Operation Christmas Child: Packing Shoeboxes for Children, with Children


  It's something my husband and I have done for years and years: packed a shoebox or two full of toys and hygiene items and candy and trinkets for a child overseas. It's not hard. It's not very costly. And yet, it can change another child's … [Continue reading]

When the Game Stands Tall: A Conversation by Kelly Mize


Last week, I had an opportunity to speak with Bob Ladouceur and Terry Eidson, the coaches portrayed in the new movie, When the Game Stands Tall, starring Jim Caviezel and Laura Dern. It’s the story of an impressive high school football team that held … [Continue reading]

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The New School Year Can Be Terrifying by Ellen Stumbo

It's that time of the year when kids go back to school. A new year. A new teacher. Perhaps even a new backpack or wardrobe. But it also means new classmates. New friends. As a special-needs mom, the new school year can be terrifying. I am not sure … [Continue reading]

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8 Yummy Muffin Recipes


  Personally, I think muffins are one the best "kid foods" there are. My kids will eat almost anything if it's baked into a little handheld snack. Want them to eat squash? Carrots? Quinoa? Bake it into a muffin! Muffins can be breakfast, … [Continue reading]

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Making Toys Count by Christine Satterfield

Before I had my son, I knew nothing about children. I never had siblings or cousins to "practice" on and babysitting wasn't my thing. So the first time I walked into the big baby warehouse with my husband I was floored! Who knew babies needed so much … [Continue reading]

When Do I Take My Child to the Doctor?

source: Micah Taylor via Flickr Creative Commons In February, I had a very sick baby. My youngest child was 11 months old. He was running a high fever that wasn't coming down with medicine. His breathing seemed labored. It was really scary for me! … [Continue reading]