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Are you a fan of the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty?  We are, too!

Duck Commander
Happy Happy Happy

One of LifeWay’s hottest books right now is The Duck Commander Family by Willie and Korie Robertson.  It provides a glimpse into the Robertson family before the beards on up through today’s success at Duck Commander.  It’s easy to see that the family is passionate about many things but nothing is more important in their lives than sharing the love they have for Jesus Christ.

We’re only days away from Phil Robertson’s book, Happy, Happy, Happy releasing.  You can’t help but smile when you read the title of his book, can you?  LifeWay Christian Stores is currently pre-selling Phil’s book.

You can pre-buy the book for $16.99 and receive a free “Faith Family Ducks” bracelet (while supplies last).  Hurry in and pre-order today!

Phil sat down with us a few weeks ago and shared about his faith as well as how Duck Commander got started.  Check out LifeWay’s exclusive videos!

To celebrate all things Duck Commander, we are going to run a great giveaway this week!  Here’s what we have up for grabs:

DuckCommanderSignedCopyGrand Prize Giveaway includes a signed copy of The Duck Commander Family, Duck Commander’s Cold-blooded Series Duck Call that is hand-signed by Phil Robertson, and a “Faith Family Ducks” Bracelet.

Second Giveaway includes a signed copy of The Duck Commander Family and a “Faith Family Ducks” Bracelet

Third Giveaway includes a signed copy of The Duck Commander Family.

For your chance to win, leave your name in the comments section of today’s post.  And just for fun, let us know who your favorite person on Duck Dynasty is.

You have until this Friday, April 19, at midnight central time to get your name in.

By entering today’s giveaway, you affirm and acknowledge LifeWay Christian Resources’ official promotion rules here.

Today’s giveaway starts at the posting time of this blog and ends Friday (4/19/13) at 11:59 p.m. central time.  You must be 18 years old to enter and you may only enter once.  The winner will be selected at random.  For questions about the rules and regulations of this giveaway, please contact Rachel McRae  at One LifeWay Plaza, Nashville, TN 37234.


  • Jamie Lapeyrolerie

    What an awesome giveaway! I’ve only seen snippets, so I don’t have a favorite yet, but they are all pretty awesome!

    • Christine D’Amato

      I have to say my favorite person is Si. I love to sit and watch the show and hear my children belly laughing at all the crazy things Si does. Its perfect entertainment after a long hard school day. Thank you!

      • Brenda Allbritton

        This has got to be one of most favorite shows, we are so blessed to have a Christian family with their true selves being brought out on the show. Nothing is scripted, all of this is just who they are. We are from Lake Charles, LA. originally and moved to TX. when the big Calcasieu Marine National Bank got bought by Hibernia, so yeah Louisiana people are some of the friendliest people in the world, out going and just down to earth. The Cajun folks are a real hoot too. Love them all. Back to Duck Dynasty, I know I chased rabbits for a while there. We have recorded them all and watch them after a serious show so we can go to bed in a great mood. It always make us laugh until we are just crying almost, it is so FUNNY!!!!!!!!. I would love to just spend the day with their family and have a set down meal with them sometimes. What a blessing that would be to be able to do that. WOW! Well we love them all in different ways, so it is hard to pick a favorite. I like the others pick Si, but my husband loves that Jace is always picking something with Willie. My husband has the Happy, Happy, Happy for his ring tone on his phone too. We must love them, but we love Bro. Phil and Ms. Kay they keep the entire family going in the right direction, toward “Jesus”. That is what keeps the family in line. We truly love them all so it is hard to pick a true favorite because as a family they all work together. We plan to buy the DVDs so we can free up some of our space on the DVR recorder, imagine that, well when you got them all recorded to watch before bed than that is what happens. We TRULY love the show!!!!!!!!!!!! In Christ Love, Myron and Brenda

      • http://Lifeway Linda

        Si is my favorite. I loved the episode where he shows the ladies how to sew an apron!! Was
        not expecting that. Good down to earth show and the love of God is evident.

    • Todd blinco

      Love the show love the whole family

      • Karen Davies

        When my son got my husband a DVD of the 1st season of Duck Dynasty, I did not want to watch it. I don’t usually watch TV. I listened to the DVD as it was playing. I love the show now! It is so nice to watch something without all the cussing and violence. It is so wonderful to know a Christian family has the number one rated show!
        I do not have a favorite. I love them all. I think they all have a purpose. If I had a favorite it would probably be Phil. Without Phil there would not be a Duck Dynasty. He is the one who started it all. He was the one who became a Christian first.

        Karen Davies

        • MELISSA


    • Melanie

      I LOVE DD!!!! Melanie Jordan

      • Melanie

        My favorite is SI

        • Renee Taylor

          I Love uncle Si! Every family has someone just like him…wouldn’t trade them for the world! He is proud to be a veteran and proud to be a Christian

        • http://yahoo Janice Jackson

          I love DD every week and the reruns. Love they are not afraid to show and speak their Christian faith. Love the blessing over the food with the complete family around the table. Have to say my fav is Uncle Si but I love them all.

          • Sue Parrish

            I love the show, too. I watch reruns as many times as they come on. I bought the DVDs and have loaned them to a friend that doesn’t have cable. I have also read Willie’s book. Fascinating look at their family. There is a brother I never knew they had. Glad to see a family of faith presented in such an entertaining way.

    • Angie

      Our favorite is the whole show and cast, however, we love Jase because we have an almost 8 year old named Jase. We never see it spelled that way (it’s always with a ‘c’ (Jace) but c’s are for sissys:) , so we were excited to see that. But, really, we love him especially for the high pitch he gets in his voice when he is criticizing Si or Willy….haha!

    • Amanda Steele

      Jace & Si are my two favorite people, Ever!! Haha. This is one of the funniest shows I have seen in awhile, it’s quite addicting!! I highly recommend this if you haven’t seen it :-)

    • David Rimes

      Phil is my favorite, he imparts such wisdom to his grand kids!

      • Hannah Walker

        I love that the Robertson family is bold about their love for Jesus!

    • Michael Esposito

      Just started watching but Si is my favorite so far.

    • Joni

      Love Si!!! How can you not?

    • Misty Greer

      Our family’s favorite is Jase. The way he talks and how he thinks about things is so funny! And I really love their wives too. Those men are lucky to have those ladies!

    • Amber L.

      Absolutely love this show. Si has to be my family’s favorite.

    • Angie

      Our family favorite is Si. How funny he is.

      • Amanda Foster

        Si is my favorite! He’s so hilarious!

    • http://Lifeway Angel

      Can’t choose just one…Love’m all!

    • Amber Brassfield

      I love all the characters but would have to say my favorite is Sadie.

      • Pauletta Smoot

        My daughter loves this show and says that SY is her favorite.

    • Kathy Grant

      We love the show!!! I have to say that we like Jase, Si, Phil, Godwin…but we like them all too! My favorite part is the end with prayer by Phil with the entire family coming together.
      A great show!!! Thanks for the laughter.

    • Kathy Austin

      They’re all a hoot and bring out the best in each other. It’s difficult to single one out, but I guess I lean toward Jase as my favorite. Thanks.

    • LeAnn Cruse

      I love the show and the whole family. I would have to say Kay is my favorite! She reminds me of my dear mother-inlaw. Kay is a Godly woman,loving,great cook,silly w/her grandkids, and would do anything for family. Oh how I miss my mother-inlaw, but I know someday I will see her again.

    • Cheyenne

      I love the show and the morals the family shows. I love them all but Uncle Si and Mrs. Kay are my two favorites

    • Dannette King

      We love watching Duck Dynasty. My sons look forward
      To it every week. They are all wonderful role models
      but I would have to say my sons like Si the best. As a Mom it is
      difficult to find quality programs on TV for my 2 sons. I am so thankful
      for this program.
      This family is grounded in Faith and rich in Love and that is what really matters!
      Many Blessings

    • Kay Barron

      I find that the more I watch the show the more I enjoy it. I have had some really good laughs and it is so good to have a program that is wholesome and enjoyable.

    • lynn pilachowski

      never seen it, but would like to!

    • Barbara Jackson

      My granddaughter is 16 1/2 and loves to watch this show. I can’t think of anything better for her to watch. She laughs and learns at the same time. We both love Phil but I really love Ms. Kay. My granddaughter actually got a pink and black duck call holder – (I can’t rember the name) for Christmas.

    • Julie

      My husband and I love the entire family. What a wonderful awesome show with great morals and Christian values. America truly needs more shows like this one! Our favorites are Phil, Miss Kay and Si!
      We love the way they gather around the dinner table to pray and laugh together.
      From South Carolina

    • Jannell

      My name is Jannell and I love the whole family! My favorite would have to be Si!

    • Vivian

      My favorite is Si

      • Vivian

        My favorite on Duck Dynasty is Si!

    • wayne jackson

      willie–trying to hold the crazies together

    • Dean

      Jase and Si


      Best all around show on TV, it’s good to see a family that is not afraid to show and share their belief in God. I just love Miss Kay, we have lots in common

    • Kim

      The whole family is a hoot! Si is a favorite of mine, but I love them all in their own quirky ways!

      • Darlene

        I don’t get to watch it like I would like to. I have to watch it one the computer. I like the show and the family. I like the idea of family having dinner together. The family dinner table is a thing of the pass that is being brought back by a family like yours. My son would fit right in with your family. We are plain folks just like yall. Thanks for families like your showing how families should be.

    • Sarah

      Oh, how DD makes us laugh. It is clean and full of humor. My husband and I truly appreciate the faith and morals that are clearly a priority to the crazy family. Thank you to DD for sharing your lives with us and letting it be known that being “cool” and being a Jesus freak can go hand in hand!!!!!


    • Jeff King

      Love Duck Commander, favorite is Willy.


    • Michelle

      Love the show…. My husband was watching it and I rolled my eyes and said “Great another duck show/hunting…….” Oh boy was i wrong. It was the best duck show I have ever seen and boy do we laugh. I can not wait for the next weeks show each week. 😉

    • Mardi

      I’m entering because a friend of mine LOVES the show! She’d be thrilled with this prize! I think her favorite is Si.

    • Justin Cordova

      My favorite person on the show is Jase!

    • Amanda Penrod

      I love Si and Jase!

    • Rebecca Ford

      We love the morals, and Christianity shared on the show, and they are down right funny, we laugh so hard every Wednesday and Sunday nights at our house, we like Willie, Jase, and Si :)

    • Glenda Murray

      I must be honest and say that I have never watched the show before now. I will now be checking it out. My favorite would have to be Phil… Since it all began with him and his obedience to the Lord. His story is inspirational.

      Glenda Murray

    • Cheryl M

      My family loves this show. Must say our favorite is Si. My son says he wishes Si was his grandpa

    • krystal

      Si is MY favorite :)

    • Sue

      My fav is Jase. I watched a YouTube video of an interview at a university…it was great!

    • http://www.tadbutler.carbonmade Tad Butler

      Our family loves Duck Dynasty! We love the entire Robertson clan. It would be hard to pick just one favorite among them. They are our kind of folks. Our favorite part of the show is when they all sit down at the dinner table together at the end of the day to enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal prepared by Miss Kay, Phil asks the blessing and Willie shares some thoughts on the lessons learned from the day’s events. Keep them coming Robertson family!

      Tad, Suzie and Mikaela Butler

    • Brad Goss

      Great show! Too funny! My favorite is Phil!

    • Janice

      I heard our pastor say that he watched the show but I never watched it. I was channel surfing and nothing was on that I wanted to watch. I came across the show and thought, “Ok, I will see what this is about.” I watched it and laughed more than I have laughed in a while! It was great! I especially love that they bring out their faith in the show. I would say that Jase makes the show with his commentary of whatever is going on.

    • Jessica Matney

      My favorite person on Duck Dynasty is Willie. He’s always so serious when everyone else is acting crazy. I love the whole family though and Si totally cracks me up. :)

    • Barbara

      My favorite is Uncle Si!!!!

    • Revonda Miller

      Love love love them all and their example. Christians can have fun, in all rooms of the house! Si is the best!

    • Denise Hanson

      I love Si he cracks me up with his comments every week. My son and I watch it together and are laughing every week and look forward to the next weeks new episode but also enjoy watching the repeats.

    • Jamison Dodd

      My favorite person on duck dynasty is Uncle Si! Jack!

    • Rebecca Barker

      My favorite person on duck dynasty is Jase!!!

    • carolyn hilton

      I love Duck Dynasty I can sit for hours on end and never get tired of reruns and new . It is so good I wish I could climb in the TV and join them. They are all my favorite each one has a special place to bless and teach us new things to help our families learn to love each other despite our times of messing up or getting on each others nerves, we can still love laugh and forgive . This is an awesome, wholesome show that we all need in this day and time. God Bless each of you and thank you Phil for answering the call to do this.

    • Amy Copley

      Our entire family loves the show. We each have a different favorite though. I love Mrs. Kay, our son loves Jase and my husband’s favorite is of course Si. It is so hard to find good, clean fun television to watch these days so we make a point to catch all the episodes of this show that we can. Very impressed with the fact that the family is not ashamed of their Christian faith and shares their beliefs with others.


      Willie reminds me so much of a cousin of mine, but I have to say Jace is my favorite… His soft spoken nature and the smile on his face when he baptized the boys on Easter, pretty much sealed the deal… I love so much that this family are not ashamed to make it known they are Christians.

    • Tonya

      Can’t help but love it between my husband and son I don’t have a choice. My son’s school has an annual auction to raise money and each class is asked to make a “basket” to be auctioned off and yes the 8th graders have picked “Duck Dynasty Basket” we shall see how much $ it makes for us.

    • Teretha Stinson

      I love everyone on the show but, I guess Si is our family favorite

    • Dina

      Our family loves Jase. We love the show and look forward to new episodes. My husband and I laugh out loud at some of the episodes. It really lightens our spirits. We love that they say the blessing at the end of each show. What a wonderful forum to introduce folks to our Lord!

    • Twila

      I truly enjoy this series…Duck Dynasty.

      I will have to say I liked Willie over the rest on the show. Guess you can say I show favoritism towards Willie because my oldest son could pass as Willie’s twin brother.

    • Greta

      Love DD!!! My favorite is Jase.

    • Stacy Cook

      Hey Lifeway!!
      This is our family’s favorite show!! we have 2 favorites Silas Merritt Robertson and Jase Robertson! We feel that it is one of the only decent shows on TV! We wish Phil would run for President!!

    • Kathleen Emmons

      I just love it that Jesus is part of the show.

    • Kathy Parks

      I love them all. Finally a family show I can sit down and watch with my grandkids. There is humor, a treasure chest full of Godly life lessons and its so refreshing to see a family sit down and pray together on Television. Thank you for sharing your life with me. May God bless you all greatly

    • Rebecca Johnson

      Our favorite is Si. You gotta love a man who carries his sweet tea with him wherever he goes:))

    • http://yahoo Janice Jackson

      I love all the shows and the reruns also. I appreciate the good family show and the fact they are not afraid to proclaim their faith for Jesus Christ. Love the blessing over the food with all the family around the table. I must say I like them all, but my fav is Si.

    • Gigi McCollum

      I watch occasionally so don’t have a favorite but I was impressed with Phil Robertson’s testimony. I have a friend who is an advid fan and if I win I will give my winning to him.

    • Leslie

      Uncle Si is my favorite person on the show!!!!! My family and love to watch Duck Dynasty. It is nice to see that people say the blessing before meals.

    • http://Lifeway Mitzie by way of Phenix City, AL

      I love DD. The whole family is great. Jase would my favorite. Thanks for holding true to your belief in Jesus Christ.

    • Carrel Reed

      Love the show. It is hard to pick a favorite. One episode it might be Si and then another episode it will be Phil and Kay, and then it is the whole family and their interactions with each other.

    • bobbie reagan

      I love this show. I love how they show that then love the Lord and are tell everyone about favorite is Phil I love his boldness.

    • Cody artin

      Phil is my favorite. I like his “happy, happy, happy!

    • Jo Ann Neeley

      My grown kids and their families love this show and I hear them say “Si” is their favorite because he is so funny. I have been with my family to their store and where they film their shows!!

    • Cody Martin

      My favorite is Phil. I really like his “happy, happy happy.”

    • Mark

      The show is a Hoot and refreshing to hear them lift up Jesus. The cast is just great.

    • Aimee Wagner

      Our 11 year old daughter introduced us to this show and it has become a family favorite! Si is her favorite.

    • Stephanie Cole

      My husband loves this show. He is currently reading The Duck Commander Family book now and would absolutely love a signed copy. He likes all of the people on the show, said he couldn’t just pick one!

    • Lori Preston

      We love’ em all but my favorite is Uncle Si!! : )

    • Tracey Ragsdale

      Uncle Si is my favorite character. I love that DD is a family show that has no profanity.

    • Trey

      My little boy and I love to watch Willie and Si! That family appears to have great family values and I love the way that they end each show with a blessing!!

    • Blake Kwasigroh

      My favorite member of the family is definitely Jase. We both have the same type of personality.

    • Bryant Sears

      Phi is the stable rock who stands on the Solid Rock – Jesus. Si is the one that takes us to the edge of reality (at least in his mind) and lets us enjoy life with a grin. God bless all of them and their witness in this world!

    • Angie A

      Our family favorite is Si.

    • Debbie Felice

      Our kids got my husband and I watching and we love the show. I like Mrs. Kay the best because I am a little like her. I am constantly making sure everyone has eaten! It is good to have a show on that represents family life again and addresses The Lord on every episode. Love it.

    • Liz Bourgeois

      Our family loves Duck Dynasty! Finally a wholesome show the whole family can watch without cringing! Our favorite goes back and forth between Si and Jase. We love how Jase can (almost) always keep a straight face and we love Si’s outrageous
      stories. Actually we love the whole family… our girls especially like Reed and John Luke!

    • http://yahoo Cricket Fraley

      I like them all I think it is a good family show

    • Thomas

      My favorite person on Duck Dynasty is Willie Robertson the others always give him a hard time and most of the time he seems to come through it. I love the prayer at the end. I believe all events should start and end in prayer.

    • mom46975

      Miss Kay, Phil and Uncle Si to name a few, no I think it has to be the entire cast. It is refreshing to watch a show with my son that there isn’t any bad language and even though they may fuss and fume at each other there is always love.

    • Jim Burton

      Enjoy all of them on the show, but, think Jase is hilarious!

    • Andrea Triplett

      We don’t miss a show. It’s is so nice to have the whole family sit down and watch a show and most of all LAUGH! My favorite is Jase!

    • Meredith Shore

      My family loves Duck Dynasty! It’s great to see a show that’s funny, but not off-color, and where faith is considered a part of everyday life. My favorite character has to be Uncle Si, because he’s the biggest character in the family.

    • Andrew

      Can’t say I have a favorite because I like them all…I do anticipate what Uncle Si will say next though! Great show that I’m addicted to and so glad it is so successful!

    • Amy

      I love Si – he reminds me of my husband: lots of laughs and a glass of tea in his hand all day long!

    • Randy B

      Love Duck dynasty! read Willie’s book and have already ordered Phil’s

    • Jody

      Enjoy the show and can’t pick one over the other because they all play off each other so well, just as a family should!

    • Debi Snyder

      We need more TV, where people are proud to share their faith!

    • Mrs. Simpson

      Duck Dynasty is one of the rare shows that is laugh-out-loud funny every week. When DD is on, it’s the “holy hour” in our house. What a hoot! Love ya, Si, Jace & Miss Kay.

    • Ted

      Jase has thoughtful insight on many matters.

    • Tracy Chandler

      My favorites are Si and Jase!!

    • valerie mcneal

      These families are very unique! They are everyday people who loved life and have Christian values. It’s good to know that they are not afraid to express their love for God. My favorite is: There is no favorites, because each family (person) is very special in their own way.

    • Tammie Theisen

      my favorite is Phil. He has the respect of his family & friends. A great witness for the Kingdom!

    • Regina Arnold

      I love the words of wisdom and prayers offered up from Phil!

    • Tissy Fieman

      Every time my husband and I watch the show, we feel like we’re part of the Robertson family. :) I appreciate how they stick together through it all, putting God and family first in their lives – What a great example for the world today! I love them all, but I have to admit that Si and Jase are my favorites. May God continue to bless your family for generations to come!

    • Dianne B.

      This is one of the best shows on tv. It always makes you laugh because you never know what they will do next. They are a typical family with everyday problems. My husband and I both agree that Si is our favorite! We also like the family meal they have at the end of each show where they give thanks for what they have!

    • Chryssi S.

      My favorite is Jace

    • Debbie M.

      My husband and I love the show, his favorite is Si, and I like Jase and Phil.

    • Wanda

      it is hard to choose, but I think Jase gets such a joy out of harassing Willie, that jase is my favorite. we just started watching this year and love it!

    • Jeannie

      Haven’t had a chance to see, but a free gift would be nice

    • Tammy Smith

      Love this show. Si my favorite but all could be a favorites.

    • Cyndi

      So hard to pick just one. But I have to go with Jace.

    • Kay

      My favorite is Phil! I love the way he treats Miss Kay…he loves her so much. He is forth right and loving!

    • steve

      I started watching Duck Dynasty about 2 months ago & love Jase.

    • Debbie Matthews

      I love Jase when he gets under Willie’s skin! Love the wholesomeness of the Robertson family!

    • Stephanie Davis

      My husband and I watch Duck Dynasty all the time!! We love the show! Its so funny, and to know that they are a Christian family is even better! Television finally has a show worth watching! I can’t say who my favorite is. I love them all. Without each other the show wouldn’t be what it is!!

    • Wolf Palmer

      The Robertsons are awesome.
      Si is consistently the funniest, but I like the way Jase thinks.

  • Jason Dyess

    My favorite person on Duck Dynasty is Jase.

    • M

      My favorite person on Duck Dynasty is: The whole family. When the family is gathered around the table, it warms my heart to see the family together, laughing, praying and just enjoying each other. This is what our world needs more of today, shows like Duck Dynasty.

      Actually, my favorite is probably Si. He is so funny, yet has such a dry sense of humor. The whole show is awesome……

  • Amanda Phelps

    I would have to say my favorite is Si. Well, no, Jase…Actually, Willie. Heck, we love all of them!! What an awesome show that my WHOLE family can watch! Please keep them coming!!

  • Stepheny Seabolt

    I LOVE Phil and Uncle Si!

  • Tammy Smith

    My entire family looooove this show!!!! Quality family entertainment!!!! Gotta love Phil and Willie!!!! Hilarious guys!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize!! Good luck everyone!!!!

  • Lisa Maynard

    Definitely Si! He never fails to make me laugh.

  • Tony Foeller

    My favorite is Si, hands down……JACK! Thanks for the opportunity to get a copy of the book.

  • Rick Waters

    Thanks for doing the giveway. Good to see a family who is vocal about their faith being a success.

  • Steven Stone

    Wow, it’s hard to have just one favorite. I am going to have to say all of them also.

  • http://facebook Sharon Moran

    My favorite is Willie! But I do love them all! Love Duck Dynasty!

  • Judy Mustian

    LOVE this show! I’ve read the book, but don’t have my own copy. What a great contest! I like all the family members on the show but probably get the most enjoyment from Phil, with Si being a very close second!

  • Ellen Sedberry

    Would love to win! I think my favorite is Si!

  • annette

    love the show! jase and willie are great…but you can’t leave out si! 😉

  • Michelle welch

    I am new to the Duck Dynasty family of viewers but I love it! Great stories and a great way to relax midweek! My favorite has to be Sy! What a character he is! He would be my favorite uncle if I was in that family! Michelle Welch

  • Susan Zartman

    My 9 year old niece and I really enjoy the men with the Beards. Si always keeps us talking and laughing. Appreciate them living their faith and family values!

  • Jennifer Cochenour

    I like them all! Si gets me giggling most though…he could have his own show…lol

  • Donna

    My favorite is Jase, love his comments, especially on the hand cuff episode.

  • Lynn

    My favorite is Jase. I like how he slowly enunciates his words.
    (NOT crazy about Phil and Kate’s increased sexual innuendos this season…)

  • Andrae Beam

    Gotta love, Si! They are all great, but he makes the show. You don’t ever know what is going to come out of his mouth!

  • Michelle Faile

    My favorite person is Si! He brings so much humor to the show.

  • Kimberly Hill

    Awesome giveaway!! My fav would have to be Phil. A wonderful family man and leader.

  • Carri Corbitt

    Thanks so much for an opportunity to win the book! My family loves Duck Dynasty. Jase is my favorite character, but I think the show, for me, is all about the MIX of characters. They’re great together…and hilarious!

    • Stephanie Dickey

      Really enjoy the show. Love how no matter what problem comes up that you deal with it together as a family. I also enjoy how you all get together for a meal and pray before eating

  • Matt Brogli

    I love the way each show ends in a prayer over a meal. My favorite character is Jase and his fantastic one-liners.

  • Diana Gore

    Our family always enjoys watching Duck Dynasty!! All of the characters are pretty awesome, but to me, Si is just a hoot! He just speaks his mind. He has a way with words!

  • Jerri Martin

    My entire family loves Duck Commander & the entire family’s stand on their Faith!! I’d have to say my favorite family member is Jase…or Si!! …or both!!

  • Beth Corder

    What a great giveaway! My entire family LOVES Duck Dynasty and the entire Robertson family. You just don’t find shows like this anymore.

  • Phil Leslie

    I was introduced to Duck Dynasty by my ARKANSAS cousins — on their BIG SCREEN TV! Love Si from the very beginning…and his special tea cup.

  • Jill

    Jase is my favorite.

  • Amy Barber

    Great Show!! Love all of them! (they remind me of my husband’s family without the beards)

  • Tena Taylor

    Great giveaway!!! Love the show:)

  • Andrew Thurlow

    My favorite person on Duck Dynasty is Jase.

  • Jason Arrowood

    Jason Arrowood, and my favorite is Jase. I love his dry sense of humor and that he, along with the rest of the family, is unashamed of his in our Lord Jesus!

  • Ruthie

    I just started watching it and LOVE it no favorite yet but my great nephew he is 3 years old and he will walk around and talk like them and do what they do he loves it…..

  • Sherry Logsdon

    This show makes me, happy, happy, happy! I love it. It is the only reality tv show that I watch. I love all the Robertsons, it’s impossible to have a favorite.

  • Linda

    I LOVE them ALL!!!

  • Julie Taylor

    We love Duck Dynasty and the entire Robertson clan! If we had to choose a favorite, it would have to be Si. He definitely keeps things entertaining! We’ve already bought the first two seasons on DVD and hope there will be many more to come!

  • Carrie

    LOVE this show! Si is my favorite!! :)

  • Blu Berner

    I’m happy happy happy today.

  • Elaine Layton

    Si is so funny!

  • Brandon smith

    Oh Lord my favorite person on duck dynasty. That’s a hard one I love Phil and miss Kay. I love jase and Willie. But if I had to pick it would be Si.

  • Catherine Barbato

    Love this family….Tie between Jace and Uncle Si…I’m a Happy Happy Happy person when I watch this!

  • Stephanie Lazenby

    Due to crazy, busy schedules and drawn in different directions often, it is great for our family to be able to sit, relax and laugh so hard that we are crying when Duck Dynasty comes on. It is a blessing indeed. Thanks to the Duck Dynasty Family for hearing God’s call and obeying Him. You have touched many lives. I will have to say that my family would say Si is the one who would be voted as #1!

  • Meredith

    I love this show! I really appreciate how they show the true meaning of family and are not afraid to share their faith. It’s definitely an encouragement to me. My favorite on the show would definitely be Si :)

  • Jan Perrigin

    Love them all, but some of Godwin’s off the wall remarks make me laugh the most.

  • Lisa Hamrick

    Si is my favorite.

  • Barbara Hatfield

    I enjoy them all, but if I had to choose I would say Phil.

  • Amanda Roeschke

    It is so hard to pick a favorite – I would have to say Miss Kay.

  • Julie Russell

    Uncle Si!

  • Logan

    Love the values of the show, how to raise up your child in a Christian environment, make them work, shoot ducks, and then pray at the beginning of every meal as a family!


    Love them all…such great values. But if I had to choose one or two, it would have to be Jase, just love his expressions when he tells stories, and of course just love Si’s stories.

  • KimMeadows

    Love them ALL, but have to say really Ms. Kay! LOVE how they share their faith-AMAZING that they are still allowed on cable! Keep the faith!!!

  • Sara Brown

    I love the whole family!! Can’t pick just one.

  • Laura Edge

    Love the show and they all make it great. Love Jase and Si…and Miss Kay!!!

  • Susan Thompson

    Duck Dynasty is such a great show. I usually avoid reality type shows, but this one has me hooked. My 11 year old said he’d like to have dinner with the Robertson’s. :)

  • Jessie N Farmer

    Happy Happy Happy and that a fact Jack!

  • Lisa Northup

    If I have to choose – Jase – he just cracks me up!

  • Amber Metcalf

    (Amber Metcalf) It’s hard to choose a favorite. Phil is just so awesomely down to earth and unashamed of his love for Jesus, so based on that, I’d pick Phil. Jase is definately the coolest. Si is wild, but Godwin is pretty funny, too. One thing is for sure, the best Hollywood casting agent in the world couldn’t put together a better ensemble!!!

  • Judy

    Best show ever!! We love Uncle Si!

  • Wanda Tyler

    Our fave member of the Duck Dynasty family has to be Uncle Si! He is so funny but he can have some great thoughts when the time comes! I thank God there is a program that is not araid to proclaim the name of Jesus!

  • Darby Livingston

    Our entire family loves to watch Duck Dynasty,,,,it is an awesome show!

  • Pat Davis

    Love this show! Willie is my favorite!

  • Jakson Harkey

    Gotta be Jase.

  • JimT

    4-15-13 My favorite has to be Uncle Si.

  • Scott Harkey

    Great show! Very faithful men. It will be interesting to hear what Korie has to say.

  • Kelly Hendrick

    We love Si!!!!

  • Tim Young

    No doubt, Si is my favorite.

  • Jeff

    Love Duck Dynasty. My favorite is Jace.

  • Shanee P.

    My family’s favorite person is Phil!

  • Wallace McKenzie

    Happy Happy Happy

  • Debbie George

    Let’s get it on like Donkey Kong….. Love the Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty!!!

  • Jeffrey

    Duck Dynasty ROCKS!!! Never miss a episode!! One of my favorites is Jace. But they are all awesome!

  • Jenn

    We love them all, especially Jase and Si….but Si is JUST (even looks!) LIKE my Daddy, so he would have to be my favorite :)

  • Angi Doble

    My favorite characters are the kids…the way they roll their eyes at their parents and grandparents….been there done that!

  • Rachel

    We love Duck Dynasty!! What a great giveaway. My favorites are Si and Phil.

  • Brian Harris

    Phil is my favorite! I love his story of redemption and to see how he leads his family.

  • Frank Tan

    Haven’t seen the show (no cable A&E channel), but would love to check it out. Hearing good things about this show from a lot of sources.

  • Blake James

    I love Duck Dynasty. Si is my favorite and I love how they always end the episode with prayer.

  • Alisa Vandevender

    My entire family loves Duck Dynasty! Miss Kay is my favorite!

  • Kimberly

    Kimberly Sargent
    I can’t pick one, I think I like them all.

  • Andrea Carlson

    Hey! Would love to win! I really love the whole family but I think Si and Jase are my favorites. Watching the show makes me Happy Happy Happy! :)

  • Charlene Crowe

    Love Duck Dynasty. It is an awesome show.

  • Mike Chitwood

    My favorite person on Duck Dynasty is Phil Robertson. I love how simply he shares his faith, which in turn has assisted me in proclaiming the Gospel too.

  • Janey Wilburn

    My favorite one is Uncle Si of course. Who would not love him???? :) Blessings!

  • patti stamper

    Big fan of Duck Dynasty and would love to win!! My favorite Roberson is Phil : )

  • Angela Brock

    Great show for a good laugh!! My favorite character is Si

  • Kristi Davis

    What a great giveaway!!! I love all of the Robertson’s! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but Si and Jase make me laugh the most!
    Their show is wonderful!

  • Patson Parker

    I love your show and my favorite is Willie. What I don’t understand is why are they asking for more money, don’t you all get paid enough? It is a shame that this is such a good reality tv show, but to be so greedy. I cannot let my grandson watch this anymore as we are christians and greed is a sin. I dont want anything from you, I know why dont you win and sell on ebay so you can get more money to add to your payload.

  • Susan Bezanson

    Husband & I very much enjoy the show. Love the fact that your born again in Christ. You know this is of God!
    I believe God is using all of you to further His Kingdom. How exciting!! Love & prayers in Jesus Name.
    I would have to say your all wonder gifts. God has no favor in one over the other.
    But ….I would have to say Si…is pretty funny. Yeah all have a super day.
    PS…you can send me all the neat gifts…lol…
    If I do win I would prob. use them towards raising a little coin for the Mission in feeding the poor. God Bless.

  • Glenda

    Would love to win! Sadie is my favorite!

  • Kari

    Love the show, every member of the family can watch it. No worries about foul language, skimpy clothing, or back stabbing. A great family that love God, life, and having lots of fun.

  • Amanda Townsend

    Have to say that my favorite is Jase Robertson; mostly for his comic relief. His facial expressions always make me laugh and his clear love and concern for his wife is very endearing.

  • Sandy

    Jace and Si

  • Paul Horne

    Paul Horne and Uncle Si is my fav.

  • Joan Harris

    I don’t watch a lot of Duck Dynasty so I don’t have a favorite, but my niece loves it and would love the items in the give away

  • LuAnn Meyer

    My name is LuAnn Meyer. My favorite family member is Miss Kay! What a lovely lady.

  • Erin Losekamp

    I love Phil and Kay!!

  • Dana Robins

    It’s so hard to pick just one! Love them all and the show! Probably, would go with Si. You never know what he’s going to say, but it will make you laugh.

  • Stacy Anderson

    My favorite Robertson is Jase. Love him!!

  • Lisa

    Wow, it’s hard to choose a favorite. They all make me laugh so hard. Si and Jace have got to be up there at the top though.

  • Deb Zick

    I am such a fan but I don’t have a favorite family member as I can relate to all of them. So love a person can watch a show where people are not afraid of showing their faith and keeping family values!!

  • Jennifer Howard

    I will have to pick Jase…..I like them all…hard to pick!!

  • Jennifer Howard

    I will have to pick Jase…..I like them all…hard to pick!!

  • Dawn

    Love them all….Jase is my favorite…..Si is exhausting…..

  • Niki

    Such a great show! I love Si and Jace!

  • Bill

    I like Jase the most, but Si is definitely “the entertainment.”

  • Tiffany

    I can’t pick a favorite I love all of them. Thank you for the opportunity to win these awesome prizes.

  • Leanne Franke

    Really enjoy hearing them preach. You can feel they believe what they say. They are all so good but think my favorite is Phil, he is a man of few words but when he speaks, it means something. Keep the ending dinner prayer in, that is what led me to watch the show!

  • Steve Garza

    Great show, I like Jase and Si equally.

  • Jodi King

    Love them all, but Si is a favorite in our house!!

    • Jessica Jackson

      love this show it great i and friend watch together we get on the internet on mic because they live in Canada and i lived in states and watch this together we love u guys…. favor is all ….. sorry can’t pick one because u all make this show great…

  • Tina Bell

    My husband and son love this show! I think their favorite person is Uncle Si but my favorite is Mrs. Kay!

  • Debbie

    I love them all!! Miss Kay is awesome. I could sit and listen to Si for days on end. Would be a dream come true for me to meet them all.

  • Teresa

    Love to watch their program – Si is a hoot – best part is they always end the show in prayer.

  • Allen Felton

    My favorite person is Si. How can you not like him, his stories are the best.

  • Randy Henderson

    I’d have to say my favorite character is Willie due to me being in a body cast just as he was. He shows that with the Duck Commander business anything is possible through Christ.

  • Kristi Mingus

    I would have to Si and Phil are my favorites!!

  • Linda King

    I love them all but my favorites are Jase and Si!

  • Julie A.

    Wonderful giveaway…….wonderful show……best one out there. My favorite has to be Phil….. just so laid back. Thanks

  • Dan McCloskey

    I would be Happy Happy Happy with this prize package!!

  • Dan Trent

    I love this show…its good family fun. Gotta love Willie and everything he puts up with on a daily basis with his crazy crew

  • Cynthia Pedersen

    My Favorite is Jase! He is just so funny.

  • Hope Dolan

    I can’t pick a favorite between Jase and Uncle Si. They both crack me up! Love them all.

  • Lisa Winter

    When I first started watching this show with my husband, I thought “you’ve go to be kidding me”! Now we DVR every episode & never miss one. It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but I would have to say Phil. Just love how he keeps his family all together.

  • Micah Gilmore

    I love this show. . .its also a favorite amongst the youth in my youth group! Got to say Si and Jase are awesome! All my boys say “jack” constantly now

  • Corey

    Godwin or Si!! thank you Corey

  • Cindy Dunn

    Definitely Si.

  • C Green

    They are all a hoot but Phil is one of my favorites!

  • Gina Oard

    Gina Oard
    I really like them all …..I guess if I had to pick a Fav it would be Si

  • Renea Martin

    I would love to win this. The whole family is great, but I think Si is my favorite.

  • Susan Holloway


  • Toby Holman

    Uncle Si

  • Sherry

    Jase is my favorite, or Godwin. Maybe Phil. No, definitely Uncle Si. But Ms. Kay is awsome. Oh yeah, there’s Willie too.

  • Joanna Camick

    This show is lots of fun with clean humor. Phil is my favorite because he models Godly leadership. Duck on, like walk on in faith:)

  • Carl Crenshaw

    God id Good!!

  • kathy

    Love, love, love Duck Dynasty. As for a favourite…it’s a toss up between Si and Jace

  • Amy P.

    Love the show and the family. Si is our favorite, he truly is one of a kind! :)

  • Matt McGlamery

    I’ve got to side with Si. Not often in the history of television has that much wisdom sprang forth.

  • Jennifer C

    Love the show. I really like Si, but my favorite is Jase.

  • Christin Green

    John Luke!

  • Wesley Golds

    Jase is my family’s favorite.

  • Rhea Dooley

    I love Duck Dynasty!! I love all of them, they all together make the show awesome. But if I have to chose I chose Si. He cracks me up!!!

  • Dustin Gentile

    Favorite person on the show has to be Si. He is a modern day Plato…if Plato drank sweet tea and fought in the Vietnam War.

  • Michelle Lesley

    Jase is my favorite :0)

  • kyla

    I love Phil and Si. refrshing to see a family hold their vaules and show god is first in their lives.

  • Donna Bowles

    Si Robertson….absolutely!

  • robert lindsey

    I like the whole cast they are awesome and the CLEANEST reality show on tv…. This is all me and my children watch….

  • Doris T


  • Lisa

    I love Duck Dynasty. It is really hard to pick a favorite…. they are all Robertsons! However, Si Robertson the one I enjoy watching the most.


    Love Si !!! Awesome show, I am addictied

  • Sigrid Ulrich

    Impossible to choose a favorite!

  • Lisa M.

    Si is definitely my favorite. I love that you never know what is going to come out of his mouth next!

  • Jamie Griffin

    I love Miss Kay she’s the Heart of the family.

  • Kami Rude

    My favorite Duck Dynasty character is Si, simply because he is a CHARACTER! My kids laugh so hard at the silly things he does!

  • Lisa Portemont

    I love this show. Love that they aren’t afraid to show their faith. I can’t come up with a favorite person, but my favorite part of the show is at the end when they are having dinner together and Phil is saying the blessing.

  • Marty Elkins

    Hands down Si but Jase is a close second.

  • D’Edra Jefferson

    MY FAMILY AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW AND THIS FAMILY!!!!! I can’t pick just one for my favorite because they are all such great examples. Watching them every week makes me…HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY :)

  • Jennifer Galley

    luv them all but always crack up with Uncle Si and Mountain Man…
    what an amazing give away..
    good luck to everyone

  • Dana Goodson

    I Love, love, love Duck Dynasty! So nice to have a family show! I love Si! He is so Funny!! :-)

  • Marla Knox

    My whole family LOVES Duck Dynasty! We really enjoy listening to Uncle Si”s comments,But we love all the guys!

  • D. Reese

    Love them all…but I think Phil is my favorite.

  • Kathy Moncus

    I love them all but if I have to choose just one, Phil is my favorite.

  • Susan Rodgers

    This is the only reality show I watch. They seem like the people I know. I like all of them but my fave is Jase.

  • steve mallison-jones

    Duck Dynasty is awesome – I have been watching it with my kids and laughing every week. My favorite is PHil and I love the way he talks to the grandkids :-)

  • Scarlett

    I don’t have just one favorite. My favorites are Phil,Si ans Jace. I can watch it over and over again. I’m so glad that there is a show that we can watch as a family and have Christian values. We love Duck Dynasty.


    Couldn’t pick a favorite between Jase, Willie and Si.

  • Lori Davis

    Si is my favorite. Never know what he’s going to say next. Then Jase.

  • Angie Tuell

    I just LOVE the whole show, but there’s just something about Si. Love the fact that this family incorporates GOD in their lives. Keep it up and GOD bless you all!!!

  • Traci DeLaune

    Traci DeLaune

    My favorite is Jase! :)

  • Jackie Delph

    Hard to pick just one!
    I think Si, no wait Jase…no Phil.

  • Ayla Perkins

    My name is Ayla Perkins and my favorite person on DD is Phil Robertson (although Miss Kay runs a close second).

  • Chris Garber

    My favorite has to be Si.

    Chris Garber

  • Dave Cline

    Great contest! My vote has to be for Si!

  • Karolyn Gjerseth

    My family love to watch Duck Dynasty. Would love to learn more about your faith. Not sure who my favorite person in the family, I enjoy them all!

  • Robbie Daley

    DD is great, so Jase!

  • Christy Hopper

    My favorite would have to be Jase!

  • Christina

    I like them all! Jase makes me laugh the most!

  • Allyson Green

    All the guys are my favorites because the show wouldn’t be the same if one of them was missing! But Si and Jase make me laugh the hardest!

  • Robbie Dalley

    DD is great, go Jase!

  • Diane

    Actually I love the whole family. I guess if I had to choose it would be Si or Jase. Si makes me laugh. My husband has some health problems and I just went to a Beth Moore conference and on the way home and our group stopped for gas. They had to hats for sale and I purchased one for him. He was so happy with it, he sat in his chairtill bedtime wearing before removing it. I like jace and his sensibility. I am to have surgery the 16th and I sure hope the hospital has that channel so I can watch Duck Dynasty. I am not a tv watcher and thats the only show I will sit down and watch

  • Harley

    I love everyone from duck dynasty but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be uncle Si, I also really like Sadie and the way that she uses her twitter to spread Gods word and encouraging people.

  • Barbara Wood

    I love the whole family because they are a Christian family and at the end of every show they end it by saying grace at the dinner table. But if Im going to pick a favorite, It would have to be Si, he just cracks me up. Every episode he has me rolling in laughter. I love duck dynasty! Oh, and Mrs. Kay does not get enough credit :)

  • Wesley Mayfield

    Wesley Mayfield


  • lynda pressey

    I think SI is the funnest one on the show love the show

  • Jeff Davis

    Mountain Man

  • Karrie

    I love Duck Dynasty! I don’t really have a favorite because I like all of the guys. If I have to choose one, I would say Uncle Si.

  • Jason

    They are all funny, but I have to go with a tie between Si and Jase.

  • Steve Watson

    My favorite is Si

  • Shannon Long

    Shannon Long…Jase is my favorite on Duck Dynasty!!

  • Kristin Scoggins

    We love the show! Our favorite is Si. We all need an uncle who makes us laugh!

  • Candy Farlow

    I adore them all, but I relate most closely to Miss Kay! Love the way each episode ends. It makes me happy, happy, happy!

  • John Stabenow

    I am truely inspired by the Fiath that Phil and Kay have instilled in their family.. Willie is a true man of God, a REAL life role model..Thank you men..

  • Renee Wohlgemuth

    Our family really enjoys ‘Duck Dynasty’. My favorite family member is definitely Jase. We do think alike…lol.

  • Lisa Riggs

    This show makes me Happy, Happy, Happy!

  • Lisa Riggs

    I love Uncle Si , he is so funny!

  • Kim formby

    My favorite person is Si…he is full if life and my family can’t stop laughing :)

  • Bethann

    Love the show, love the family, would love to win! I just named my new donkey Si, because he’s a Jack! LOL

  • Vicki

    Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you for taking the time to share with us about your family and your Christian values. I love watching this show (taped some to watch over and over) and so do my grandchildren. Duck Dynasty has given us more enjoyment that your family will ever know. I love that, no matter how old Jase, Willie and Jep are, they still respect their parents and are teaching their children the same moral values. You know, alot of people don’t seem to be doing that anymore. Don’t know what happened to the ma’am and sir that I was taught. More families need to come back to the Bible and listen to what God says. I have read this book and LOVED IT and just waiting for Phil’s to come out. As far as my favorite, I LOVE YOU ALL! I would love to come spend a week with you. The pioneer way with Mrs. Kay. Would love to cook with her and hunt with Phil, Si and the boys. (not crazy about the snakes and gators there). Once again, thank you! You are all a blessing to our family. (BTW, love to watch the short clips on the computer at work). May God continue to bless each of you. Hey Jack! We’re all Happy, Happy, Happy.

  • Kelly Smallwood

    Jase is my favorite – but love them all.

  • katrina creswick

    My family loves all of them but uncle si is our favorite he is always funny

    • Tina fletcher

      Jace is my favorite! Love the show. Got to see Willie at Easter service from woc Murfreesboro

  • John

    It’s a toss up! Jase, Phil & Si are my favorites!!

  • Jimmy Jones

    Si and Jase are my favorites!

  • mike

    Great Family show that may whole Family loves

  • Danielle Love

    Who is my favorite? All of them! :)
    –Danielle Love

  • Debbie Singley

    I love the show. I would say Jase is my favorite but enjoy them all. Si is a hoot.

  • Pam Lane

    We LOVE them all.. Such a Good Christian Family!!!

  • George

    George Foulk says Si is one of the best and that’s a fact jack but Phil makes me Happy, Happy, Happy.

  • Melissa Jensen

    Just got our grown son hooked on the show. Jace makes everyone laugh!

  • Brandon Porter

    Thanks for the chance for the fun stuff! Jase is the man!

  • Jason Smith

    Jase is my favorite!

  • Allison Jones

    my family has just started watching Duck Dynasty – so I don’t have a favorite person yet. I like listening to all of them talk. They crack me up! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Brenda

    I love the way the family loves Jesus! I like Willie and Jayce and their competive ways.

  • Charles Johnson

    My family really loves this show. It is great that they share their faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Julie Melton

    I like Phil, love that he stands true to his faith and instills family values and keeps the happy happy life with Ms Kay :). She is atrue proverbs 31 woman.
    As a newlywed of almost 3 years, It’s an inspiration to see a couple that been married for so long and still passionate about each other.
    Keep up the great work and thank you for listening to God and following Him, I pray that this show will bring many viewer to the Lord.

  • Bryan Lipscomb

    I love watching the show with my family. Great way to laugh together. Got to say that Si really keeps us rolling.

  • Mendy Iler

    Love the show. Great family time. Jase is our favorite with Si a close second!

  • Zach

    Jase. Or Jep. Or all of them!

  • Norman C. Vance

    Awesome show ! I love it when Si gets talking about nothing . A very positive point during the show is that we get to hear everything spoken ! No words bleeped out ! Says all lot about the Robertson’s character !

  • Michelle

    Wow, it looks like there are a whole lot of fans of Duck Dynasty according to these comments. I would love to win this set, first I would read the book, , then auction it off to raise $$ for Haiti & keep the other things for myself Haha even though the kids there would get a kick out of Si , he’s my favorite because he reminds me of my husband.

  • Sara McMillion

    Jase is my favorite to watch.

  • Peggy

    Our whole family absolutely loves Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander. We watch it together and it really bonds us together because we often talk about the family values and the core beliefs that the Robertson Family have and how we can take some of their lifestyles and use them in our own family life. I would like to thank the Robertson family for helping us through some very trying and troubling times through their love, laughter and love for God.

  • Deborah

    Hey, Jack…guess who’s my favorite! Drink some tea and think it over.

  • Melinda

    My favorite character would be Phil. He is a man after God’s heart and a true follower of Christ. A lot can be learned from him.

  • Kevin McCulley

    I would love to win this giveaway, my favorite guy is Jase, for his sense of humor.

  • Kevin McCulley

    I would love to win the book, duck call, and bracelet. Jase is my favorite character for his humor.

  • David Baysinger

    I love how this family lives for the sake if the gospel. Favorite has to be Si. :)

  • Christy Harris

    I love you all. But i would like to say how i love to see the grand children showing so much respect for Miss.Kay and Phi you don’t see that a lot nowadays.

  • Mary Dunn

    Love the show and the whol family!!

  • Deborah

    No favorite….amazingly funny in a weird way.

  • Christina Bridge

    Si, cracks me up. We are just watching the 1st season and I can’t get over when he drove the semi truck.

  • Karen

    This show is one that my whole family will sit down and watch. I really love the way that the family gets together. I also love that the show is christian based. A family that prays together stays together. This is a big plus in my book. My favorite character is Si because one of my co-workers call me Si because I carry my coffee mug around with me all day instead of sweet tea.

    Thanks for coming into our home.

  • Seth

    This is an awesome show. Of course Si Hey.

  • Carolyn Rice

    How nice it is to watch a television show with the entire family in the room. This family is awsome, Godly and funny. They teach their kids to have respect. While I love the entire family, I have to say that Uncle Si has to be my favorite. He makes me laugh! Thanks to the Robertson Family!

  • Marty

    Wow, what a cast of characters! I think Mrs. Kay is my favorite, she reminds me of my grandmother!

  • Dawn

    My favorite is Jase. Love this show!!

  • Katie J.

    I love Duck Dynasty. My favorite person is Jase.

  • Brittany

    This show is so funny. My entire family enjoys it. My favorite character is probably Uncle Si!


  • Jamie

    DD is a favorite! My church even uses video clips at times. It’s a great family show! I can’t say I have a favorite, but love them all!

  • Dee Reffitt

    I love Miss Kay. She loves her husband, Raised her kids right for Jesus and her Faith in Jesus. What a role model she is.

    • Dee White

      While the men are amusing, I think it is Miss Kay who glues the family together. It is obvious that she loves the Lord, her husband adores her and her boys and their wives and children love to be around her. What more could any grandmother ask for??

  • J Crump McGee

    When my brother told me that he played football at La. Tech Univ with Phil on a football scolarship back in the sixties, I was sure he was joking! I guess he wasn’t joking. My favorite, well, I love ’em all, but, because my brother knows Phil personally, I suppose it would have to be Phil. What a joy the entire family is and to think, I grew up about 20 miles from Monroe, La.! May the Lord continue to bless this wonderful family.

  • Candy Mooney

    Si is my Favorite!!!

  • Jason Rhodes

    Love the show! Wholesome and funny, and the way every show ends is always my favorite part. My favorite Robertson is Jase, well because we share the name Jason and he’s funny as all get out. I would love to sit at Mrs. Kay’s table and enjoy some of her cooking. Love them all!

  • Brenda Elliott

    Duck Dynasty is a comical show where Gods Love shoes in each family member.I like the way all the children and grandchildren show thier thier love and respect for the adults. One of the best ways we show Gods love is to show it in our daily lives. Each cast member has love and respect for God and each other. Gods command is to love on another. Just keeep up the good work. I guess Phil and Mrs Kay are my favorites.

  • Phyllis

    We love Si!!! Watching this show for a few minutes is like therapy. If you’ve had a stressful day, it’s therapy. Gives you a good laugh.

  • Susan Keller

    I love the whole family, but most especially Jase.

  • Heather

    I love Si and Jase! All the Robertsons are so much fun to watch!! What a blessing to have a quality TV show to watch!!!

  • Cathy

    Definitely Si!

  • Alethia Hauffman

    Si!!! He’s so my Dad!!! haha Love it!!

  • Wesley Harrell

    Love the show. My favorites are Si and Jase.

  • Suzy

    Favorite is probably Si, then Jase……

  • Because Herrera

    I absolutely love this show! I’d have to say my favorite is either Phil or Si :)

    • Becca Herrera

      Actual name is Becca. Gotta love autocorrect!

  • Kristine Finch

    My husband and I have been hooked since the preview commercials aired long before the season started. We TiVo every episode. My husband’s favorite character is Si. Mine is Phil. I love that he teaches the kids traditional values and ways of living. Runner up is Miss Kay.

  • Kristin Weinstock

    I mostly watch this show when hubby is watching, but I do enjoy it a lot! I believe Si is my favorite… he just cracks me up!!

  • Kristen

    My favorite would have to be Phil; who else can sum it up so concisely, straight to the point, and in a thought provoking way!

  • Jamie Cartledge

    Have to love Jase

  • Chris

    My favorite is Jase.

  • Becky

    Jase is my favorite!

  • Britni Boyd

    My favorite is Si =)

  • Kimberly R

    Our family LOVES Duck Dynasty and the great Christian values it exhibits! My 5 year old son loves Willie, my daughter thinks Si is hilarious, my husband and I are “Team Jase!” all the way.

  • Sheri

    Love Duck Dynasty!

  • Kristi Smith

    This is an AWESOME family sitcom. In todays world, shows like this are a thing of the past. It is even more apt that they are hard core christians and practice what they believe! The influence that this family has on kids is one that will last a lifetime! I am thrilled that A & E would allow a show such as this to run on their network.
    My family fights over who is going to get to the remote first to watch it. We also watch all reruns as well! We too wear camo, but our FAITH is not hidden!

  • Clark THompson

    Duck Dynasty is the epitome of clean, christian comedy….these guys are great!

  • tami demo

    Jase is our family fave! :)

  • Kris

    Hmmmm… either Phil or Jase; after following them on Twitter, both lay it out their with the Power leading them!

  • Donna

    Si is the best!

  • Deb

    Uncle Si
    Wish he was my uncle.

  • Angela Hooten

    Si is my fave, but I love the whole family! What a great, clean show! :)

  • James Taylor

    I enjoy all of the family, especially Si. Great show, great family, great faith.

  • Hollye Bright

    Jase! What an example to his kids a Christian man is like!!

  • Doug Calvert

    I cant pick just one depends on the episode.. Great show I dont have to worry if my kids watch.. That
    means alot to me..

  • Michelle

    I love all of the Robertson clan, but I think I would have to pick Phil as my favorite. I can’t wait to read his story! Jase is a darn close second though. He really knows how to push ‘ole Willie’s buttons!

  • Allison Crabb

    My favorite person on the show has got to be Phil. He is such a good example of how you can turn your life around and live it fully for God! Love this family! -Allison Crabb

  • Angie

    Thank you for this opportunity! Our family loves the Quack Pack! It’s a family tradition to watch DD as a family. Jase is my favorite.

  • Diana

    I usually do not watch “reality” tv shows; however, this one has WON me over!! I love all of the characters on Duck Dynasty!! Si cracks me up …..I never know what he is going to say. Miss Kay is great…..everyone is wonderful!!! Thanks !!


  • Cindy

    Each Robertson has their own unique duckiness, but Jase cracks me up the most.

  • Jamie

    Love the Duck Dynasty clan !!!

  • Mark Bunton

    I love the whole cast but would have to say that Si is my favorite of them all.

  • bobby

    Have hunted waterfowl my whole life and been in youth ministry 8 years. We used to watch duck commander videos on vhs in the 90’s, so faith and ducks combines in my opinion, combines the greatest One ever, and one of the greatest hobbies on earth.

  • Gretchen Brady

    I like the whole family but the funniest to watch is Si, he’s just so funny.

  • Beth Rainey

    Awesome giveaway! :) Jase…by far! LOVE him! :)

  • Kayla

    Love this show!!! My favorite is Si but Miss Kay is a close second!!!

  • Jamie Walraven

    My name is Jamie Walraven. I love Jase!! He cracks me up every episode!!

  • Michelle Ballard

    Jase’s dry humor makes him my favorite!

  • Kelly Dale

    I love Duck Dynasty! This family is true blue! They live out their faith! Want to get and ready the new Book! I know my Dad will want it too.

  • Lorie

    We never miss an episode of Duck Dynasty! Most of them we have seen at least 3 or 4 times. I believe my favorites are Uncle Si and Jase. Phil’s outlook on life really makes a person think.

  • Janis Marr

    I love them all but I relate most to Jase. His relationship with Willie is a lot like mine and my brothers :)

  • Joe

    We all love Si !!!

  • William Harris

    My favorite is Willie.

  • Matt

    Phil is by far my favorite…He is the one who on a regular basis brings the Word to the show…how many episodes have we seen him and Kay having a discussion and his Bible is there in front of him as he makes sure to quote correctly what the Lord’s Word says….we need more men like Phil in positions of authority…his testimony is off the charts!!!!

  • Sarah Cates

    I’d have to go with Si or Jase. Can’t decide which.

  • Mike Duke

    Phil, a low tech man in a high tech world.

  • Melissa Johnson

    Love the whole family but my favorites are Jase and Sy!

  • Natalie Bush

    Our whole family loves to watch Duck Dynasty. We got my parents hooked now too! We love the whole family, but, Si is our favorite!
    ~Natalie Bush

  • Frank Rueckert

    My favorite is Phil, they’re all great.

  • Pam

    Si is my favorite person.

  • Sandra Jenkins

    I will probably be the only one to say this but I think my favorite it Jep. He’s quiet, but seems to be the smartest and most logical. I love all of them and know I would fit right in. The Duck Commander Family book was awesome. I esp loved the recipes and pics. Pre-ordered Happy Happy Happy weeks ago and got my free Faith, Family, Ducks bracelet which was a plus! Love Duck Commander and wish we had more shows like it.

  • Olivia

    My favorite is Si, he is SO hilarious!!! :)

  • Lori Back

    We Love Duck Dynasty!!!! My favorite would be Jase or Si. Lori Back

  • Melissa Wallace

    We can hardly wait each week for a new episode to come on. We love the whole family and WHO they believe in. It would be awesome to be part of that family. We love all the family members. There isn’t a single person who couldn’t relate to each one in one way or another. Thanks for this terrific giveaway!

  • James Caldwell

    Name – James & Leslie Caldwell (we’ve watched every episode since Season 1).

    Favorite Robertson – unanimously, it’s Si!

  • Kathy

    My husband and I really enjoy the show. We look forward to watching it!! They are all hilarious and we love them all, but Si is a character!! He always makes us laugh?

  • Sasha Johns

    I love them all, but I think Jase is the best. He thinks like I do.
    Sasha Johns

  • Kris Konick

    My favorite is without a doubt, Phil. What is a family without a strong father instilling his beliefs and teaching right from wrong? There would be no show and no family (I don’t believe) without his strong leadership by example.

  • Stephanie Stallings

    Such a wonderful show!! Love them all, but Jase has to be my favorite. :)

  • Laura Donlin

    I love Si! :-)

  • Mattie bunch

    Si has to be my favorite then jase would be my next pick!

  • Mike Barres

    Love Ducky Dynasty. Jase is my favorite, ever since the interview in the fountain in front of the college. Love his testimony.

  • Nikki

    We love si!

  • Sharon Pire

    I love them all, but Uncle Si and Jase especially make me laugh.

  • Lynn Nahlik

    My favorite is Willie.

  • Sherry

    My favorite is Jase.

  • Janine

    Oh “sigh” (Si) is the funniest tea drinkin man I ever saw and #hey what can you say!! Jase is sonething else too!! Love this new tv family and all their antics and especially praise their dinertime prayers and thanksgivings!!

  • Courtney

    Would love to win! Jase is my fave!

  • Alice

    I do like all of them, but if I have to choose, I’d say…Si.

  • Connie Lancaster

    Oh this is my fav show! I ♥♥♥♥ how this family isn’t afraid of showing their faith! My fav would have to be Phil – he shows that we are all sinners but we all can be saved! Ms. Kay is a wonderful lady! They’ve raised some mighty fine boys and grandkids!

  • Trina

    Si makes the show but I also love Jase. His sense of humor cracks me up. It is refreshing to see such a family friendly show on TV that I can watch with my daughter and now have to worry about what they are going to do or say. I’m from Louisiana, so I also love that it is some good home state folks getting such great exposure and they are not ashamed of their faith nor say the name of Jesus. Love DD!!

  • Jordan Huenink

    I can’t get enough of Uncle Si and his fabricated stories, jack!

  • Estela Hunt

    I love this show! My husband and I even went to a party dressed as Ms. Kay and Phil. But I really love Jase! He is great!

  • Rebecca Rhodes

    Our family love to watch Duck Dynasty! We all love Si! He cracks us up. But my favorite is Mrs. Kay! She’s just a good, sweet southern woman that loves her husband, her sons, daughter-in-laws and grandkids!!

  • Debbie Grizzle

    My whole family loves Duck Dynasty! Uncle Si is my favorite. Gotta love a man who carries around his own sweet tea!

  • Christina

    I love DD, and the message they are sending out to America.
    My favorite person is Jase, closely followed by Si!

  • Michael Baker

    My favorite character is probably Si. He is so full of life.

  • Chris Gilbert

    What an awesome show love the Robertson family

  • Heather Cheney

    My favorite is Jase. HE has a dry and funny sense of humor and way of thinking about things that reminds me of myself. He says what he feels.

  • Letitia DeChant

    What an awesome family!

  • Christie Bradford

    I like Jase the best on Duck Dynasty because of his strong stand for Christ. I saw his interview from Oklahoma Baptist University and I was impressed with his witness for Christ.

  • Wendy Bryant

    We love the whole Robertson family, but my daughter and I especially like Si. He comes up with the craziest things :)

  • Michael Justice

    Uncle Si is my favorite! This guy is hilarious. I often wonder how someone’s brain can think the way his does. LOL!

  • Jeff K.

    Wonderful family of God who has brought something to T.V. that my family can watch and enjoy! Would love to win this package!! May God Bless Them!!

  • Amanda Musick

    My favorite is Jase! My family loves this show. It is so nice to have a show that we can all sit down and watch as a family and not worry about it corrupting our childrens’ minds. Good wholesome entertainment!

  • http://Lifeway Sharon G

    I love, love, love this show…my favorites are Phil and Ms. Kay!

  • Julie King

    I enjoy the show because it is clean and family oriented. There are not a lot of those type shows and I think it is a shame. They are ALL my favorites.

  • Leslie Fernatt

    it is so nice to finally have a Christian presence in a reality tv show. To see them handle lifes everyday challenges with humor and a loving spirit instead of anger and cursing like other shows is such a breath of fresh air! I think Phil would have to be my favorite because he started it all…….

  • Regenia Brown

    Love the show. My favorite is uncle Si!


    My favorite is probably Si. They all make me laugh, however. I love watching them with my family.

  • Cody huber


  • Mandy

    Our family LOVES Duck Dynasty! Jase is my favorite, but they’re all so much fun to watch – including Martin, Godwin and Mountain Man! :)

  • David Gill

    I Love Sei, he looks and acts just like my best friend.

  • Kim Shearer

    It’s great to see a good Christian show that the whole family enjoys with alot of laughs. My personal favorite would have to be Uncle Si. The rest of my family also likes, Willie, Jase and Phil too. We also cannot forget those wonderful ladies, Kaye and Korie too – here’s to many more seasons!!!!

  • Sharon Michelle

    We like Jase and John Luke.

  • Kristal Willaims

    Love the show, their beliefs in family and faith in God!!! I’m a huge Jase fan :)

  • http://Lifeway Sheree Garnett

    I would have to say Phol is my favorite Duck Dynasty person, not a character. He prays in JESUS name only way to be saved and that is King James Version bible!!! What a great example in today’s mess up world!!

    • Melanie Buchanan

      I think Si is the funniest!

  • Laura Ossege

    My favorites are the parents – Phil and Ms. Kay. They have done a great job raising their family. A family that PRAYS together STAYS together

  • Billy Neal Jr.

    I love watching after church each Wednesday. Si is my favorite. However, the best part is whenever scripture and/or prayer is spoken about. It is wonderful to see Jesus Christ name play a big part on TV.

  • David Balding

    There’s only one MasterBlaster…… That would be Si. Favorite character on the whole show. Great FAMILY entertainment. The kids and I can sit down and watch it and I don’t have to keep a finger on the remote to switch channels because of something objectionable. Every show ends with the family around the table and a prayer. We need more tv like this. God bless this family.

  • Kristen Wilson

    Si is my favorite, but Godwin’s random comments always make me laugh.

  • Bonnie Northen

    My favorite is Si……or maybe Jase. Si is so incredibly funny and I love Jase’s comments.

  • Pam Smith

    My entire family likes to watch this show! My favorite person is Si – but we love them all!!

  • Angela B.

    I love Si and Jase. They keep you laughing, even after the show ends for the night :) It is a great, clean, respectful show that is backed up by strong Christian beliefs. I am happy we can watch it together as a family.

  • Cory Hammett

    Cory Hammett
    My favorite person on the show is Jase. This giveaway makes me Happy, Happy, Happy!

    • http://lifeway Barry

      I am blessed by the entire family, and love the way Grandma tries to protect the grandkids; however, my favorite is Si as he always comes up with a deep message. He also always has something funny to say.

  • Christie

    I would love to win this giveaway! Thank you for the chance. My favorite Duck Dynasty character is Si. :)

  • Theresa Sharp

    Watch occasionally because my nephews love the show. I guess Willie is my favorite, Si being a close second.

  • Sandy Meacham

    Good show

  • Lauren Ruther

    My favorite is Si…. I just can’t stop laughing at everything he says!

  • Jordan Johnson

    I LOVE Duck Dynasty! My favorite show. :)

  • Cindy L.

    Definitely Si!

  • Cindi A.

    Great family all together and I am sure everybody has a favorite even if they don’t want to say or can’t make up their mind from week to week since every week a different personality stands out on the show!! My favorite would have to be Si… he’s got it goin on like Donkey Kong Jack!!!!

  • Joy

    I love them all. It is so nice to be able to watch a show and know it
    is safe for the whole family.

  • Tonya

    They are all enjoyable, but I like Jase and think he’s the next Uncle Si :)

  • Courtney Wyatt

    I love this show and I love the faith of this family. For me, its a toss up between Si and Jase. I can never stop laughing when watching the show.

  • Angela Flora

    How can you choose a favorite!?!? They are all quite amazingly hilarious!

  • Keith Martin


  • Jason Hinojosa

    It’s a really great show. Team Jase!

  • Paula Williamson

    Wow, I love all of them. But I have to say my two favorites are Si, & Jase.
    The show is amazing, clean, and good for lots of laughs with the family.

  • Janet Rutkowsky

    Love the givaway. love the show. Miss. Kay and Si are the best…!!!!!! Love the close at each show. need more shows like that and old Touched by an Angel” .

  • Rebekah Foxx

    Love DD! All the family is my absolute fav!! I will marry either John Lukr Robertson son aka Willies son or Cole Robertson aka Jases son! MWAH!!!

  • Robbie Hines

    I woul have to say all of them are my favorite. But, just so it isn’t mistaken as a “cop-out” answer, let me explain. I met all of the guys a few years ago (before Duck Dynasty) and they are as true to themselves today as they were back then. Fame and EXTRA fortune has not changed who they are, where they come from or what theybelieve. They are truly an inspiration and really live by God, Country, and Hunting.

  • Joe Thompson

    Jase is too funny! But love Phil and his words of wisdom

  • Evan Webster

    My favorite one of the show is Si, he embodies the crazy fun side in all of us!

  • Mia Jones

    We are huge fans of the show! Especially my 5 year old son! His favorite is Si but I would have to say mine is Jase. He just cracks me up!! (Mia Jones)

  • Angela

    My favorite is Uncle Si and Jase!

  • Sara Kilby

    I love all the Robertsons but I’d have to say Jase is my favorite. He makes me laugh so hard and he’s easy to look at too. :-)

  • Shasta Moretz

    Love this show! My husband favorite is Si! I love the sibling rivalry between Willie and Jace and I love how laid back Phil is!

  • Sheila

    I love all of them! Great Show!

  • Patricia Craine

    My favorite is Jase., with Si running a very close second. I think Phil’s “grandpaissms” are spot on. He knows what children really need and I agree with his values and take on life.

  • Kevin Bell

    I’d have to say my favorite is Si!

  • Jonathan Key

    Just bought the Duck Commander book. Would love a signed copy so i can give this one away!
    Hmmm? My favorite … that’d be a choice between Si, Phil, and Jase, depending on the show!

  • Toni

    Toni Stiefer

  • Peter Whitman

    I get the best laughs when Jase is ripping on Willie.

  • Tina Jones

    Great family, love the show!!!!

  • Jordan Carder

    Our favorite is Jase. Also we enjoy Si, our Nana swears she is married to a Si. Some of the things he says crack us up just like our Poppy!!

  • Julie Davis

    Love watching the show with the ENTIRE family. Suitable for all ages. Really love Si and his stories, Jack!

  • Robbie Harmison

    Love DD, and it’s dead heat between Uncle Si, and Jase as my favorites.

  • Donna Watson

    I really like the whole family, but Willie and Si are my favorites.

  • Lori McGuire

    Absolutely LOVE the show!!! I would have to say Phil is my favorite and then Willie. Went to an event and heard Phil speak and the man is absolutely amazing — was glued to every word he said….. :)

  • Cynthia Underwood

    It’s a welcome to see a reality show, that has a family with moral values!!!! They are a breath of fresh air!!!

  • Beth


  • Bryan Black


  • Holly Shell

    Si for sure! i mean… ‘hey’ :)~

  • Karen Thomas

    Duck Dynasty is a clean, down-to-earth family show – which is hard to find these days! I love that they are able to be open about their faith in our Lord. People look up to them, and I believe God is using this family to reach people. I wish more people in the spotlight would use their success to reach lost people. Si is hilarious, but I love them all!

  • Hannah C.

    I have started watching this with my husband and we love it! I like Ms. Kay, but Si is pretty funny and silly too! Thanks for offering the contest!

  • Gretchen

    I like Duck Dynasty and it’s hard to pick a favorite Robertson. I like Si because he must be about my age. The guys that I went to school with and my own brother fought in Viet Nam, thank you Si for your service. I like Phil because he treats Miss K with respect. All of you have a great opportunity to show what a Christian looks like , although all of us don’t have beards. Millions of people watch your show, always stay true to your Christian beliefs.

  • Anton Bossio

    Anton Bossio

    My favorite character is Jase!

  • Troy rockers

    Si is my favorite on the show and then jase

  • Michelle Massey

    I love the family togetherness and promotion of wholesome values. I only recently started watching but my daughter’s favorite is Si, so I vote for Uncle Si.

  • Laurie Warren

    Uncle Si. He’s the best.

  • Mandy

    Love the show! We watch it as a family. My favorite is Jase.

  • Pamela Jones

    Jase is my favorite

  • Julie Schulz

    Our whole family watches together. Finally something for all of us. Keep proclaiming the name of Jesus, Phil. It’s the only time some will ever hear. And SADIE is my favorite!

  • Amy L. Norman

    I personally adore Uncle Si, and would love to learn from Ms. Kay just how to properly cook catfish!

  • Melanie

    Mrs. Kay is the rock that holds the whole thing together. She is my favorite character on this show.

  • Jeffrey

    It is just amazing to learn how they got to where they are today. They are all enjoyable to watch in their own special way!

  • Cody Carlton

    Hey Jack! I love them all, but Si has to be my favorite!!!

  • Walter H. Turner Jr

    I love them all but my absolute favorite is Phil. He is wise and uses many opportunities in life to teach not only his children, but his grandchildren as well.

  • Clara Reeves

    How nice to see a show with moral values that shows the importance of Jesus in their lives. You have to give kudos to Phil and Kay as the head of the family – to raise them in such a way.

  • Lisa Cummins

    I love them all. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Phil. I love the “Happy Happy Happy”.

  • Kim Addison

    LOVE Duck Dynasty and my FAV is a toss-up between Uncle Si & Jase! 😉

  • Leslie Whisnant

    I think my favorite character is Miss Kay. She is a true southern lady.

  • Angie Lee

    I love this show!!! It is hard to choose a favorite, but it would have to be Uncle Si!! He is so funny!! I love his “words of wisdom” and the pronunciations of a lot of them!!

  • Michael Bishop

    I love them all but Uncle SI has to be my favorite. And that’s a fact JACK

  • Dawn

    Fantastic show that we can watch with our family!!! Si cracks me up!!!

  • Beth

    HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! Phil is my favorite, of course!
    Happiness is the Lord!

  • Shelly Pharis

    Shelly Pharis my favorite is Willie!

  • http://Duck Janet Buchwalter

    You have to give the Duck Ladies credit for hanging in there
    thru all this ho-ha. God Bless Them. I dearly love Ms Kay
    shes the best!!!! Love her dogs too…. Janet

  • David Thompson

    Very refreshing to see something exist in the mainstream media that also gives credence to Christ.

  • Matt McGrath

    Si is the best!!! Matt McGrath

  • Tracy Hofmeyer

    Love this show! I have seen some episodes multiple times and they never get old…I still laugh just as hard as a did the first time I watched them. It’s so hard to pick a favorite but for all-around enjoyment, I think Si takes the cake…JACK :)

  • Angie

    Si is the funniest and he doesn’t even mean to!!

  • Kim Harris

    I LOVE this family and their show!!! My fav, if I had to pick one, is Phil for the values and morals he projects. But I love them all!!

  • Jenny Riddle

    My favorites are Si and Korie!

  • Libby Depew

    Love the DD show and all the family, but Uncle Si is my favorite : )

  • Susan ‘Wilson

    Everyone has an Uncle Si that comes up with such unique words – so my favorite would have to be him. But, the whole family and show is terrific

  • Buff Farrow

    I love all the Robertsons, too ! Their show is good for the soul – I get a good ole, wholesome belly laugh or two every episode !! I have to say Uncle Si probably provokes more of those than anyone ! Mammaw Kay is pretty stinkin’ funny, too. Their real-life family dynamics crack me up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE DUCK DYNASTY !! xx

  • Sarah Taylor

    Mrs. Kay is my favorite! She is such a godly woman!

  • Jessica Pierce

    It’s hard to pick a favorite! They are all hilarious!

  • Bracken Edwards

    They are all great, but Si would have to be our family’s favorite :)

  • Mandy

    My favorite is Jase.

  • Wayne Lamb

    I would have to say my favorite is Phil. He gives the family such a strong example of Christian leadership to follow. You can tell even by the small glimpse into the family’s lives that his walk with Christ has greatly influenced large aspects of this family.

  • Doug Shepherd


  • Bobbie

    My husband loves this show! One of the few I watch as well. Kay is my favorite…she holds it all together!

  • Cory Bolen

    Jase is definitely my favorite! Pure laughter at just some of his facial expressions.

  • Logan Hurst

    Duck Dynasty is one of my favorite shows. Being a youth minister and being able to point young people to a great example like the Robertsons is a true blessing! Being the oldest brother in my family, I have to say Jase is my favorite!

  • Kristal Williams

    I just realized it says to enter my name here, Kristal Williams. Our family favorite is Jase!

  • Anggie Thompson

    I LOVE Duck Dynasty because it reminds me so much of my family. My favorite character is Si, his wittiness reminds me of several family members mixed together. Hunting has been a huge part of my family. The best thing about DD is that GOD is the center of the family and the shows are good clean fun.

  • Chuck Blouse

    Definitely Phil since he started the whole thing.

  • Jeremy Bouknight

    My favorite Robertson is Jas. He’s the man and it would be amazing to get to come hang in West Monroe. Do the right thing!

  • Doreen Stocke

    Love the show. It is so nice to have a show on TV that everyone can enjoy. My favorite would be Phil & Sadie.

  • Barbara Sharp

    My favorite person is Jase. I love the show and watch it every week!

  • Teresa Tompkins

    I love ’em all. They are all part of a family that God used to create a Dynasty.

  • Pam Cropper-Vice

    I love the show and Si is my favorite. He is tooooo funny!!

  • Breanna Bell

    I love Si! He always makes me laugh!

  • Deanna

    I love DD and the faith, family, and redneck fun! My teenagers and I love to watch the episodes over and over! We recently ordered seasons 1 & 2 so we can “get in from the beginning”! The prayer and thanksgiving as the show closes , is a wonderful witness to the love, and grace of our Lord! Keep me laughing! Thank God for good fun! Today I was diagnosed with early stages of MS, “but Hey” I am being healed! Now we are cookin with peanut oil!
    God Bless y’all,

  • Michelle Bouse

    I love watching Duck Dynasty, they really are one of the only if not now, the only wholesome reality show out there. And I love that their entire family is so close to one another and are a very spiritual family. At the end of the day no matter if they had a squabble the always manage to get over it and come together for prayer and dinner every night. My favorite character is So, cause you never can predict what wild and crazy thing is going to come out of his mouth next…LOL!!!!

  • Christine J

    Picking a favorite on Duck Dynasty is hard. But if I had to choose I would choose Jase I love his sense of humor and dedication to his lovely wife….

  • Anne Skramsted

    How do you choose just one favorite?! I love the whole family, but as a mom, I especially love seeing the intentional way the Robertsons parent. The brothers have excellent examples in Phil & Miss Kay, so stay on the straight & narrow, Reed, John Luke, Sadie, and all other young Robertsons!

  • Marie Burriss

    WE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Our family loves sitting around watching these shows. They bring us together as a family and give us an opportunity to laugh and reenact their roles. My son and husband love implementing their comments and actions into our family daily living. Our favorite person on the show is Si. As a matter of fact we just got a puppy back in January and named it Si.

  • Amanda Casson

    I love that we finally have a clean wholesome reality show to enjoy. I love the ladies of the show. They put up with those crazy Roberson men and have total devotion. They help with the business, raise all the kids, cook and clean and are so funny themselves(the hunting episode)!! This family is a wonderful example of faith and family!!

  • Tammy Burton

    Duck Dynasty is my favorite show. Love the whole family, but would say Si is my favorite. He loves tea almost as much as I do!

    • Darrell Burton

      Like the whole family, but Phil is my favorite. Darrell Burton

  • Nancy Fowler

    My family loves this show. We love how it shows how you can be a Christian and you’re still just a normal person, saved by grace. We love each member of the family and all the co-workers. Everyone does their part.

  • Rachel Smith

    Si is my favorite!!!

  • Tim Bischof

    My favorite is Sy

  • Lucinda

    My favorites are Si and Jase.

  • Brandy

    Si is my favorite!! LOVE the show!!

  • Charles Taylor

    I like all of them-but really like Phil’s wisdom and discernment!

  • Julie Pierce

    My daughter and son-in-law recommended the show to us and we love it. The brothers remind me of my sons and their competitiveness…my favorite it Jase; I think he is hilarious.

  • Karen Davis

    Great show! My favorite person is Jase. Thanks for offering the contest and having the books available.

  • Nancy B

    I love Phil!

  • Duane W.

    The entire family is wonderful, but my favorite is Jase. He never misses an opportunity to do what he loves, which is hunt and give Willie a hard time–maybe not in that order!

  • Tonya Young

    My kids love this show. We watch it together and Phil is my favorite.

  • Brad Dedman


  • Susan Everett

    My husband got me hooked on this show. Watching makes me happy happy happy! Jase is my favorite

  • Cathy Barnes

    I love watching the show and have to say Willie is my favorite.

  • Mitzi Spraggs

    I love all the DD clan, but if I had to choose one, it would be Uncle Si…. The program is such a good quality program that any family member can watch. DD keep up the good work!! :0)

  • Debra Staggs

    I love them all. Many years ago we met them at a show as my husband and son are big duck hunters. We just recently heard Jase preach at Grace Fellowship in Franklin and it was wonderful. I am grateful that they are bold about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and are not ashamed of it and even told Hollywood that they would not compromise their beliefs.

  • Dawn Hardie

    My favorite is Jase.

  • Mike Odom

    my favorite is Jase!!

  • Richard Bowdel

    Definitely Phil – the smartest of the bunch.

  • Misty Hammons

    Of course we love Duck Dynasty at our house, since it’s something we can all watch together! I love Phil and Mrs. Kay, mostly because when I watch them, I see my husband and I in 30 years or so. They remind me so much of us, love them!

  • Cathleen Chevallier

    The whole family is a breath of fresh air; however, Si does keep a person in stitches with what he says and does.

  • Regina Poole

    I love the show! My favorites are Si & Jase! They’re all funny & I like them all.

  • Marcus Rosa

    Our family loves the show… The kids love Uncle Si.

  • Wanda P

    I would have to say Si is my favorite. But the whole family is Awesome. I do like they are a very Christian, loving, and caring family.

  • Carolyn Jones

    I like all the Robertson family, but my favorite is Willie. He has brought himself to the top because he is a strong Christian, and he is standing as a strong Christian example to his household and extended family, proving you can be in business and still be a Christian!

  • samantha h

    I love jase, but the whole family is great. Great Show!

    Samantha Holland

  • Angela Barnes

    Si is my all time favorite!!!!!

  • Angela Chunn

    I love Uncle Si! He is the best! I could watch a whole show about just him. Hilarious!

  • Jennifer Briscoe

    We love Duck Dynasty. My family’s favorites are Jase and Si.

    • Gina

      Okay…I love, love, love the whole family and to choose one would be difficult, BUT…I think it’s Si and then Jase. I can see Jase becoming Si one day…please don’t tell him I said that.

  • Tammy Vena

    Love this show!! Good to watch for the whole family!! I’d have to say my favorite is Jase and Uncle Si.

  • Tammy

    Jase is my favorite……My family and I absolutey love this show. I actually am able to get my teenage daughter off her Ipad and cell phone to come sit with us as a family to watch this which is precious in itself!

  • Deborah Coburn

    Love the show and the whole Robertson family! For me, Si makes the show.
    Can’t wait to get Phil’s new book.

  • Rick

    HEY, it’s Si…JACK!

  • Michael P Cogdill

    I was a fan from the hunting show duck commander. They took people to swamps and sat in the blinds . Them talked about the family and ducks. Phil and Si are reason why I watch the show and the boys too

  • Jenny Warren

    I love Korey! She’s such a mild person and very classy.

  • Heather Tolbert

    I love Duck Dynasty and their godly family values. My favorite family member is Jase because of his dry sense of humor.

  • Robin Rasbury

    My family loves the show. Our 7 year old can’t wait for the new shows on Wed. Nights and he has the shows recorded so it is his favorite show to watch over and over. I love the whole clan, but Jace and Si are my favs!!

  • Warren Snell

    Si makes our family laugh but we enjoy all the family! It’s great to be able to watch with all 4 of our chridren from 6-22 years old. I think Duck Dynasty even makes John Walton smile. A great show!

  • Lynne Spivey

    No show since Andy Griffith teaches good family values like this one. Of course…I’ve never seen Aunt Bea skin and cook up the things they bring home! Have gotten some great recipe ideas from the show, and life lessons for our youth group. Good stuff.

  • Missi

    Our family watches Duck Dynasty every week. We even watch episodes over and over, and laugh at different things each time. We love all of the members of the family, but especially Si. :)

  • matt jordan

    Love the show and the two best are Jase and Si.

  • angela langdon

    In a world filled with so much darkness, the Robertson Family shine SO bright!! They are a beautiful family filled with the Light of Love of our Jesus!! :)

    Hard to pick a favorite, but if I have to I would say Willie!! :)


    Well I think most people’s favorite is Si, however, I love Phil and Miss Kay. Phil’s philosphy on life is great and love that they pray each episode. Good, clean, family show. I also love Phil’s quote “Youth in America”…Cracks me up!

  • Susan Simpson

    We love watching a different kind of dysfunctional family. This family pulls it together by the end of the show to come together at the dinner table for prayer, food, and laughter. My favorite would probably by Willie, because my heart goes out to his efforts to raise the family up from the “quagmire of redneckery,” realizing that there may be battles to be won, but this one’s not it!

  • Cathy B.

    My favorite character is Si, and he’s definitely a character!! It’s great to be able to watch such a wholesome, hilarious show! I already have seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and have already pre-ordered the new book.

  • John Chevallier

    Phil is my favorite by the way he ends the show expressing his love for God and his family.

  • Suzanne H Swofford

    I love the show, can always count on a good laugh to lift my spirits. I love Jase pulling stuff over on Willie. The handcuff scenes were the best yet.

  • Aimee Hennessee

    Would love to win this give away!! My husband and I love Duck Dynasty and how this family is able to share their faith on national television! While Si is sure to make us laugh, our favorite Robinson is Jase because he’s extremely dry and just tells it like it is! We love Duck Dynasty!!

    • Aimee Hennessee

      Oops- meant to put Robertson haha

  • Autumn Clark

    My 1 1/2 year old reminds me of Si, because of his love for tea, however I believe that my favorite is probably Jase. I don’t know though, it is very hard to choose.

  • Terry

    My name is Terry and my favorite to watch is Si.

  • Wayne McGuinty

    Jase…because even Si needs a straightman.

  • Jill Knight

    It’s a tie between Jase and Si!

  • Crystal McIntire

    My favorites are Jase and Si! They all remind me a lot of my family!!

  • stewart14

    Already have The Duck Commander Family (but would love a signed copy) and just ordered Happy, Happy, Happy. Have seen Phil in person speaking at a hunters safety banquet. But I must say, Jase is my favorite. I think he’s just like his Dad. Of course JJ and Bobo come in second.

  • Beverly Lynn

    I have different favorites for different shows, but Si is hilarious and Jase never seems to be stressed.

  • Brandi smith

    I really enjoy the show. A group from our church actually rushes home together after Wednesday service to have a “viewing”. I would love to thank the families for allowing us to look into some of their lives.
    My daughters favorite person to watch is Si!
    I like them all!

  • Sarah

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this show and the family that comes with it. My favorite is Phil, the love he has for his family and his love and devotion for Ms. Kay are amazing. I have pre-ordered Happy Happy Happy and can’t wait to read it. If I do not win this drawing I will purchase The Duck Commander Family. I look forward to reading both and am happy to have the influance of the Robertsons in my life.


  • Dawn Huber

    Hey, Jack! Si’s the man! He stings like a butterfly and punches like a flea. LOL

  • Suzy Patterson

    I love them all but my favorite is Si.

    Suzy Patterson

  • Val Hall

    My fav person is Jase. I think the way he talks to everyone is calm, collected and positive. He’s so witty too!

  • Marianna

    Pick me, pick me!! They are all my favorites………………….but probably my #1 is Si!!!

  • Carol Mayer

    Great give-away! And terrific family progamming. While I think they’re all terrific, if I have to pick a favorite it would have to be Jase. His dry sense of humor cracks me up!

  • John Campbell

    Hey Jack! Si is my favorite!

  • Benjamin Bishop

    My favorite person on the show is got to be Jase, but Phil is a definite role model to follow.

  • Travis Brown

    My favorite is Si and Mountain Man.

  • Jan Kendrick

    LOVE the Duck Dynasty family! What a message thru redneck humor! Keep it up guys (& Redneck Robertson gals)! Love you in Tuscaloosa, Alabama — ROLL TIDE!

  • Karen

    They are all funny, but our favorite is probably Si! Great giveaway!

  • http://lifeway Kathy W

    Just started getting into this show a couple of months ago; my hubby & I watch it together all the time (both reruns & new episodes); keeps us both laughing; just love it. It’s hard to pick a favorite as they all have their own unique things that make the show work, but maybe cool, calm Phil who never gets flustered and can handle any problem that comes along; Si is over the top crazy! HA!

  • MM

    We LOVE the show! My favorite is Jase,but they are all awesome.

  • Kristy Birchum

    I am truly blessed and excited to see Duck Dynasty being open about their relationship with our Savior! It is nice to see a family who is the same on screen as off. And I am pretty sure Jase is my favorite male and Mrs. Kay is my favorite female.

    • Carol Coulter

      Jase is my favorite.

  • Beth

    Love the show! My entire family watches every week. Favorite, I guess would have to be Si. He is SO funny! Love their Christian beliefs are well represented….need more of these!

  • Carolyn Switzer

    Miss Kay is my favorite. She reminds me a lot of my mom–a great cook and a godly woman.

  • Nancy Morrison

    My husband & I LOVE Duck Dynasty!! His favorite is probably Si because he loves to carry around his tea too and is a real cutup like Si. My favorite is Phil, he is quite and thoughtful and very wise. When he speaks, everyone listens. He has a good head on his shoulders and has raised a great family! God Bless!

  • Tami Johnson

    We love Duck Dynasty! I think my favorite person is Jase, because he reminds me of who my boys interact, and what they wish they probably would have done to each other. Second is Si….he’s just hilarious! So encouraging to see an entire family, 3 generations, standing up for their beliefs and speaking about their relationship with Christ.

  • Janice Hambright

    Janice Hambright
    My favorite is Phil – So thankful for a family fun show with Christian beliefs and values.
    Wish there were more like it.

  • Kim Becherer

    It’s my family’s favorite show right now- one of the few we can all sit around and enjoy no matter our ages!! :)

  • Clara Collins

    I’ve already put in my pre-order for Phil’s Book. I love the whole family , but Si , Jase and Miss Kay are my favorites. Looking forward to see Kay in Nashville for the Southern Women’s Show.

  • Yvonne Wilburn

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m a Si fan! :)

  • Susan Holley

    We are very BIG FANS of DUCK DYNASTY!! I have some good friends that have actually met the Robertson’s and the Duck Dynasty production crew. This is a great giveaway! My favorite person is “SI” and that’s a fact Jack!

  • Tiffany Hicks

    I really like this show and I think it’s great that they keep it clean so the entire family can watch it! Also, I think it’s awesome they end each and every episode with a prayer! : )

    This is a great give away they’re doing – my husband absolutely loves this show and he’d like any of that! (what person wouldn’t!?!)

    Our favorite people on the show are definitely Si and Jase! : )

  • Laura

    I love Jace. My husband looks just like Willie. We had a skit at church for Valentines and he played Willie. It was great. They are great examples of family love and love for Jesus!!

  • Betsy Parris

    My favorite would be Si.

  • Kyle Collins

    It’s such a toss up for favorite- I think Jase is the funniest, but Phil is such an incredible man. Prayers for y’all’s family!

  • Shelia McLean

    Hey, Jack! Definitly Uncle Si!

  • Laura Hall

    Uncle Si is the funniest.

  • Tammy K

    great show!

  • Marlene W.

    We have Duck Dynasty set to record on the DVR. Love the show!!! I would say Jase and Si are my favorite.

  • Rebecca Edwards

    We love to watch the show. It’s hard to pick just one favorite. They all keep us laughing.

  • Melissa

    My favorite is Si. I love how he learned to do everything in Nam. I always love the prayer and story given at the end of the show. Also it’s great to see the family values being taught in the home by everyone.

  • Marilyn Nichols

    My whole family loves to watch Duck Dynasty. My favorites are Phil and Jace.

  • Dawn

    Our family’s favorite is Uncle Si! Deep down he has such wisdom, but always tempers it with humor.
    The whole family is one to be admired…they care about each other and are not afraid to speak their minds. But, above all,
    they love the Lord and share their faith. What a blessing!

  • J. F. Lindler

    My husband and daughter are especially great fans of Duck Dynasty. In fact were are planning to go see favorite “Uncle Si” in June at a charity event. They were very happy I bought the tickets!:) They would enjoy the products in the giveaway!

  • Elizabeth


  • Donny Haynes

    I love Uncle Si

  • Michelle Jensen

    I am Happy Happy Happy that you are doing this contest!! I’ve seen every episode at least twice! My husband and I LOVE Si!! We have the book but would be amazing to have a signed copy for our house!!

  • Anne

    Love the family values and life lessons… Jase is my FAV =)

  • David Sparks

    I love this show. It just shows you that you can still have a good show the whole family can watch without all the drama cussing and fighting. I would have to say that Si is my favorite on the show!

  • Janet Haigler

    Phil is my favorite…I like his wit and his sense of humor, Kay is just a joy, and Jase is my favorite brother!

  • Lora Jan Roberts

    Si, none other!! He cracks me up over and over. Love the show, love the family, love their witness!!

  • David Cheney

    It’s really hard to pick just one, but the one that stands out is Korie. She has the ability of keeping the chaos from going ballistic, but still have such a great sense of humor. That is a tough job in itself with those guys! She seems to be the most level headed of all the bunch and is that proverbial “glue” that holds things together.

  • Robin McGuinty


  • Teresa Foster

    Love Duck Dynasty!!!! Finally a show we can sit down and watch as a family and never be embarrassed!!!! Si is my favorite!!!!

  • Bobbie Mosher

    What a blessing it is to have a show that the entire family can watch and enjoy! Although Si is always a hoot, I think Jase is my favorite! He always has such a way with words, different from Si though, you never know what to expect from him!

  • Nanner

    My favorite is Phil and Kay. You know they love each other. The next favorite is Si because he keeps us laughing and love the Tupperware glass with tea he carries around.

  • Bruce

    I love Uncle Si………………but he is crazy!!!
    Then again, don’t we all have a crazy uncle in the family???

  • Patricia

    I love them all, but for good solid advice and wisdom Phil is the man-

  • Ann

    Good entertains show with a message! My favorite is Ms Kay

  • http://Lifeway Karen Ray

    I love Uncle Si. Can’t wait to see what he does & says next.

  • http://Lifeway Melissa Creamer

    My favorite person is Ms Kay!

  • Marilu Bowie

    What a way to spread Christian family values, Puritan work ethic, practice their call to discipleship and fulfill the Great Commission. love, love, love them, they make my family happy… God bless them all!!!

  • Sharon E.

    My children LOVE this show for all of the RIGHT reasons! Their favorite is Si, but I like Phil (as that is my Dad’s name as well!). God bless Duck Dynasty!

  • Leigh Ann Wells

    I am a huge fan of Duck Dynasty because they are willing to share their faith to the world! My favorites are Jase and Mrs. Kay!

  • Snowflake

    I love this show I have watched the shows over and over again. I like Uncle Si especially when he played the elf at Christmas time

  • Rebecca Thomas

    I love them all, but…as a mom , wife and pretty good cook 😉 I have to say I relate to Miss Kay the most! She is strong in her faith and I love her sweet nature.

  • Michelle Slade

    Our family DVR’s Duck Dynasty. So, we can’t wait to sit down and watch it. It’s hard to say which one is my favorite because Si makes me laugh the whole show but Ms. Kay & Phil are great too because they are still sooo much in Love after sooo many years!!! They all make me Happy, Happy , Happy:)

  • Gayle Cholewinski

    My favorite is Phil! He has so much wisdom to impart to anyone who will just listen! He is a wonderful example of how to lead a family in a Godly way!

  • Tiffany Johnson

    I think Jase is hilarious! But who does enjoy them some Si!

  • Brad wills

    Love Duckdynasty and lifeway my favorite store. My favorite would have to be Si , makes me laugh.

  • Shelbi

    Jase is my favorite because he is ornery!!!

  • Paula Yost

    DD makes me laugh, and I’m so glad that I can enjoy it with my kids. My favorite is Phil, the voice of reason.

  • Tweela

    We love si

  • Angela

    Our entire family absolutely loves watching Duck Dynasty. As we tell anyone — Sorry, we’re booked Wednesday. That’s Duck Dynasty Night!!! Our favorite two are Jase and Si — Our Australian Shepherd is actually named after Jase. Should have probably named him Si because of his hair color. Our two boys act so much like Willy and Jase. We love the entire family. They all have you laughing. Love how they pray before eating and such a close family. They say “A family that prays together — stays together”.

  • David Hardy

    Phil!! Without a doubt. Us old coots got to stick together.

  • Edtih Sollars

    Don’t have a favorite yet. Just getting into the show. Very funny.

  • Vickie Richardson

    I would have to say that I love them all…but SI, he just keeps you on the edge not knowing what he is going to say or do next and also he reminds me of my dad , he passed away at 91 years old 2 years ago this May, and he always had a red solo cup of sweet iced tea everywhere he went and you never knew what my dad was going to do either. Them two are just alike. I look forward to watching this show, please keep up the great work. I love the way they finish the show around the dinner table with a prayer.


    We love them all…adore Ms.Kay

  • Tina Holbrook

    I love all them! I love Jase and Missy! My six year old daughter loves Jep and Jessica!

  • rb jones

    Love duck dynasty. love the brand and the media influence. My fav character is Si


  • Alisa Cooper

    We never miss a chance to watch this show, whether its re-runs or brand new episodes! Our family favorite is Uncle Si. Never a dull moment and he reminds us of some of our family members.

  • Kristy Bias

    Love the whole family…awesome give away too!! :)

  • Jen Harris

    Jase is my favorite! We love Duck Dynasty here!

  • Nick Benner

    Def Si, he is hilarious.

  • Tami

    Thanks for this opportunity!!! I admire the entire Robertson family for their bold stance on Jesus & their faith. However, my favorite Duck Dynasty “character” is definitely Willie!!! If it wasn’t for his confidence in his family & their story, they would have never made it to TV!!! Yay for Willie & the gang!!! 😀

  • Jynele

    My husband and I both love Si. I love the Lord and serve Him and my husband doesn’t. I love that this shows gives him a new view to what Christians are like. Small steps : )

  • Tracy Boyer

    Great giveaway! Si is definitely my favorite!

  • Brenda Jordan

    I love them all, but Si and Jase are my favorites!

  • Kathleen Browning

    It’s such a blessing to be able to watch a show that I don’t have to filter.

  • Jamie Hopper

    We are huge fans of Duck Dynasty and really enjoy watching the show as a family. I would have to say my favorite is Jase and Uncle Si, the endless teasing between the two is hysterical!

  • Stephanie Cochran

    Jase is our favorite!

  • Deborah Holman

    Deborah Holman loves Kay. Love the show and have been watching since the beginning.

  • Karen Clopp

    My husband and I really enjoy watching Duck Dynasty! They are all so funny but Jase and Si are my favorites!

  • Roger House

    Faith, family, values, firearms and lots of laughter. That’s what it is all about.

  • jeff

    How do you pick a favorite? Jade is good for the honest humor. Si is great for just being spastic. Goes those two are my favorites but without Willie always giving them something to rebel against :) they’re all crucial to the shows success.

  • Rondy R

    Si may be the funniest person on the show, but I have to give the edge to Jase – his dry humor is highly amusing. Best show on television, hands down.

  • Brandy Neill White

    DD is a wonderful, funny, wholesome family show! It’s my go-to stress relief at the end of the day (I record the episodes to watch when I need a good laugh.) It’s hard to choose a favorite, but Jase has a great sense of humor! ~ Brandy Neill White

  • Cindy Henderson

    I love Ms. Kay and Phil. They remind me of my people.

  • Dee White

    While the men are amusing, it is Miss Kay who is the family glue. It is obvious that she loves the Lord, that her husband adores her, and her sons, their wives and children love to be around her. What more could any grandmother ask for??

  • Mary Dingler

    Si, is my favorite. What a wonderful program. And thank you for this give a way.

  • Doug Stark

    My favorite is Phil, because I admire his role as a first class spiritual leader of his family.

  • Lydia Leu

    I’ve always been strong in my faith, & leaned heavily on my Heavenly Awesome God. Unfortunately, my sister took an entirely different path & it seemed the more I tried to minister or just simply talk to her the more she turned her back on God. 5 years ago she overdosed & I took custody of her son. He had all kinds of issues from being severely physically, mentally, & emotionally abused to having medical, mental, & learning disabilities. I could handle that without a problem, but what broke my heart was that my sister told him there was no God; if one can’t see Him, touch Him, feel Him, or Hear Him then He doesn’t exist. Yikes, it’s been a battle…not because he has a will to fight against faith, but his mental capacity & understanding is lacking, but he’s finally getting it. He loves animals so when the Duck Dynasty Show came on he fell in love with it. An ordinary family that acts a lot like our family with real life situations, antics, & red necks through & through, but at the end of the day everyone comes together & prays…praising God & giving thanks. I just want to thank you for enlightening a little boy’s life & being a great example for those who either may not believe or who have lost their way.
    Lydia Leu

  • Erwin Holman

    Erwin Holman loves Mountain Man. Hard to believe that he can talk that slow.

  • Anita

    My name’s Anita. I love this show, and I love this giveaway! Thanks, Lifeway! I really like all the Robertsons, but my favorite has to be Willie. He tries so hard to keep everything running when everyone around is doing something else. Or maybe it’s Miss Kay. She gets what she wants, and is always a lady. I can’t choose! Is Miss Kay working on a cookbook?

  • Courteney

    Love Duck Dynasty! Dont miss an episode my favorite is Jase!

  • Angela Purkey

    I love them all!

  • Rita Barlow-Robbins

    This is the most wholesome new television series I have seen on TV. LOVE the show and watch it several times a week plus have it recorded. If more families were like the Robinson family, then we wouldn’t have so many problems in this world. God Bless them for sharing their life with us.

  • Matthew Norris

    Si is the best Have some tea

  • Ang Z

    Our family loves the Robertson Clan!!! We appreciate Si’s words of wisdom….and can see Jase as a future “Uncle Si” whether he likes it or not…LOL…they are too similar. I personally appreciate Miss Kaye, she handles those men beautifully. It’s great to have a show where you can see God’s hand at work in a very natural setting.
    smiles & sunshine

  • http://lifeway Debby

    I enjoy them all but Si has been my favorite since the tea party with the girls.

  • Karen Willis

    Love this show. Great family values. I love Phil and Si but Mrs Kay is my favorite. She keeps them all straight.

  • Amanda Lovett

    My fav Duck Dynasty family member is Jase!

  • PatrickJ

    I have to say that Si is my favorite.

  • Alicia

    We love Good ol Uncle Si!

  • Sue Goodman

    Well, if I had to pick just one favorite….Miss Kay – heart of gold, will of steel!

  • Teresa Stout

    My favorite, without a doubt, is Si. He is ha.lar.i.ous!!!

  • Amy Stidham

    I like all of the Robertson family and look forward to watching Duck Dynasty each week. Each member adds a special touch to the show and Si definitely makes me laugh the most! It is good to watch how they all come together for prayer and dinner even though they may not have seen eye-to-eye through the episode. That’s the way family life should be. At the end of the day, we are still family and should focus on what is really important.

  • Ronald E. Landers

    My family loves Duck Dynasty!!! My favorite is Willie. We have something in common. We both have a beautiful teenage daughter who has started dating. My favorite episode was when Willie found out his daughter had a boyfriend. Reminded me of my situation. I loved what he told the young man when he came to pick his daughter up for a date. When my daughter brought her boyfriend to meet us the first time ,I could not resist using Willie’s tactics on him. I grilled him about hunting and fishing, and told him I did not have a duck call to give him, at that time, but I asked if he saw the episode with Willie & his daughter and reminded him what Willie said, ” this better be the only thing your lips touch tonight”. I was also wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a handgun that said “guns don’t kill people, dads with daughters do”. She is still dating him, they are both Christians and attend church on a regular basis. It is so refreshing to see a program on tv these days with Christian values that the whole family can watch . I hope the show lasts a long time. Take your kids hunting & fishing, I did, and my son and daughter are great kids, I am proud of.

  • Darryl Bates

    Phil is my favorite but Godwin is pretty funny too!! Good clean entertainment!!

  • Brooke Shands

    I love this show! The family and Christian values that they have are what our country needs. My favorite family members are Jase and Kay!!!

  • Lynn Parker

    By far the best family show ever!! We love to sit and watch this with our kids…can’t say that about very many shows today!
    I would have to say that Phil is my favorite…”Happy, Happy, Happy”!!

  • Delores Peterson

    I like all the character’s, especially Phil’s wife. I also like Si. He is soooo funny and you never know what he is going to say or how he is going to react.

  • Burl Lockmiller

    We love Duck Dynasty!! Watch it all the time. Phil is my favorite because he is old school. We need more of that.

  • Jessica Coblentz

    I love all the characters on the show but Si is probably my favorite! — Jessica Coblentz

  • Lisa Spradlin

    My family loves the Robersons! We get such a kick out of Uncle Si, but I have to say that Willie’s kids are my favorites. They are so respectful and just good kids. Long live Duck Dynasty!

  • Laurie C.

    I am thankful there is a show like Duck Dynasty that is actually allowed on TV, and that so many people are watching and it is such a testimony of faith in God and what real family values are! My favorites are, of course Si who makes the show, and Jase, whose comments make it even funnier, and Phil, who has such wisdom.

  • Attila the Choir Director

    I enjoy the series. The only Reality TV show that I watch. I like goofy and these guys are goofy on steroids. Favorite character is Jace. Thanks for portraying a God-fearing, non-drinking (except for sweet tea), praying, not-a-slave-to-fashion, fun-loving, family-friendly, not-potty-mouthed, clan that makes us proud to be Americans. It’s refreshing. (You know there are people of ill-will out there hoping this bunch will stumble and embarass the name of Christ. We will pray God’s protection on the Robertsons.)

  • Laura

    Don’t have a favorite

  • Kim

    I love them all but Phil is my favorite. I love his testimony and his heart for the Lord. I’m sure that’s why he’s “Happy, Happy, Happy” all the time. I know it makes me happy!

  • Katie

    We love Jase & Mrs. Kay!

  • Angela Birchett

    My whole family loves this show! Because two of my children have moved out and away, we have a texting party the night it comes on between us and them. We love Si! Well we love them all but we anticipate the variety of sayings Si comes up with. He seems so innocent. LOL

  • Patricia Daniel

    Awesome show, they are so funny, can’t wait to watch each week to see what they will do next. It’s refreshing to watch a show that is family oriented. My favorite is Jase, he is soooo funny.

  • Bruce Williamson

    Ya gotta’ love these guys for the way they enjoy life with family and friends through their faith. Their just down to earth and has to be hoot to be around. I’m thinking of moving to West Monroe and joining the clan. Gotta’ love Willie and Jase, they just roll with what life brings their way.

  • Mary Young

    My top favorite is Si, but running in a tie for second favorites is Mrs. Kay and Jase. We can’t get enough Duck Dynasty, and it’s been a great family show to watch with our kids. I’m very happy that they are not ashamed to proclaim the gospel! The show gives them an avenue to share their love of family and their love of God. ~ Mary Young

  • Ladd Morgan

    I have to go with Phil! He tells it how it is and it’s hilarious!

  • Amber Guevara

    Love the show! My husband and I have both read The Duck Commander Family and enjoyed it thoroughly. My husbands favorite is Phil, but as much as I love the whole family I look forward to whatever comes out of Si’s mouth.

  • Kathy Robinson

    I have heard so much about this show, but alas, I don’t have cable… I would love to read about this wonderful family and get to know them!!!

  • Regenia Brown

    I love the show… My favorite is Si!

  • Lori East

    Hmmm…My family loves the show. Our favorite is Uncle Si, but we love how they all show the true depiction of what family should look like!

  • Patsy Houghteling

    I like them all hard to decide, but I will go with Miss Kay. I think so holds together a big part of that family being momma to all those boys.

  • Corrie Jones

    My family LOVES Duck Dynasty…it’s our favorite show. We love to watch and see what Si is gonna say! He’s our favorite, but we love the whole family.

  • Dennis Wright

    Our whole family watches this awesome show. My daughter just got a pink duck dynasty shirt with all the men in the show on it. Of course Si is funny, but Ms Kay and Phil can hold their own next to him. Each family member has their own unique, funny ways. The message at the end of the show is also food for thought…love it!

  • Lyn Gurski

    I have many favorites.
    Jace becuase he reminds me of my Uncle Tommy.
    Si, well, because he is just Si.
    Mrs. Kay, because I love it when she is talking to the kids about life.
    Thanks for putting on a show that is about family and ends each night in a prayer.

  • Nola Coffer

    My favorite person is SI

  • Melissa Bayles

    My favortie Duck Dynasty star is Jase!

  • Jules

    We love them all. Really appreciate that Duck Dynasty shows families working and spending time together and parents that are involved in their childrens lives.

  • Bridget Boyles

    My favorite is Si! Enjoy watching this show with my family!

  • adriana

    I like them all. Knowing my husband and I can watch a show with our kids and not worry is wonderful it s also nice to hear my two year old say quack quack on? And my 3 &5 year olds know exactly what it is. Si is my absolute favorite though and you can take that to the bank jack.

  • Jenny B

    My favorite is Jase. Si is a close second!!

  • Kayla Phillips

    I love to watch this show, and my favorite person on the show is Si! He is such a hoot!

  • Tammy Enzman

    My family loves to watch this show. MY 16 year old daughter and I love Si. He is such a hoot. My husband doesn’t have a favorite character. My husband is like Si because he always has a glass of ice tea with him.

  • Heidi

    LOVE THIS!!! I love this show, what a wonderful example of true men of GOD.

  • Ann Marie Hernandez

    Phil is my favorite!

  • Monika Ritchie

    Monika — we love Silas!! He is the funniest — well they are all! But he completes the cast!!

  • Kim Colborn

    Thank you for this chance to win Duck Commander things!!…..Love the family, the show…..everything!…..Jase is my favorite!!

  • Jan Tull

    My favorite is Uncle Si “And that’s a fact Jack”.

  • Ron Ritchie

    Phil — he is my favorite~!

  • Darelene Welch

    I like all of them, but I think Jase in my favorite.

  • Tammy Shaver

    Awesome! I’d love to win. My favorite is a tie between Si and Jase….can’t decide but I love the whole family!

  • Tammy Scott

    I love them all, but Si turns my giggle box over! I even have the man on Twitter. I LOVE this family and I love how they’re pointing souls to Christ even more. I believe they have a ministry that may reach the otherwise “untouchables.” Godspeed, Robertsons!

  • Jodi Rule-Rouse

    I love Si. He does the craziest things and it is like everyone else is living in his world. At least he thinks so.

    We are such fans. When my friends share last year this new show, Duck Dynasty, when I saw it I thought they had lost their minds but I am hooked. I have had to go back and watch every episode. I love the one where Si handcuffed himself to Willie. Hysterical. I will have it on DVR the rest of my life. When I need a laugh, I know just where to go.

    What a blessing this show is!!!

  • Lindsay Nicholas

    My husband and I love Si! He always makes us laugh so hard!

  • Kathy Dixon

    Our entire family loves Duck Dynasty. In fact this senior citizen bought a hat for one of my sons for his birthday. I plan to purchase seven more to give to the sons and grandsons for Christmas stocking stuffers. Love the great Christian morals you have and enjoy the program.

  • Cathy Wright

    My husband got me to watching the show! I love all the family…I cant pick just one. It’s so uplifting that they are a Christian family.

  • Sue M

    My favorite is Jace because he seems to always keep things stirred up. After that it would be Ms. Kay.

  • Sidney Webb

    My husband, Eric, and I love watching Duck Dynasty! It is truly a fun family show that beautifully displays Christian values and morals, a true blessing and sigh of relief ini today’s world. My favorite character has to be Mr. Jase Robertson and his wife Missy, but my husbands favorite is definitely thumbs up and Bible reading Mr. Phil Robertson! As newly weds, married this past March 9th, the Robertson’s certainly display what a Godly family and marriage should look like.

  • Julie Cook

    Our family enjoys watching the Robertson clan each week. Neat to watch a reality show where they obviously like to be together, have fun, and worship together. What a breath of fresh air from what is offered on TV and other shows! I’m a fan of Uncle Si — love to hear his “Si-isms” on life.

  • Sue

    I hope to win so I can give this to a special 12 year old girl who loves this show!

  • Ruth Arnold

    Jace (did I spell that correctly) is my favorite.

  • Mike Eaton

    Uncle Si of course!

  • Holly LaFollette

    Our family LOVES the Robertson family!! We can’t wait for Wednesday night to come around! I think it’s too hard to pick a favorite! I love them all!!

  • Cindy Taylor

    This is my all time favorite show. Good, clean, fun. Teaches great ethics while you aren’t looking (which is great for children) and has a laugh a minute as well. My husband likes Si because he can really relate to him. I like Jase because he can be so profound…

  • Kyle Hatfield

    I Like Si. He Is Hilarious Jack.

  • Paula DeLano

    I’m quite addicted to the show, love all of them, but Jase is my favorite!

  • Cilla Ellis

    It’s great to see a Christian family on national TV acknowledging their faith in Christ. Praying it leads others to The Lord!

  • Bryan Rupel

    I absolutely love Duck Dynasty and their ministry. There show is very family friendly and that’s something we need these days with the shows that are on TV. They are wholesome and not vulgar. They talk about God and goto church. Si is my all time favorite on the show. Quack Quack y’all

  • Hannah Estes

    Jase is definitely my favorite! I find myself talking like him all the time.


    It is refreshing to watch a TV program which is funny and also clean. It is a blessing to hear a prayer said at the end of each episode. May God continue to bless this family.
    James Randy Enlow

  • Michael Bass

    I would have to say I love all the characters but Si would have to be my favorite with all his sayings! I had the privilege to hear Jase’s testimony recently and to meet he and Missy afterwards! Wonderful, gracious couple!

  • Renee

    My whole family loves it…even my mother-in-law is enjoying it! I love to see the love between Phil and Miss Kay, the humor that Jase and Si bring are belly aching. And the love and appreciation that the family has for one another is inspiring. The more you watch the repeats…the funnier they get!

  • Cindy Krolik

    We all love the show and each have our favorites!

    Si is the funniest but I mostly enjoy the quiet wisdom of Phil, who reminds me of my dad.

  • Marcia Shepard

    Love, love, love Duck Dynasty! It makes me happy, happy, happy! Especially love how the Robertsons are not ashamed of their faith and are proud to proclaim it!! I would love to win this for me to read and share with other.

    Marcia Shepard

  • Jenn J

    Oh how I love Duck Dynasty! My name is Jennifer Johnson and choosing a fav I like eating one Ruffle, you just can’t. But if you make me it would have to be Jase….or Si….or Miss Kay!

  • Sadie

    Just love to watch Si, and but I love how Phil leaves is wisdom to all of the family. We all need to take life slow and enjoy life.

  • Rachel Denning

    My husband is a HUGE fan of the show. He’s always telling me stories about it. When asked who his favorite character is, he replied, “Probably Jase but Phil is funny because he’s so mellow. And Willie is okaye; he’s kinda the star of the show.”

  • Ashley Phelps

    I think the’re all pretty awesome, but how can you not LOVE Uncle Si? :)

  • Linda Ryan

    My favorite is Phil & Kay. Went to high school w/ both of them. I lived in Dixie, LA and so did Phil & Si during their high school years; for sure they kept the bus ride to school anything but boring. Love the show: love what the entire family represents and stands for.

  • Suz

    Love Duck Dynasty! Phil & Kay are so funny!

  • Rhonda Ray

    Didn’t even know about them until my pastor talked about them in a sermon one Sunday recently. I started watching and now I can’t quit. I really do like all of them but I like Jase and you gotta love Ms. Kay (putting up with all of these guys). You can tell through all of the shinanigans how much they really do care about and love each other.

  • Tena

    Jace would have to be my favorite but we’re really enjoying applying the wisdom imparted by Phil. Thanks for entering me in the giveaway!

  • greg brock

    Si is the Man..

  • Sandra Adams

    My favorite is Phil, because of his faith.

  • Lori

    My husband and I really enjoy this show. My favorite is Jace, but they are all really funny.

  • http://Lifeway Clay

    Phil tells it just like it is…………..gotta respect that.

  • Linda Ingram

    I have only seen bits of it but love when the family has prayer at dinner!

  • Donna S. Keyes

    I absolutely LOVE Duck Dynasty. I like all of the Robertsons but I guess my favorite is Uncle Si. He is a riot! It is so refreshing to hear the Robertsons proclaim their faith.

  • Kim Furman

    I’d love to win this. Si is my family’s favorite character. He is hilarious!

  • Dawn

    Love Si. Everyone needs a good dose of Si in their life – would make life entertaining

  • Kathy from Kentucky

    Had never watched the show before, but recently visited brother in law in Texas and he was watching it and was wearing his Duck Dynasty shirt and so my husband and I sat down and watched it with him. I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t know what I thought it was about beforehand, but loved the Christian message. Will now be watching it from here in “Duck” country in Kentucky!!

  • Roxanne Rankin

    Love this show and the whole Robertson family!!

  • Jannis Lane

    My favorite is Phil. The Lord has truly blessed him, his family and they all give God the glory for what He has done.
    Duck Dynasty is being used to speak to people about their relationship with their Savior and that’s something we can all take comfort in.

  • Jessica Duff

    My eight year old son LOVES this show! My favorite character is SI because he makes my son smile :)

  • Marissa Thomas

    Love the show!! My favorite is jase! He’s too funny! :)

  • Linda

    Love Love Love them all!!! Great family show!

  • Joy

    We LOVE the show and all the family but I guess Si would be our favorite.

  • Richard Hoffman

    My family and I have totally falling in love with A&E’s Duck Dynasty. It is our absolutely favorite shop period. We love the Robertson family values and relationships. I would have to say that Jase is my overall favorite but they are all great.

  • Beverly Holden

    Love watching this show…gives me a time of laughter and fun with my family….my favorite is Jase!

  • Susan Luttrell

    Jase and Si

  • Lynna Bond

    I LOVE this show!!! My favorites….can’t name one. I’ll think it’s Jace and then it’s Willie and then it’s Phil and then Miss Kay and then Si and then Korie and Missy (huntng trip) and then I start all over again. We record the shows and watch them repeatedly. That’s actually my positive end of stressful days. The honesty and sensibility and humor in everyday life is such a nice change from all of the (un)reality shows. Thank you Robertson family for sharing your lives and letting us feel we are a part of your family. Thank you for being just who you are. You encourage the rest of us to cherish our family members (even the Uncle Si’s) respect our neighbors and their uniqueness (Mountain Man) and teach us that we can make our own fun through creative thinking (the water park). God is using you to reach others. Thanks for listening to him. :-)

  • http://lifewaychristianbooks jesus bautista

    My favorite would have to be jase!

  • Amy J

    I’ve only seen a few shows, but Si would be the favorite thus far.

  • Kim

    Love the show and what they represent. It’s hard to pick one favorite, but I really enjoy Si.

  • Coby Goins

    I have to say that Jase is my favorite. His logic and how he thinks reminds me of myself. Uncle Si is hilarious, but sometimes you just have to say, “What?” Two things is really cool about this family. 1. They are committed to serving God in all that they do, they are also committed to their families. 2. They are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Romans 1:16.

  • Mandy L. Thompson

    It is so hard to pick just one. I love them all, but that Si just cracks me up. He is hilarious.

  • Pamela Lance

    My favorite is Jase – we love how his antics balance out Willie’s serious business mindset. The best is when he talks Willie into being a “redneck” and having fun with them. And we do love the whole family, especially how vocal they are about their faith. Kudos to the Robertsons! Looking forward to reading more about the family.

  • Kathleen

    love, love, love this show! love all the Robertson’s family… the men who lead their families with Christian values and morals… and their wives who encourage and love them.

  • danielle hickey

    I love all of them, but my favorite is Si. Danielle Hickey

  • Kathy London

    Si is definitely my fav. He’s so very real and true to his roots. I’d love to just spend the afternoon on the front porch with a tall glass of lemonade discussing his philosophy of life and our shared love of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, Phil needs to come show my girly-girly daughter how to shoot a rifle!

  • Jamie

    We love Duck Dynasty. It is about the only show that we do not have to worry with language. We love the whole cast but my favorite is Jase. I love his personality especially when he is giving Si and Willie a hard time. Love it!!!!

  • Michele

    Willie and Si together. They make each other’s personality come out more.

  • Pat Spaulding

    My whole family loves this show. We even did a Duck Dynasty party and all dressed up as the characters. I cooked all of Miss Kay’s recipes and my sons smoked ribs. We purchased the rub and marinade. I love them all but enjoy the life’s lessons of Phil. He really likes to show his grandkids how to live and act. Of course Si is the greatest one for entertaining. Jack
    Loved the family values and the way they love each other. Best reality show yet. They pray at meal time despite whether it is popular or the ratings. I admire this most!!! Staying true to the Christian beliefs

  • Betty Philley

    I love the show and that families can have a good time watching it together and know that all is
    going to be good. I like all the characters…especially Kay going skating!

  • Lori Jones

    Lori Jones and It is very hard to pick a favorite favorite character but we like Si and Phil and of course Miss Kay!!

  • Christina Palmer

    Uncle Si and his wife and dogs crack me up! They are definitely my fav!

  • Richard

    Our family enjoys the Robertson family: Willie trying to be the tough CEO, Si and his “crazy eyes” and lists, Jase and his dry sense of humor, the wise sage of the family, Phil, Miss Kay the quintessential country cook, Jep, the “baby” of the family, the citified wives of the Robertson boys, the grand kids and their reactions to their grandparents and parents, and even Martin, Godwin, and Miss Kay’s dogs. It is a total package just like every big family with everyone having a special niche. Quack! Quack!

  • Kate Borloglou

    Its a tie… Jase & Si :)

  • Gary Pierce

    Love the show, Love the family, favorite person is Phil… a lot of wisdom in the man.

  • Rachael

    I love Si!!! This family is great. I love the fact that my kids (6 and 8 yrs old) can watch this. There are not too many family friendly shows on tv right now. Love it!!!

  • Gail

    I love Duck Dynasty! So glad that my friend turned me on to the show! Most of all I love the fact that the Robertson’s love the Lord! Thank you for your testimony to a world in need!

  • Darlene Jennings

    My favorite is probably Jase. But I like them all.

  • Anita Spicer

    I love Si!

  • Lynn Phillips

    My favorites are Phil and Jase. My whole family loves this show and we all look forward to watching the new episodes.

  • Sue Bowles

    So great to hear the real deal! I like ’em all, but I think Phil and Miss Kay are my favorites!

  • David Crowther

    Duck Dynasty is a great show. We need more like it on TV. Si is probably the most entertaining in my opinion.

  • Melissa Doheny

    I love this show. It’s so refreshing to be able to watch a show with my children and not worry about the content. My favorite character is a toss up between Si and Jase. I love when they feed off each other.

  • Carol Tatom

    Love the Ducks & their family that are full of faith!

  • Dana Crawford

    Love Si & Sadie!!!

  • Brian Keahey

    The original – Phil!

  • Jimmy Holifield

    I am only able to watch the show when I am at my son’s house. I only have an atenna at my house. My favorite is Si.

  • Nancy Trotter

    Thank you A&E! How wonderful to see a program that is not afraid to show their faith in Jesus Christ. Our whole family loves Duck Dynasty! We laugh to tears, even on the re-runs! It is so good to have a program on that has no swearing or behaviour you have to “excuse” and then have a family meal with prayer to our Lord. We love all the Robertson family because they each lend their own personality to make the show so great. How blessed we would be to receive any of those prizes! : )

  • Pam Goates

    Its hard to say who is my favorite – I like them all. I am so grateful that there is a show showing people committed to God and not afraid or ashamed to live and show their love for God!!!! Folks we need more folks like Duck Commander as role models for not only our children but adults as well. I pray for their safety and their ministry!

  • Kristy Westerfield

    Love uncle Si, he always can give me a much needed laugh by watching the show.Thank you LifeWay for the opportunity to enter this give away.

  • Ashley

    What a great give away! My family loves this show! My favorite character has to be Si!

  • L Percival

    Love the show. Uncle Si is the greatest!

  • Karmen Hartranft

    Love Si! But Jase is a very close second–his one liners are the best!

  • Steve

    Love the show and Uncle Si! As a woodworker, would love the opportunity to get a duck call!

  • Jessicca Skamser

    Our whole house loves this show and my 2 year old dau loves saying hey jack like SI :)

  • Christian Trotter

    You gotta love Miss Kay!

  • Cindy Henderson

    I love everyone of them!

  • Margie Huddleston

    We all love Si! Funny, funny, funny! So good to find a clean show on TV :)

  • Beth

    Jase, he is such a good straight man for all of the crazy ones!

  • Robert Huddleston

    Si is our favorite!

  • Jeanne

    EVERYONE on the show is truly likeable, but my Son and I really enjoy Si’s & Jase’s antics and commentary!

  • Shasta Kitchens

    My favorite is Phil. He always has something useful to say.

  • David Brown

    I enjoy Duck Commander and like Si and Jase.

  • Christine Strickland

    Our family loves duck dynasty! Our Favorite is Jase!

  • Matthew Brady

    The whole family is great. My favorite is Jase. I like his reactions and he says what’s on his mind, no shame.

  • Josh Bloomfield

    This show is one of the great escapes for me during the week. My wife and I make sure we put our two little children to bed and set apart at least 30 mins each Wednesday night to laugh and bond with with Robertson family. Happy Happy Happy!

  • Darrell McCain

    I love this show. It is clean and has moral values. The guys are hilarious. I would have to say my favorite is Jace because he knows Willie is right for the position but can’t help but ride him. I can sit and watch the same episodes over and over again and still laugh. Kind of like Andy Griffith episodes.

  • Doug Carlton

    I’ve got to love Jase. He’s a bit more than what you’d expect from that beard.

  • Samantha K

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the show!! Uncle Si definitely keeps me laughing so I’ve got to say he’s my favorite!

  • Tina Bennett

    My family and I have been watching the show from the beginning. We really enjoy the show. To choose a favorite would be like saying I had a favorite family member. We pray the show will continue for many years. It’s great to be able to sit down with family to a good clean show. And to see them not afraid to pray on tv.

  • Mitch Moser

    Jase is the best. While they are all honest God fearing men, he stands out.

  • Carolyn

    My favorites are my husband and son while they are watching because Willie, Phil, Jase, Si, Miss Kay are absolutely hysterical. My husband and son are rolling on the floor, then I laugh at them. The tricks they play on each other, their love for each other, the work they pretend that doesn’t get done, their love for the Lord and being so down to earth while building a great business. makes for great TV and a wonderful life.

  • Lois Arnold

    Believe Phil & Kay are my favorites – for all their life knowledge and wisdom they calmly and willingly share with their children and grandchildren.

  • Ruth

    Uncle Si!!!

  • Susan Walker

    The whole family makes the show, but if I had to pick one- it would be Jase. He is just so funny and his expression never changes. He cracks me up!

  • Kristie Barton

    I’ve never really watched the show but my daughter loves watching it and her favorite is John Luke.

  • Lynn

    I like Miss Kay! She is just so sweet. And I think she can cook just about anything!

  • Tony Casucci

    Jase is the man! I appreciate the entire family for their bold witness for Jesus Christ!

  • Tabytha Luikens

    Love that we can watch as a family – both my boys love the show & I love that it is good, safe family entertainment!

  • Darla Bunyan

    My favorite is Jase!

  • Karen Woodby

    It sure is nice to have some good clean funny fun on television! I love Mama Kay….just sure I have seen her in several of the women in my community!

  • Ann

    This show is the funniest thing on TV, good, wholesome for the entire family. Knowing the family is Christian and successful is just awesome! I am happy, happy, happy that they are sharing their story! Love Si and his antics, reminds me of several people I know!!!

  • Kimberly Herron

    Jase is my favorite. He always makes me laugh.

  • Thomas Barnes

    I enjoy watching Duck Dynasty the show is funny and very entertaining. Also not to mention the Robertson’s are very open about their faith in Jesus which is rare in mainstream television today. I am thankful that they are not ashamed to mention the Lord’s name on television. My favorite is Si and that’s a fact jack. God bless

  • Gabra Stewart

    (Gabra Stewart) Our family loves it! We like them all but definate favorite is Si. Thanks for a wonderful show the whole family can watch. :-)

  • Kyle

    I love them all, but my favorite is Jase.

  • Angela Smiatek

    I love all of them. It’s hard to pick just one! Pick me to win y’all!!!
    Lots of love from Arkansas!

  • Belinda

    Willie is my favorite he has to be so patience with the family in work place!!!

  • LoriAnne

    We so enjoy the wholesome family fun on this show. My favorite show for sure! It’s hard to just have one favorite but Si and Jase are a crack up! Sure love that each episode ends around the table in family prayer and has a life lesson included.

  • Debra Hite

    I truly enjoy the show. My favorite is a toss up between Jase and Uncle Si.

  • Merrill

    Love them all, but Si and Jase are my favorites.

  • Karla

    I love all the characters on Duck Dynasty, but Si has me busting a gut every week. I can’t get the program on my TV so I can only watch the last three episodes on my iPad. Would love to win the seasons.

  • Amanda Finkbeiner

    My name is Mandy. Formally Amanda for some of those that don’t like Mandy. I really love the duck dynasty crew, however, there is somethig about jase that steals the spotlight. I hope to win a part of them!!!!

  • Kimberly Kramer

    I like Jase, his sense of humor makes me laugh out loud at times! I love that the show usually ends with a family prayer. Strong message for viewers about faith and family, even if they don’t always agree on things they always come back together and love each other.

  • Rich Browning

    My family loves the show. it is a can’t miss Wednesday evening for us.

    Favorite person – for the laughs it has to by Sy

    For his heart and wisdom – Phil

    Rich Browning

  • Monica Grose

    Si cracks me up!

  • Denise Yates

    It is so refreshing to watch a T.V. show where the family puts faith in God first. I love all the family members, they make me laugh out loud each week! I pray that they continue to bless us each week and plant a seed in the heart and mind of those watching that Jesus loves them!! They make us HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!

  • Linda

    Love the show & enjoy watching a family that loves the Lord. Love the whole family, especially some of Si’s sage advice. I like the way the family is gathered at the dinner table and Phil thanks Jesus at the end of each show. It is so refreshing to watch a show where good family values are taught.

  • Sharon McGee

    Jess is my favorite but Miss Kaye is a close second. Love the show and the positive message they bring with laughter.

  • Carroll Owen


  • Lance Croley

    My favorite person on the show is Jesus Christ! I know that someone had to plant the seed so he could make it grow and for that there is no doubt about it, I do love me some Mama Kay. She reminds me of my aunt back in Texas who I can still hear 37 years later explaining what “Spare the rod, spoil the child” means. Lucky for me that wasn’t the only thing she taught me from Proverbs. My prayers and thanks go out to the Robertson family for sowing the good seed

  • Lisa Miller

    Love the entire family, my favorites are Willie and Jase. It’s nice to have a program you can watch and don’t have to worry about content.

  • Kyle Linder

    It is hard to pick a favorite, but I would have to go with Mr. Phil. He is a great man of God, and he reminds me a lot of myself. All of the PHILosophies make great quotes as well.

  • David Morse

    Like Phil the best, Si is the funniest

  • Jackie Lawson

    I love that there is wholesome family humour on tv these days! I so appreciate how the family dynamics mimic so many other families across the country 😀 I have to say Missy is probably my fav!

  • Kimberly Biberstein

    We have just found DD in our family and we are loving it!! I think I’d have to say my favorite person on the show is Jase. Phil is most definitely a close second though. I love the fact that it is a show we can sit down and watch as a whole family with out needing to “pre-screen” each episode to make sure it is kid friendly.

  • Stephen Jenkins

    Great show…great FAMILY and CHRISTIAN values! I enjoy Si’s antics and sayings and the way he butchers the language, but Phil’s calm wisdom and Jase’s ability to put up with Willie make them my two “favorites”.

  • Mac McGee

    I like Cy. He is so funny.

  • Jonathan Van Eaton

    Willie is my favorite character on the show as he carries the weight of the actual company on his beard ( shoulders)!

  • Steve Schultz

    I like Jase as he reminds me of an Associate Pastor I once served with who I loved dearly. But Si makes me laugh the most! Love the positive message of the show and the interaction with family!

  • Tracy Gregory

    I love this show! I also love the fact it’s good clean fun the whole family can enjoy!
    My favorite is a toss up between Si & Jase!

  • chris wilson

    I really enjoy the show and respect the ending of the shows when the families sit together. Nice to watch a show that isn’t constant drama. Keep it up.

  • Andrew

    Already read their first book and it was great. Have searched online and found quite a few videos of Jason, Willie and Phip preaching and talking about God and ducks. Love it all. Can’t decide between Jase and Si as to my favorite, but you always know something funny is going to happen if Si is involved. God bless them all and I pray that fame doesn’t hurt them.

  • Vicky Miles

    HI I just think it is amazing that duck dynasty has some many viewers but the real reason i think it is amazing is because it has no cuzzing and it is a funny show and it is something that all rednecks would do its amazing to see some people who watch alot of cuzzing shows just love this show. I pray that this show reaches alot of lost.

  • Debbie Coomer

    I love all people on the show. Each brings a unique spark to the show. I love how they are a family, dealing with life, stress, work, expectations, and even heartache but manage to keep the focus on Jesus. To see them join at the dinner table and hear Phil speak grace over the food warms my heart. They are here to entertain us, but we know whose they are and where their hearts are. DD makes me happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!

  • http://Lifeway Kimberly Bonner

    My husband and I have been hooked for the last year. Papaw Phil, as I have began to refer to him like family, is my favorite. He has been there, done it and God has filled him with much wisdom throughout it all. I enjoy his candidness and the way he sees things the way they are and speaks his mind.

  • Emily Gregory

    Uncle Si is the BEST!!!

  • Krista Rines

    I have 4 boys and a husband that lives to hunt and is actually trying to market a turkey decoy. We watch the show every week and all the reruns. We can’t get enough!! We joke and say we are “turkey dynasty”. My younger boys love Phil and my husband and I love the way he leads his family. What a great Christian show for all ages! Love , love , love

  • Amy Ballard

    We love Uncle Si, he is so funny.

  • Janice Garey

    I have not seen Duck Dynasty. We do not have cable so we probably can’t get it. I read instead of watch tv. I would like to enter the contest though so I can see what all the commotion is about. Thanks for putting my name in the hat.

    Blessings, Janice jsmithg(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • Dianna B.

    Love them ALL!!!! But…. if I had to choose Uncle Si might nudge a little ahead of the rest.

  • M. Jennings

    Favorite character has to be Si!

  • Karen Sims

    I like Si as he reminds me of my great Uncle Avery and his wild crazy antics!! My favorite show so far was where they all camped out the nigh before Duck Seasoned opened! “Roughing It” vs. “Luxuries “!

  • Joseph Williams

    I would have to say Jase because of all the stuff to his brother reminds me of what I would do to mine growing up. Antagonistic!

  • Isabelle Morgan

    My absolute favorite is Jase! His sarcastic humor is the best!

  • Tianna Painter

    It’s jot fair to have to pick just one favorite, but if I have to – I think Jase is my favorite – although I love the whole family. Phil’s words of wisdom are refreshing to hear, especially in today’s society. “What the world needs is…”

    • Tianna Painter


  • Kathy S.

    My favorite is Uncle Si, who keeps me rolling on the floor laughing with his “Si-isms.”

  • Delmar Smith

    Love these people and their show. I guess SI is my favorite but they all are very good.

  • Lauretta Laatsch

    Jase would have to be my favorite, but I enjoy all of them! The show is a highlight to my week!

  • Susan Nelson

    Our family loves Duck Dynasty! We watch it over and over. We appreciate the values that this wonderful famiily present. Love every member. We even named our baby goats Si because he loved naps and milk and Jep because he was the baby and needed lots of love!!!

  • Ken

    Uncle Si, he is the best!

  • Carrie Stephens

    I love Jase, but Ms. Kay is a close second!

  • Julie D.

    I love them all, it is so nice to be able to sit down and watch a show as a family and not having to worry about covering up ears or eyes.

  • Carol Swart

    My favorite is Si. He is a hoot!

  • Darlene

    tell the whole family how much we love watching something that you can watch with kids in the room
    thank you from Carl and Darlene Reed

  • LK

    Fun show. Popular with all ages and all walks of life.

  • Jerry Ann Haynam

    I love this show, and love the values this family has, and their closeness to one another, God, nature. Si is my favorite, but I really love them all. Each one brings something different in their personalities. The way Miss Kay and Phil talk to each other is so much like the way my husband and I talked to each other. He passed away 5 yrs. ago, and this show really brings back those special moments with him. Si carries around the tea glass just like my husband did, and I did not dare throw it away. I am glad to see that money has not changed their core values.

  • Pat Rodgers

    Love this show…hard to pick favorite…they all work together to make it great! But I guess Jase and Willie would be top….but Si is hilarious! We had tea glasses just like his! Thanks for making such a good, clean show packed with family values! Keep it coming! Can’t wait to see what happens next with the Robertson clan!

  • Jane P.

    We love watching the Duck Dynasty. I agree with Dianna B. I think Uncle SI truly makes the show special. I pray everyone has a blessed day. Please enter me into the drawing.

    God Bless,

  • Janelle House

    My husband told me about this program and I laughed at him. Now I laugh every week. It’s such a great, clean, funny and family friendly program to come home to and relax for a few minutes. I love that it has given the guys a platform to share Christ as well.

  • http://LifewayChristianBookstore Kendra Summers

    My favorite is Si. Reminds me so much of my Uncle Blue. Like Ms. Kate, I am also rather partial to Jep. He’s the quieter one, but when he does say something it’s pretty funny. :) A great show full of humor and fit for all ages to watch! At last!

  • Connie Capps

    Connie Capps
    I really like all of them but I guess it would have to be Si for the laughs… A wonderful show the whole family can watch !

  • Sharon Moore

    My family loves Duck Dynasty!!! Our favorite characters are Si and Willie.

  • Jackie Belk

    My favorite person is SI, with Jase coming in a close second. The whole family is wonderful and this show is terrific!

  • LisaAnn

    Thanks for the chance to win! Love the Robertson Family :)


  • Travis Holmes

    Travis. And Si and Jase are my faves!

  • Tessa

    I, Tessa, would love to win this :)

  • B in KY

    How refreshing is it to finally have a show that not only you can watch with your entire family, but emphasizes the importance of family, and having Christ as the foundation for the family.

    “Hey Jack”……our favorite member of the show is Si.

  • Ann Marie S

    My 14 year old son just loves the show and watches whenever he can… He even asked for a duck call for Christmas, but I couldn’t figure out where to get one. :) Anywho, it’s a fun show to watch….

  • Don

    I appriciate Phils wisdom and love for Christ. You can see that Phil loves the Lord if you watch the show or read the article that is in Sports spectrum this month. Phil has a passion for his family as well. Many shows on TV tear the family to peices but Phil and the rest of the family only want to get closer.

  • Mary Collins

    I think Jase is my favorite – he’s excitable and hilarious, but generally level headed.

  • Floyd

    Two most favorite, Si & Phil. Then the remaining members. Some ” words of wisdom” have come from this show.

  • Connie

    Love the show. I really like Uncle Si but I also like all the kids as they set good examples for manners and respect.

  • Lori Brown

    Love that show…I think my favorite is Si :)

  • Terri Powell

    Love Uncle Si’s antics, Ms. Kay would be someone to sit with and share a glass of sweet tea!

  • Aimee Canter

    We love Jase and Si in our house!

  • Deanne Hullender

    LOVE the entire family.
    Thanks for your kingdom focused work her on earth!

  • Ginger Johns

    Love this show and the Robertsons! Si really makes the show, but I think they are all great!

  • Kim C.

    My favorites are Jase and Uncle Si

  • Randy Jackson

    I love Duck Dynasty so much, that when my 1st Son was born in October I tried to convince my wife to name him Silas Paul so we could call him Si. She was not having any part of it. Si is my favorite with Jase running a close second.

  • Vicki Tynes

    Jase is my favorite……with Si running a close second!
    Gotta love the whole Robertson Family!

  • Jennifer

    How can you pick just one? This is a great show about a great family!

  • Steve Gerkin

    Jase. I love his way with words.

  • Kelly

    My favorite is Phil and Miss Kay because of the values they instill in their family.

  • Nickie Miller

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Si…but Jase is a riot! I love the dry, sense of humor!!!

  • LadyV61

    I love Duck Dynasty. Si is my absolute favorite!

  • Blake Bowen

    Faith, Family, and Ducks is a great motto! Jase, Phil, and Si are my favorites each for a different reason.. Just too hard to choose one!

  • Emily Sutherland

    I love Duck Dynasty! It’s one of the few shows my husband and I can both enjoy! Uncle Si is hilarious!!!
    Emily Sutherland

  • Stacey Hayes

    My entire family love Duck Dynasty. Our favorite person is Si however we enjoy the entire show as you don’t have to worry continually about what your kids might see or hear. Thanks for supporting them.

  • Tammy Leverette

    I love them all. But Jace and Willy remind me of my 2 sons and I really love the dynamic they represent in the show. I also love that Phil is so in love with Mrs. Kay after all these years. There was an episode where they were looking through one of the storage buildings and finding all kinds of old stuff. Phill compared her to a fine work of art and it melted my heart., it is so refreshing!

  • Tina Parker

    My favorite person is Jase. Tina Parker

  • Angela Huff

    My favorite is Jase, but my kids love Si!

  • Beverly Williams

    I am from Louisiana and to see a T.V. series that the people aren’t afraid to give God the glory for their success is just awesome.
    So it does my heart good to watch them after church on Wednesday night’s. I would have to say that Si would be my favorite just because he is so funny and yet so serious. Gotta love the whole gang though.

  • Shannon Long

    Our whole family just loves this show and what they stand for! We would love to be the WINNER!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  • Donene O’Dell

    My husband and I just started watching the show a couple of weeks ago as friends kept talking. I enjoy Phil as head of family, but I have to admit that Si is hysterical. I haven’t laughed so much in years!!

  • TLB

    It’s rare that you see a real family expressing their faith on national TV

    My favorite is Uncle Si

  • http://Lifeway Pam Dallas

    We love the entire family! So proud to see a good family show that everyone can enjoy. Most of all that they end each show what a family meal with Prayer!

  • Martha Daniels-Parrish

    This is a great giveaway. I would love twin one of the prizes. My favorite character is Mrs. Kay.

  • Sandy Reeves

    I like Phil. He has some down-to-earth good philosophies about life in general and I love to hear him pray at the dinner table.

  • Brenda Marshall

    I love them all, but I think Jase is my favorite. I think he has created a great character.

  • Vicki Jeffus

    Happy, happy, happy to post that Phil is my Phavorite. God bless us all with many, many more episodes of the Robertsons Fam!

  • Donna Walker

    Gotta say Si’s my favorite, then Phil and Ms. Kay – both are a toss up! Love they way they all interact with their children! Probably because I’m in the same age group so I can really relate! It wonderful to see a family step up to the plate and confess their love of God and Jesus in these times.

  • Sarah Allen

    I love Si!!! He is absolutely hilarious!

  • Marie Davis

    How on earth can I pick a favorite when all of them seem like such great folks?!?!?! I suppose if I HAD to choose, I’d pick Si. Or maybe Jase. Or Ms. Kay.
    I’ll stick with Si.
    (This is difficult ….)

  • Susan Doub

    I absolutely LOVE this show….It is good family fun! You don’t find any shows like this where the whole family can sit down and enjoy a good laugh. I love it when they gather around the dinner table and Phil has a prayer. My grandkids think their pappy sounds just like Phil when he says Happy, Happy, Happy. They call me Miss Kay. One of my grandsons says he is mountain man. I always look forward to it coming on. I like it so much I even watch all the reruns!! I love all of them but I guess I would say Si would be my favorite!! He walks around drinking ice tea just as I do. A good Christian family! I hope it remains on the air for a long time to come. I would love to meet them!!! Have a happy, happy, happy day!!!

  • Tiffany Wickstrom

    My name is Tiffany Wickstrom. My favorite is Si!

  • Barb Stoneman

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show! It’s our mid-week highlight then look forward to Sunday evening reruns! The Robertsons feel like family and I’d love to have a seat at their family table!!! I think each person truly makes the show what it is…BUT I’d have to say Uncle Si, Phil and Jase are my favorite but Godwin’s comments crack us up! Thoroughly enjoyed reading Willie’s book and have Phil’s pre-ordered…and love my camo wristband!!! Hope the fame NEVER divides this family and pray they will end it before they would allow it to divide them. Their family prayer at the end warms my heart!!!

  • Vickie Sutherland

    My favorite is Uncle Si because he is so funny, but with his humor he has a depth of wit and knowledge if you think about what he is saying many times. I also love Ms Kay. She is sort of the glue that keeps the family together. You know how wonderful it is to meete around that kitchen table with food prepared with loving hands and fellowship with your family.

  • alex rodriguez

    The whole Robertson family are my favorite. I love how they sit down as a family to have dinner and pray for their blessings. Its a rare thing to see now days..

  • Angie Miller

    I watch the show with my husband who loves to hunt. Phil is his favorite, so I’ll claim him as my fav too!

  • Kirstie T

    Jase!!!!!!! And in close second is Uncle Si :)

  • Jenna

    This is an awesome giveaway
    My favorite person on the show has to Be Si he is so funny

  • Rhonda Myers

    I love Duck Dynasty. My favorite is Phil, for his wisdom.

  • Beth Wells

    Totally addicted to Duck Dynasty Jack! Watching it with my daughter makes us Happy, Happy, Happy! We love how Ms. Kay interacts with her grandchildren, especially all of the dating “advise” she gives. Uncle Si cracks us up. The stories he tells about his days as a Vietnam Vet are a hoot. Korie and Missy can really hold their own with Willie and Jase. We know that they actually “wear the pants” in their family. John Luke and Sadie handle all the advise they get from Ms. Kay and Uncle Si with maturity, even though they want to hide their faces or even laugh at them.
    Already pre ordered Phil’s book! We would love to win more items from Duck Dynasty. We love it!

  • JoAn White

    I haven’t ever looked forward to watching a television show more than I do Duck Dynasty and my husband knows when I am watching because I get pure joy and I laugh and laugh. Then we all bow our heads and remember to thank the Father, come what may…television has finally catching on!!!

  • Miranda Brown

    My name is Miranda. We love all of tge gang but Si really is my fav!

  • Aaron B

    My wife and I love the entire crew, each for their own reasons! If we had to pick favorites, she would say Jase hands down, and I would likely pick Phil or Si.

  • Erin Boling

    All of the DD people are neat, but Si and Jase are my faves!

  • Courtney Wyndham

    Phil-Happy-Happy! My four boys and husband LOVE the show!!! And, now they are getting me hooked, too!!!!

  • Sandra Shumate

    Ilove love love the show ! All my co – workers enjoy watching and my family tooo! My favorite is really hard to pick cause I love them all!
    I guess Jase is one of my best favorite if I had to pick one. But I love everybody. God BLESS! Happy Happy!

  • Debbie Birk

    My favorite person is Jase.

  • Sue Johnson

    Uncle Si is a riot

  • Melissa Ralls

    I first heard the word Duck Dynasty on FB, I had no idea what my friends were talking about, it sounded crazy to me, but curiosity got the best of me and me and my husband watched it and fell in love at first sight and sound. I love the realness I fell and here from the family, I have 2 favorites, Si because he is so funny and down to earth, and Jase, for his funny naritive part he plays in the show along with the sibiling rivalry he has with Willie. I feel like I could just go there to meet them and fall in love with the whole family and dream they would adopt me. I feel a true since of family togetherness and a true love and respect of there Heavenly Father and earthly father, which has not always been such a great father, and he admitts it and his children forgive him and they are a picture of Gods love for us. I’m so thankful for such a great happy funny family show to watch, I look forward to it each and every week, please do not stop running this show and making new ones. I also look forward to reading there books to get closer to who and what they really are!

  • Megan Lee

    One of the best shows on tv! Love me some Uncle Si! He always me rolling with laughter!

  • Julie Aman

    My sons starting watching the show first and got the rest of us turned on to it. We just loved the show from the first episode! I like Miss Kay the best because she is so sassy and cute, and she knows how to keep her men in line. My husband favors Jase. I kind of like him too…he likes to be a little random and not all business.

  • Michelle Timmons-Morgan

    I love them all, but if I have to pick a favorite it would be Mrs. Kay. She is so fiesty!!!

  • Teresa Sauer

    This is my favorite show! Jase and si are my favorite! I love how family orinentated they are. And how they end the show with them praying.

  • Jeanine Tschopp

    My favorite person is Si.

  • Tommy Morgan

    I have got to hang with my man, Happy, Happy, Happy, Phil…!!!

  • Kate Daugherty

    My favorite is Si. He cracks me up, he also reminds me a lot of grandpa.

  • Sondra

    My favorite is Si! You need to love Jesus! “That’s rule #1!”

  • Jennifer Jo Sisco

    I just love Si. He makes me laugh out loud. It’s a wonderful show. JJ

  • Donna E.

    LOVE, LOVE this show. I think my favorites are the wives. The guys are so Camo and the wives are so trendy. It makes me chuckle to see them all together. Love the fact that they are all so family oriented. Really enjoy it when the “grandkids” are on and see the difference between Phil and Kay when talking about the “grandkids”.

  • Ruby Burns

    My favorite is Phil.

  • Wendy Caldwell

    We’ve been watching since Duck Commander was on the Outdoor Channel and made the switch to watching Duck Dynasty. My husband loves to duck hunt that’s why we first started watching. Being grandparents we like hearing Phil’s wisdom that he imparts to his grandchildren.

  • Nikki kinnett

    It is so refreshing to have a television show the whole family can watch and enjoy. My kids quite Si all the time!

  • Patty Mann

    I like the entire family.

  • Anna Crabb

    Phil is my favorite! The boldness he has in his faith is so inspirational.

  • Kristie Chaney

    I love Phil and Ms Kay. Such an inspiration to see the family together in prayer at the end of each episode!!

  • Danny Basham

    I’m on Team Jase. It was actually Phil and Jase’s YouTube videos that led me to Christ.

  • Chris Spencer

    I try to make sure and watch this show every week and while I like all of them, I’d have to say I like Miss Kay the best, because she has to be a saint to put up with some of the things the rest pull off lol.
    May God bless you all.

  • Richard

    Si he is great and a Viet Nam Vet

  • Christina Helms

    Wow! Our God is so Amazing! He continues to use lowly sinners such as us to do unbelievable things. I don’t have a favorite on Duck Dynasty I love them all but more for the great message that continues to come through on every episode. That message is simply this… Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong they are weak yet He is strong!

  • Jennfer Cruze

    Thank the Lord! Finally a show that the whole family can watch together. Ms. Kay and Phil are great and probably my favorite. They get along so great and enjoy their sons, daughters-in-law, and especially their grandchildren. It always warms my heart to see them bow their heads, as a family, and say a prayer at the end of every show. Gotta love Si too!!

  • andrew swal

    I like the whole family

  • Jeannie Hanssen

    I like the whole family but Si reminds me of my Uncle and Cousin who also served in Viet Nam.

  • Kathy

    Anxious to read

  • Robert Grafton

    God is using this family in a mighty way. Uncle Si is my favorite. Everyone needs a wise-cracking, crazy uncle.

  • Drew

    This show is the current day Andy Griffith Show. My favorite character is Jase!

  • Tony Byrd

    As a father of 3 grown kids and the grandfather of one 4 yo little boy, and a Sunday School teacher, it’s so nice to be able to sit down and watch a TV show without all of the bad language and sexual immorality that is so prevalent in todays TV with your family. And you can’t help but laugh at Uncle Si’s crazy saying’s. Wish there was more shows like this.

  • Cheryl Cole

    I love the whole family but Jase is my favorite!!

  • Charles Taylor

    I like Phil because he is always himself, and he is especially funny when he disappears when the law is coming; but I most like him for setting a Godly example for his family.

  • Jennifer Holtsclaw

    Si is my favorite

  • The Bauers

    The Bauers are happy happy happy for Si!!!

  • Danny Elrod

    Phil is my favorite as he is the strong father and husband. Yet he loves his family and they know it. He always ends the show with a prayer of thankfulness. We need more like him.

  • Cindy Pinner

    I love to watch Duck Dynasty. My favorite cast member is Phil. I love to watch the close family interactions and the humor is great. My family handles a lot of lifes situations with humor. God Bless!

  • Lisa Daron

    My favorite is a tie between Si and Jase.

  • Tara Hasty

    I like them all, but I would hav to say I love to watch Si.

  • KimF

    Love the show, so good to watch a Godly show. No gays or bad language. Jase is my favorite.

  • Tracey Sheffield

    Jase is my favorite – but I do like them all.
    I think it is great they are not afraid to tackle important topics with the teens!

  • Tony Maddox

    Si is my favorite but Jase with his wry wit and humor comes in as a close second. It’s difficult though to pick a real favorite because from week to week one stands out more than the other on a particular episode. Ms Kay’s not too bad with her own brand of advice.

  • Barbara

    Our whole family loves this show and we think Si is the funniest thing ever!

  • John Baggett

    The show is really funny. My favorite is probably Uncle Si, BUT, it takes all of them to make the show what it is. It is great for a show this popular to show how important Christ is to the Robertson family.

  • Cynthia Felzien

    Si is a favorite, for sure but Jase is kind of growing on me, too. They’re all great.
    ~Cynthia Felzien

  • Jim Jones

    We love Si!

  • Shelly Flores

    We love the show , thank you JESUS ! I love them all and my kids , one loves Miss K and the other is Si , I found myself laughing again with this show . And I ask my kids to give me a Phil [thumbs up ]to see if every thing is ok with them.

  • Brandon Weatherford

    This show is great. It spreads the gospel in a relaxed manor.

  • Sara W.

    My whole family is hooked on this show and this wonderful family. Our family’s favorites? Si, of course, Willie, Jase, Jep (the other brother), Phil, Ms Kay, Sadie, John Luke, all the wives, Godwin, and the rest of the crew!

  • Misty Smalley

    Misty – my favorite is definitely Phil!

  • Bonnie Rowe

    Did not think I would ever watch this show, tried it and now I look forward to seeing it. “Kay” is my favorite,I love her values. My husband Bill likes “Si”, he is different and also a Vietnam veteran, like, Bill.

  • Tony M

    I only get to see the show occasionally, but I love the whole family. Everybody waits to hear what Si will say or do.

  • Teri Coleman

    My girls love this show and I do too. They love Uncle Si the best, but I like them all… they all work together… each personality seems to complement the other.

  • Dana Gilcher

    My husband and I love Duck Dynasty! They provide one of the few wholesome shows on TV, while still entertaining us and making us laugh at their silliness. We also appreciate that after a day of craziness, they keep their focus on God and family.

    I think my favorite is Jase.

  • Anderson Bond

    How can you pick a faviorte, it’s like having a pb&j without the bread they all make the show what it is :)

  • Kelly Anderson

    LOVE this show! Very hard to pick a favorite, but I’ll go with Si because he makes me laugh the most!

  • Jason Biberstein

    Phil is my favorite. The best part of the show is the family eating dinner together after family prayer!!!

  • Ashley Hodges

    My favorite is Uncle Si :)

  • Luke

    Si is the best one of them all he is hilarious

  • L. Shultz

    Phil is my favorite because he is such a powerful Christian witness for his family and viewers of the show.

  • Starla Brooks

    Great clean family show. My favorite is Jase but my husband likes Si.

  • Chris welker

    Si Robertson is the best

  • Michele

    I like Jase, just a funny light hearted guy.

  • Stacey Marksberry

    Love Duck Dynasty and the whole Family!!

  • Beth Stubblefield

    Definitely Si!!! He cracks us up!!!

  • Heather Emerson

    I’ve never seen any of the Duck Dynasty shows, but I’d love to. I’ve heard how much everyone love it.

  • Angela

    The entire cast is great but Si and Mrs. Kay are my favorites.

  • Judy Fulmer

    Our family loves the whole Robertson family. so it’s hard to pick a favorite. If I HAD to pick one, it would probably be Si, because as Jace says, “You can’t spell stupid (ideas) without Si.” Si has some real doozies!

  • Lucy Webb

    Really want to win this!
    Jase is my favorite!

  • Ed Brown

    Love the show and family for their faith that God show through His son and their desire to serve and glorify Christ in their lives. Love the wit of Jase and the full cast in their back woods humor.

  • Sheryl Roberts

    Hard to pick a favorite, they all help to make the show. If I had to pick one, I love that Si makes us all laugh.

  • Tiffany M

    Love Duck Dynasty! My favorites are the reactions from the wives and the kids. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Of the brothers, I think Jayce is hilarious.

  • Heather Hunt

    Every family will have disagreements, but at the end of the day coming together as one, sitting down with your loved ones and thanking God is priceless.


    Love, love this show. I have to say that my favorite is uncle Si. He reminds me so much of my sweet daddy that passed away four years ago. If my Dad was still alive today, I know this would be his favorite too. This sounds like a great contest.

  • Chuck Stroup

    God bless them all – and protect them from Hollywood. What a great outreach! Si is my favorite because he reminds me of….. me!!!!

  • Dawn

    I love Uncle Si!!
    Thanks, Dawn

  • Jeannie Parham

    Love the show.

  • Cindy Guidry

    Our family loves the show and haven’t missed an episode yet! My husband and I both read the book and couldn’t put it down until we finished it…so nice to hear about normal, everyday people who put God first in their life and are not ashamed to share this with others. They are hilarious and we don’t have a favorite….we love them all! Our favorite part is always when the family sits down at the end of the show and pray and fellowship together. Thank you for good, wholesome entertainment!

  • Martha Stremmel

    Si is my favorite–he’s the funniest. But I do love the whole show!!

  • Rita Williams

    Love the show and the example of good clean fun! Love them all but Si holds a special place in my heart!

  • Leah Weible

    I love hearing my kids and husband laugh at this show. Si is probably our favorite.

  • Lisa A Miller

    I love all of them and what they stand for. My favorite is probably Si because he reminds me of my uncle.

  • Terri Smallwood

    My whole family loves Duck Dynasty! Jase is my favorite–he’s really funny! Si is funny too!

  • Diana

    Sadie is my favorite character, because it is so refreshing to see a young person so willing to stand up and share her faith in God. Keep Standing Strong For God!!!

  • Mary K. Nugent

    This is probably the best show on TV right now…it is so hard to pick a favorite…but If I had to it would be Phil…i love his old fashion traditional values mixed with comedy….PRICELESS!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Have a blessed day! :-)

  • Patty southard

    Love Duck Dynasty, My grandson says he likes Si cause he always has his tea glass :)

  • Karen Harris

    DD is the best show on tv!! :) My granddaughters love it! Phil is my favorite.

  • Boris Alfaro

    I like the way every reacts in a calm and positive way…go Duck Danysty..!

  • Jim Hildum

    The whole family is great. If I had to pick one…….Jase.

  • Donny

    Si, is our favorite Jack! We love the “Good Morning West Monroe” episode.

  • Frank Wyatt

    What a refreshing TV show. Really appreciate the clean humor that’s absolutely family safe!

  • Earl McKee

    Awesome show the cast is funny but ol SI is the man Hey Jack you know it

  • Yana Peshko

    I love Phil’s attitude about everything, Jase’s wittiness and just Si in general :)

  • Meike Fraze

    I have only seen a few min. of this show so far, but I have heard a lot about it as well and I am already a fan of it. Not sure just yet who my fav. is, but they are all awesome!!!!

  • Tim Sutherland

    Uncle Si with all his stories

  • Kristy Dixon

    I love this show! I love that they do everything together and most of all that they Love Jesus Christ. I love all the people in this show. My son loves Si but I have to say Willie is one of my favorites and I also like Phil!

  • Barb

    We love the entire family but if we had to choose then Uncle Si!! he’s a real

  • Bill Kennedy

    Love the Christian standards the entire family upholds. I come home from Church on Wednesday night and rush to the TV to catch the latest episode. It provides much laughter and enjoyment. I love the whole family but Uncle Si has to be the hands down favorite.

  • Joni Pilcher

    Gotta go with Jep. Love his quiet spirit and smile

  • Gulie Bullard

    Love Duck Dynasty, especially when everyone is around the table, asking the blessing. It’s hard to pick a favorite because they are all so different. Love them all. Si is so funny! Phil and Jace are the smart, creative ones! Willie’s “lesson” at the end of the show is great! Love Miss Kay and her favorite Jep! It is so refreshing to have a good clean tv show to watch.

  • Kristen

    Who else but Si ♡ Thanks for giveaway!! Kristen Pobieglo

  • Ruth

    Love them all but Si would have to be our family’s laugh-out-loud favorite :)

  • Marie Durham

    I love that this family loves Jesus above all else and that they are making a positive impact in the usually negative world of television and Hollywood. Their amazing popularity proves that the people in our country do desire to see positive and wholesome and clean entertainment. I can’t decide who is my favorite, I love them all!!!

  • Diana Willis

    Si by far!!

  • Karen N

    Our whole Family watch this show weekly, nice to have a show we all can watch together. Favorites are Miss Kay for the recipes and Si.

  • Brenda Sallee

    I love Si and Jase. I think they are two of a kind, and watching them makes me HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! ~Brenda Sallee

  • Debbie

    My favorite is Willie, since he came to our church on Easter!

  • Jennie Coleman

    This show is what family is all about- united in God’s Love and not ashamed to be His witness even on national TV. After watching Phil’s testimony- I vote for him as my favorite because he lives the verse – “As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.”

  • Melanie Dickerson

    My family and I love Duck Dynasty!!! I think we would have to pick Si as our favorite character. Awesome giveaway!

  • Doreen B

    I have to go with Si. Love the show

  • kay trentham

    my husband and I love this show and even still laugh at the reruns. I can’t to read the book, the video of phil is so moving. Si makes me laugh the most, but love every one of them

  • Cindy Browning

    Enjoy them all! Love that they stick to their Christian values in a world that tries to tear down those values.

  • Mary Riley

    The Robertson’s.
    I love the fact that they stand for their belief in Jesus! In today’s society, where everyone is fighting over gun control – they go hunting! Where people want to take prayer out of school – they pray on tv! Where families have no time to share a meal together – they show us all what we are missing! Absolutely great show. My favorite….. Prolly Ms Kay. She reminds us to respect our mothers
    love the show!

  • Tavis Calloway

    Love the show

  • Lynda Prince

    I love this show! Ms. Kay and Si are my favorites!

  • Tina Hill

    Si is great!

  • Kim

    One show my whole family loves – rare! Phil is my favorite.

  • Nicole Powers

    We love watching duck dynasty! Si is awesome

  • Mike

    Love the show – Jase is my favorite

  • Candace Mula

    I am a huge fan of duck dynasty! I love the while family but I have to say my favorite is uncle Si because he is absolutely hilarious! With his war stories, his poodle dog, and of course his sweet tea I just can’t get enough of his personality! Love that they end every show with a family prayer!

  • Jennifer Jarman Stephens

    LOVE DD!! Uncle Si is my fave! My husband pre-ordered this book for my Anniversary! Would love to win the give away!

  • Gayla Howell

    I love the whole family, they are awesome!! My very favorite is Si, of course. :)

  • Hunter Lund

    The show is awesome! I would have to say my favorite is Willie.

  • Kaye B

    Love Love Love watching this show with my family, even my 6 year old!!! Lots of Laughs and great family time.
    Ms. Kay is my favorite because you can tell she loves her family and is a great role model!!!!!

  • Dave H

    I like them all, but Phil is my favorite. He always has wise things to say and outsmarts the younger fellows! (Like when gathering wild honey!)

  • Lisa Domeyer

    Jace is our favorite – he’s always got something to say about everything!

  • Jim Koan II

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but Duck Dynasty has been a great find for me and my family. We enjoy relaxing in the evening with 30 minutes of great family fun. Thanks Robertsons!

    We probably all like Si the best, but cerebral Phil Robertson is a very cool dude.

  • Evonne Stowers

    Love it – Love it – Love it! Work hard and BELIEVE and I’ll fill your barns to overflowing! I can’t wait to meet my Heavenly Father! My favorite is the Dad because he upholds his family and stands tall! He keeps them all in line (quietly). Love him!

  • Logan Brasher

    What an incredible family. It is so awesome to have something positive, wholesome, and all-out funny on the air in the midst of what we have now. Si Robertson definitely makes the show!

  • Rick Martin

    I love Si for the many hilarious moments, but Phil is my favorite because he always seems to bring them back to the Bible and to faith in Jesus Christ. “Thank you, Lord, for another day on planet earth!”

  • Angie Maldonado

    Great show! The wives love their men…so awesome! God and family are first…and the humor is fabulous as well. We love “Double D!” Favorite–too hard, but probably Si and Phil, oh, I just love Miss Kay too!

  • Marsha Schwyhart

    My favorite character is God!!!

  • Brenda

    My daughter and a friend got me hooked on this show. They are hilarious! We are all loving it. I especially love that they love Jesus and have a clean show. I don’t have to worry about anything off color or against our Christian valuse when my daughter watches Duck Dynasty.

  • Cathy Everett

    Phil is my favorite. He reminds me so much of my grandfather with his simple but very impactfull ways of saying things without all the glitz and glam that so many others want to add. And anybody that could turn down all the money that comes with playing in the NFL because he felt God calling him to do something else rocks in my book.

  • Anna Pruitt

    We all love Duck Dynasty and our favorite person is Si, Jack!

  • Brian Smith

    I gotta say Si … He is one character of a person :)

  • Bryan Clay

    Are you kidding? My favorite Duck person …. Uncle Si, of course!

  • Heather Carpenter

    Personally, I have never watched Duck Dynasty, but my boyfriend L.O.V.E.S. it. haha

  • Ginger Moeller

    Love the show, I have already preorder Mr. Phil,s book. I love how the family eats and prays together . My favor person is Mrs. Kay and the love she has for Mr. Phil and the family.

  • Stephen Powers

    I think Si is hilarious! He’s very quirky, which makes his comments all the more enjoyable!!!

  • David Butler

    What’s not to love about this show?? It’s the Andy Griffith Show of the 21st Century! Si is the cat’s meow.

  • Andrea Catchpole

    Love the whole Commander crew, but I’ve got to go with Jase! Our whole family is addicted, and my kids love to go around saying “Hey!” like Si.

  • BJ Miller

    Duck Dynasty is a great show with great Christian values! There should be more shows like this on TV! Si is my favorite on the show! God Bless!

  • michelle

    I love DD!!! I think my favorite is Si… or maybe Phil… Jase and Willie are really cool too!

  • ann massingill

    Love everyone on the show. It is a Blessing to have a show that everyone enjoys. Favorite one has to be SI

  • Chris Harrison

    Phil is my favorite but I like them all.

  • Cori

    Jase would have to be my favorite. I also love Willie, Korie and Sadie :) Love what this family stands for

  • Jennifer Alcorn

    My favorite person on the show is Miss Kay. I love her; the way she talks, her cooking, her love of God and family. I always laugh when I see her and Phil goofing around with each other. My husband and I have been married for 16 years. I hope we always have a love like Kay and Phil.

  • Charlotte Rose

    All the Robertsons are great. Sadie’s my current favorite.

  • http://Lifeway Ann McNorrill

    I love the show especially Si.

  • http://Lifeway Ann McNorrill

    I really like the show and my favorite is Si. He makes me smile a lot.

  • Jay Pope

    Si! He’s the best Jack!:)

  • Judy M.

    My Iowa family loves this show. I think they love all the characters, but I will just say that Si is the number one favorite.

  • john

    Love the show, I like them all but Phil and Si have wisdom.

  • Linda & John Burnett

    We love DD and our favorites, (Si & Kay) and the whole family and friends are so much fun!! Really is great that there is something to watch that is fun AND ALWAYS gives testimony to the familys faith.

  • Jeanie Cheeseman

    I like all of the characters, however, Si brings out my “inner hyena” quite often to the point of bringing tears to my eyes at times. It’s great medicine! My favorite part is how they end each show with the family around the dinner table praying to the Lord for thanks for the many blessings He has given to them. (It reminds me of MY family while I was growing up.) What a fabulous role model for American families, not to mention great entertainment!

  • Erik

    Duck Dynasty is the best show ever. Si is my favorite! I love his stories about ‘Nam.

  • Tabitha

    love this giveaway… how fun!!… and Phil of course :)

  • Terry Corder

    You got to love that whole family, but Uncle Si really makes me laugh.

  • Justina

    Phil is my favorite! He might be a redneck but he’s a wise wise man (in addition to being happy happy happy!). Love him and the whole gang, would love to win the giveaway :)

  • Sheila Thomas

    My family loves this show! My 11 year daughter loves Si. She quotes him all the time :)

  • Michelle Garnett

    My favorites are Phil and Si. They remind me of my uncles and growing up we as a family always had something hilarious in the works.

  • Daniel Lee

    I will have to admit!!! Duck Dynasty is the show to watch ! What great life lessons for outdoorsmen and yuppies too!!! Great Christian ethic and moral values!!! Si has it going on man!!!!! Cliche, but true !!!!

  • Mary

    Willie is my favorite! The show is great! It appeals to all ages. I am grateful that they always close eating together as a family and saying the blessing.

  • Patricia Sandstrom

    We love Jase and the show is so refreshing because they stand for what is important and that is Jesus Christ our Saviour!
    It is a wonderful show that makes me laugh.

  • Diane Lindquist

    We love to watch the show as a family…good conversation starters. My favorite character is Si’s HUNTING POODLE! Funny!

  • Barbara Bassing

    I like Phil and can’t wait to read the book.

  • April Lay

    This show is the BEST on TV. It is a show the whole family can watch from a 2 1/2 year old to our 80 year old. Jase and Si are my personal favorites.

  • Corey W.

    We LOVE this show and the entire Robertson family!! I love the fact that they are standing up for their faith and living it out publicly.
    My family is totally hooked on watching their show. We keep it on DVR to re-watch old episodes too. We each have our own favorite and some of us have more than one favorite. Phil and Uncle Si are definitely at the top of each of our list though. I hope that they have continued success.

  • Adam Haysley

    Nice to see a family showing their faith on TV.

  • Rennie

    We love Duck Dynasty!! We can’t really pick a favorite because We love the whole family!!!!

  • Julian & Marilyn Kelly

    We love this show! Jase is our favorite, but we love them all.

  • Diane

    My favorite is Jesus – He’s the most important One of ALL!

  • Chris Wilson

    Hey, Si is the man, Jack.

  • Cindy Andrews

    Big fan of the show! Our favorite is Si. He’s a hoot! So glad to see Lifeway is supporting and partnering with them.

  • Pam Smith

    My family LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Duck Dynasty! My 13 year old daughter even has a Si t-shirt.
    Si is probably our favorite with Jase and Phil close behind.

    I can’t wait to see how God is going to use these folks.

  • aundrea mccall

    We love the show!! Look foward to it every Wednesday night!! Our favorite character us Si…”its on like donkey kong jack!!!”

  • Julie Johnson

    Jase is my favorite.

  • Amy Triplett

    I believe the Robinson family are what life is suppose to be FAITH & FAMILY! They are all wonderful, that is what makes them as a whole…….

  • Barbara

    I like Willie the best with Jase a strong second. I also love the ending when the whole family gathers together and Phil always gives a meaningful blessing. This is great family entertainment!

  • Ginger

    Our children and grandchildren introduced us to DD and we all love the program. It is wonderful to have decent TV for an entire family to watch (we range from 65 to 5 and it appeals to all of us). We love all the characters but appreciate Phil, Miss Kay, and Uncle Si because they have raised a family that is dedicated to our Lord. Their fame and riches give them more opportunity to witness, but raising a Christian family is their greatest accomplishment. It is a blessing to watch.

  • Donna Workman

    I think my favorite is Si because he is so funny! I love the show because my family can watch it together. I love how they end each show with a prayer.

  • Kim Manning

    We love this show! Si is my husbands fav, but I can’t decide.

  • Cindy Roper

    Love me some Duck Dynasty.. Love them all, but if I had to choose.. it would be.. Jase.. :)

  • Kathy H

    Love, love, love the show! It’s wonderful to have such a funny, wholesome show on national TV. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose, I’d pick Jase.

  • stacey dail

    I love this show it is Christian based. And if I had too chose who my favorite one is, it will have to be Si. He is so funny on the show and everything he says is funny.

  • Angie Dunham

    We love duck Dynasty! Si is our favorite! Can’t wait to get Phil’s book!
    Angie Dunham :-)

  • Lois Ekstrom

    We all love this show! Our absolute favorite…Jase, hands down!

  • Linda

    All of them are my favorites. Everytime I watch the program it reminds me of my dad’s family. Very much like these folks.

  • Cassie Lutrell

    My favorite is Si.

  • Cindy Bratton

    Have to say that Phil is my favorite. He is so down to earth. Money hasn’t gotten the best off him which is truly a blessing! His expression is always the same, even tho he’s happy happy happy!! His life story is amazing! Just love this family!!

  • Charlotte Harris

    Love the show. So good to have some decent, wholesome family entertainment in the TV industry for a change; something to instill good morals and values back into the family and the communities. My favorite would have to be SI; has dry wit and humor that’s hard to find anymore!

  • Danny Williams

    Don’t have a TV right now but have heard a lot about the show.

  • Beverly Veirs

    I love this show, there are not many Christian based family tv shows! My fave is Phil!

  • Cecelia Miller

    I would love to win!!! I love all the cast members but Uncle Si is my favorite!

  • Kim Petty

    We love to watch DD. we even watch the reruns and still laugh. We love all the characters, but I guess Uncle Si, with all his words of wisdom, is probably our favorite. Although, watching Mrs. Kay “rule the roost” is great also. It’s nice to see something good, clean, and funny on the TV.

  • Gabrielle

    My name is Gabrielle!

    My favorite character is Si! I do enjoy watching others too, but by far Si is my favorite. He never fails to put a smile on my face or a laugh in my day.

  • Lauri Coates

    I’ve watched the show from the beginning, and it’s hard to believe, but it get funnier every week. Si is pretty much my favorite, but they are all so unique and funny, great characters, great stories…….last week’s handcuff episode made me laugh til I cried.

  • Sarah Phillips

    I love Ms. Kay!! She is hilarious!!!

  • Dana Simpson

    It is so refreshing to watch this show! I love all of them but Jase is my favorite!!! I love his dry sense of humor!!!

  • Cynthia

    It would make me so happy, happy, happy to win the book. Love the show! :) Jace has to be my favorite. He totally makes the show.

  • Tammy Ortega

    My whole family enjoys the entire Robertson family. It is great to know that there is a show that the whole family can watch and not worry about what we will hear or see that is inappropriate. Thank you Robertson family for being great role models in showing us that God is first, family second and everything else will follow. I love how the entire family sits down for a meal, a blessing is said and I’m sure great conversation follows!

  • Cecilia Bacon

    We just recently started watching DD, and just love the show! Favorite saying: Happy, Happy, Happy! Favorite episode: Si gets a new hunting dog. Hysterical! Favorite character…, wow, love them all each for individual reasons, but I guess I would have to pick Si. That man just makes me laugh out loud! Love their values and love for The Lord. It is nice to watch with our family without censoring.

  • Nancy Fender

    Favorite person would be Jase.

  • Angie

    I have to admit, I’m hooked. As far as my favorite, that’s like asking who’s my favorite child! Love ’em all!

  • T. Davison

    I find the family as a whole to be a hoot! Find myself quoting them all throughout the day, Jack! :)

  • Donald Walker

    Love me so Si. The very best show on tv

  • Ashley Corbin

    Love the faith this family shares with the world…I love them all, but Si is my favorite!

  • Christine Broyles

    My favorite is Jase. That boy makes my day!

  • Linda Kellett

    So hard to pick just one favorite whenever you enjoy all of them, but I like Ms Kay, she is so down to earth, and plays her role beautifully.

  • Janice Corbin

    I like Kay the best, her hospitality seems to tie the whole clan together.

  • Frances Hynes

    Tough choice but I”d say Phil is my favorite.

  • Bill olson

    It is so difficult to choose! Si and Jase make me laugh the most and Phil is great.
    I will say Si is my fave!

  • Aragorn Thacker

    I’m new to the show, so I don’t have a favorite yet.

  • Karen Swaim

    I love this show! I laugh out loud, and I love that I can watch it with my ten-year-old and not have to worry about her hearing or seeing anything inappropriate. I like all the characters, but for a favorite I’m torn between Willie and Jase. Miss Kay has spunk too.

  • Rick Prairie

    I love this show. My daughter laughs and laughs at their funny antics. Great family show. I’d have to say Si and Jase are my favorites.

  • Cheri Pearson

    I love Duck Dynasty. Since I am from northeast Louisiana, I am proud to have such a great, god-fearing family representing our state. I love the entire group but Jase is my favorite. He can create interesting situations (frog hunting in the pond at the Country Club)!

  • Rebecca S.

    Thank you Duck Dynasty family for showing the world your familly values…and thanks for being a family show!

  • Lois Dark

    Jase is hararious. All are awesomely funny but his quite humor is great.

  • Kennetha Turley

    Si is my favorite.

  • Tonya Granger

    Uncle Si is my favorite! He cracks me up with his sayings…LOL

  • Ann

    Great show. I like that the whole family can watch. My favorite–thumbs up—Phil!

  • Patty Dill

    Phil. He is the spiritual head of the family.

  • Sheila Moore

    By far Phil is my favorite on Duck Dynasty. He tells it like it is and does not mince words , but he is not afraid to pray and thank the Lord for his blessings either. America would be better off with alot more Phils’ to lead their family. Thank you Phil

  • Charlie G

    My favorites???? The whole family.

  • Jennifer McGee


  • Cathy Bowden

    My favorite on the show is Phil because he speaks the truth and I like how he teaches his grandchildren values to follow. I love to watch this show with my son who is thirteen. I tell him to listen to Phil. His favorite is Si. We both like Willie also.

  • Kim

    I am new to the show but have almost caught up. Phil & Si are my favorites. Si says what i wish i could say. I love that they are unafraid to speak of their faith. Best show on all of tv!

  • http://FamilyChristianBookstore EVT

    We love all of the family, but my husband and son are just like Phil and Willie, I wish I was as good a cook as Kay is, but I will never eat Squirrel Brains!:)

  • Roger Smuth

    Miss Kay is my favorite she has to be a saint dealing with all that goes on on the show.

  • Mark Brown

    I love duck dynasty. Out of his faith I like Phil but for sheer laughter I have to say Si is just awesome. Thanks for all you do to give all the glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Alison

    Love this show. Respectable, family entertainment. Jase is my favorite. So sarcastic, yet the aire of reality.

  •!/SharingGodsWords Liz

    you can’t have a favorite with this family … L.O.V.E them A.L.L !!

  • brittany combs


  • Christina Sherman

    I LOVE this! Uncle Si is definitely my fave!

  • http://Lifeway Christina

    Me and my family love the show; we can’t get enough. I’d have to say that Jase is my favorite. He sounds like the more logical of the bunch, besides Phil.

  • Teresa Ellis

    We really enjoy watching Duck Dynasty. I think my favorite character is Willie.
    We love how each show ends with the prayer at a meal.

  • Linda

    My favorite show on TV right now. My favorite is Jase! He has a dry wit and loves to mess with Willie.

  • Tom Warren

    Si, Si, Si!

  • Natalie Singletary

    My favorite is Uncle Si! He says the silliest things!

  • Courtney Collins

    Hard to pick a favorite, but I love Ms. Kay! Jase & Si closely follow!

  • Debbie W

    Love duck dynasty ad all the characters. I have to say si is my favorite. Not afraid to be himself.

  • jennifer moore

    this show is absolutely hysterical while being a show the whole family can watch without ugly words and adult situations. plus believe it or not i see alot of similarities between their antics and that of my husband and children.

  • Rebekah Wood

    Rebekah Wood… favorite is Jase!

  • Dawn smith

    I love Duck Dynasty! Best show on tv!! Only complaint-I wish the shows were an hour or longer! Great family show-love of Christ, no cussing, or inappropriate scenes!

  • Linda H Neblett

    I love Phil and Kay… their marriage … love for each other, God and family is something we should all strive for!!! “Happy Happy Happy!!”

  • Teresa Tutor

    We love the whole family, but Si would be our favorite.

  • Laurie

    This show is so great! I love all the family members, but I would say that my favorite is Jase.

  • Laura Velazquez

    My favorite is Si!

  • Brenda Niedermayer

    I haven’t gotten to watch the show myself, but my husband really enjoys it. He just mentioned that Uncle Si was one of his favorites. I hope to get the book/dvd for him for Father’s Day!! I think I better start watching this myself!

  • Glenda Lindsay

    I am so glad to watch something suitable for a christian to watch on public TV.
    I really enjoy Si, I think he is my favorite!

  • Mary Douglas

    My fav is Phil – I love that he loves his wife sooo much!

  • Kim

    The whole family is hilarious, but we love Jase’s commentary!

  • L. Buckles

    I wasn’t sure I’d like this show but one watch and I was hooked! They remind me of folks I know. Jase is my favorite.

  • Alan Brown

    It is rough picking a favorite. If I had to it would be two; Phil and Jase. They are all special and a blessing to everyone.

    Fellow Brother of the Beard,

  • Michaela Gooding

    Love this show. So thankful for a Godly show on tv. We need more tv shows like this.

  • Susie Hartley

    Awesome give away for an awesome Christian family. I love them all but here’s a line up of who’s first : Uncle Si (cause he looks like my husband and is so funny) Phil, Cause he’s laid back like my husband, Kay , I love her attitude, Jase, Willie…etc. LOVE THE SHOW !!

  • Kimberly Kozenski

    I have to say Jase! His comments make me laugh the most.

  • wyatt hardy

    How can you pick a favorite, but if I had to it would be SI.

  • tammyh

    My family loves the show. Si is their favorite because he is so funny

  • Keisha C.

    My husband loves yhis show! My favorite is Si.

    • Keisha C.


  • Nora Stradtmann

    Phil & Willie

  • Peggy Carrier

    I love all of the Robertsons, but I think Jase is my favorite. Maybe Willie. Or Phil. Maybe even Si. They’re all awesome!

  • H Duane Milford

    We’ve been watching the show about since it started. I was shocked to hear my pastor quote Si from the pulpit on Sunday. But my favorite is Phil. The best part of the show is really when he prays at the dinner table at the end of each episode.
    Duane Milford
    Odessa, Florida

  • Jill Butler

    We donot have cable TV so my son bought seasons one and two on DVD. I really like all of the people, but I would have to say I really like the wives since they have to put up with the antics of the men. Jep is the quiet one so I guess he has to get special recognition.
    I would really like to win a prize package

  • Randy Brunk

    I would have to pick Phil. I love his calmness and wise insight to life. You can tell he has a peace about him from his relationship with God.

  • Tina Renae Hagan

    Absolutely love this family, my favorite part of every show is that they sit down as a family and bless the food in the name of Jesus! Our family does this every Sunday after church when we all come together at my parents home. She is another Mrs. K and knows her way around the kitchen. My favorite is a hard select, but I would have to say Jase! We too are a family that lives off the land as much as possible and Jase is identical in personality and character to my brother/pastor, Bobby! It’s almost scary how much they think/act alike!!!

  • Darrin Billotte

    Love DD! Jace is my favorite, but just because I relate to him the most. Phil, of course, is awesome… and Si is just crazy Jack

  • John Michael Bullock

    My all time favorit person would have to be Si. Funniest person ever!!

  • Ann Lovell

    I love them all, but my favorite is Si. Love the family and their faith! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Pamela Wise

    Love what I have been reading about the show, think I will look it up and share with my grandsons! I don’t have a favorite yet.

  • Palmar Embry

    love the show and watch all the ones I missed and look forward to all new ones. I think I Like Phil the best, he seems laid back and the one that holds it all together.

  • Sandra D

    I’ve only seen the show a few times, but my grown kids are hooked on it. They love it. I think my favorite is Phil, but runs a close tie with Sy.

  • Heather Peek

    I love Phil! He is so right to the point and acts so unamused by the others. Reminds me of someone in my family. ; )

  • Barbara Broyles

    I’ve only seen bits and pieces, but loved what I’ve seen so far… Planning on being a regular FAN! I tough finding decent programs so this is refreshing!

  • Melanie Miller

    A very wholesome family show! This family is not ashamed or afraid to show/practice their faith and express their values and morals. A rare television treasure in this day and time. A show guaranteed to make you laugh and smile! I love Phil’s laugh and low tech lifestyle, Gordon’s seemingly senseless statements, Jase’s dry expressions and of course Si is a laugh a minute! We really enjoy Phil and Kay’s dating advice for the grandchildren regarding abstinence. It is definitely unscripted as I don’t think any hollywood writed could write these scenes which is a credit for the family’s originality in the media world.

  • Lyndee Bullock

    If I would have to pick a person it would be Miss Kay.

  • Frank Faircloth

    how to choose a fave, but would have to be Jase, it is so good to have a real Jesus believing family on American TV, thank you Phil, Ms Kay, Willie, Jase, Si, Jep and all the rest of family for being there and keep on… I do have one regert, Phil was at our church, Northwood Temple PH Church here in Fayetteville NC about 5 years ago on a Saturday and I had to work, man…, if I knew then what I know now I would have found someway to have been off that day. God Bless and be with each one of you..

  • Denise Thomas

    I love Duck Dynasty!! It’s so nice to be able to watch good entertainment and not have to worry about when it’s going to get bad. I think my favorite Duck man is….every one of them. I see so many good traits in each of them and at different times they remind of some of the men in my family (crazy, funny, and would fight for their family). My family is almost as crazy as theirs, but when it comes down to it, there is no one else that would help me and love me the way they do. Keep the faith men, and keep being the example that God wants and needs you to be.

  • Tammy Tyler

    Love this family and their tv show. They are such awesome role models for our kids and us as we’ll.

    • Tammy Tyler

      It is so hard to pick a favorite. They are such a fun and loving family.

  • Jean davis

    Hey, it’s Si, Jack!

  • Kaylee Bullock

    My favorite person will have to be Si.

  • Cindy Smith

    Uncle Si keeps me laughing each episode!

  • Brian Bullock

    Phil would have to be my favorite person.

  • Ashley

    I love the show! I love that this is a show that has a family based on Christ. I like everyone on the show. Please pick me

  • Stacey

    love love love duck dynasty. Thanks for a show that is good for the entire family. Favorite…tied between si and jase

  • Cathy Brown

    We love watching the show and really love all the characters. This is an awesome giveaway. My husband, Jerry, relates to Jase; I love the attitude and demeanor of Phil; we all tend to feel sorry for the situations Willie ends up in; and Si makes us laugh. What more could anyone ask for in a family show. I hope it is on for a long time.

  • John Michael Bullock

    Si. No competition there.

  • Bernadette Jambor

    My name is Bernadette and Duck Dynasty is a show that my entire family loves to watch! My son 15, daughter 17 as well as my husband and myself laugh the entire time we watch Duck Dynasty, not many shows can do that these days. As for a favorite.. have to say all of them!

  • Pam H.

    One reality show the whole family likes!! Love Uncle Si !!

  • http://Lifeway Marsha Layson

    It is so nice to have wholesome, clean entertainment to laugh with and for a while forget all that is going on in the world. My grandsons are HUGE fans and would love to meet the Robertsons some day. I enjoy the whole family but I guess my favorites are Jace and Si. Miss Kay is also great!

  • Betty Newman

    Jase reminds me of our older son, but really, their escapades are like things that happen on our farm! We love the whole family. When I was a child our routine was: Sunday nights – church – then home to watch Bonanza. Now, our Wednesday night routine is: Church – then home to watch Duck Dynasty! May God continue to bless them.

  • Chuck B.

    Love to watch, very entertaining.

  • Kellie Folks

    Favorites are the wives of the sons. So down to earth.

  • Angela Leggett

    Si is one of my favorites I also like Sadie

  • Terri Garcie

    This would be a hard choice between Jase and Uncle Si. Love ’em both!

  • Donna T Williams

    My family Love Duck dynasty , Love to see the family eating and praying together. Our favorite is Si .

  • Judy Cantwell

    Si is my favorite because he’s so random and unpredictable. I’m so thankful that a show with Godly morals has become popular!

  • Ricky Price

    Great show, but the main reason I like the show because there is no fowl language and you all thank the LORD for what you have. I like phil. Happy Happy Happy

  • Natalie White

    I love the show and the entire Robertson family but if I had to pick it would be between jace and si

  • Billie Collier

    Just started watching…very addictive, lots of laughs. All the Robertsons are unique…Jase’s narration is deadpan and funny. Especially appreciate the dinner prayer that ends each episode.

  • Donna

    My favorite is Jase!

  • Barb M

    Duck Dynasty is the most awesome show, it reminds me of my relatives in NC! It is hard to pick one favorite because it takes every one of them to feed and fuel the others, but if I had to single out one I guess it would have to be Jase!

  • Diana Murphy

    Uncle Si is my favorite. I love how the show is family friendly and funny, shows that a show doesn’t have to be crude to be funny.

  • Angie Mills

    I love the hold Duck Dynasty family. My son watched them before they were cool to every one else because he loves to duck hunt and that’s really how we started watching the show. Now, we are all hooked. I love their christian values. Thank- you Jesus for using this family in such a powerful way.

  • Daryl Welch

    Jase is by far my favorite anybody who can prolong Si and Willie being hand cuffed together is a pure genius!!! Seriously awesome show and family. Happy, happy, happy

  • Susan Hawks

    I have not seen this show, I don’t have the channel (I have digital box/tv) it’s aired on (although I have heard a bit about it, the high school students also had Duck Dynasty day during their spirit week here in our smallish town) I would like to see what all the talk is about though.

  • Kim Pullins

    My family loves Duck Dynasty and been watching since first episodes! Phil is a great choice for favorite person because of his knowledge and outlook on life, we shall all learn a few good things from watching him on this show!

  • Kelly Durham

    My husband and son love that show! There favorite is Jace. My favorite is SI!

  • Laurie S

    Love this show – and the entire family!!

  • Polly McCombs

    Si is my favorite!

  • Andrea Maxey

    Jase is my favorite! I love his sense of humor. It is so wonderful to have a show we can watch as a family.

  • Cherlyn Baggarleu

    My family loves Duck Dynasty we watch every show. We have two young girls who want to grow up and be a duck dynasty girl. All my girls compare me and their dad to Ms Kaye and Phil so I would have to say they are our favorites . We are going to RUSH weekend and can’t wait to meet Willie . Our youth group is taking a big grill to hopefully lure Si over for dinner

  • Alex Williamson

    I will go with Jase!

  • Carol Williams

    My entire family LOVES this show. We watch it every time we can find it on. It is hard to pick a favorite. Jase and Si would probably be my favorites but I love them all!!

  • Kristin S.

    My dad and I don’t live close to each other, but we never miss an episode and always discuss the shows over the phone. It’s our “thing” to do together. I love the show and the way they always share their faith with the world.

  • Adam Hammond

    Thanks for doing this. It is fun to read the posts. We really need positive family role models that we can laugh and PRAY with these days. Families that pray together seem to be rare these days. I like Phil the best. He is the “most wise” one. I really enjoy the fact that he takes such an interest in his grandchildren and their spiritual lives and relationships. Every family needs a strong patriarchal influence who is not afraid to speak the name of Jesus! The family that prays together stays together.

  • Carol Coker

    I live in an area called “Land Between the Lakes” in Kentucky. We are proud to have Knight and Hale (AKA Duck Calls) in our area. There must be something about being a Christian and having a real appreciation for nature and wildlife. I love Phil because he reminds me of my husband, who loves good food, family and friends. We need good men to help America raise our next generation who are not afraid to love the Lord. My adult son introduced me to Duck Dynasty. You have to enjoy life to get the funny humor from the Robertson family. God is so Good!!! You know He laughs at all of us. Phil is the MAN. But it takes a good woman to make a good man. God Bless.

  • Mary Celichowski

    Wish there was more of the Robertson’s and less of the Kardashian’s on TV. The world would be a better place.

  • Brandon Daniels

    I can remember seeing this show on all the previews thinking… My Goodness, what’s next. There’s no way I’m going to sit here and watch this when it comes on… And Now, we are sad when we can’t find it. Duck Dynasty has been a definite wonderful change of pace and we are so glad that It even had scripture references…. God Bless The Robertson’s and all of Duck Dynasty… Oh, and our favorite has definitely got to be “UNCLE SI” He helps make the show and keeps us on our toes…

    Be Blessed,
    Brandon Daniels

  • Barbara

    Uncle Si

  • Angel Woodard

    My family loves the show…we especially love the end where the family is saying grace together around the table. I love Uncle Si…my family ends up roling on the ground with laughter at each show because of him.

  • Laura

    I love all of them. Si is absolutely the funniest. Jase has a special way of stating the truth. Love, love, love this show!

  • Rhonda Jackson

    My favorite is when the whole Robertson family talks about God, and prays at the end. Thank you for trying to put God back in families. Your house has blessed ours! Thank you for all that you do for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!

  • John Maxey

    I love jase and his wisdom

  • Sarah Bowen

    The whole family and Duck Commander family are hilarious in their own way so it’s tough to pick who is my favorite, but since I have to choose…….. Godwin. :)

  • Dillan Mills

    I love them all, but i would have to say Jace and SI are my favorite.

  • Michaela Gooding

    Love this show!!! Great to have a Godly tv show. We need more like it. Blessed for my family to be able to watch a show without cursing and violence. It ministers to my husband who hasn’t started going to church, yet.

  • Teresa Bobo

    Mama Kay

  • Stephanie Anderson

    Our family loves Duck Dynasty and it is awesome to actually have a show that has a Christian family.!!! :)

  • Jeremy G.

    This show is awesome and I like them all, but my favorite is Jase.

  • Lori

    What a delightful family….so funny!

    It’s between Si and Phil :)

  • Roy Vix

    What a GREAT giveaway!!!! I’m VERY anxious for Mr. Phil’s book. I’d have to say he’s by far my favorite on duck dynasty. Phil and I had a very similar life before finding and dedicating our lives to Christ. I’d LOVE the opportunity one day to sit and talk Jesus and share testimonies with him!!!!

  • Tracy Ward

    Si is my favorite!

  • Carly G.

    Jase is my fave.

  • Ronda B

    I watch the show all the time it’s great and to see them pray every night at dinner is great. My favorite is Jase and Sadie

  • http://lifeway David Savo

    Uncle Si and Jace

  • Gail

    I love Duck Dynasty. That show makes me
    laugh out loud. Uncle Si is a hoot! My favorite part is at the end of the show
    when they are all sitting around the dinner table and Phil thanks Jesus for

  • Jamie Scott

    I am “happy, happy” to finally see a television show come onto a network that is wholesome enough to watch with my whole family. This family is really down to Earth, and teaches their own kids the value of life. Not only do you get to learn about a good outdoorsman family with great Christian values, but we learn a lot about their business as well. By far, my favorite character on the show is Uncle Si. He’s like a skinny little teddy bear. Ha! Ha!

  • Glenn

    I Love the show and I think its great to have a christian show become so popular hopefully it will lead to more. My favorite is Si

  • Anna Scott

    Great show!

  • Jen Rollins

    I love them all, but I really love Phil and Ms. Kay! They love each other and aren’t afraid to show it! Plus, couldn’t you just sit and listen to Phil’s wisdom all day? Here’s to 50 more seasons of Duck Dynasty!!!

  • Judy

    Love the show and all the characters. Favorite is Ms Kay

  • Janet Headen

    The whole family is great! But I’d have to pick Si as my favorite. He is hilarious!!!!

  • Rachel Moore

    I have only seen the show a few times but I like the dad because he looks like my brother-in-law!

  • Katie Jenson

    I have to say, I love Jase and Si. They are such great characters.

  • Ginny

    Without a doubt, Uncle Si is my favorite DD characters!
    Si is a philosopher @ heart and always makes me laugh!
    My son, Jamison, thought it was cool that I had the same original
    Tupperware tea cups that Si drinks his sweet tea in on every
    Show!!! Love the whole family because they are the real deal.
    They use a God-given passion as a platform to bring HIM glory!

  • Chad Westbrook

    I really enjoy this show and values they stand for. I like to hear Phil’s wisdom. Si makes me laugh. Willie and Jase always competing with each reminds me of my brother and I. The best way to end the show is seeing the family at the dinner table and saying prayer.

  • Ivan Doherty

    I wish I could say I like one more than the other. The truth is I love them all. They are such a good team. I do pray that God continues to Bless each and everyone of you. Please stay on the air. I work the afternoon shift and watch you guys every night with my dog Howie. Bless you in the ritch name of Jesus. Ivan

  • Duane Davis

    Si is always entertaining and Phil shares lots of wisdom, which makes both of them my favorites.

  • Jamie Scott

    I love this show! Great Christian values, and great wholesome fun! By far, my favorite character is Si, Jack!

  • Melissa T.

    A good show the entire family can watch together. My 4 year old wants to eat dinner with them and visit. We are glad we can record the shows and watch at anytime since he show is aired on a church night.

  • Beth Vining

    I love Si!!!!!

  • http://Lifeway Novice

    I think the whole bunch so crazy and funny. You never know what Si will do!

  • Connie Connolly

    I started watching the show last fall and have laughed at every episode. I prefer shows that make me laugh and Duck Dynasty does that. Plus I like the feel good sayings of Willie at the end and Phil saying a prayer over their meal. I like Korie because she admits she can’t do everything and the way she “handles” Willie tickles me.

  • Toni

    Phil is my favorite!!!!!!

  • Carrie McLean

    This is mine and my husband favorite show. I love all of the family. I love the way they end each show with the family around the dinner table and saying grace. Our favorite is SI.

  • Cathryn J

    To be able to watch this godly family with my husband and 7 and 8 year old children is wonderful. The family values taught and the love for Christ in the Robertson family is awesome – Thank you Robertson family for providing a happy, happy, happy show to watch as a family – the only thing on TV that’s worth watching – PS We love Si – Sing like a butterfly, punch like a flea.

  • Cynthia Day

    Cynthia Day My kids and I love this show!! Our favorite person is Uncle Si. My husband passed away this last year and they swear he is reincarnated in Uncle Si. He looks like him and acts like him, especially all the stories!! :)

    • michelle Malone

      I like the whole family but the girls rock keeping the guys in line and on track. Si is so awesome in the way he comes up with things. His logic is so inspiring. My husband even watches it and I cant get him to go to church. Maybe some will sink in.

  • Teresa

    My favorite Is Jase. I was reluctant to watch DD but I love it.

  • Rose Garrison

    My favorite people on Duck Dynasty are Ms. Kay, Phil, Jase, Uncle Si, and Godwin. I am always quoting Duck Dynasty. I always talk about Duck Dynasty at rabbit shows since my friends are in to it too.

  • Barbara Gallier

    Love Duck Dynasty! Jace!

  • Jenn

    Our family loves this show. Love them all, but probably Jas

  • Buddy Warnock


  • Kristen H.

    This would make a great gift for my dad.

  • Angela Leyda

    I love the whole gang, great group of folks but I sure do love that hot mess Brother Si!

  • Donna Garrison

    It is very hard to pick one favorite character on the show. I really like Jase and Si. I admire Miss Kay and Phil.

  • Lisa Determan

    LOVE this show! It’s one of the few shows on TV right now that we can watch as family — we all enjoy it! Our favorites are Jase and Si.

  • Denise W.

    I really enjoy Duck Dynasty my favorite character is Mr. Si he is super funny and he really make the show. I will continue to watch as long as there on. I hope they get pick up for 12 more seasons.

  • Barbara Myers

    I just spent over an hour watching this down to earth, loving family. Their personalities and inter personal relationships makes me wish I could visit with them. It would be a blast.
    Si reminds me of a dearly beloved uncle. He had a quirky personality just like Si. Now that I know I can watch some clips on the internet I will be watching these guys more often. ( I have antenna TV)
    Thank you for a great family show.

  • Sarah Dameron

    I fell in love with Duck Dynasty completely by accident… now when I need a laugh or grin, I tune in! I love Jase because he’s a big kid. I also like the wives–all of them! They are so funny when it comes to keeping the guys in line.

  • roy veteto

    i enjoy phil [especially at what he says and interacts with the grandchildren]

  • Lisa Milner

    Phil Robertson for President 2016

  • Stephen Jackson

    Jase and Si are my favorites. They are crazy and clean fun to watch.

  • Donna Schmitt

    I love all the characters on this show. My favorite part is hearing Jase’s comments about his brother. I had heard so much about this show that I finally started watching it. I loved it so much that I introduced it to my husband. He watched all the shows on Watchathon week on cable! My son, who had been making fun of us for watching this, admitted he started watching it and is loving it! Great entertainment!

  • Casey Rowe

    My favorite is Jase.

  • Michelle Faust

    My favorite is Si…

  • Della Shore

    Love all of them on the show. Love that we can sit as a family and watch the show.

  • http://lifeway shirley patton

    ms. kaye

  • Leigh Chamblee

    Great show for the whole family!!! Si is my favorite!

  • Janet Ridgeway

    We love this show. Jase and Phil are my favorites.

  • Angie Vandemark

    We like Si and all his crazy stories and antics. But I love how Phil always ends the show saying grace around the dinner table.

  • Judy

    I Love Si

  • Julia Carter

    Julia Carter!! I hope I win. I have learned to really enjoy DD with my husband.

    • Julia Carter

      By the way, my favorite member of the family is Mrs. Kay

  • Beth Thomas

    I love Phil the best, he is got it together!
    Beth Thomas

  • Jeremy Cloninger

    Well, I must say that Uncle Si definitely is getting his share of love here, HOWEVER, Jase is probably my favorite because of his funny remarks and sarcasm. So thankful that we can sit down as a family and never have to be the least bit concerned about the content. Bless you guys!

  • Joyce C.

    I like them all,but I have to say Willie is my favorite.

  • Kristy Thompson

    We love them all. Finally a television show that can be watched by the entire family. Bless them!

  • Regina Kemp

    Love this show! My favorite is Si! He is crazy!

  • Rick Emery

    I commend them all for standing their ground and demanding that they be able to pray and worship our Lord when no other TV program would do it. I love them all but my favorite is Jase!

  • Danny Romines

    Danny R
    Si, (HAY) words can not explain him

  • Wendy Metzinger

    I love Duck Dynasty!!! Jase is my favorite. But have to like Uncle Si, Phil and Ms Kay. So much that is shared is funny and good words to live by. My most favorite part is the very end when the whole family sits around the table, and Phil prays for the meal. Quite a family.

  • Joann

    Love the show. Am glad our son recorded it for us! My favorite would be Phil–and the lessons he teaches.

  • Ashley Click

    We love Duck Dynasty!! My favorite character is Jace!

  • http://Yahoo Johnny Johnson

    Original. Hilarious. Real. And wholesome…’bout time. The wife and I will sit back and watch episode after episode and laugh the entire time. This is what family is supposed to be like. God 1st and God always. Family coming together to actually spend time with eachother and eat together. A prime example of “the family that prays together, stays together”. And we both thank you for the example you set. Again, ’bout time someone in entertainment did this. It’s difficult to pick a “favorite” but the wife I think leans towards “Si” and as much as I love his antics…I have to go with Phil…dad always in control…dad always having a solution to the problem at hand…dad, who always puts God to the forefront and always givin’ Him thanks and praise for being in their lives…Kudos Dad for doin’ it right by God, right by Ms. Kay and right by family…an example to ALL fathers out there…don’t ever stop.

  • http://N/A Jennifer Sutton

    Our whole family loves this show! Si makes my kids laugh out loud, but I enjoy Jase’s dry sense of humor!

  • Melissa Graves

    Awesome giveaway! I love them all but I think Uncle Si is hilarious!

  • Jerry w. Hulse

    I am a sick trucker evangelist who was told to watch this show by a very close friend. I have been on leave from my job recovering from an illness. I must say these people remind me of the culture I grew up in and I must say this is a wonderful show to watch as it caused me and my auntie to laugh so hard that I forgot about the sickness attacking my lungs especially Willie and his idea of attempting to get bee honey by using a vacuum cleaner and even leaving his vacuum cleaner in the water. I think Si would have stayed a good distance and used his shot gun and I believe even his poodle would have that much sense. LOL

  • suzanne zullinger

    my husband is a hugh fan. He loves Phil for his values. This show is a terrific show for sharing how family should care for one another. Phil, and his family are not afraid to share their faith and stand up for what they believe. There are many followers, and they are getting just a touch of what God can do for people.

  • Emily

    I haven’t seen much of the show, but my dad loves it. I know he would love the prize!

  • Carrie Connell

    I love Duck Dynasty and have not missed an episode! I love the entire family, but Phil is my favorite. He is just so sweet to Mrs. Kay and he is such a great father and grandfather. I cannot wait to read his new book.

  • Rickey Collum

    Willie is my favorite. I got to hear him at Harding University. His business sense is what makes him my favorite.

  • Michael Edwards

    My favorite is Jase.

  • Jan McLaughlin

    Love this show. I like Si. Also all of the wives, who seem to have a handle on dealing with the Robertson men and their ways. I love that this show demonstrates God’s love.

  • Phyllis Kelly

    I really don’t watch much TV because there isn’t much worth watching, but my husband ran across this show about 6 months ago and it is one we really enjoy. It has great morals with alot of laughs. It also reminds me of my son who looks very much like Willie and Jeff. you would think he was one of you. We have told many friends about the show. Finally, something with good morals on TV!!! May God continue to bless you and maybe you can even change Hollywood.

  • Christina Hillard

    My whole family loves the show! Our favorite is Uncle Si. He is so funny, we r all laughing hysterically at everything he does & says

  • http://lifewaybooks linda Reichel

    i love theshow so funny a greeat family show.. My favorite is jas

  • Kathy C.

    It’s a hard choice because I love all the DD families, but I think I’ll have to go with Jace. I love his sense of humor. And yet, Uncle Si keeps me rolling with his antics. I love hearing Phil talk about his faith. And Ms. Kay is so straight forward, I’d love to sit in her kitchen and talk with her while she cooks up something yummy! So, who’s my fav? I don’t know…I guess ALL of them.

  • Karen Pudliner

    I love Sy. He is so funny!

  • Shelia Lee

    Our entire family Loves this show, they are all Great… Willie, Jace, Phil, Kay has great Family morals, Si well he is just hilarious. We LOVE this show and I try record all episodes so we can watch them together.. We have plans to just buy the DVD’s of the seasons to have…

  • Mark Gabbard

    Favorite is Jase

  • Roxanne Keiter

    We love Duck Dynasty…..when we get home from church on Wednesday nights we get our snack food and jammies and get ready! A wonderful, fun, clean family show…….I have read Willie & Kories book…Can’t wait….

  • Nancy Wallace

    I grew up in Northwest Louisiana in the Terry Bradshaw area! This family reminds me of my relatives – men that love their families and love to hunt. Thanks for being so real and so really entertaining. I love the craziness of each episode and love the way Willie always has a spiritual truth in closing. I can’t decide a favorite – they are all unique – Blessing to the family!!!

  • Darla Rench

    Phil and Si are my favorites.

  • Dale Sauls

    Phil Robertson has spoken at our church twice in the past. It is great to see how God is blessing and using him and the entire Robertson family.

  • Sarah

    We don’t really have a favorite — love the whole family!!

  • Christa McKinney

    We love them all but really love Si!

  • Casey Williams

    I think Phil is the most interesting character and the fav!

  • Stephanie Frantz

    Great giveaway! We love the show!!

  • David Lawrence

    Phil is my favorite because he is a no nonsense man. Not wishy washy at all. The world needs more men like Phil Robertson in it!

  • Cody Hinton

    My favorit person on duck dynasty is by far Jase.

  • Tiffany Lang

    My name is Tiffany and my family loves Duck Dynasty! As for a favorite, I don’t know if that is possible! They all have such amazing qualities that finds me loving them all! I will say, however, that I hope my daughter grows up with the type of love for family and for God that Ms. Sadie does.

  • David C.

    My favorite is Uncle Si

  • Beth Roybal

    We love to hear the brothers bantering back and forth. Jase and Willie especially :)

  • Josep Williams

    My 8 year old and I watch this show together every week. We love the family and the family goodness that the show offers. I know I can always watch the show with my kids and never have to worry about them seeing something inappropriate. Our favorite is Jase because of all of his shenanigans and the way he antagonizes Willie all the time.

  • Betty Ashley-Faith

    I love the whole family and the respect they have for their parents and family members; and their strong Christian faith. We could all learn from them. Thank you Robertson family.

  • Lee Lynn Crowell

    My son & I watch the show every Wednesday night after Bible study. We absolutely love the show. Jace is my favorite character. I love his delivery when he’s looking into the camera!

  • http://LifewayChristianstore Art Bargerstock

    Art Bargerstock, My wife Tracy and I relax in the evenings by watching Duck Dynasty pre- recorded so we can fast forward through commercails, so we can watch more of Duck Dynasty in one evening . It is funny and i like that it shows how the importants of family bonding togather and living for christ always giving thank for all things in prayer at the end of each day. Phil is my favorite, because he is the Quiet grounded leader of the family. Mr. SI is my wifes favorite, and my second favorite.

  • http://Lifeway kathy flowers

    I love the whole family. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go deer huntin (yes deer hunting-my 3rd love), 1st Jesus, 2nd my hubby Joe & our Matt(26) & Heather(23) second) with your family. That would be a blast!! I wish I could skip summer and let the scouting begin . Your grandkids are precious (bless their hearts-haha) God Bless, Kathy

  • Marlene B

    Love them all, but Phil is my favorite!

  • http://Lifeway Stephanie Ylonen

    My fav part of the show is always the end. Phil always closes with a prayer at dinner surrounded by all of his family. My fav people are Si and Jep. Can’t decide between the two. If you haven’t watched the show you should check it out. Family values!

  • Nick Burroughs

    Nick Burroughs.
    My favorite is Uncle Si, of course. He says it like he sees it and is very funny.

  • Stephanie Deen

    My favorite character is definitely Jase. Uncle Si comes in a close second. -Stephanie Deen

  • Vicki

    Our family loves all the Robertsons. We have hooked many of our family and friends on the show. Even some that don’t know the Lord but are very hooked on the show. I’m sure the book would make you want to read it all in one day if it’s anything like the show. We enjoy all the family, they all have neat perks about them. Ms. Kay is the down to earth lady that all us lady’s dream about being. But Si is the kind of guy you would love to have as a family member. He would brighten up your day. Willy keep those boys in line, if you can.

  • Kathy McCoy

    My grandson Harrison loves the show and his favorite is Si, but he likes everyone. He is only 11 but he is amazed tosee them praying at the end of every show since you NEVER see that happen on any other shows. God is good , all the time.

  • Jaquelyn Stark

    I LOVE Duck Dynasty! Jase is probably my favorite because of his unique sense of humor. The best part is that it’s a family show, based on Christian morals and values. DD reruns are my 5 year old’s favorite to watch.

  • Dee Ann Achterberg

    I was flipping through channels one night and came across “Duck Dynasty”. At first, it was like coming up onto a train wreck….I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV. I went into my mother’s room and told her to change her channel and she began to watch them. We were both up until the wee hours of the morning watching this show. We have been BIG fans ever since. Even though these guys have long hair and long beards and get themselves in the most ridiculous messes, they are loving family men and show a strong faith in each show. They are teaching their children morals and manners and how to be responsible human beings in this world. I think they are remarkable role models.

    But my favorite is Jason……then Uncle Si.

  • Shannon Maness

    Big fan of the show. I have it DVR’d each week. My wife and I love Uncle Si!

  • Terry Bostick

    This is a great giveaway…. I like them all !

  • Marindy Creef

    I love them all… who wouldn’t. But I like Korie. It is tough being a mom of teenagers and a wife too… much less making time for your faith. She always has so much grace on the show.

  • Alex

    We love the Duck show and all their family. Our favorite is Phil. He seems to be an easy going, humble, wise man.We appreciate his prayers of thankfulness at the end of each program…And of course, we love Si and his down to earth humor!

  • Cheryl VanLoon

    I, like someone else’s post, thought my husband was watching ‘another one of those hunting/duck shows’ but I got roped into it and now watch it every week. We have a 5 year old daughter who loves the show!
    My favorite would have to be Si! He always has some great comment!!

  • Amanda Riffel

    My family LOVES Duck Dynasty! The best part of the whole show is they don’t shy away from talking about their Faith in God. That is an example for all of us to follow. Our favorite characters that’s awfully hard to narrow – for a laugh it would be Si and Jase but Phil reminds me so much of my dad in that what u see is what u get. There’s nothing put on with Phil I Love that!!!!

  • Jeremy Kindy

    I’ve only caught a few shows, but I’ve enjoyed them. I’m not sure yet who is my favorite character.

  • Loralee Alsobrook

    I absolutely love this show! I have to say its a toss up between Phil and Si as my favorite!

  • Susan Merrill

    Love Jase! His sense of humor cracks me up! The whole cast and show is a hit with our family. We love the family meal and prayer at the end of the show.

  • Karen L. Stollings


  • Emily

    I love this program, especially supper time when the blessing is said and the family shares a meal together. I love the way they show love for each other no matter what comes up. There is no fighting, fussing, cursing just great everyday living. Si is my favorite. God Bless all of you

  • Miranda Wilson

    I really like Jace and Si

  • Elli Schoene

    I like all the family but I think uncle Si is extra funny! I also like that they don’t let their newfound fame come
    before their relationship to God!!

  • Bryant Neal

    gotta love Phil

  • Kim Rodriguez

    Our family enjoys the show so much! So grateful for their willingness to share their faith and humor!! Love them all, but with statements like, ” I am so dope, I am illegal in 55 states!”…gotta say Si gets the most laughs!

  • Julia Alderman

    Love, love, love “Duck Dynasty”! Si steals the show and that’s a fact, Jack!

  • Pam Haynes

    There’s something special about every member of the Duck Dynasty family! I especially enjoy all the moments when the whole family sits down together to pray and eat. I love Si and his sweet tea. But I think my husband and I especially enjoy the scenes when Phil and Ms Kay spend their time enjoying each other – a true loving, Christian couple! Thank you to the whole Robertson family for sharing your love of Christ with us!

  • Michell

    Love DD!
    My favorite is Jase!

  • Betty Foust

    Love the show, love the whole family, but Jase and Si are my favorite. Love how the show is for the whole family even have my 87 yr old mother watching. Thanks guys for the wonderful job you do spreading the word of God.

  • Jennie F.

    Thanks for the give-away gifts! Very generous of you. My husband and I enjoy watching DD, and so appreciate the emphasis on faith in Jesus Christ as well as on family. Hard to pick a favorite. I think my husband’s is Uncle Si. :)

  • jim

    I love show. Jase and Phil are my favorites.

    Jase because he has enough mischief to be entertaining especially when he sparing with Willie… Phil has the maturity and matter of fact personality like a cat that is inspiring…

  • Janet

    It’s great to see believers reaching so many on tv. My kids called when it was on because it made them laugh out loud…good medicine. Like the whole family!

  • http://FaimlyLife David Scott

    I really live DD. It is such a good family show with tremendous morals. My favorite has to be Phil, but Jase is pretty close.

  • Pete Mixon

    My favorite is Jase. Si would be a close 2nd as I’m a VietNam veteran also.

  • Nina

    Love this show!!!! Love all of them but especially love Jace and Si .

  • Lisa Thomas

    my favorite is Si

  • Crystal Stine

    Name: Crystal Stine
    Favorite: Jase :)

  • Shannon Ayers

    Si is our family favorite. He is the type of individual who is not afraid to be himself.

  • http://Facebook Sharon Webster

    I watch the show every week and I like them all, they all are quiet funny in their own way. But at the end of the day no matter who got on who’s nerves, they are family. They always close at the dinner table and thank God for all he has provided.

  • Teretha Stinson

    Our family loves everyone on the show. It is hard to pick just one But, I would have to say Si may be the favorite

  • Melissa McKinney

    I love the show. Everyone is great, but my favorites are Si and Jase.

  • Michele Mansell

    This show is a true blessing. At least there is still something on television worth watching, but I would love to have the book. My favorite is Uncle Si.

  • Rhonda Breuer

    We just moved to West Monroe at the begining of the year and started watching the show. They seem to be a very close and loveable family and are very giving to the community. Our whole family has become a fan and we’ve got many of our friends and family back home in Orlando, Florida hooked now too. My kids love to visit the Duck Commander warehouse/gift shop and occassionaly run in to one of the family.

  • Amanda Hope

    Jase is my favorite. The whole gang is great! Love your show.

  • Misty Dickson

    I love the whole show, but really love Phil and Kay, and their love for each other and their love for God.

  • Tim McKinney

    The show is absolutely hilarious. I would love to see it more often. My favorites are Willie, Si and Sadie.

  • Judy Wilton

    Love the whole family but especially Phil and Jase!


    I love Duck Dynasty, I have never missed an episode, I love Mrs. Kay she is the perfect wife and seems to love her family and especially her grandchildren, and of course God. morals are hard to find in any show just glad it is such a hit with young people to show that we all need morals and standards to live by.

  • Michelle Allison

    I love how they wear bandanas, it reminds me of my family haha!
    I love laughing and seeing what idea they will come up with next!
    My favorite part is that they love Jesus and give thanks to him!

  • Jenny Lovitt

    We’re new fans of the show, but my favorites are Si and Jase!

  • Peggy Rhodes

    Love them all but I just love Jace and his ability to be so funny and not crack a smile. My son can sound just like him. So great to be able to watch a program on TV with the family and not be embarrassed. Although the episode with the hand-cuffs did get a little “well, off color” for them. But love them all. I have a brother-in-law that just “has” to be related to Si somewhere down the line. God bless you all for what you do.

  • Daniel H

    Willie would have to be my all time favorite. I love how he took his father’s business and made it big. That’s inspiring. And “hey” I do have to say, ya know, “hey” I like Si a lot too, ya know. “Hey” he’s a good guy and “hey” I love that he kept the cup his mom sent him while he was in Vietnam.

  • James Peters

    Love the show but what I love the most is how they are true to who they are and are not afraid to use the platform they have to tell others about Jesus and the salvation He provides.

  • Benjamin Ratliff

    Picking favorite is tough. I say Phil and Si. They are like the one two punch! The whole cast is great though.
    Ben Ratliff

  • Susana Reyes

    Excited about contest! Love all the cast…but Jacyeand Uncle Si are my fav’s!

  • GL Boggs

    Ms. Kay is my favorite! She stayed faithful to her husband through all the highs and lows, good and bad, and raised a family of children to love the Lord. What a great Godly example she is.

  • Karen B.

    Love the Duck Family. Really think Si is hilarious but I think our favorite is Phil. I really appreciate the entire family taking the time to come together and fellowship at meal time remembering the lessons learned from the day and taking time to pray together. Great wisdom comes from our elders and great learning when we take the time to listen to one another. Love the boldness of this family.

  • Deborah Altland

    Love the show….my favorite is Si……he can do anything, from cooking to sewing. He really looked sharp when he dressed up in a white suit on the show when Willie was trying to help his daughter get a dress.

  • Danny Smith

    Love the show. Got the bobble heads. Hope I Win.

  • Darla Gilbreath

    I like all of them.

  • Kendra

    My whole family loves the show. We dont really have a favorite. We love them all. It would not be so funny if they didn’t have all of them. That is what makes the show.

  • Kevin

    My favorite is Si

  • Nelda Gay

    My favorite Is Uncle Si…next would be Jace…

  • Rachael Brown

    My favorite is Phil.

  • Trudy

    My favorite person on Duck Dynasty is Phil with Si coming in next.

  • Amanda Loden

    I love Jace!

  • Lanelle

    Love the show!! They’re all my favorites. Willie for trying to get them all to work, Uncle Si…….what a character!! Jase with his antics constantly razing Willie. Ms. Kay. Great Show!

  • Casey Zielinski

    Uncle Si and Jase are my favorites. Honestly everyone in the family is my favorite! I LOVE the family values

  • Leslie Bennett

    I love this show! It is so refreshing to see a family that gives God the glory for everything and to also see a family with good Christian morals. It takes all of them to make the show!

  • Shannon Maness

    I love Duck Dynasty and DVR it every week. My favorite is Uncle Si, just because he is the comic relief. I have a lot of respect for Phil.

  • Andy Ramirez

    My favorite is Phil. God makes me Happy, happy, happy.

  • Kyle Ellis

    My favorite is Si. He tells stories like my Grandpa. Their stories are always full of exaggerations but fun to listen too!

  • Martha Maness

    Great show and I like Jayse .

  • nancy hawk

    my favorite is Jase.

  • Stephanie Dickey

    Really like how positive your family is

  • Patricia Hansen

    Great show !!!

  • Jamie Gaskins

    Favorites would be Si, Jase, Sadie, & John Luke in that order

  • Eileen Ruiz

    My favorite is Phil, he loves God, he loves his wife, he loves his family. To hear your prayer at the end of each episode is a blessing, especially on TV! Thank you, Thank God!

  • kathy

    I love the show. I thought my husband was crazy when he was watching it for the first time, but now I am crazy in love w/the show. We like all the characters but the one that stands out the most is Phil in my opinion because of his down-to-earth wisdom and his faith. I can’t wait to read the book.

  • Tawnya Hurley

    Si would have to be my favorite because he always keeps me laughing!


    We love the show this family share’s the same Christian belief’s as my own family. Phil and Miss Kate are my favorite!

  • J Coxon

    “Hey Jack!” Hands down, my favorite is Si. However, I love how interrelated the entirety of the family and staff is. In their own eccentric ways, they demonstrate love towards each other.

  • Mellanie Sumrall

    I love Uncle Si. I’m a veteran myself, but Uncle Si is just GREAT!

  • Chandra Guill

    My family and I all get together and watch Duck Dynasty together. We DVR episodes and then talk about them afterwords. My favorite is Jase because he is mischevious like my youngest son. My husband’s favorite is Si and even calls everyone “Jack”. What a positive show and how encouraging that they Praise God!

  • Janice Carson

    I haven’t gotten to watch the tv series, but all of my friends at church really do like it. It just doesn’t come on tv during a time I can watch the show.

  • Alma Wilhelm

    My favorite is Si….he is such a character. By I have to say what I like the most about the whole program is that they all come together as a family at the end of each episode and pray.

  • Janice Carson

    I have many Christian friends who love this tv series and have recommended it to me. So far it hasn’t aired during a time I can watch it, but I’d love to!

  • Cheryl Wooldridge

    Phil ! I love the way he “handles” the grandchildren.

  • Dick Sumrall

    Jase – The man knows his business

  • James Watlington

    I like Si! 😀 I hope I win!

  • SKay Fires

    Absolutely LOVE the DD family! What wonderful Christian values and an example of family, faith and fellowship within their work environment, too. Uncle Si certainly is my favorite. Thank you, Roberson family for sharing your life with us.

  • Nicole Aldridge

    This is an awesome giveaway. My family and I sit down a watch duck dynasty all the time (even reruns). My favorite has to be Phil. He reminds me for my grandpa. Leader of the house and always happy happy happy jack. 😉 haha :)

  • charlie carr

    The greatest reality show. I tell everyone about it because it’s clean and they praise GOD at the end of every episode. Cannot beat it.

  • Mike Welsh

    Great Show!

  • Palmar Embry

    Love the show, try not to miss a single one. Phil is my favorite, because he seems to be more laid back , yet holds them all together.

  • K.Gaddis

    Love the giveaway! K. Gaddis

  • http:// Joy Hannabass

    I would love to win anything Duck Dynasty! And I like them all, but if I had to pick one, I would say Jase. He is so much like my own son!

  • Tanya Hobbs

    Oh my gosh, The Robertson family is awesome! The whole world ought to watch this show…… theyd learn a thing or two. They all bring something different to the table which makes it hard for me to pick a favorite. They’re real down to earth people who understand life , hard work and the importance of family. I can’t wait to watch it to see what they’re gonna do next. They’re just simple, southern , God lovin”, respectful, grateful folks who love who they are, where they are and what they do. They are not afraid to pray openly thanking God for what they have and the sacrifices that were made to make that possible. If you wanna laugh just watch the show and you’ll forget any troubles you had before. A million thanks to the Robertsons for having such strong faith and conviction because you never know as christians how many people’s lifes they may effect with their own little ” Robertson ministry” they’ve got goin” on! They’re bound to change somebodies life or make a lasting impression on someone. I say , “keep up the Good work” Robertson family! Thanks for having good family values, morals, standards and good work ethic. You are an inspiration to me and you make me less homesick when y’all are on because you make me feel like I’m back home with my family in Tennessee and for that space of time I’m not sad. Keep on being who y’all are…… country folk, rednecks or hillbillies. As Si would say “Hey, what’s wrong with being them things Jack”? Stay true to your roots and don’t let “Hollywood” steer you wrong. Thank you and may the good Lord continue to bless y’all and thanks for keeping the constitution alive and showing what the USA is made of. Continued success with the family business and hopefully you’ll pass it on down and the younger generation will carry on your good name and sense of pride and loyalty to God, family and country. Y’all are a light in troubled times so keep on shinin”!!! God bless you and this great country in which you live, love and work. Thanks Lifeway for giving me the forum to speak my mind.

  • Kim Chance

    I’d love to win this! I love Phil’s calm demeanor and his wisdom but Si cracks me up!

  • Kim Rogers

    We <3 Uncle Si!

  • Travis Laflin

    My whole family loves this great show of Faith Family and Facial Hair! My favorite cast member is Jase!

  • Joyce Miller

    Jase is my favorite, each time a show comes on you are waiting to see what trouble he can g