“…Missions is here and now”

David Yoon

What inspires a student to see their role in building the local church?  David Yoon shares his experience finding that inspiration in student ministry. He is currently serving at Good Community Church of Torrance, California as the Youth and Adult English Ministry Pastor.  This summer David will coordinate a P2 Missions project in San Francisco.



Pictured: Good Community at P2 San Francisco 2013

Over the past six years I have learned many things through the trials and hardships of ministry. As I serve students and hear about their pain and doubts of having a purpose and a vision in their life, I have begun to study more and dig deeper into God’s Word for an answer or solution. I have quickly learned that the greatest purpose for discipleship is living a life of obedience toward God.

P2 Missions gave our students an opportunity to live out their purpose. Missions was not only going overseas to third world countries in the summer, but P2 Missions taught our students that missions is here and now. The cities and the neighborhoods we live in need Jesus just as much as those living overseas. This trip provided an opportunity for our students to share their faith and live their life in action. I believe one of the greatest blessings in P2 is teaching the next generation that the local church is the hope of the world. To serve and to build the church is one of the greatest callings a follower of Christ is given.

Many students from our church have committed to be full-time missionaries and have devoted their lives to pastoral ministry. As many of them graduate high school they are devoting to serve as interns in local churches that cannot fund hiring ministers or that don’t have the resources for teachers. P2 Missions has opened doors of opportunity to teach students about local church ministry.