Spring Is Almost Here!

I do not know about you, but I am always happy to turn my calendar to the month of March. Typically by mid-January, I am tired of winter. The holidays are over, the days are cold, and the daylight is in short supply. In Middle Tenessee (where we live), it does not snow much at all (although this winter we’ve had more than enough). But a typical winter day is often cold, rainy, and dreary.

Jodi_picture.JPGThis year, I am afraid our family also has cabin fever. My little boy, Jack, is almost 20 months old and he loves to be outside. It has been a long winter spent mainly in the house. We are anxious to get outside and enjoy the outdoors comfortably again. Thank goodness there have been a few spring-like days just recently where we’ve been able to get outside!

One of the DVDs we like to watch with Jack walks through the four seasons and highlights the things that make each season unique. It has made me stop and think recently about how amazing our Creator is. Each season is special in its own way. Each season provides something to get excited about and yet there is always something that makes you look forward to the next season as well.

  • Summer is warm and a great time to spend outside enjoying God’s creation.
  • Fall brings relief from the summer’s heat, and the leaves are bright and beautiful as they change colors.
  • In the winter, everyone looks forward to (or wishes for) the beauty of falling snow. Winter also is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus.
  • And in the spring, we begin to see God’s creation come alive again, a perfect reminder of Easter and Jesus’ resurrection. It is a time of joy!

So in keeping with the spirit of spring, the March 2010 issue of ParentLife is packed with joy! You won’t want to miss it!

  • March10PLCover.jpgSpring is a time to celebrate. Get creative, budget-friendly party ideas in the article “Let’s Have a Party!”
  • Take time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation through the eyes of your child in “Do You See What I See?” 
  • Start making plans now to implement some new Easter family traditions with “Favorite Easter Traditions” from readers just like you.
  • And don’t miss “Bonnie St. John: Make Time for Joy” to find out how this single mother has found joy in every aspect of life.

So even though it was snowing on my way in to work this morning, I’m encouraged by the fact that Spring is just around the corner! Have a great Spring!

Don’t forget to let us know what you think about our March 2010 issue! We love feedback from our readers.


  1. charissa says:

    We are also looking forward to Spring. We have tried our best to not develop cabin fever, but living in Michigan it is hard to do. We make the best of the cold days with building snow forts, ice skating, and sledding. But we are counting down the days until we will get to picnic in the park and go for long walks and bike rides!
    I loved reading the March Issue of Parent Life, there were so many great ideas for Easter Traditions!

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