Place of Peace – Amy Clipston

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A Place of Peace is the third book in the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series by author Amy Clipston.

Miriam Lapp learns that her Mamm (Mom) has unexpectedly passed away.  She quickly heads home to Pennsylvania, back to the Amish community that she left four years earlier, leaving behind her family, friends, and her fiancé’, Timothy Kauffman.  Coming home for her Mamm’s funeral is not as easy as she thought it was going to be.  Miriam’s Daed (Dad), brother, and younger sister are not accepting of Miriam’s arrival.  Her former fiancé’ – Timothy, is courting another young woman in the community.  Miriam considers staying in the community and joining the Amish church, but soon learns she cannot stay due to the hurt that is still there.

Going back to her English life, Miriam still questions what God has in store for her. While at work, Miriam receives a call from her sister. This time it is her father, who has had a stroke and is asking for Miriam. Her father’s request brings Miriam right back to Pennsylvania, right back to the pain and lack of acceptance she left just two weeks earlier.  However, through God’s grace being shown through her family, Miriam realizes that Pennsylvania is home. And while Timothy may not be a part of God’s plan for her, she knows the Amish church and community is God’s plan.

Place of Peace is a story of the power of God’s love and its affirmation through families. Also, the book reminds the reader that forgiveness plays a key role in all our lives.

This book is an easy and quick read. You are quickly drawn into the great characters and heart-felt storyline,.. plus the Amish recipes at the end of each chapter are an added bonus.  


  • Eldonna B. Nolan-Mead

    First of all, the Kauffman Amish Bakery Series is wonderful. I can’t wait for the next one #4 A life of Joy. Now some where in your writing I think Jessica Bedford & Jake Miller should get to gather. He wants her to go to a University in Pennsylvania, so they should have a long love affair while she is in college then she will be willing to become a Mennanite. They just seem like they should be together.
    Don’t stop writing you are so good. Now I must say I usually read Wanda Brunstetter, or Beverly Lewis, but this group of Kauffman Amish Bakery Series is fabulous, and keeps you on your toes.