How to Make Missions Stick

We understand the frustration that leaders and even students can feel when they go home after such an emotional and life changing week, only to be thrown back into the daily struggles of life.  Paul Turner, our City Strategist has put together some tips to help overcome these challenges.

Following Up a Great Summer Missions Experience

One of the final sermons at P2 Missions this summer focused on the fact that “it starts at home, but it doesn’t end there” and that emotion can come and go, but the calling of God is to be witnesses of Jesus to all nations.

Here are a couple of things that might be helpful for you to think and pray through –

  1. Allow students to continue to talk about the experiences they had. Remember people and places that God allowed you to influence and learn from.
  2. Work hard to include those students who did not get to attend the mission trip. Include them in conversation and tell the stories. When talking about the experiences, be careful not to use “remember when  . . .” but say, “We got to see God at work when . . .” and then allow those not attending to talk about what God was doing back home at the same time.

Help students understand that missions is not something we do one week out of the summer but is a lifestyle that we are going to promote and emulate through ongoing actions throughout the year.

Here is a video that we pulled together that will give you a much more complete look and ideas on how to Make Missions Stick.