Miracles from Heaven: an Interview with Christy Beam by Kelly Wilson Mize


Sony Pictures’ new inspirational movie Miracles from Heaven is based on the incredible true story of the Beam family. When Christy discovers her daughter Anna has a rare, incurable disease, she becomes a ferocious advocate for her daughter’s healing … [Continue reading]

The Play-Along Bible by Bob Hartman {GIVEAWAY}

The Play-Along Bible

Psalm 78 tells us that we should pass along God’s story to our children. Many parents struggle with that idea. They think they don’t know enough about the Bible. And they are afraid that telling God’s story badly, or in a boring way, might do more … [Continue reading]

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Verses to Memorize with Your Kids about Easter

I can read Bible stories to my kids all day long, but Scripture memorization is an area where I can falter. They often learn verses at church, but with three kids running around sometimes I just get lazy. That said, I think learning Scripture is … [Continue reading]

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Devotions for Lent

source: RobynLou8 via Flickr Creative Commons Lent is well underway - that six-week period leading up to Easter Sunday. To tune one's heart toward the cross and resurrection, spending Lent focusing on Scripture is profitable and helpful for adults … [Continue reading]

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Seeing Sparkle and Choosing Joy by Mary Carver

Frankl. Sara. Carver. Mary. CHOOSE JOY. Final cover. 050515.(1)

Sara Frankl was a friend and fellow blogger who suffered from an autoimmune disease and several complications. As I worked on the book that tells Sara’s story and shares her message of hope and joy, I was amazed and moved to read about the incredible … [Continue reading]

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Looking at the Beatitudes through the Lens of Parenting

source: MarcosReis07 via Flickr John MacArthur wrote, "The Beatitudes demonstrate that the way to heavenly blessedness is antithetical to the worldly path normally followed in pursuit of happiness." Parenting isn't about feeling good all the … [Continue reading]