. She has been an influence to me and my family just by walking the walk.

  • Kileen

    My mom Gwen is the best mother ever, she has given everything to me and my brothers and her grandchildren, she loves unconditionally, she is God fearing, and she is a breast cancer survivor. Another mother I would like to say thanks to is Sue who is the biological mother of my son who I adopted and also has Down Syndrome, thank you for giving me a very special child, a miracle from God. =)

  • Traci Petersen

    My step-mother, Audree Gordon, strode in where angels fear to tread! She married my dad, the divorced father of FIVE children–my four brothers and myself. It has not been easy for her along the way, but she has gifted me with so much, from Christian education to church camp, from a desire to be thrifty to a love of sewing. I call her Mom!

  • Kathy Wilkins

    of course, my Mom, my sister, but today’s honorable mention goes to my sis in law Sharon!!

  • MaryLee Heller

    I was greatly influenced by Bible study leaders: Ms Lura Ratts and Ms Margaret Allen. Also some loving ladies along the way: Ms Carol Borderud, Ms Sally Hall, aLOT of Spiritual Mothers at PWOC Ft Meade, MD <3 Special thanks, too, to Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, and Joyce Meyer.

  • Shana Patton

    My mom Trisha, is the greatest. She has been there through thick and thin, my mom and dad. She has always been my biggest cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, even when I was station half way around the world!

  • Amanda Roeschke

    I have so many wonderful women in my life – Some of them are Pam, sister; Whitney, niece; Linda, Ruthann and Debbie, my bible study leaders. I had the best Mom ever – Polly! I miss her every day!

  • Sarah Boesch

    My mom Karen Scott is the most supportive, considerate, kind-hearted woman in the world!

  • Jessica Allen

    My momma’s name is Darla Smith. She is more than my momma, she is my best friend.

  • Sherri gordon

    Hi – My name is Sherri Gordon. In May 2011! I became a 2nd stage ovarian cancer survivor with chemo treatments ending last December 2012. It was 18 months of chemo and loosing every hair on my body. I have been a Christian since I was 16 but never knew what a life with God was truly suppose to be until I looked death in the face. Unfortunately I lost my mom to Lung Cancer 22 years ago but there is a very strong Christian woman in my life who I work with that would continually encourage me with God’s love through my cancer and through some personal battles that the devil saw fit to flood me with during the 18 months of chemo. Thank you Cindy Gibbs helping me keep the faith in the God I have loved for so many years.

  • Randy Davis

    My name is Randy Davis and my mothers name is Kim Gates. She has been such an inspiration to me and many others, working in church and always giving her all, I live in PA and she lives in TX I miss her everyday. She is the most amazing person I have ever known, always putting others before herself I have learned so many great things from her.

  • Nikole

    My mom, Libby Bozeman.

  • Candy Campbell

    My Mom Catherine is 88 yrs young. She is one of the greatest persons that you will ever meet & she has been the best influences in my life.

  • Donna Burnett

    My daughter, Suzann Burnett, is a single yet has been so helpful to my other daughter who has four girls and her husband passed away last year. She has been so helpful to my husband and I also. My husband her dad had heart problems and she keeps him up on his meds etc. She has mothered all of us!!!

  • Tiffany Owen

    My mom (Pandy) and grandma (Shirley) raised me to love the Lord and for that I am ETERNALLY grateful!

  • Jessica Blair

    A big shout out to my Mom Susan! She raised 4 kids as a single mother while finishing school and working a third shift job. She never gave up and taught me to be the strong woman I am now!

  • Cynthia Beaudry

    Hi! I am Cynthia Beaudry. And I’d like to win this for my mother in law Ann Beaudry. She has been like a true mom to me. I would love to bless her in a small way since she’s been such a blessing to me.

  • Melissa Wills

    My Mom, Carol, was an incredible women. She’s been with our Lord for 16 years this month, but she still has an incredible influence on my life. She was a strong Christian and loved the Lord and our family so much. I love you Mom!!

  • Kris Konick

    I am loved by God and he has blessed me with so many amazing women in my life from my grandmother (who has been gone for 20+ years) Hazel to friends I am able to walk through life with today – Linda, Tonya, Charity, and many, many others.

  • Melissa Wills

    My Mom, Carol, was an incredible woman. She’s been with our Lord for 16 years this month, but she still has an incredible influence on my life. She was a strong Christian and loved the Lord and our family so much. I love you Mom!!

  • Heather Estes

    I have been very blessed to have many inspiring and encouraging women who have invested of themselves into my life over the years! Thanks to a great Mom…Dawn!

  • Sandy Kaminskas

    My mom Anita Wahlsmith means more and more to me every day and every year as I get older. I treasure her! My mother-in-law Ann Kaminskas has also taught me a great deal about loving family and being a friend.

  • Kelli Adams

    My greatgrand mother, Lena Kelley Smiley

  • Carrie Crocker

    My mom BJ Abbott is the best!

  • TimTrexler

    Thanks, My wife and mother of four boys Patty deserves her special day and more. I thank God that she can stay at home and be there for them.

  • Frances

    My Granny has been the biggest Christian influence in my life. She lead me to Christ. My mom has always been there for me and my family and I have many sisters (in Christ) who are wonderful!

  • Bev G

    My mom is Ellie and she’s been in heaven almost 14 years. Miss her every day!! Try to instill fun traditions she did with my sisters and I with my own children.

  • Keisha

    My mother’s name is Violetta.

  • Brenda

    My mother. She is a great spiritual influence.

  • Amanda Johnson

    I’m so thankful for my mom, Terry!

  • Julie T

    My mom, Gwyn.

  • Kim Riedel

    My mother’s name is Pat. She is more than a mother to me now. I am 36 years old and she is truly one of my closest friends.

  • Laura Turner

    Love my mom, Sheila Sharpe. She is an inspiration to me and my best friend. She is the first one I call to share stuff with.

  • Andrew Lane

    My wife would be the one that has influenced me the most!! We have been married 7 years now and seeing her love and faith in God has grown us together!!

  • alicia king

    My mom Julie Crutchfield from tallahassee does everything for everyone, she deserves things for herself

  • Su.sie Jenkins

    My mom, Nancy, who passed away August 2, 2012.

  • Laura Logan

    I’m very blessed to have a Godly mother, grandmother and mother in law. God knew I would need all of them!!!!

  • Brenda Qualls

    My mom, Charlene, she raised us to love and honor God and that Jesus is the way of salvation. So thankful for her legacy.

  • Tracey Paris

    God blessed me with a mother & a mamaw who will always be an inspiration to me.

  • Mandy Fletcher

    My biggest influence is my pastors wife, Mary. She lives in chronic pain but always has a smile and a kind word. I consider her one of my best friends.

  • Kim Tuten

    My mom, Debbie.

  • Sarah Cavanaugh

    So many women in my life who have poured so much into my faith but I have to say my mother Paula has taught me more about the power of praying without ceasing than anyone else. “Uh, you should know Mom’s praying on this” usually means my sister or I are in for a real faith rattling!

  • Katlyn Atkins

    My name is Katlyn Atkins and My wonderful Mother’s name is Naomi Atkins!

  • Melissa Cook

    My Mom is my best friend, been there for me through thick and thin!!! Her name is Kay!!

  • April Roebuck

    I am so greatful that I have so many ladies that God has put in my life that has inspired me, encouraged me, pray for me, help lift me up, & love me. If I started to name them, I am afraid that I would leave one out.

  • Beth

    My mom, Blanche, is the BEST mom in the world!

  • Joy

    My mom!! ♥♥

  • ej thomas

    I have learned a lot through my church family members. Shirley and Marian have really showed me the way to be!!

  • Sarah Beth

    My grandmother Ina. She has always been an inspiration and continues to be one even after her death. What a woman!

  • Teena Valentich

    My mom’s name is Linda Provan & the other lady who has greatly influenced my life by getting me into Church is my sister in law, Jessica Provan :)

  • Carolyn Mahon

    My mother was a sweet lady who loved Jesus; we lost her last October as she left to be with her heavenly Father. We are blessed to have had her in our lives for 88 years. She and daddy were married 67 years.

  • Barbara

    My maternal grandmother was more like a mom to me than my mom….even though I had her all my life….

  • Dorothy Jennings

    My Mom’s name is Ethel…but she never went by Ethel. She always went by her middle name, Annette. But, I always called her MOM!

  • Jackie Heyer

    My mom, Lessie, was a great influence on me. She was a godly, loving, caring person, and always tried to look for the good in everything. People say that I look and act just like her, and I consider that a great honor. She has been in her heavenly home for nearly 13 years now, and I still miss her.

  • Donna Mahoney

    Donna Mahoney is my name, and my mother, Evelyn Lester is one of the women I most admire.

  • Jody Pierce

    I am truly blessed by God! I was blessed with a great Mom and Granny. Both of them have passed on now and I miss them every day. Mom passed on Aug. 19, 2005 and 2 years later on Aug. 19, 2007 Granny passed. I am still blessed to have a great sister and in 2011 I married the love of my life who is a Mom to a sweet little boy….I love my sweet Maria. I am truly blessed to have so many great ladies in my life who are and were great mothers. Thank You God. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  • Dena

    My grandmother and my mother first of all! Raised me to be a Christian, and a loving, caring person. Also, I’m so proud of the mother my daughter has become! Makes me so proud!

  • Karen

    My Mom, Pat, is my best friend. She is the one I call when I need someone to pray for me. I can always depend on her. Love ya Mom!

  • Jose

    I prayed to God seeking a new direction in my life. Eight seconds later, I was shown the path which lead me to Angel. She’s a wonderful girlfriend and an even better mother to her 4 beautiful children and to my daughter. He’s allowed the 7 of us to become so much closer than I could have ever imagined. I truly am Blessed. I never knew people could be this happy in a relationship because we’re so perfect for each other and it’s amazing the incredible depths we’ve reached emotionally and spiritually. I’m very fortunate to have her in my life. Today, being our 1 year anniversary, I would like to say that I LOVE her so much more than yesterday, but nothing compared to tomorrow. Eventually with all of God’s blessings, I can’t wait to call you mine and I would be honored if you would be at my side forever.

  • Susan Chapman

    My MOM, Lona!

  • amy johnson

    My awsome wife has four full time jobs that she works vary well. she is the best mother our 4 kids could ask for she dose so much she is baseball softball vollyball girl scout boyscout mom best cook greatest teacher most loveing comfurter she is sent from heaven just for us. P.S. she loves britt nicole. thanks. Jose

  • Steve Watson

    My wife Mone would love this!

  • Merrillee Reece

    My Mom is such a great example of a Godly women. She loves the Lord with her entire being. I am so thankful to be her daughter!

  • Redonda britton

    My mom’s name is Diane Smith. She is also a preacher’s wife. Over the past 4 years, my mom has been very sick with chrons disease but she has taken care of her mom, myself and now my dad who is battling kidney cancer. Her never ending love is always present and she never stops to do for herself. What a great inspiration she is to me and my brothers. I lover her so much.

  • Terry Barton

    My loving wife, Dianne is the greatest wife, and mother to my children….

  • Rita Calhoun

    My Mother, Stella Mae Sosebee Armstrong, is in Heaven but her influence still impacts my life today as I pour into my grandchildren who lost their Mother, my only child, Georgia Kimberly Calhoun. last year. Thank you God for all the Mothers who speak Your truths!

  • Emily

    I’m Emily and my fantastic mother is Kim!

  • Gloria

    Elizabeth Elliott was my hero; I read everything she wrote and followed her life experiences. I wish that I could have been so strong a woman as she.

  • Donna Cantrell

    My next door neighbor, Millie McGee, has been like a mother to me. She calls me her “adopted” daughter.

  • Carla

    I am thankful for my mom JoAnn.

  • Glenna Greer

    My mom and two aunts — Aunt Faye and Aunt Lillie. Wonderful women who love/loved the Lord. Blessed to have them in my life.

  • Anne Gooch

    The Lord has blessed me with 3 AMAZING women in my life and I can’t choose which one so I am going to tell you all three and why they are so important to me. 1st my mother, Ruth Ann Cave, you is my mother and my best friend. She gave me life and she is my biggest cheerleader today whenever I am having a bad day with my health. 2nd is my grandmother aka mom, Lydia Sanders. When all the other kids was calling her grandma she was mom to me. My mom and I had to live with her most of my life growing up so I was so blessed to have a very special relationship with her and she even would add me to her roll call of her kids names. 3rd was my mother-in-law, Estalla Gooch, who is the mother of my husband. She always said I was her favorite daughter-in-law and I knew that was true because I was her only one lol. I called her mom before I even got married and I continued to call her mom even after she passed away 2 years ago. These 3 women have made me the woman I am today and I am so blessed to have them in my life!

  • Sherry T

    The two moms I would like to mention are my daughter-in-law Becky and my daughter Jenni. I think being a mom today is so much harder than when my children were little and I applaud them both.

  • Greg

    My Mom Barbara is an awesome God loving Mom!

  • michelle

    My name is Michelle and my grandmother, Emma, would be my biggest influence.

  • Phyllis R.

    My Nanny, Irene, was the greatest influence in my life. She has been gone 13 years. I still miss her!

  • Michelle

    Several women have been great influences: my mom, Mary, my grandma, Gerry, my sisters, Brooke and Christina.

  • Jennifer Clark

    My moms name is Jo Helen. She is also known as nana Montana, GI Jo, Granny Jojo, and Jo mama and I love her very much!

  • Malissia

    Mama – raised 3 on her own – don’t know how she did it

  • Stephanie Fittje

    My mom Cheryl she had me at 17 and never let that stop her! She is the best mom ever and has always showed me Gods love. Word can not say how much I love her.My friend Rebecca from church she has always lead me in the right way.

  • Diana

    My name is Diana, my mom’s name is Evelyn but everyone who knew her called her Kay. She passed away this last September it will be my first Mother’s Day with out her.

  • Mandy P

    My mom is Ladonna. She’s the best.

  • Michelle

    My moms name is Rita. She was a stay-at-home farmers wife with 4 kids in 6 years. Her love language is totally acts of service. Now she has 10 grand kids and doesn’t hardly go a day without having some of them around. We finally broke her of lipstick since she loves to give kisses :)

  • Rebecca McCully

    My mom Rose.

  • Maria B

    Ofelia, my Ama.
    She raised 7 of us on her own. Dad walked out over 30 years ago.
    The strongest women I know, she lost her mom and her daughter with in 90 day of each other. Through Christ she found straight to continue and raise 5 more my sisters children. Today at 70
    My mother is standing strong with God still giving of herself to all in need of a loving kind understands heart. I love you mom with all my heart Te amo mami!,

  • Marcene Irene Grimsley

    Good morning 😀 my mother is Brenda Grimsley, but my Grandmother is the one who taught me the Lord’s Prayer and introduced me to VBS 😀

  • Michelle Snider

    My mom is one of the greatest influences in my life when it comes to the word and being a godly women. Sandra Chesshir