Giveaway: The Jesus Film

The Jesus Film

Have you ever seen, The Jesus Film? Billions of people all over the world have! Did you know that it's the most-watched film in history and has been translated into 1,197 different languages? Check out this trailer! Maybe you've thought about … [Continue reading]

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Weekend Links: Frozen Edition

The "Frozen" Gospel at Lyle Larson Are We Missing the Point of Frozen's 'Let It Go'? at The Gospel Coalition A Lesson on Fear from Disney's 'Frozen' at Faithfully Free 30+ Frozen Crafts and Fun Foods at Mom Endeavors Did you read or write … [Continue reading]

Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Believing: Leading Your Children to Experience Christ’s Resurrection

I bet many of our ParentLife readers have led their children through Truth in the Tinsel at Christmastime, haven't you? It's an ebook from our friend, blogger Amanda White, that helps you create an ornament with your child for 25 days in December - … [Continue reading]

Using Photos to Teach Feelings by Shara Lawrence-Weiss

Research has demonstrated the wonderful effect that real photographs can have on a child’s ability to learn. Children with autism are often drawn to real images: the colors, vibrant imagery, the facial expressions, and more. While running various … [Continue reading]

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That First Leap of Faith Toward Jesus at The MOB Society Not for Sale at Adelle Gabrielson - "I want my kids to know that joy, like grace, is freely given.In abundant measure, without limits, or cost, it is available to them for the having." What … [Continue reading]

What a Baby with the Flu Taught Me about Mothering


My youngest child, Joshua, was diagnosed with the flu last week. He is 11 months old and usually a fount of joyful grins and babbles. When he started running a high fever, I knew something was up. He had suffered an ear infection not two weeks … [Continue reading]

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Giveaway: Uncommon Marriage


In Uncommon Marriage: What We’ve Learned about Lasting Love and Overcoming Life’s Obstacles Together, Tony Dungy, the first African-American head coach in NFL history to guide his team to a Super Bowl title, joins his wife, Lauren, also a New York … [Continue reading]

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