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Making Toys Count by Christine Satterfield

Before I had my son, I knew nothing about children. I never had siblings or cousins to "practice" on and babysitting wasn't my thing. So the first time I walked into the big baby warehouse with my husband I was floored! Who knew babies needed so much … [Continue reading]

When Do I Take My Child to the Doctor?

source: Micah Taylor via Flickr Creative Commons In February, I had a very sick baby. My youngest child was 11 months old. He was running a high fever that wasn't coming down with medicine. His breathing seemed labored. It was really scary for me! … [Continue reading]

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September Is National Honey Month

source: twodolla September is National Honey Month! Why does honey get a whole month and not a day? Who knows!? But since 1989, beekeepers and their bees have been celebrated during September, a month when honey collecting winds to a close for the … [Continue reading]

What IS Labor Day, Anyway?

Maybe it's just me, but when my kindergartner wanted to know why she had Labor Day off from school, I was a little tongue-tied. I'm never quite sure why exactly we have Labor Day! If you're in the same pickle as I am, here are some resources for … [Continue reading]

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More Ways to Feel Guilty: Not Crying about Kindergarten

Libbie kindergarten

My oldest child, our only daughter, Libbie, started kindergarten on Tuesday. Leading up to the day, I felt pretty emotional. I wrote about letting my baby bird fly from our nest and I wondered what it would be like having her away from home so much … [Continue reading]